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Trinity Bay ~ Hutchinson's 1864-65 Directory of NL

Trinity North District - Catalina

The information was transcribed by DEBBIE GEROW ~ December 1999. While I have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there could be some typographical errors.
Ashford Williamliquors(SW Arm)
Blunden Johnplanter(NE Arm)
Blunden Robert senplanter(East Cove)
Bowring Brothersmerchants(NE Arm)
Bremner Alexandermagistrate(NE Arm)
Bremner Ronald & Jmerchants(NE Arm)
Brine Jamesjoiner(NE Arm)
Bursey William & Sonplanters(NE Arm)
Clonter Henryplanter(NE Arm)
Collins Jamesplanters(NE Arm)
Courage Johnplanter(SW Arm)
Courage Josephplanter(SW Arm)
Cram Thosblacksmith(NE Arm)
Day Williamliquors(SW Arm)
Drake John coaster and freighter(SW Arm)
Diamond Johnplanter(NE Arm)
Diamond Peterbuilder(SW Arm)
Diamond Robert senbuilder(SW Arm)
Duffett John & Brothersplanters(NE Arm)
Eady John & Brothersplanters(NE Arm)
Garland Levicooper(NE Arm)
Goodison Rev J
(SW Arm)
Gould Williambuilder(NE Arm)
Gould William & Brothersplanters(NE Arm)
Granger Charlesjoiner(NE Arm)
Gullage Joseph & Sonsplanters(NE Arm)
Guy Edwardblacksmith(NE Arm)
Hiscock Frederickplanter(SW Arm)
Humphries Geoplanter(NE Arm)
Houlahan PatrickkeeperGreen Island Lighthouse
Houlahan Williamassistant lighthouse keeper
House William & Jamesplanters(NE Arm)
Jeans Johnway officer keeper(SW Arm)
Jeans Stephentrader and planter(SW Arm)
Joy Josephcoaster and freighter(SW Arm)
LaneJohnplanter(NE Arm)
Legg Isaacjoiner(NE Arm)
LodgeJas junplanter(SW Arm)
McCormack Thomasaccountant(NE Arm)
McLaughlan Michael & Sonsplanters(SW Arm)
McNamara Michael & Sonsplanters(SE Cove)
Manuel Georgeplanters(NE Arm)
Manuel Johnplanters(NE Arm)
Manuel Thomasplanters(NE Arm)
Martin Thomas & Peterplanters(NE Arm)
Matthews Georgejoiner(NE Arm)
Murphy Edwardliquors(NE Arm)
Murphy Jamesagent Ridley & S(NE Arm)
Murphy Jo junplanter(SE Cove)
Murphy Patrickconstable(NE Arm)
Netten Rev William
(NE Arm)
Netten The Missesteachers(NE Arm)
Newhook Williamjoiners(NE Arm)
Norman Johnliquors(SW Arm)
Norman Williamplanter(SW Arm)
Nowlan John & Sonsplanters(SW Arm)
Nowlan Michael & Brothersplanters(NE Arm)
Perry Josephshipowner(SW Arm)
Perry Noahplanter(SW Arm)
Raymond Georgeplanter(NE Arm)
Rennie Davidagent Bowring brothers(NE Arm)
Ridley & Sonsmerchants(NE Arm)
Ross Jamesshopkeeper(NE Arm)
Short Williambuilder(NE Arm)
Snellgrove Benjaminshipowner(SW Arm)
Snellgrove Isabellateacher(SW Arm)
StephensJamesshipcarpenter(NE Arm)
John & Brothersplanters(SW Arm)
Walsh Thomasshipowner(NE Arm)
Walsh Williamplanter(NE Arm)
White John & Stephenplanters(NE Arm)
Wills Theophilusplanter(NE Arm)

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Trinity North District