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Trinity Bay Region ~ Trinity North District

Ragged Harbour

The information in this Directory was read, recorded and transcribed by DEBBIE GEROW, 2001. While I have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there could be some typographical errors.
Cottor, Jamesfisherman
Cottor, Williamdo
Donovan, Jamesdo
Donovan, Thomasdo
Duggan, John jrdo
Duggan, Patrickdo
Duggan, John srdo
Daley, Johndo
Doody, Patrick of Patrickdo
Doody, Wm Johndo
Doody, Patrick of Johndo
Doody, Michaeldo
Doody, Thomasdo
Doody, Thomas of Johndo
Donovan, Michaeldo
Duggan, Timothydo
Duggan, Edwarddo
Duggan, Danieldo
Duggan, Patrickdo
Daley, Johndo
Daley, Michaeldo
Doody, Johndo
Doody, Richarddo
Feehan, Johndo
Humby, Johndo Peache C
Humphries, Johndo
Humby, Jamesdo Peache C
Humphries, Jamesdo
Humphries, Philipdo
Ivamy, Georgedo
Lane, Thomasdo
Lane, Richarddo
Lane, Williamdo
Lane, Jeremiahdo
Lane, Jamesdo
Lane, Edwarddo
Lane, Williamdo
Lane, Patrickdo
Mason, Johndo
Mason, Williamdo
McDonald, Williamdo
McDonald, Richarddo
Mackay, Patrickdo
Mackay, Martindo
Mackay, Johndo
Mason, James jrdo Peache's C
Mason, James srdo Peache's C
McDonald, Jamesdo
Mackay, Danieldo
Mackay, Jamesdo
Mackay, Williamdo
Peters, Philipdo
Peters, Philip srdo
Peters, Alexanderdo
Peters, Philipdo
Ryan, Richarddo
Scanlan, Jeremiahdo
Scanlan, Collando
Walsh, Jamesdo
Walsh, Johndo
Walsh, Michaeldo
Walsh, Danieldo
Walsh, Michaeldo

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Trinity North District