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Lunenburg County Books

The "Foreign Protestants" and the Settlement of Nova Scotia

Winthrop P. Bell
Centre for Canadian Studies, Mount Allison University, Sackville, New Brunswick, Second Edition, 1990
ISBN 0-919107-28-1
An investigation and thorough analysis of the circumstances of some 2700 Germans and others - the so-called Palatines - who migrated to Nova Scotia in the early 1750's.

History of the County of Lunenburg

Mather Byles DesBrisay
Mika Publishing Company, Belleville, Ontario, Second Edition, 1980
ISBN 0-919302-46-7
A history of Lunenburg County from the early 1700's through the late 1800's. Contains information on the settlement of several towns and the culture, churches, politics and business and industry.

Lunenburg - An Illustrated History

Brian Cuthbertson
Formac Publishing Company Limited, Halifax, Nova Scotia, 1996
ISBN 0-88780-358-X
Published in honor of Lunenburg being named a World Heritage Site in 1995, this book provides both a written and pictorial history of the town of Lunenburg. A walking tour of the Old Town, with its magnificent architecture and history, is included.

Western Shore, Gold River and Martins Point

Willa J. Kaizer
The Anundsen Publishing Company, Decorah, Iowa
History of the Western Shore area of Lunenburg County, including cemeteries, industry, and more. Genealogical section on the following families of that area: Adams-Fredericks, Barkhouse, Boehner, Boutilier, Cleveland, DeLorey, Demon, Dorey, Hamm, Hatt, Hiltz, Joudrey, Kaizer, Keddy, Hirtle, McGinnis, Mosher, Myra, Rafuse, Richardson, Sawler, Shupe, Swinemar, Vaughan, Young and Zwicker.

Historic Saga of Leheve (LaHave)

Ruth E. Kaulback
Ruth E. Kaulback, Publisher, 1970
A nice history of LaHave and the New Dublin Township. Contains complete passenger lists for the ships carrying the Foreign Protestants, as well as copies of victualling lists from Halifax.

Chester Basin Memories 1749-1989

Cliff and Ruth Oxner
Clifton Oxner, Chester Basin, Nova Scotia, 1989
An excellent history of Chester Basin, including the early settlers and their community. Includes complete genealogies for four families - Oxner, Croft, Hennigar and Countway.

The Diary and Related Writings of the Reverend Joseph Dimock (1768-1846)

George E. Levy
Lancelot Press, Hantsport, Nova Scotia, 1979
This is a biography of the Reverend Joseph Dimock, a Baptist minister in Chester, Nova Scotia. Includes a list of 275 marriages performed by Reverend Dimock in Chester between 1794 and 1845.

History of the Acker Family 1723-2009

Earl Acker
A history of the Acker family. A copy of this publication has been donated to the South Shore Genealogy Society in Lunenburg.

Surname Indices to the 1871, 1881, 1891 and 1901 Census Returns for Nova Scotia

Bridgewater Business and Information Services, Bridgewater, Nova Scotia
A set of 4 volumes for Lunenburg County includes location information on the Census returns by surname.

The South Shore Phrase Book

Lewis J. Poteet
Lancelot Press, Hantsport, Nova Scotia, 1988
ISBN 0-88999-376-9
A selection of unique and amusing phrases from Lunenburg County.

European Origins and Colonial Travails: The Settlement of Lunenburg

Paul and Eva Huber
Messenger Publications, Halifax, Nova Scotia

Nova Scotia Books

Genealogical Research in Nova Scotia

Terrence M. Punch
Nimbus Publishing Limited, Halifax, Nova Scotia, 1978
ISBN 0-919380-29-8
An valuable tool for research in Nova Scotia. Includes information on getting started, primary and secondary sources, published genealogies, the Public Archives of Nova Scotia, churches, historical societies, and much more.

Nova Scotia Immigrants to 1867 - Volumes I and II

Col. Leonard H. Smith Jr. and Norma H. Smith
Genealogical Publishing Co., Inc., Baltimore, Maryland, 1992 / 1994
ISBN 0-8063-1343-9 (Volume I)
ISBN 0-8063-0845-1 (Volume II)
Volume I - Presents abstracted data from manuscript data and from Nova Scotia periodicals for those entering Nova Scotia prior to the Confederation of Canada in 1867. Arranged alphabetically by surname.
Volume II - Identifies Nova Scotia immigrants prior to 1867 from selected periodicals published outside of Nova Scotia, and selected published diaries and journals. Arranged alphabetically by surname.

