McAlpine's Directory 1898

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McAlpine's Directory 1898

Nipper's Harbour

It was transcribed September 1999. While I have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there may be typographical errors.
Name Occupation
Andrews Wm Fisherman
Andrews Henry Fisherman
Adams James Fisherman
Blackler Samuel Agent Alan Goodridge & Sons
Bowers James Gen Dealer
Bowers Benjamin Fisherman
Bowers John Fisherman
Bowers Wm Fisherman
Bowers John Thomas Fisherman
Bowers Thomas Fisherman
Bowers Job Fisherman
Batstone Robert Inspector Weights & Measures
Batstone Thomas K Cooper
Batstone Charles Fisherman
Batstone Jesse Fisherman
Batstone Oliver Fisherman
Batstone James R Fisherman
Batstone Wm Fisherman
Baily Benjamin Post Master & Tel Operator
Dolton Samuel Fisherman
Dolton John Fisherman
Dolton John (Samuel Fisherman
Goodridge Alan & Sons General Merchants
Harris Rev W. Methodist
Middleton Henry Fisherman
Milley Henry Fisherman
Milley Walter Fisherman
Noseworthy Nathaniel Fisherman
Noble James Fisherman
Noble Wm T. Fisherman
Noble Arthur Fisherman
Noble Elijah Fisherman
Noble Albert Fisherman
Noble Leander Fisherman
Noble Wm Fisherman
Noble Lemuel Fisherman
Noble Walter Fisherman
Noble Samuel Fisherman
Noble Afred Fisherman
Noble Israel Fisherman
Noble Esau Fisherman
Noble Robert Fisherman
Noble Aaron Fisherman
Pollard James Laborer
Pittman John Laborer
Pittman Mrs. Wid
Randall Daniel Abel Laborer
Randall Albert Laborer
Randall Samuel Fisherman
Russell Josiah Fisherman
Russell Wm Fisherman
Russell Stephen Fisherman
Spencer Mrs Wid Eliakim
Snow Thomas Clerk & Store Keeper
Shave Henry Fisherman
Stark Wm Fisherman
Stark Kenneth Fisherman
Stark Uriah Fisherman
Stark Ishmael Fisherman
Stark Edilly V. Fisherman
Stark Ernest G. Fisherman
Stark Daniel Fisherman
Stark Allan Fisherman
Stark George Fisherman
Stark Edmund Fisherman
Stark David Fisherman
Strrk Thomas Fisherman
Stark John Fisherman
Stark James Albert Fisherman
Shelley Mrs. Wid
Tilley John General Dealer

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