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1921 Census

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The 1921 Census is a handwritten document. Its entries are usually grouped by families and communities. The physical quality of the pages and the clarity of the handwriting sometimes made transcription difficult and interpretive. In structure however, the present format resembles the original as closely as possible and maintains the original groupings and non-alphabetic order.

The information for this community was transcribed by NANCY LAMMING ~ May 9, 1999. While I have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there may be typographical errors.

Surname First Name Sex Relation Status Birth Age Birth Place
MATHEWS Mary J F Head Widow 1880 Feb 41 Brents Cove
MATHEWS Michael M Son Single 1902 Nov 19 Tilt Cove
MATHEWS John M Son Single 1904 Mar 17 Tilt Cove
MATHEWS Johannah F Dau Single 1906 Sep 15 Brents Cove
MATHEWS William M Son Single 1907 May 14 Brents Cove
MATHEWS Patrick M Son Single 1910 Apr 11 Brents Cove
MATHEWS Andy M Son Single 1911 Apr 10 Brents Cove
MATHEWS Herbert M Son Single 1913 May 8 Brents Cove
MATHEWS Thomas M Son Single 1915 Aug 6 Brents Cove
MATHEWS Mary E. F Dau Single 1917 Dec 4 Brents Cove
MATHEWS Gregory M Son Single 1920 Dec 1 Brents Cove

JOHNSON Peter M Head Married 1873 Sep 48 Croak (?)
JOHNSON Elizabeth F Wife Married 1880 Sep 41 Brents Cove
JOHNSON Patrick M Son Single 1903 Sep 18 Croak
JOHNSON May M. F Dau Single 1904 Jul 17 Croak
JOHNSON Katherine F Dau Single 1911 Oct 10 Brents Cove
JOHNSON Elizabeth F Dau Single 1920 Jul 1 Belle Isle, C.B.

CARROL Anesthia ? F Head Widow 1849 Aug 72 Harbour Main

CARROL John M Head Married 1883 Dec 38 Brents Cove
CARROL Margaret F Wife Married 1882 Feb 39 Brents Cove

CARVEN James M Head Single 1900 Jun 21 Brents Cove
CARVEN Edward M Brot Single 1904 Aug 17 Brents Cove
CARVEN William M Brot Single 1906 Aug 15 Brents Cove
CARVEN Richard M Brot Single 1907 Dec 14 Brents Cove
CARVEN Maggie (?) F Sist Single 1911 Mar 10 Brents Cove

HINDS John M Head Married 1895 May 26 Brents Cove
HINDS Bridget F Wife Married 1899 Apr 22 Brents Cove
HINDS Levis M Son Single 1919 Jul 2 Brents Cove
HINDS Mary J (?) F Dau Single 1918 May 3 Brents Cove
HINDS Josephine F Sist Single 1908 Jun 13 Brents Cove
HINDS Mathias M Brot Single 1903 Jun 18 Brents Cove

DOMALAINE (?) John L. M Head Married ---- --- 62 (?) France
DOMALAINE Mary L. F Wife Married 1862 Aug 59 Brents Cove
DOMALAINE Mary M. F Adpt Single ---- --- 19 Tilt Cove

DOMALAINE Annie F Head Widow 1901 Dec 20 Brents Cove
DOMALAINE Veronica F Dau Single 1919 Mar 2 Brents Cove
DOMALAINE (?) F Dau Single 1921 Dec 7 M Brents Cove

HINDS (?) M Head Married ---- --- 50 ? Brents Cove
DOMALAINE Madeline F Dau Single 1919 Sep 2 Brents Cove
DOMALAINE Monica F Dau Single 1921 Mar 4M Brents Cove
HINDS James M Serv Single 1900 Apr 21 Brents Cove

BUTLER (?) James M Head Married 1892 Jun 29 Brents Cove
BUTLER Elizabeth F Wife Married 1895 Jun 26 Brents Cove
BUTLER Thomas M Son Single 1920 Nov 1 Brents Cove

SULLIVAN Peter M Head Married 1896 Jun 25 Brents Cove
SULLIVAN Bridget F Wife Married 1899 Jul 22 Tilt Cove

SULLIVAN Jeremiah M Head Married 1869 Mar 52 Kings Cove, B.B.
SULLIVAN Mary M. F Wife Married 1882 Jul 39 Brents Cove
SULLIVAN John M Son Single 1890 Jan 21 Brents Cove
SULLIVAN Annie F Dau Single 1901 Aug 20 Brents Cove
SULLIVAN Edwin M Son Single 1903 Jul 18 Brents Cove
SULLIVAN William M Son Single 1906 Aug 15 Brents Cove
SULLIVAN Michael M Son Single 1909 Jan 12 Brents Cove
SULLIVAN Patrick M. M Son Single 1911 Jun 10 Brents Cove
SULLIVAN Benedict M Son Single 1915 Nov 6 Brents Cove
SULLIVAN Mary L. ? F Dau Single 1915 Nov 6 Brents Cove
SULLIVAN Bridget F Dau Single 1918 Jul 3 Brents Cove
SULLIVAN Oliver M Son Single 1921 Jan 8M Brents Cove
BUTLER Ellen F MIL Widow 1860 Jun 61 Colliers, C.B.

