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Todd Gilbert (Host from February 2001-present)
I was "born and raised", as they say, in the Moncton area, getting early knowledge of every little town and village on my grandfather's mail route to Cape Tormentine.  Later, my employ with the NB Air Tankers had me flying all over the province for forest fire suppression, forestry surveys, etc.  This, along with my living in seven of the fifteen NB counties, leaves me feeling fairly confident of knowing a little about a lot of different places in New Brunswick.
My one goal in hosting NB GenWeb is simple... I want to see as much free NB genealogy info placed on the Net as possible!
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Jason Kelly (Host from September 2000 - February 2001)
Cleadie B. Barnett, C.G. (C) (Host from June 1999 - September 2000)
Rick Doucette (Host from beginning - June 1999)
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