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"Methodist" Chapel Deed, Bonavista. April 21, 1814.

*Transcribed from the Surrogate Court and misc. court records for Bonavista District, Newfoundland, 1810-1825.

Transcribed and contributed by David Anstey, Feb, 2021. While I have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there may be errors. One should check and compare any transcription, with the original.

This Indenture made in the Year of our Lord One Thousand Eight Hundred and Fourteen, between Charles Saint, Benjamin Cole, Roger Abbott, James Mowlam, and Stephen Mowlam, Planters of Bonavista, Newfoundland; Trustees, of the one part.

And the Proprietors of the said Bonavista Meeting House, of the other part.

Witnesseth that in Consideration of Five Shillings Lawful Money of Great Britain by the said Trustees, and to the said Proprietors, Truly paid before the Sealing and Delivery here of ( the Receipt. Whereof the said Proprietors doth hereby Acknowledge and for Diverse Considerations, them then unto money ) the said Proprietors have granted bargained and Sold and by these Presents do bargain and Sell unto the said Trustees and their Heirs and Assigns forever, all that lately erected House or Tenement with the Yard thereunto Adjoining, Situated in the Parish of Bonavista Aforesaid, now in the Tenancy or occupation of a Meeting House, together with all the Ways Drains and Privileges to the said Premises appurtenances, all the Profit thereof with all the right title and Interest in Law and Equity, To have and hold the said House Yard and other Premises, to the said Trustees, their Heirs and Assigns forever. Nevertheless, upon special trust and Confidence and to the Interest that they and the Survivors of them and the Trustees for the time being do, and shall permit the Preachers appointed by the Methodist Conference and such other Persons as they shall from time appoint to have and Enjoy the free use and Benefit of the said Premises that the said Conference and such other Persons as they appoint may therein Preach and Expound God's Holy Word. And after their Decease, upon further and Confidence and to the Intent that the said Proprietors of their and the Major part of the Trustees of the said Premises, for the time being shall from time to time and at all times, forever Permit such Persons as shall be appointed at the Yearly Conference of the People called Methodists as Established by a Deed Roll of John Wesley under his hand and Seal bearing date the Twenty-Eight Day of February, One Thousand Seven Hundred and Eighty-Four. And Enrolled in his Majesty's high Court of Chancery. And no others to have and Enjoy the said Premises for the Purpose aforesaid. Provided always that the said Persons preach no other Doctrine than is contained in Mr. Wesley's Notes, or the New Testament and four Volumes of Sermons. And upon further trust and Confidence that as often as any of their Trustees or the Trustees for the time being shall die or clearly be a Member of the Society commonly called Methodists, then the next of the said Trustees or Trustees in Order, to keep the Number of Trustees for Ever. In Witness whereof the said Proprietors have hereunto set their Hand and Seals. This Twenty first Day of April, One Thousand Eight Hundred and fourteen. Signed, Sealed and Delivered in the Presence of William Hicks, Thomas Hicks, William Abbott Sr., Philip Squires, Abraham Abbott, Thomas Mowlam, Thomas Rider, James Mowlam Sr., Thomas Russell, Joseph Abbott, Hugh Abbott, Charles Fisher, John Hicks, William Abbott, James Abbott Sr., Henry Abbott, James Abbott Jr., William Philpot, William Brown, William Hollett, Thomas Sleet, Hugh Mowlam, James Mowlam.


*Charles Saint and Benjamin Cole had become lay readers at Bonavista, pre 1814. In April, 1814, they became Trustees of the Methodist Church at Bonavista. With Roger Abbot, and James & Stephen Mowlam/Mouland.

Proprietor, Thomas ?Sleet/Sleat?



The usage of the term "meeting house" permeates English 17th century records. Referring to buildings used for non-conformist religious meetings/services. Including folk of Anabaptist/Baptist; Presbyterian; Congregationalist; Unitarian; Society of Friends, etc., persuasion.

In early Newfoundland there are references to "meeting houses" buried at the meeting, etc. More often generally referring to the early 19th Century Presbyterian, Methodist, Meeting houses, chapels, or buildings, including private residences. "Meeting House" not being a reference to Church of England "church buildings", etc.

It may be generally expected that folk named in the document above, had dissenting ancestors in Dorset, England. Maybe at Poole?

Isaac Lester's Diary of April 11, 1775. "Mr. John Pike was Buryed this afternoon in the Meatin house Yard..."

( The Meeting House/The Protestant Dissenting Meeting House. Baptist? )

In 1707, Mrs. Susannah Pike's house at Poole, Dorset, was licensed for an assembly for religious worship. Baptist.

In the Gullage Diary at Twillingate, in an entry for May 28, 1859. A line reads simply; "Charles Anstey buried at the Meeting".

Interpretation: [ Charles Anstey buried during a meeting, at the dissenting Methodist Church, South Side Twillingate. ]

Charles' ancestors, attended the Unitarian Meeting House at Poole, Dorset. During the very early 1700's.

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