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Newfoundland will books volume 5 pages 21-23 probate year 1886.

Will of Joseph Gorman

Last Will and Testament of Joseph Gorman
late of St. Pierre Miquelon Merchant deceased

In the name of God Amen.
I Joseph Gorman of St Pierre Miquelon do make publish and declare this as and for my last will and testament.
First I give devise and bequeath to my son James Gorman all my goods chattels merchandize stock in trade and effects whatsoever whether the same be in St Pierre Miquelon aforesaid at Miller's Passage or elsewhere, all such moneys as may be in my possession or belonging to me at the time of my decease, all my shares of and in the Screw Steamship "Shattuck" all my shares of and in the Screw Steamship "Alice" all my right and interest in the Brick store and premises situated in the Rue de Seigo at St Pierre and in the Grace Point yard and shed and in the Brick Dwelling House and garden situate in Iomville Street St. Pierre - also the schooners "Messena" and "Vista" and the lighters boats and seine skiffs at Millers Passage aforesaid also all my lands and premises and all stores and other buildings thereon situated at Millers Passage also all such debts as are or shall be due and owing to me by any person or persons whomsoever and wheresoever but it is my will and desire my said son shall leave the matters above mentioned invested in my trade and business and shall carry on the same as I have been accustomed to do for a period of five years from the ninth day of January Anno Domini One thousand eight hundred and eighty five. And the above bequest to my said son is subject to the express condition that he shall pay liquidate and discharge all my just debts my funeral and testamentary expenses and is also made upon and subject to the trusts following and to each of them, that is to say - upon trust to pay over or cause to be paid to my beloved wife Sarah if she survives me the sum of eleven thousand francs and to my daughter Mary Bridget the sum of eight thousand francs and to my daughter Susannah Paulina the sum of eight thousand francs. Also toward the support and maintenance of the children at aux in L'Ourios or orphanage at St Pierre aforesaid the sum of one thousand one hundred francs such payment to be made to the superioress of the said establishment for the use and purposes of the said institution. Also upon trust that he shall invest or cause to be invested in some good and safe securities the sum of ten thousand two hundred francs and pay and apply the annual interest arising from such investment for the celebration of masses for the repose of my soul.

Second I give devise and bequeath to my beloved wife Sarah for her own use and benefit my house situated at St. Pierre aforesaid and commonly called or known as "The Cottage" together with the lands and premises thereto attached - Also the piece of land or yard situate at St. Pierre between the store of M. Sheehan and Company and the Government buildings also the garden and stable situate opposite the Telegraph Company Office and my farm situate on the Sanyard Road and all my household furniture and effects in the dwelling house now occupied by me at St, Pierre aforesaid.

Third I give devise and bequeath to my daughter Mary Bridget one of the two dwelling houses of mine situate in the vicinity of the Telegraph Company's Offices in St Pierre aforesaid and to my daughter Susannah Paulina the other of the said dwelling houses.

Fourth As regards my shares in the Capital stock of the Commercial Bank of Newfoundland I give devise and bequeath one third part or share of the value thereof to my daughter Mary Bridget - one third or share thereof to my daughter Susannah Paulina and the remaining one third part or share thereof to my beloved wife Sarah.

Fifth I hereby nominate and appoint my brother Thomas Gorman of Burin Newfoundland & Robert J. Kent Attorney resident in St. John's Newfoundland M. Michael Gorman of St. Pierre and M.Julian Deville of St. Pierre as Executors of this my last will and testament. I hereby declare this my last will and disavow all wills by me heretofore made. Signed by the said Testator in our presence who in his presence at his request and in the presence of each other have hereto set our hands as witnesses on the day and year above written the same having been in our presence read over to and approved of by him before being signed by him or either of us.
J. Deville - Michael Gorman -

I Certify the foregoing to be a correct copy. - Prescott Emerson Registrar //

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