1935 Census

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1935 Census


Transcribed by STELLA REGULAR, May 2000. While I have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there may be typographical errors.
Surname Given Relation Age Place Status
SACREY Darren? HEAD 36 Woodstock
SACREY Herm?? Wife 29 Woodstock
SACREY Eileen Daughter 9 Woodstock
SACREY Ursla Daughter 7 Woodstock
SACREY Pleamon Son 3 Woodstock
SACREY Arthur Son 1 Woodstock
SACREY Henry HEAD 40 Woodstock
SACREY Effie Wife 38 Woodstock
SACREY Rowena Daughter 11 Woodstock
SACREY Douglas Son 8 Woodstock
SACREY Pleamon HEAD 4? Woodstock
SACREY Annie Wife 3? Woodstock
SACREY Ralph Son 2 Woodstock
SACREY Gideon Son 1 Woodstock
MITCHELL William HEAD 59 Woodstock
MITCHELL Julia Wife 46 Woodstock
MITCHELL Allan Son 24 Woodstock
MITCHELL Dorman Son 17 Woodstock
MITCHELL Agustus Son 10 Woodstock
MITCHELL Clifford Son 5 Woodstock
MITCHELL Irene Daughter 8 Woodstock
MITCHELL Elsie Rose Daughter 2 Woodstock
MITCHELL Enos HEAD 54 Woodstock
MITCHELL Isabella Wife 49 Woodstock
MITCHELL James Son 28 Woodstock
MITCHELL Edward Son 24 Woodstock
MITCHELL Davie Son 19 Woodstock
MITCHELL Maud Daughter 17 Woodstock
MITCHELL Enos Jr. Son 14 Woodstock
MITCHELL Roland Son 13 Woodstock
MITCHELL Harry Son 4 Woodstock
MITCHELL Peter HEAD 28 Woodstock
MITCHELL Ida Wife 20 Woodstock
MITCHELL Woodrow Son 1 Woodstock
MITCHELL Edward HEAD 35 Woodstock
MITCHELL Julia Wife 40 Woodstock
MITCHELL Sidney Son 10 Woodstock
REGULAR John Sr. HEAD 69 Woodstock
REGULAR Elizabeth Wife 71 Woodstock
REGULAR Eli Jr. Grand Son 13 Woodstock
REGULAR Eli Sr. HEAD 34 Woodstock
REGULAR Georgina? Wife 33 Woodstock
REGULAR Philis M. Daughter 3 Woodstock
REGULAR Rita Daughter 9 Woodstock
SAUNDERS Oliver HEAD 71? Woodstock
SAUNDERS Mary Wife ? Woodstock
ELMS Jose? Adopted Daughter ? Woodstock
PILGRIM Kenneth HEAD 28 Woodstock
PILGRIM Lynetta Wife 22 Woodstock
PILGRIM Clayton Son 3 Woodstock
PILGRIM Edgar Son 1 Woodstock
REGULAR James HEAD 45 Woodstock
REGULAR Fanny Wife 43 Woodstock
REGULAR Rebecca Daughter 19 Woodstock
REGULAR Malcolm Son 16 Woodstock
REGULAR Alma Daughter 13 Woodstock
REGULAR Mervin Son 9 Woodstock
REGULAR Minne? Daughter 2 Woodstock
WICKS George HEAD 24 Woodstock
WICKS Mary Ann Mother 59 Woodstock
WICKS Jessie Sister 19 Woodstock
WICKS George M. Nephew 11 Woodstock
PARDY John HEAD 60 Woodstock
PARDY Olivia Wife 55 Woodstock
SACREY Garland Adopted Son 14 Woodstock
DECKER Ruby A. Adopted Daughter 7 Woodstock
DECKER Frederick HEAD 26 Woodstock
DECKER Virtue Wife 25 Woodstock
DECKER David Son 3 Woodstock
SAUNDERS Garland HEAD 26 Woodstock
SAUNDERS Alice Wife 21 Woodstock
SAUNDERS Gordon Son 1 Woodstock
SAUNDERS Roland HEAD 30 Woodstock
SAUNDERS Stella Wife 26 Woodstock
DECKER Pearse? HEAD 35 Woodstock
DECKER Alice Wife 46 Woodstock
DECKER Samuel Cousin 18 Woodstock
DECKER Beulah Cousin 14 Woodstock
DECKER Franses Cousin 9 Woodstock
DECKER Frances HEAD 22 Woodstock
DECKER William Brother 19 Woodstock
