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Trinity Bay - 1936 NF Directory

English Harbour

It was transcribed by TOM HYNES, September 1999. While I have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there could be some typographical errors.
Barnes Alexfshrmn
Barnes Arthurfshrmn
Barnes Bonfshrmn
Barnes Geo Ffshrmn
Barnes Herbertfshrmn
Barnes Howardfshrmn
Barnes Johnfshrmn
Barnes Markfshrmn
Barnes Martinfshrmn
Barnes Richardfshrmn
Barnes Stephenfshrmn
Barnes Wm Jfshrmn
Batson Albertfshrmn
Batson Ernestfshrmn
Batson Geofshrmn
Batson Herbertfshrmn
Batson Jamesfshrmn
Batson Johngenl and fish dlr
Batson Johnfshrmn
Batson Johnfshrmn
Batson Peterfshrmn
Batson Richardfshrmn
Batson Uriahfshrmn
Batson Wm of Wmfshrmn
Batson Wmfshrmn
Batson Wmfshrmn
Batson Wm Jfshrmn
Batson Willisfshrmn
Bugden Albertfshrmn
Bugden Edfshrmn
Bugden Geofshrmn
Bugden Gilbertfshrmn
Bugden Obadiahfshrmn
Bugden Wmfshrmn
Fifield Aaronfshrmn
Fifield Arthurfshrmn
Fifield Fredkfshrmn
Fifield Jeylesfshrmn [should be Giles - TPH]
Fifield Watsonfshrmn
Ford Gordonfshrmn
Ivany Albertfshrmn
Ivany Miss Amy post mistress
Ivany Cecilfshrmn
Ivany Chesleyfshrmn
Ivany Colinfshrmn
Ivany Donaldfshrmn
Ivany Herbertfshrmn
Ivany Jamesfshrmn
Ivany James of Jasfshrmn
Ivany Josephfshrmn
Ivany Markfshrmn
Ivany Martinfshrmn
Ivany Mauricefshrmn
Ivany Robt Johnfshrmn
Ivany Ronaldfshrmn
Ivany Walterfshrmn
Ivany Wilfredfshrmn
Ivany Wmfshrmn
Penny Albertfshrmn
Penny Alexfshrmn
Penny Alexfshrmn
Penny Alexfshrmn
Penny Alex of Richardfshrmn
Penny Arthurfshrmn
Penny Barcellafshrmn
Penny Benj Jrfshrmn
Penny Benj Srfshrmn
Penny Cecilfshrmn
Penny Colinfshrmn
Penny Danielfshrmn
Penny Edgar of Alexfshrmn
Penny Edgar Ffshrmn
Penny Eleasonfshrmn
Penny Ernestfshrmn
Penny Francisfshrmn
Penny Fredkfshrmn
Penny Herbertfshrmn
Penny Johnfshrmn
Penny John Pfshrmn
Penny John Ffshrmn
Penny Joseph Sfshrmn
Penny Linsiefshrmn
Penny Malcolmfshrmn
Penny Markfshrmn
Penny Nathanfshrmn
Penny Nicholasfshrmn
Penny Obediahfshrmn
Penny Orlandofshrmn
Penny Raymondfshrmn
Penny Reuben Jrfshrmn
Penny Reuben Srfshrmn
Penny Richardfshrmn
Penny Robt Jfshrmn
Penny Samsonfshrmn
Penny Samlfshrmn
Penny Selviefshrmn
Penny Stephenfshrmn
Penny Stephengenl dlr etc
Penny Wmfshrmn
Penny Wm Gfshrmn
Penny Wm Jasfshrmn
Penny Willis Jfshrmn
Poute Israel Geofshrmn [note - all the Poutes should be Pottles - TPH]
Poute John Lfshrmn
Poute Josiahfshrmn
Poute Ralphfshrmn
Poute Reubenfshrmn
Tucker Haroldfshrmn
Tucker Obediahfshrmn
Wells Heberfshrmn
Wells Henry Rfshrmn
Wells Jonasfshrmn
Wells Mark Jrgenl dlr
Wells Mark Srfshrmn
Wells Robtfshrmn
Wells Westfieldfshrmn
Wells Wmfshrmn

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Trinity North District