The Brig AUSTRALIA from New Brunswick to Australia 1852

The Brig Australia

From New Brunswick to Australia - 1852
transcribed by Gail Durant

CLICK HERE to view an annotated copy of this list, which gives clues to the passengers days in New Brunswick, as well as their time in Australia.


The vessel of 178 tons was built in 1852 by John Brown in West Quaco, St. Martins, NB and was launched just 13 July 1852.  This was here maiden voyage.

Cleared out of Saint John, NB August 7th, 1852 for Australia Gold Rush

Passengers               Age       Occupation
John Fenton              52 years
Catherine Fenton         50
Alexander Fenton         22
Elizabeth Fenton         16
Catherine Fenton         13
Mary T,.(?)Mailman       22
George F. Mailman        5
Henrietta Mailman        7
Francis Mailman          3
Matthew Suffren          26
Elizabeth Suffren        25
George Suffen            7months
George H Cunnabell       47        Boatbuilder
Eunice Cunnabell         38
Lorenna Cunnabell        16
Rufus Smith              21        Clerk
Edmond P Shaw            21        Clerk
Horatio N Arnold         18        Clerk
James Watson             26        Painter
Thomas Whitney           21        Clerk
Oliver D Barbaric        22        Farmer
Courtland Barbaric       22        Farmer
David Curry              26        Farmer & Tanner
Thomas Magee             54
Jane Magee               40
John Magee               13
Hester Magee             6
Anne Magee               3
Thomas Magee             9 months
Sarah Magee              19
Joel Tompkins            24        Farmer
John Berryman(?)         23        Miller
W. H. Davis              42
Maria *Davis             30
Samuel Shaw              24        Mariner
George W. Curry          26        Tanner
(?) Duckindorf           21        Millman
John A Brown             22        Farmer
James Sullivan           35        Joiner
Martha Sullivan          32
Elizabeth Sullivan       6
Johnston Sullivan        3
James W Robinson         27        Mariner
William Charlton         25        Millwright
Hugh Quigley             22        Millman
Daniel Yerxa             22        Farmer
Peter Hanson             32        Ship's Carpenter
Robert Menzies           29
John Davis               28        Ship's Carpenter
John Bond                22        Joiner
Robert Hazen             21        Farmer
Henry Charlton           29
Charles F Estey          18        Coach Builder
Thomas Everett           21        Hatter
Hugh Van (?) or Vair)    25
David Baker              24
Gilbert G Prince         21        Clerk
Benton Nealey            20        Blacksmith
John D Prince            25
John McLoud              25        Carpenter
Charles Belmain          25
Tamberline J Campbell    40
Elizabeth A Campbell     39
Eliza Ann Campbell       17
Mary Eliza Campbell      13
Allen T Campbell         8
George W Campbell        3
Alfred E Campbell        1
Armstrong Elliot         25
Charles E Weldon         18        Farmer
William Atchinson        50        Master Mariner
Mrs. Seeley              29
Miss (?) Kelly           23
Mary Seeley              6
Marion Seeley            1
John Belmain             25        Cordwainer
George Scoullar          16        Watchmaker
George Holmes            23        Painter
Edward Moore             26
William Alexander        50
Isaac Sherrard           30        Tailor
William Trott            24
William Purvis           36        Clerk
Alex Richards            29        Boat Builder
Ward Brown               26
Leah Nealy               36
Sarah Nealy              6
Richard Nealy            8

*Maria Davis is listed at 30 years old.  On the same line is listed an infant 2 months.  Or possibly the same as mother.

Total of 69 Adults, 17 children. 3 infants, Date Arrival December 28, 1852 in Melbourne, Australia.

Additional Comments by Gail Durant

Soon after arriving in Australia, three of the families went on to live in New Zealand. These were:  Tamberlaine Joseph and Elizabeth Campbell and their four children. A lfred E Campbell died at sea on the voyage to Melbourne.  Then they had one more daughter born in New Zealand at  Brunswick"  which they had names their district after their old home.  The daughter was Alice Eugenia (b)?10, 1853. The ship they travelled on was the "Creole Belle".  It is not known if their other families were on this also. George H Cunnabell and Eunice and their daughters.  Mary T Mailman and three children are also known living in New Zealand, arriving at a later date from New Brunswick.

George Frederick Baker Born February 24 1849, Married Augusut 8 1865 to Henrietta Mailman born ca 1830.  Lived in New Plymouth, Tarinaki Province.

Alexander DeWolfe Cunnabell Born March 20 1841 son of John Hunt Cannabell married had two daughters, surviving daughter Lorenna unmarried.  Lived in Tarinaki Province, retired in Hawers.  (a daughter and two sons of Azuba (Cunnabell) and Mathias Abraham) Elizabeth Lovegrove and William Braddock born April 3 1831, Walter Pound Abraham born April 1835, Lorenza Mathias Abraham born April 12 1829 lived in Wanganui, Wellington Province.

The above families were all related by being descendants of Edward Samuel Godfrey Cunnabell born in Windor Hants Co. Nova Scotia, June 30, 1764; married Lydia Hunt of Gaspe or Molbury, Lower canada born 1782, daughter of John and Desire (Lucas) Hunt.

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