SAUNDERS Charles HEAD 46 Woodstock
SAUNDERS Ethel May Wife 36 Woodstock
SAUNDERS Gertie Daughter 16 Woodstock
SAUNDERS Allan Son 9 Woodstock
SAUNDERS Cecil Son 2 Woodstock
FRADSHAM Frederick HEAD 57 Woodstock
FRADSHAM Emma Jane Wife 60 Woodstock
FRADSHAM Malcolm Son 27 Woodstock
FRADSHAM Myrtle Daughter 21 Woodstock
ELMS Henry Adopted Son 13 Woodstock
FRADSHAM Harold HEAD 46 Woodstock
FRADSHAM Jessie Wife 38 Woodstock
FRADSHAM Stella Daughter 14 Woodstock
FRADSHAM Doris Daughter 12 Woodstock
FRADSHAM Evelyn Daughter 6 Woodstock
FRADSHAM Claude Son 4 Woodstock
DECKER George HEAD 41 Woodstock
DECKER Esther Wife 41 Woodstock
DECKER Carrie Daughter 18 Woodstock
DECKER Chesley Son 16 Woodstock
DECKER Sterling Son 14 Woodstock
DECKER Alfreda Daughter 3 Woodstock
PASKWOOD Cambria? HEAD 48 Woodstock
PASKWOOD Bertha Wife 32 Woodstock
PASKWOOD John Thos Son 18 Woodstock
PASKWOOD Elizabeth Daughter 8 Woodstock
PASKWOOD Beatrice Daughter 1 Woodstock
FUDGE Andrew HEAD 59 Woodstock
FUDGE Minnie Wife 39 Woodstock
FUDGE Frank Son 20 Woodstock
FUDGE Wesley Son 7 Woodstock
FUDGE Wilfred Son 3 Woodstock
FUDGE Andrew Jr. Son 2 Woodstock
BOWER Claude HEAD 37 Woodstock
BOWER Ethel May Wife 37 Woodstock
BOWER Walter Son 16 Woodstock
BOWER Vera May Daughter 14 Woodstock
BOWER Woodrow Son 12 Woodstock
BOWER Clarke Son 10 Woodstock
BOWER Hayward Son 9 Woodstock
BOWER Triffilla?? Daughter 7 Woodstock
BOWER Benjamin Son 4 Woodstock
BOWER Steadman Son 3 Woodstock
SIMMS William HEAD 49 Woodstock
SIMMS Elsie Wife 44 Woodstock
SIMMS Mary Daughter 8 Woodstock
SIMMS Maxwell Son 6 Woodstock
JACOBS Samuel Step Son 13 Woodstock
SIMMS Ethel HEAD 30 Woodstock
SIMMS Douglas Son 7 Woodstock
SIMMS Sarah Jane Daughter 5 Woodstock
SIMMS Reginald Son 3 Woodstock
PASKWOOD George HEAD 48 Woodstock
PASKWOOD Mary Wife 44 Woodstock
PASKWOOD Harold Son 15 Woodstock
PASKWOOD Frederick Son 13 Woodstock
PASKWOOD Ada Daughter 11 Woodstock
PASKWOOD Milton Son 9 Woodstock
PASKWOOD Neta Daughter 3 Woodstock
RALPH George HEAD 61 Woodstock
RALPH Eliza Wife 55 Woodstock
DYER Aubrey Adopted Son 18 Woodstock
FOSTER James HEAD 75 Woodstock
FOSTER Susan Wife 64 Woodstock
GILLINGHAM Archie Adopted Son 14 Woodstock
SIMMS Patience HEAD 50 Woodstock
SIMMS Thomas Son 29 Woodstock
SIMMS Andrew Son 23 Woodstock
SIMMS Dorcas Daughter 17 Woodstock
SIMMS Frederick Son 11 Woodstock
SIMMS Henry HEAD 41 Woodstock
SIMMS Irene Wife 38 Woodstock
SIMMS Arthur John Adopted Son 14 Woodstock

Name in RecordDescription of error or additionMy Name
SACREY Wife of Pleamon Sacrey and Mother of Ralph and Gideon (and later, Evelyn) was Lydia (Giles) Sacrey. Annie was second wife had daughter named Maisie. Tracey O'Neill
PASKWOOD The surname "Paskwood" is spelled incorrectly. It should be "Packwood". Melissa Mitchell
SACREY My Grandfather was Dorman Sacrey not Darren. His wife's name was Hermina and their daughter was Viola not Ursla. Dawn Decker-May

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