Shatford Cemetery, Conquerall Bank, Lunenburg County, Nova Scotia

Shatford Cemetery
Conquerall Bank, Lunenburg County, Nova Scotia

Situated on the east side of Hwy 331 at Conquerall Bank as you drive south along the Lahave River. After passing the Conquerall Mills road leading off to the right, watch for the Lighthouse Motel on the left. A lane runs to the river just north of the motel and to a church barely visible from the highway. The cemetery is a small one tucked in between the church and the rear of the motel. The McKean Cemetery is immediately to its north.


Holmes, Ruth Marion Shatford, 1900 1930. (Flat stone)


MacFarlane, James, born 1827, died 12 Mar 1913, age 86.

Catherine E., born 1843, died12 May 1906, age 63.


MacFarlane, James W., died at Delta, Colorado.


MacFarlane, John A., died at New York.


Shatford, Allan Pearson, minister, died 17 Aug 1935, age 62.


Shatford, Elizabeth MacFarlane, died 5 May 195-(sic) age 86.


There appears to be graves which have no stones.


This cemetery was kindly transcribed by Roger and Ward Cunningham on 5 June 2006.

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