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Newfoundland Census: 1675 - 1692

Transcribed and contributed by David Anstey, 2018. *There are surname spelling errors realized within this file. As sometimes sourced from typed material. Correction or improvement is possible in certain cases. The reader is cautioned to always check against original material for possible spelling errors. While we have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there may be errors.

1675 Census - Captain Sir John Berry, of HMS Bristol.

( Colonial Office 1.35 Folios 150 - 156 )

The names of the English Inhabitants with the number of their boats, men, wives and children.

There are belonging to His Majesty’s Subjects here 543 head of cattle.

There are women and children, 231.

Their servants are 1022.

The planters themselves, 114.

Irelands Eye

Michaell Quint 3 Boats, 15 Men, 1 Stage.


Richard Cole 2 Boats, 8 Men, 1 Stage. *Shared with James Field.

James Feild

Trinity Harbour

Thomas Carman & wife. 5 male children, 2 female children. 2 Boats, 7 Men, 1 Stage.

Edward Horton 1 male children.

Jarvis Horton

David Horton & wife. 2 Boats, 8 Men, 1 Stage. 14 head of cattle. *Shared with Edward & Jarvis Horton.

Thomas Gabriell 1 Boat, 6 Men, 1 Stage.

Salmon Cove ( Champneys )

John Le Crass 3 Boats, 12 Men, 1 Stage.

English Harbour

George Talbott & wife. 2 Boats, 10 Men, 1 Stage.

Thomas Newell & wife. 1 male children, 1 female. 2 Boats, 9 Men, 1 Stage.

1675 Fishing Ship Census - Captain Sir John Berry, of HMS Bristol.

( Colonial Office 1.35 Folios 137 - 148 )

( Ship census data includes: Vessel name if known_Port of origin_ Nationality_Master's name )


Sarah, Weymouth, Henry Weston

Providence, Southampton, Henry Wale


John, Guernsey, Henry Le Crass

Ann & Grace, Southampton, Richard Taylor

Margaret, Poole, William Baker

Dolphin, Weymouth, Richard Peircy

Salmon Cove ( Champneys )

Mary, Guernsey, John Le Crass

English Harbour

Mary, Guernsey, Nicholas Ballhast (Balhache)

1676 Fishing Ship Census - Captain Russell of HMS Reserve.

( Colonial Office 1.38 Folios 222 - 224 )


Jersey, British, William Lenter

Jersey, British, Thomas Balley

Jersey, British, John Nichols

London, British, Thomas Barker

Southampton, British, Richard Taylor

?, Weymouth, James Balley

?, Weymouth, Henry Weston. Admiral.

1676 Census - Captain John Wyborne’s Planter Census.

( Colonial Office 1.38 Folios 239 - 242 )


Nicholas Quint 4 Boats, 20 Servants.

Trinity Harbour

Thomas Gabriell 2 Boats, 10 Servants.

Jarvis Horton 2 Boats, 10 Servants.

Thomas Carman & wife. 6 children, 2 Boats, 10 Servants.

1677 Inhabitant_Planter Census - Captain Sir William Poole, of HMS Leopard

( Colonial Office 1.41 Folios 157 - 166 )

Barron Harbour, Bay Bulls, Bay de Verde, Bay Roberts, Bonaventure, Bryants Cove, Brigus, Caplin Bay, Carbonear,

Clowns Cove, Crockers Cove, Cupids Cove, English Harbour, Fermeuse, Ferryland, Harbour Grace, Harbour Main,

Irelands Eye, Little Harbour, Mosquito Bay, Muskets Cove, St. John’s, Trinity, Trinity Harbour, Witless Bay.

Inhabitants, wives, children, servants_male/female, dwelling houses, storehouses, lodging for servants, gardens, Boats, Stages.

*****Servants are male unless otherwise noted.


Michael Quint Wife, 2 sons, 10 servants, 2 houses, 9 storehouses, garden, 3 Boats, 1 Stage.

Thomas Carmen Wife, 5 sons, 2 daughters, 6 servants, house, 2 storehouses, garden, 2 Boats, 1 Stage.

Jarvis Horton 9 servants, house, 4 storehouses, garden, 2 Boats, 1 Stage.

Thomas Gabriell 12 servants, house, 2 storehouses, garden, 3 Boats, 1 Stage.

Notable: Thomas Carmen had 14 hogs. Jarvis Horton had 9 cattle.

Salmon Cove ( Champneys )

John Le Crass 1 son, 3 daughters, 9 servants, house, 1 storehouse, 1 Boat, 1 Stage.

*Consider family at the Channel Islands of Guernsey; or Jersey.

1677 Fishing Ships - Captain Sir Robert Robinson, of HMS Assistance

( Colonial Office 1.41 Folios 168 - 172 )


Poole, British, Peter Phippard

British, William Peak ( Pike? )


Weymouth, British, John Abbott

Unknown, British, Henry Weston

British, Bryan Chubb

London, British, John Filer

Southampton, British, William Pryor

Fellowship, Guernsey, British, Peter Copivett

Jersey, British, John Nicholls

Salmon Cove ( Champneys )

Jersey, British, Peter Bayley

Jersey, British, Edward Marriott

English Harbour

Jersey, British, Henry Le Crass

Lyon, Unknown, British, John Le Gross ( Le Cras?)