COLLINS Alphonso M Head Married 1885 Mar 36 Brents Cove
COLLINS Elizabeth F Wife Married 1885 Jun 36 Harbour Round
COLLINS Francis F Dau Single 1906 Jul 15 Brents Cove
COLLINS Sushannah F Dau Single 1908 Mar 13 Brents Cove
COLLINS John M Son Single 1910 Jan 11 Brents Cove
COLLINS Mary E. F Dau Single 1914 Jan 7 Brents Cove
COLLINS Cecilla F Dau Single 1916 Jan 5 Brents Cove
COLLINS Katherine F Dau Single 1918 Mar 3 Brents Cove

BROWN James M Head Married 1869 May 52 Brents Cove
BROWN Ellen F Wife Married 1864 Nov 57 Kings Cove, B.B.
LACEY (?) Daniel M Adpt Single 1905 Apr 16 Coachman’s Cove

DROVER Ambrose M Head Married 1880 May 41 Coachman’s Cove
DROVER Mary E. F Wife Married 1883 Mar 38 Brents Cove
DROVER Patrick M Son Single 1906 Jul 15 Brents Cove
DROVER Thomas M Son Single 1908 Apr 13 Harbour Round
DROVER William M Son Single 1910 Jun 11 Harbour Round
DROVER Mary F Moth Widow 1837 Mar 84 Bryant’s Cove, C.B.

MACKEY Mathias M Head Married 1896 Feb 25 Brents Cove
MACKEY Elizabeth (?) F Wife Married 1903 May 18 Brents Cove
MACKEY William M Son Single 1920 Oct 1 Brents Cove

BROWN Patrick M Head Married 1877 Mar 44 Brents Cove
BROWN Mary M. F Wife Married 1885 Dec 36 Brents Cove

MACKEY Edward M Head Married 1850 Aug 71 Brents Cove
MACKEY Anasthasia F Wife Married 1854 Apr 67 Fogo

MACKEY William M Head Widower 1886 Sep 35 Brents Cove
MACKEY Edward M Son Single 1919 Jul 2 Brents Cove
MACKEY Peter M Son Single 1921 Jun 2M Brents Cove

MACKEY John M Head Married 1875 Jul 46 Brents Cove
MACKEY Cecilla F Wife Married 1861 Sep 60 Brents Cove

BROWN Samuel M Head Married 1843 Jun 77 Baker Cove, C.B.
BROWN Ellen F Wife Married 1847 Jul 74 Brents Cove
BROWN Edmund M Son Single 1879 Jun 42 Brents Cove

BUTLER Anthony M Head Married 1890 Jan 31 Brents Cove
BUTLER Bridget F Wife Married 1900 Apr 21 Brents Cove
BUTLER John M Son Single 1920 May 1 Brents Cove
MATHEWS Leo (Les ?) M Adpt Single 1905 Aug 16 Brents Cove
BUTLER Mary E. F Moth Widow 1864 Apr 57 Kings Cove

DOMALAINE Leo M Head Married 1892 Apr 29 Harbour Round
DOMALAINE Elizabeth F Wife Married 1899 Jul 22 Brents Cove
DOMALAINE Bridget F Dau Single 1919 Jan 2 Brents Cove

SULLIVAN Thomas M Head Married ---- --- 47 Brents Cove
SULLIVAN Elizabeth F Wife Married ---- --- 45 Brents Cove
SULLIVAN Maggie F Dau Single 1902 Mar 19 Brents Cove
SULLIVAN Katherine F Dau Single 1905 Apr 16 Brents Cove
SULLIVAN Mary F Dau Single 1907 Feb 14 Brents Cove
SULLIVAN Patrick M Son Single 1909 Feb 12 Brents Cove
SULLIVAN Jeremiah M Son Single 1917 Feb 4 Brents Cove
SULLIVAN Bessie F Dau Single 1911 Oct 10 Brents Cove
SULLIVAN John M Son Single 1918 Oct 3 Brents Cove

Name in RecordDescription of error or additionMy Name
MATHEWS, Thomas Surname spelled MATTHEWS. Also there was an omission in this family's listing. Thomas had a twin, Leo. Leo was my husband's father. Ann Matthews
#2 MATTHEWS, family Had noticed that it was reported that Leo Matthews was missing from family listing. However this is not the case. Thomas did have a twin, however when this census was taken he was not living in the same household. He is listed as an adopted son under Anthony Butler's household listing. From information I have collected on my family history, Bridget Butler who was the wife of Anthony Butler had taken Leo Matthews in to live with them after his father had died. This was because Bridget is Leo's older sister. She was Bridget Matthews before she married Anthony Butler. Leo's year of birth should also be listed as 1915. Ellen Butler
HAAS / HINES My mom is originally from Brent's Cove, Mary Margaret Haas, and she indicates that for some unknown reason the HAAS names were recorded as HINES in the original census, but to her knowledge there has never been a Hines living in Brent's Cove. Paul Kennedy
CORBETT The surname CARVEN is supposed to be CORBETT. Camilla

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