Lunenburg County, NS Genealogy Resources
Lunenburg County Genealogy Resources

Welcome! This page is intended to provide a summary of available Lunenburg County genealogy resources. Whether you are new to Lunenburg County genealogy, or are just looking for additional research material, I hope that you will find this information useful. If you are aware of any other resources which are not listed here, please feel free to e-mail me, Gail Edwards, and let me know.


Where to Begin Your Search

1. If You Live in Nova Scotia
A. Public Archives of Nova Scotia (PANS)
B. South Shore Genealogical Society (SSGS)

2. If You Live Outside of Nova Scotia
A. LDS Family History Centers (FHC)
B. American Genealogical Lending Library (AGLL)
C. Deputy Registrar General of Nova Scotia

What To Look For

1. Census Records 11. Probate Records
2. Ship Passenger Lists 12. Court Records
3. Victualling Lists 13. Land / Land Grant Records
4. Nova Scotia Marriage Bonds 14. Obituaries
5. Newspaper Statistics 15. Cemeteries
6. Birth Records 16. Church Records
7. Marriage Records 17. Township Books
8. Death Records 18. Family / Local Genealogies
9. Births, Marriages and Deaths 19. Winthrop Bell's Notes
10. Wills 20. Books and Publications

Where To Begin Your Search:

1. If You Live in Nova Scotia:

A. Public Archives of Nova Scotia (PANS)

The Public Archives of Nova Scotia (PANS), located in Halifax, acquires, maintains and makes available for use, government and private records of lasting historical or administrative value. The Archives' holdings consist of correspondence, manuscripts, journals, newspapers, books, photographs, documentary art, maps, architectural plans, sound and moving image materials. The Archives serves government officials, genealogists, academics and students, historians, the media, editors and publishers, and interested members of the public.

The following civil (government) registrations for the province are held by the Public Archives of Nova Scotia:

The registration of births and deaths was not mandatory, so that those holdings are incomplete.

Photostatic transcripts of these entries are provided upon receipt of $ 10.00 per entry, pre-paid by cheque or money order. Certified copies (official extract of information from the record, plus a photostatic copy of the record) will be provided upon receipt of $ 20.00 per entry, pre-paid.

Public Archives of Nova Scotia
6016 University Avenue
Halifax, Nova Scotia

Phone: (902) 424-6060
Fax: (902) 424-0628

B. South Shore Genealogical Society (SSGS)

The South Shore Genealogical Society, located in Lunenburg, is a non-profit volunteer organization dedicated to developing and providing genealogical information on the South Shore area of Nova Scotia (Lunenburg and Queens Counties).

Their holdings include family genealogies, genealogical books, records on microfilm, Census records, cemetery inscriptions, cemetery records, church records, community and church histories, genealogical aids, and Provincial birth, marriages and death records.

South Shore Genealogical Society
68 Bluenose Drive; Box 901
Lunenburg, Nova Scotia
Canada B0J 2C0

Phone: (902) 634-4794, Extension 26

2. If You Live Outside of Nova Scotia:

A. LDS Family History Centers (FHC)

The Church of Latter-Day Saints (LDS) has compiled one of the largest collections of genealogical records in the world. Their main library is in Salt Lake City, Utah. The majority of LDS (Mormon) churches have a library attached to them called Family History Centers (FHC). These libraries have computers, microfilms of church, Census, civil, family records, and more available on loan, as well as research outlines and other genealogy resources. They are staffed by helpful volunteers.

You may use their computerized Family History Library Catalog to search by surname, or by locality (i.e., "Lunenburg County" or "Nova Scotia"), and the results will tell you what resources are available to you. You may also use the IGI (International Genealogical Index) to search for surnames, and the AF (Ancestral File) to search for pedigrees submitted by other researchers.

If you do not live within range of PANS or the SSGS, this is the first place to begin your search.

To find the location of the LDS Family History Center nearest you, look in your local telephone directory under: "Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints". It is a good idea to call ahead to find out when they are open, as most centers are not open every day.

