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Lunenburg County Links

Consolidated Index to Lunenburg County Surnames - This is a collection of nearly 6000 family names that have appeared at least once in some record pertaining to Lunenburg County. The collection includes multiple spellings of the same family.

Oak Island Coffee House - Information, media, history and discussion on the Oak Island Treasure Hunt

Oak Island Mystery - This is a true and fascinating story about treasure recovery efforts in the "Money Pit" on Oak Island in Mahone Bay.

Oak Island Treasure News - New theories regarding the Oak Island treasure mystery. Anecdotal Histories of Life in Lunenburg County - A collection of the writings and oral histories of the families who settled in Lunenburg County.

Ideal Maternity Home / Butterbox Babies - Visit this site to learn of the tragedy of the "Butterbox Babies" in East Chester.

Fishing - A Way of Life -and- Lost at Sea - A wonderful site about the history of fishing and fishermen on the South Shore. Included are some great photos, the complete list of names and vessels from the new Fishermen's Memorial in Lunenburg, and more.

History of Kleinheubach, Germany - A page dedicated to the history of Kleinheubach, Germany, where many of the original Lunenburg settlers came from.

Kleinheubach Page - Polli Turner's in-depth look at Kleinheubach, where many of our Lunenburg County ancestors originated.

Montbeliard Memorial - See photos and a list of the names on the memorial at Blockhouse in Lunenburg which is dedicated to our ancestors from the Principality of Montbeliard.

Montbeliard History and List of Emmigrants - This is an excellent site for information on the history of Montbeliard and provides a list of emmigrants in 1793. Many of the family names on the list are the same surnames of those who immigrated earlier to Lunenburg County with the "Foreign Protestants".

Montbeliard Surnames and Their Origins - A list of about 30 surnames, along with the history of each, of families who came from the Principality of Montbeliard and later settled in Nova Scotia.

The Montbeliard Families - A page dedicated to the Foreign Protestants and their families from Montbeliard who settled in Nova Scotia.

Surname Index to the History of the County of Lunenburg by Mather Byles DesBrisay - This book provides an excellent account of the people of Lunenburg County. Because the book contains no index, a surname index has been created to assist the researcher.

Boutelier Murder Trial Transcripts - Court transcripts of the 1791 trials of George Frederick Boutelier and his brother John Boutelier for the murder of Frederick Eminaud.

South Shore Public Libraries - A free public library card from the South Shore Public Libraries in Bridgewater, Nova Scotia gives borrowers access to approximately 100,000 books and other resources in the SSPL collection, as well as millions of library materials in other libraries throughout Nova Scotia and Canada.

Canadian Marine Heritage Project (fee-based service) - Vessels, Builders and Owners of Lunenburg County should be available on a free-standing CD-ROM of about 12,000 records by the end of 2001. Data recall methods include vessel name, registry year and number, owner, builder, place built, place owned, official number, and fate, etc. You can also request a print-out of a Lunenburg County vessel's history for a fee.

Nova Scotia War Memorials- A listing and descriptive information on war memorials throughout Nova Scotia.

Lunenburg County Online- A comprehensive directory of online business, community and travel information about Lunenburg County. Take an Historic Walking Tour of Old Town Lunenburg.

Town of Lunenburg, Nova Scotia - The history, heritage, business and tourism of Lunenburg.

Mahone Bay, Nova Scotia - Scenic Mahone Bay in Lunenburg County features maps, upcoming events, accommodations, dining, shops and much more!

Chester, Nova Scotia - The municipality of Chester in Lunenburg County maintains this site and offers information on what's happening in Chester.

Town of Milford (Annapolis County) - Many German families from Lunenburg were founding families of this area.