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Personal and Family Genealogy Pages

Gail Edwards's Genealogy Page- *** Updated September 2009 *** Over 40,000 individuals and a downloadable GEDCOM file. Includes hundreds of Lunenburg County surnames, including Corkum, Hatt, Eisenhauer, Richardson, Mosher, Lowe, Kaulbach, Keyser, Rohsty and more.

Downeast - A Maritime Heritage- Don Shankle's genealogy site, containing genealogies of the following Lunenburg families: Beck, Conrad, Corkum, Folcher, Gerhardt, Hartmann, Heisler, Hunter, Kolb, Lohnes, Mertz, Schloer, Shankle, Weil, Wentzel, Wilkie, Wolf.

Kenneth Paulsen's Web Site- This website has the data on the following families: Boehner, Collicut, Deladeray, Emoneau (Emeneau/Emeno/Emino), Hyson (Heyson/Heison), Hyson of New Ross (separate family), Meisner, Romkey, Rosti, Salzmann (Saltzman/Saltsman/Salsman), Uhrig, Volcker (Voelcker), Weinacht (Whynacht/Weinot/Whynot) and White, as well as a PEI, British and Danish families.

Karen Marshall's Langille Genealogy- Genealogy information on the Langell, Langill, Langille, Longueil and Languilles families.

Bob Hegerich's Web Site - This web site has a queryable genealogical database that, as of Oct 2022, includes more than 310,000 people, the large majority of whom are descended from the Foreign Protestants of Lunenburg County. It is fairly complete as regards the descendants of the SLAUENWHITE, HUBLEY, MOSHER, HARNISH, MOSSMAN, and FADER families, as well as the Annapolis County WHITMAN family, but also has substantial detail on the descendants of many other Lunenburg-associated families.

The Baltzer/Balsor Family in North America - An online genealogy book containing the descendants of Johannes Christopher Baltzer. Contributed by Philip Baltzer, Wayne Baltzer and Wayne W. Walker. (Note: This file is in PDF format. You must have the free Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your computer to view this file).

Hatt Genealogy Page - Dr. William Swasey Hatt, author of "Hang On To Your Hatts", has published his updated data on the Hatt family online.

Descendants of Michael Hirtle of Lunenburg, Nova Scotia - Peter Hirtle's site contains the descendants of Michael Hirtle from 1751 to the present. Much of this information comes from the comprehensive works of Elsie Thoresen and Victoria Ryan.

Bill's Genealogy Stuff - Includes the surnames Corkum, Whynacht, Hallamore, Eisenhauer and Dauphinee.

Descendants of Jean George Boutilier - Robert Kim Stevens has contributed this comprehensive genealogy of the Boutilier family.

Tancook Island Page - An absolutely beautiful site by Martha Farrar. A variety of information on Tancook Island, including genealogy, history, crafts and nature.

Cathy DiPietro's Genealogy Page - Visit Cathy's new site to see her Lunenburg County surname interests, including Zinck, Heckman, Bachman, Herman, Seaboyer/Seeburger, Geldert, Young, Conrad, Knickle, Weagle and many more. Don't miss the Lunenburg County Will extracts!

Chris Young's Home Page - Visit Chris' homepage, which includes his Lunenburg County ancestors, an index of Lunenburg County wills, and an excellent genealogy research outline.

Barney Kaufman's Home Page - Barney has put his family tree online. Surname data includes: Kaufman, Prickett, Peacock, Nothnaugle, Silver, Wentzell, Bachman, Emoneau, Jung.

Pat Watson's Genealogy Page - Features many Lunenburg County surnames, such as Boutilier, Hubley, and Dauphinee.

Paul Randall's Genealogy Page - Paul's Lunenburg and Antigonish County roots. Includes a searchable index, GEDCOM file and several excellent links.

Allan Jost's Genealogy Page - Descendants of Johann Georg Jost in Nova Scotia. 1000+ names, all indexed.

Christine Fretwell's Lunenburg Page - An extensive list of Lunenburg County individuals, with names, birth dates. See also Chris' new site here.

Jonathan Davidson's Nova Scotia Page - Lists Nova Scotia resources by county, as well as his Davidson Nova Scotia family tree.

Bissett Family of Nova Scotia - Tom and Caral Giammo's history of Caral's Bissett ancestors in Nova Scotia and their descendants.

Dan Smith's Genealogy Page - Dan Smith's genealogy includes many Lunenburg County surnames, such as Bolivar, Cleveland, Naas and Smith.

Meldrum Family Homepage - Ron Meldrum's ancestors lived in Lunenburg County from 1782 until the early 1900's. Includes Meldrum lines, as well as Hirtle, Wagner, Mader and more.

Fletcher's Home Page - Allen Fletcher's site contains genealogies of several Lunenburg County families, including Bezanson, Langille and Tattrie.