B. American Genealogical Lending Library (AGLL)

Many people are unfamiliar with this resource. The American Genealogical Lending Library (AGLL), located in Bountiful, Utah, offers the entire Canadian Census records on microfilm for either loan or purchase. You may then view these films at your local library. This is an excellent option for those who do not live near an FHC or within Nova Scotia.

American Genealogical Lending Library
PO Box 244
Bountiful, Utah 84011

Phone: (801) 298-5358

C. Deputy Registrar General of Nova Scotia

Civil records of births and deaths completed since 1 October 1908 are on file here, as well as marriage records beginning between 1907 and 1918. Information is available from vital records only in certificate form. Each long-form certificate is $ 25.00. Please be advised that if you were born outside of Nova Scotia, you may need to provide proof of your relation to the subject of the requested record. This can be done using copies of birth certificates or other records which offer adequate proof.

Deputy Registrar General
PO Box 157
Halifax, Nova Scotia
Canada B3J 2M9

What To Look For:'re in the archives, library or what? The following is a list of resources, arranged by category, available for Lunenburg County genealogy research.

1. Census Records:

The following Census records are available on microfilm, at PANS, the SSGS, AGLL and the FHC, for Lunenburg County:

Title LDS # AGLL # PANS #
1770 Census - Lunenburg County 1376295 M-5219
1792 Census - Lunenburg County 1376295 M-5219
1793 Census - Lunenburg County 1376295 M-5219
1794 Census - Lunenburg County 1376295 M-5219
1795 Census - Lunenburg County 1376295 M-5219
1838 Census - Lunenburg County 1376477 M-5220
1861 Census - Lunenburg County 0865127 M-886
1871 Census - Lunenburg County 0493604 C-10548/49/50
1881 Census - Lunenburg County 1375805/06 C-13169/70
1891 Census - Lunenburg County 1465743/44 T-6318/19;T-6427
1901 Census - Lunenburg County 1843535/36 Available Available

Please keep in mind that the Nova Scotia Census records prior to 1871 do not include individual family members. Until 1861, they include heads of household only.

2. Ship Passenger Lists:

These lists of passengers traveling to Nova Scotia from 1750-1752 are available in several places, namely:

Source Film #
Lunenburg County Genealogy Page (transcribed)
Historic Saga of LaHave (Kaulback)LDS # 1036002 (transcribed)
LDS1376197 (original)

3. Victualling Lists:

These lists provide an account of all of the individuals who were "victualled" (provisioned with food) in Halifax in Halifax in 1752-1753.

Source Film #
Historic Saga of LaHave (Kaulback)LDS # 1036002 (transcribed)
LDS1376197 (original)

4. Nova Scotia Marriage Bonds:

Not all marriages in Nova Scotia involved the issue of marriage bonds, however, a list of those that did have been compiled both on film and on diskette.

Source Film #
Genealogical Association of Nova Scotia (GANS)Publication R-14
LDS1376196 (1763-1847) ; 1376197 (1848-1860;1862-1864;1870-1871)

5. Nova Scotia Vital Statistics From Newspapers:

This valuable series provides marriage, death and birth dates reported in the press. There are 9 volumes, with information ranging from 1769-1854.

Source Film #
Genealogical Association of Nova Scotia (GANS)Publications P-1, 3, 5, 6, 8; 10-13
LDSFiche 6099917-23; 6087572; 6104744

6. Birth Records:

Source Film #
Register of Births, Marriages and Deaths (1864-1918)
LDSIndex - 1298984-87; 1302066-67
Births - 1298810 (1864-1870) ; 1298875 (1871-1877)
Births (1864-1877)
LDS1319531 (1864-1871) ; 1319532 (1872-1877) ; 1319533 (1877)

7. Marriage Records:

Source Film #
Register of Births, Marriages and Deaths (1864-1918)
LDSIndex - 1302063
Marriages - 1298990-91 (1864-1877)
Marriages (1864-1875)
LDS1318205 (1864-1865) ; 1318206 (1865-1875)
Marriage Licenses (1861-1910)
LDS1314025/26 ; 1314015-19 ; 1314081-94 ; 1314234-39 ; 1314262-65 ; 1314459-4461

8. Death Records:

Source Film #
Register of Births, Marriages and Deaths (1864-1918)
LDSIndex - 1276123-25
Deaths - 1298861 (1864-1877)
Deaths (1864-1877)
LDS 1294795 (1864-1870) ; 1294796 (1870-1876) ; 1294797 (1876-1877)

9. Birth, Marriage and Death Information Extracted from Primary Sources:

Don Shankle has compiled a database of over 15,000 births, marriages and deaths extracted from primary church and civil records.

