1921 Census

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1921 Census

Troy Town

The information  was transcribed by FRANK FITZPATRICK
Troytown Cooper Emanuel Head m w 46 1875 Apr Ireland's Eye
Troytown Cooper Ezekiel Nephew m s 17 1904 Apr Ivanhoe

Troytown Cooper Esrom Head m m 47 1874 Aug Ireland's Eye
Troytown Cooper Jane Wife f m 47 1874 Apr Troytown
Troytown Cooper Samuel Son m s 20 1900 Oct Ireland's Eye
Troytown Cooper Eliza Dau f s 18 1902 Dec Ireland's Eye
Troytown Cooper Herbert Son m s 15 1906 Feb Ireland's Eye
Troytown Cooper James Son m s 11 1909 Dec Troytown
Troytown Toope Edith adau f s 5 1915 Oct Troytown

Troytown Hodder William Head m m 56 1865 Jul Ireland's Eye
Troytown Hodder Priscilla Wife f m 48 1872 Nov Ivanhoe
Troytown Hodder Hannah Dau f s 18 1902 Oct Troytown
Troytown Hodder Honor Dau f s 17 1904 Jul Troytown
Troytown Hodder Albert Son m s 13 1908 Jun Troytown
Troytown Hodder Roland Son m s 10 1911 Aug Troytown

Troytown Miller Joseph Head m m 48 1878 May Ireland's Eye
Troytown Miller Maklia Wife f m 38 1883 Feb Ireland's Eye
Troytown Miller Simeon Son m s 12 1908 Dec Troytown
Troytown Miller Gladys Dau f s 9 1912 Jun Troytown
Troytown Miller Tryphena Dau f s 6 1914 Nov Troytown
Troytown Miller Amelia Dau f s 4 1917 May Troytown
Troytown Miller Leona Dau f s 1 1919 Dec Troytown
Troytown Miller Hezekiah Son m s 15 1906 Jan Troytown

Troytown Miller Tobias Head m m 37 1883 Oct Ireland's Eye
Troytown Miller Martha Wife f m 26 1885 Jan Ireland's Eye
Troytown Miller Matthias Son m s 11 1910 Jun Ireland's Eye
Troytown Miller Delilah adau f s 15 1905 Dec Ireland's Eye

Troytown Toope Alexander Head m m 28 1898 Jul Ireland's Eye
Troytown Toope Sarah Wife f m 20 1900 Sep Thoroughfare
Troytown Toope Clarence Son m s 3 1917 Oct Thoroughfare
Troytown Toope Alfreda Dau f s 2 1919 Jul Troytown

Troytown Toope Esau Head m m 38 1883 Mar Ireland's Eye
Troytown Toope Amelia Wife f m 28 1893 Jul Sister's Point
Troytown Toope Raymond Son m s 11 1910 Mar Ireland's Eye
Troytown March Deborah sdau f s 7 1914 Jul Hickman's Harbour
Troytown March Blanche sdau f s 4 1916 Sep Hickman's Harbour

Troytown Toope William Head m m 27 1894 Jan Ireland's Eye
Troytown Toope Charlotte Wife f m 20 1901 Apr Kelsey's Harbor
Troytown Toope Ellen Dau f s 2mo 1921 Jul Troytown
Troytown Toope Harriet Dom f s 11 1909 Oct Ireland's Eye

Name in RecordDescription of error or additionMy Name
Troy Town The name of the community is Traytown, not Troy Town Rosanne Toope

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