Burgoyne Genealogy - Valerie Krasner has created this page devoted to the families Burgoyne, Hiltz, Boutilier, Whynacht, Mosher, Langille, Bezanson and more.

Chris Foisy's Genealogy Page - Chris Foisy's Nova Scotia genealogy contains many common Nova Scotia and Lunenburg County surnames, as well as French and Acadian ancestors.

Ginny B's Genealogy Page - Virginia Basken's ancestry site includes many Lunenburg County surnames such as Cleverly, Corkum, Etter, Jung, and Pentz.

Carole's Kinfolk - This genealogy contains Lunenburg County and other Nova Scotia surnames, including Corkum, Pentz and more.

The Walfield Family of Nova Scotia and Massachusetts - Linda Walfield's genealogy, including the surnames Walfield, Becker (Baker), Webber, Publicover, Langille, and Dauphinee.

Lori's Genealogy Page - Lori Hughes' page contains hundreds of Lunenburg County surnames in a GEDCOM file that you can download!

Doug Skidmore's Genealogy Page - This site contains several hundred Nova Scotia surnames, both from Lunenburg County and other areas of the Province.

Kitty's Genealogy Pages - Contains a comprehensive genealogy on the descendents of Patrick Cooney of Sherbrooke Settlement (now New Ross) as well as a history of the MacAlpine family of Shelburne County and a genealogy of the Nova Scotia descendents of John Howland, Mayflower passenger.

Mark Levy's Genealogy Page - Includes an interesting account of the Levy family in Nova Scotia.

Marjorie's Place - Genealogy of the Veinotte/Veinot/Veno/Vienot family of Lunenburg County.

Blair's Genealogy Page - Blair Whynacht's genealogy of his Baker, Cohoon, Cooney, Corkum, Croft, Hiltz, Hirtle, McKinnon, Naugler, Payzant, Rhodenizer, Slauenwhite, Smith, Tanner, Vaughan, Wadman, Wentzell, and Whynacht ancestors.

The Hawboldt Saga - The ancestory of the Hawboldt/Hawbolt Family 1565 - to present.

Sharing our Links to the Past - Wally and Frances Gray have included the following Lunenburg family histories as well as some excellent links to other genealogy sites on the Web: Dare, Himmelman, Langille and Publicover.

Descendants of Etienne Sertier and Johannes Rehfus - A genealogy of the descendants of the Sarty and Rafuse families of Lunenburg County created by Angela Horsfall.

Vogler Family Tree Site - Some great information on the origins and genealogy of the VOGLER surname.

Hilshey/Hilchie Family Page - Includes the surnames Boutilier, Clattenberg, Hilchie and Mason.

Donna Silver's Genealogy - Includes the surnames Silver, Mason(Masson), Tanner, Knickle, Morasch, Meisner, Greek, Wagner, Schaufelburg, Miller, Risser, and others. She also has a second site here.

Zinck, Joudrey, Spindler and Other Lunenburg Folks - Nancy Shaver's genealogy page. Includes the surnames Zinck, Joudrey, Spindler, Zwicker, Parks, Corkum, Publicover, Conrad, Eisenhauer, Pennell, and more.

Keddy's Corner - Bryan Keddy's site devoted to Keddy's of Nova Scotia, Scotland, and the U.S.. Also visit his personal page The Keddys of Nova Scotia

Polli's Place - Polli Jost Turner's family page, devoted to Lunenburg names such as Jost, Hirtle, Morash and others.

Ingram Genealogy Page - Cathie Ingram Zwicker's genealogy site.

My Tree of Life - Norma McGuire's family tree, including the surnames Vogler, Lantz, Andrews, Phalen and White.

Adele's Family Tree - Includes Vienot, Masson, Daree, Lowe, Zwicker and many other Lunenburg County surnames.

The Gerald A. (Jerry) Randall Genealogy Home Page - Includes Armstrong, Hatt, Shankle, Parks, Randall, Levy, Rafuse, Conrad, and Publicover as well as marriages linking names of Sorge, Tanner, Woodburn, and many others.

Down Home - Muriel Davidson's genealogy including Farquhar, Davidon and Rodenhiser.

Parks Family - History and genealogy of the Parks family in Nova Scotia and beyond.

Ernst and Slauenwhite Family - Lisa Russell's online database at Rootsweb WorldConnect.

Jacob Ulrich Hubley Family Tree - Hubley genealogy compiled by James Hubley and other Hubley researchers.

Uhlman Family Genealogy - A 17th century tablemaker from rural Switzerland begins a family spanning centuries and continents to Nova Scotia, Canada.

Naas' Genealogy - Includes Naas family genealogy, history, family pictures and more.

The Life and Times of John Henry Fader and Helena Elizabeth Schlagintweit - Jean Tavanee's Fader family genealogy and others.

Himmelman GEDCOM File - Contributed by Frank Wagner. Created by the late Ruth Vogler-Kaulback.

Vaughan Genealogy Project - Vaughan family genealogy and database.