Religious Marriages in Halifax, 1768-1841, from Original Sources

Terrence M. Punch
Genealogical Association of Nova Scotia, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Publication Number 16, 1991 Contains marriages from primary sources arranged by surnames of the bridegrooms and cross-referenced by surnames of the brides.

Baptisms, Marriages and Burials 1749-1768, St. Paul's Church, Halifax

Genealogical Association of Nova Scotia, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Publication Number 7
Fully indexed entries from all over Nova Scotia which were recorded at St. Paul's Anglican Church in Halifax.

Deaths, Burials and Probate of Nova Scotians 1749-1799

Genealogical Association of Nova Scotia, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Publication Numbers 14 and 15 (Volumes I and II)
Volume I - Surnames beginning with A through K
Volume II - Surnames beginning with L through Z
Both volumes are alphabetized and indexed and contain vital statistics from primary sources.

Nova Scotia Vital Statistics from Newspapers

Genealogical Association of Nova Scotia, Halifax, Nova Scotia
This valuable series of 9 volumes provides marriage, death and birth dates as reported in the Nova Scotia press. All nine volumes cover the years 1769-1854.

In Which County? Nova Scotia Surnames from Birth Registers 1864-1877

Genealogical Association of Nova Scotia, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Publication Number 9
Over 4900 surnames located by county.

A Catalogue of Published Genealogies of Nova Scotia Families

Genealogical Association of Nova Scotia, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Publication Number 2, Second Edition, 1984
Includes listings for 1045 family names and 606 publications.

Planters and Pioneers

Esther Clark Wright
Lancelot Press, Hantsport, Nova Scotia, 1978
ISBN 0-88999-087-5
A very comprehensive list of Nova Scotia settlers between 1749 and 1775. All listings are alphabetical by surname, and include origin, area settled, year of arrival, and names of family members where available. Covers all areas of early Nova Scotia.

St. Margaret's Bay - A History

Author / Publisher information not available
An interesting history of the settlement of St. Margaret's Bay in Halifax County, adjacent to Lunenburg County. It is divided into geographical areas which include Peggy's Cove, Indian Harbour, Hackett's Cove, Seabright, French Village, Tantallon, Boutelier's Point, Hubbards, Mill Cove, Apostogan and Blandford.

The History of Queens County

James F. More
Mika Publishing Company, Belleville, Ontario, 1873
A history of the settlement of Queens County, Nova Scotia. This book names original grantees and the settling of Liverpool, Hunts Point, Port Mouton, Mill Village, Herring Cove (now Brooklyn), Caledonia and Northern Queens County. Liverpool was a home to the Privateers beginning with the American Revolution until the War of 1812. There are biographical sketches on the following families: Cobb, Freeman, Knowles, Nickerson, Snow, Mack, Fraser, Morine, Collins, Tupper, Doggett, Darrow, Cheever, Perkins, Barss, Dick, Gorham, Newton, Johnstone, Payzant, Forbes, Dixon, Neal, Godfrey, Dolliver, Smith, Knaut and DeWolf.

Some Liverpool Chronicles

Janet E. Mullins
Lancelot Press, Hantsport, Nova Scotia
A small collection of historical notes with glimpses of persons in everyday life starting with the founding of Queens County through 1940. A storekeeper's ledger lists names and places of residence from 1850-1876, including Keeler, Thomas, Kempton, Atkins, Cooda, Maha, Phena, Harlow, Beech, Smith, Gayhot, Pence, Munroe, Cod, Dexter, Fisk, Hunt, Tibert, Ringer, Dukeshire, Berk, Young and more.

The Forests of Nova Scotia

Ralph S. Johnson
Four East Publications, 1986
This book tells of early settlers, campcooks, teamsters and loggers. Although primarily a definitive history of Nova Scotia's forests, the book is littered with names for the genealogy researcher.

