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St. Paul's Marriage Data 1757-1820

Marriage Register, Volume 1
St. Paul's Anglican Parish
Trinity, Trinity Bay, NL

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St. Paul's - Trinity

The following document is my interpretation of the Volume I, Marriage Register from St. Paul's Anglican Parish, Trinity, Trinity Bay, NF. For this transcription I used microfilmed copies held by the Provincial Archives of Newfoundland and Labrador. An index of the St. Paul's parish records from 1753 - 1915 can be purchased through the NLGS, Colonial Building, Military Road, St. John's, NF A1C 2C9.

Trying to decipher 200 year old hand-writing proved to be challenging. I took no license to correct spelling, punctuation, syntax, ambiguity, chronology, etc., with the exception of substituting the archaic "fs" with the modern "ss", because I lacked the proper typographic symbol for Old English 'f'. For example, the surname originally recorded as "Befstone" is transcribed as "Besstone"'. Be warned: There are mistakes in the original document and those mistakes have been faithfully reproduced. (See the Sept 13, 1814 marriage of John Bugden for a prime example).

Text within brackets followed by a question mark, ie [Trinity?], reflects my opinion of what the word or words appear to be. Text within brackets marked with an asterisk, ie [Trinity*], reflects what appears to be an addendum, insertion or correction to the original entry.

Bonnie Hickey
Harbour Grace, NF
July 20, 1998

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