Little Hearts Ease

The Willing Mind, Poole, British, Samuel White

1680 Anon Census

( Colonial Office ?, Folio 121 )

212 English Planters in Newfoundland

97 vessels fished in the English ports in Newfoundland.

1681 Census - Captain James Story of HMS Antelope

( Colonial Office 1.47 Folios 113 - 122 )


Amity, Jersey, British, John Bandine


John Le Cross - Planter


Martin, Jersey, British, John Le Brown - Fishing Admiral.

Katherine, Jersey, British, Henry Le Cross - Sack Ship taking 1200 quintals outward.

John, Guernsey, British, Daniel Pollard - Sack Ship taking 1000 quintals outward.

Providence, Guernsey, British, Elias Pollard - Sack Ship taking 800 quintals outward.

Thomas Carman - Planter

James Horton - Planter


Thomas Mincham - Planter. ( Melrose called Ragged Harbour )


Society, Dartmouth, British, George Williams - Fishing Admiral.

Unknown, London, British, Mr. Reedon - Mr. Reedon on a French Account. Sack Ship taking 1800 quintals outward.

1682 St. John's area Planters - Captain Daniel Jones of HMS Diamond

( Colonial Office 1.49 Folios 196 - 197 )


Richard Horton - Planter

Matthew Anthony – Planter

1684 Census - Captain Sir Francis Wheeler of HMS Tiger

( Colonial Office 1.55 Folio 257 )

Bonaventure, 4 Boats

Little Bonaventure, 3 Boats

Trinity, 5 Boats

1692 Census - Captain Thomas Crawley of HMS Reserve

( Colonial Office 1.68 Folios 271 - 272 )

Little Hearts Ease, 1 Boat

Trinity, 2 Boats


*How many of these early Newfoundland folk listed, were English, Irish, or Channel Island, merchant Factors? Planters?

*****The reader is advised to always check with the original Census material for possible correction of names of individuals contained in this file. The originals are very faded, in cases. Sourced Census material, appears mixed on some LDS microfilm. Other typed transcripted sourced material may contain surname spelling errors. Since the info within this file is derived from plural sources over many years, often not being of original material transcription, a caution flag must be thus placed.

P.S. The author for the earlier posted 1675 Newfoundland Census file here in this Early NL Census has realized some 1676 Census individuals, are included with the 1675 folk. The reason being, the LDS microfilm sourced; contains mixed Census info for 1675 and 1676. This current file, will be considered a correction to any discrepancy noticed in the former posted file, when compared withoriginal Census materials.


*Seventeenth century references to early Newfoundland Census materials. These originals reside in a variety of repositories in Newfoundland. The following list comes from the NEHGS publication Handbook for Atlantic Canada Research.

1675 – Sir John Berry Census – list of planters from Cape de Razo to Cape Bonavista; names planters for thirty harbours.

1676 – Capt Russell’s Census – account of English inhabitants between Bonaventure and Petty Harbour; includes names in 18 settlements.

1677 – Sir John Berry Census – Cape Race to Cape Bonavista; names each community, inhabitants, numbers of wives, children, servants, houses, boats, stages, animals, and pasture land.

1677 – Sir William Poole’s Census – Cape Bonavista to Trepassey; names inhabitants, number of wives, sons, etc., covering 28 settlements.

1675-1677 – A short list of planters at Renews in 1663, and a list of 19 planters in St. John’s in 1669 by John Yonge.

1681 – Captain James Story’s Census – planters from Trepassey to Bonavista to Fair Island.

1682 – Captain Daniel Jones’ Census.

And there are census returns for 1691 and 1693.


Early Newfoundland Census


1708 List of inhabitants Names, and the number of their families, in 28 settlements from Ferryland to Bonavista.

CO 194/4. Pages 253-6.


A History of Newfoundland from the English, Colonial and Foreign Records, by D. W. Prowse. Page 199.

*Bay Bulls a convoy destination in 1682? Captain Daniel Jones, R.N., H. M. S. Diamond.


The Bristol Registers of Servants: Sent to Foreign Plantation 1654-1686. By: Peter Wilson Coldham. ( 1663 - 1679 )

Page 349. March 8, 16??

Lawrence Tanner to Thomas Harris, 7 years Newfoundland by "Olive Branch".

William Allen to Thomas Edwards. 5 years Newfoundland by "Olive Branch".

Thomas Boone to Thomas Edwards, 7 years Newfoundland by "Olive Branch".

Page 374.

Robert Stephens of Bridport, Dorset, to Richard Downe, 3 years Newfoundland by "Supply"

Henry Chapman of Sutton, Dorset, to Shadrach Burt, 4 years Newfoundland by "Jeremy"

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