History of Barrington Township

The early grantees are mentioned, along with genealogies on the following families: Adams, Andrews, Annable, Atwood, Atkinson, Baker, Banks, Barss, Blades, Bennison, Berry, Clark, Coffin, Cohoon, Cox, Crosby, Crowell, Davis, Dixon, Doane, Hopkins, Nickerson, Smith and many more.

History of Inverness County, Nova Scotia

J.L. MacDougall
News Publishing Company Limited, Truro, Nova Scotia, First Edition, 1922
A complete history of Inverness County and its settlers by area.

No Place Like Home - Diaries and Letters of Nova Scotia Women 1771-1938

Margaret Conrad, Toni Laidlaw and Donna Smyth
Formac Publishing Company Limited, Halifax, Nova Scotia, 1988
ISBN 0-88780-066-1
This book features the letters and diaries of a variety of women such as missionaries, teachers, office workers and farmers. It provides a rich look at everyday life and some biographical information about their families.

The Loyalist Guide - Nova Scotia Loyalists and Their Documents

Jean Peterson
Public Archives of Nova Scotia, Halifax, Nova Scotia
ISBN 0-88871-044-5
A description of Nova Scotia loyalists. This book is especially valuable as it lists sources directly from the Public Archives of Nova Scotia.The researcher can then easily obtain more material by requesting the manuscript references provided.

Surgeons, Smallpox and the Poor - A History of Medicine and Social Conditions of Nova Scotia 1749-1799

Dr. Allan Marble
McGill Queen's University Press, Montreal, Quebec
ISBN 0-7735-0988-7
Beginning with an account of the settlement of Halifax, this book details health care in early Nova Scotia. Most detailed biographical data is for physicians, with some information on midwives and "pharmacists". He describes some of the early epidemics as well, including a smallpox epidemic in Lunenburg.

Published Genealogies

Some Descendants of Patrick Skerry of Halifax and New Ross, Nova Scotia, Including Associated Nova Scotia Families of Happolt/Hawbolt, Russell and Kiens

Claudia E. Skerry Cridland
Higginson Book Company, 2003
Descendants of Patrick Skerry of Halifax and New Ross, Nova Scotia, including associated Nova Scotia Families of Happolt/Hawbolt, Russell and Kiens

Dickson and Leslie Family Histories

David and Rosaleen Leslie Dickson
Custom Printers, Renfrew, Ontario
ISBN 0-919942-09-1
Contains Lunenburg County historical background and includes the surnames Lassle (Leslie), Runkin, Remby, Wolfe, Wentzell, Hannsler, Hilchey, Boutelier and many others. This is a personal family history which also includes ancestors in Scotland, the U.S., and many parts of Nova Scotia, both German and Scottish. The book provides insight into family history, how it is collected, and how it can be displayed for future generations.

The Tattrie Family of River John, Nova Scotia - The Descendants of Louis Tattrie of Louisville

Gordon MacKay Haliburton
Lancelot Press, Hantsport, Nova Scotia, 1986
A genealogy of the Tattrie family, which originated in Lunenburg County and later migrated to River John and Tatamagouche. Also includes a chapter on the Langille family.

Genealogy of the Descendants of John White of Wenham and Lancaster, Massachusetts [1638-1900]

Almira Larkin White
Chase Brothers, Haverhill, Massachusetts, 1900
Two volumes of descendants of John White of Massachusetts. Many of his descendants migrated to Nova Scotia in the late 1700's. Genealogies for many Lunenburg County surnames are listed, including Houghton, Millett, Hatt, Pulsifer, Keizer, Verge, Church, Webber, Vaughan, Snair and Allen.

General Genealogy and Reference Books

The Atlantic Canadians 1600-1900

The Genealogical Research Library, Toronto, Ontario
This 3-volume set includes thousands of pages of listings for Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Newfoundland and Prince Edward Island individuals. Alphabetized by name, and primary sources are provided for each entry.

A Map of the Province of Nova Scotia

Formac Publishing Company Limited and the Province of Nova Scotia, 1992
ISBN 0-88780-228-1
46 pages of detailed maps of Nova Scotia by area. Includes a geographical index of Nova Scotia place names.
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