Source Film #
Lunenburg County Genealogy Page
LDS1698046 (Births/Marriages) ; 1698047 (Deaths)

10. Wills:

Source Film #
LDS0556203 (1762-1854) ; 0556204 (1855-1893) ; 0555475 (1879-1897)

11. Probate Records:

Source Film #
LDS0556208-11 (1762-1902) ; 0556212 (1902-1931) ; 1754343

12. Court Records:

Source Film #

13. Land / Land Grant Records:

Source Film #
LDS0477530; 0555475-76

14. Obituaries:

Source Film #
Halifax HeraldObituary Database on CD-ROM (1961-present)

15. Cemeteries:

Source Film #
South Shore Genealogy SocietyCemetery Inscriptions in 4 Volumes
LDS1017206 ; 1378476

16. Churches:

Source Film #
Baptist0928971 ; 1378474
Bridgewater0866365; 1017206
Dutch Reformed0928971 ; 1378474
Lutheran0105401 ; 0908865 (1782-1793) ; 1312368; 1378474
St. James' Anglican0883661 ; 0933975 ; 0962591 ; 1012328
St. John's Anglican0928971 ; 0962591
St. Stephen's Anglican0928970

17. Township Books:

Source Film #
Chester Township RecordsLDS # 0928972 ; 1376192

18. Family / Local Genealogies:

Source Film / Fiche #
Conquerall Genealogy0982377
Cross Family1376195
Foreign Protestants to Lunenburg County (Thoreson)1421583-84
Genealogy of the Kaulbachs of Lunenburg County (Kaulback)
Hang On To Your Hatts (Hatt)6087376
Hiltz Genealogy (Tobey)
Historic Saga of LaHave (Kaulback)1036002
New Dublin Genealogy1376195
History of the Neufahrt Name (Nieforth)6111432
St. Margaret's Bay Genealogy1376405
The Corkums (Williams)1378475
Western Shore Genealogy (Kaizer)1697865

19. Winthrop Bell's Notes on Foreign Protestants:

Dr. Winthrop Bell recorded notes on most of the early families that settled in Lunenburg County. Thanks to the help of many Lunenburg County researchers, information contained within these notes has been extracted and converted to electronic format.

Acker Fralick Kohler Pieler
Andreas Friedrich Kraft Rehfuss
Arenburg Gerhard Krauss Reinhard
Bachmann Goetz Kuhn Rhodenheiser
Baltzer Gretteau Langille Rohsty
Beck Guigne Lankert Rust
Becker Halter Lantz Schaffner
Berghaus Hamm Launer Schauffelburg
Bezanson Hammer LeGarce Schlagenweidt
Biguenet Harnisch Leau Schmeltzer
Binter Hatt Leslie Schmidt
Bizette Haun Ley Schnerr
Boehner Hauptman Loffler Schupe
Bolivar Henrici Lohnes Seeburger
Boutillier Herman Marriette Seiler
Bruhm Hiltz Masson Shankle
Conrad Himmelman Meisner Spindler
Contois Hirtle Metin Tatterey
Corkum Hubley Mettetal Thethof
Cross Jaillet Meyer Vienot
Dares Jeanperrin Morasch Wacker
Dauphinee Jollimois Moreau Wamboldt
Demett Jost Moritz Weinacht
Drilliot Jung Moser Wentzel
Eisenhauer Kayser Naas Wessel
Emoneau Klages Naugler Wild
Engel Klein Ochs Wissel
Falkenheim Klett Pentz Wust
Fausel Knickle Petriquin Zwicker

20. Books / Publications:

Please go to the extensive list of books and publications for Lunenburg County research here.

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