Queens County Books and Publications
Queens County Books and Publications

The following books and publications are available from the Queens County Museum / Thomas Raddall Research Centre:

TOPIC: Privateering

Boston Tea Party and the American Revolution	     
Excerpts from the Perkins' Diary

Liverpool Privateering	                                     

The Liverpool Packet		                     

TOPIC: Community Histories

Beautiful Queens		                                    

Early History of Port Mouton                                        

History of Brooklyn		                                    

History of Caledonia		                                    

Notes Historical & Otherwise of the Northern District    

Ogomkegea- The Story of Liverpool                             

Some Liverpool Chronicles			     

The History of Sandy Cove: Memoirs of W.H. Smith     

TOPIC: Milton Houses

Some Old Milton Houses			 

The Gothic Revival Houses of Milton		 

The Items: Diary of a Village - A view of life in Summerville Centre	

TOPIC: Genealogy

Chandler Genealogy		                 

Wamboldt Genealogy			

Whynot Genealogy				

TOPIC: Other

The Milton Pulp Company:  The Story of the First Pulp Mill on the Mersey River        	

Other Queens County books which may be available for purchase from these Nova Scotia Used and Rare Bookstores:

Liverpool in History
Robert J. Long
44 pages
Some Liverpool Chronicles
Janet Mullins
296 pages
Historical Liverpool
F.F. Tupper
no dates
208 pages
History of Queens County
James F. More, 1873
$ 8.00
250 pages (hardcover)

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