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Posting to the Query Board
NOTICE: The GenConnect Query Boards have moved.  They are now at  In order to post you will need to be at 18 and supply a username and a password.  If you are under 18 please ask your parents.  If you are unable to post to the query board please let me know and I will post it on a page here.  Thank you so much.  Annette

Posting to the GenConnect Board--

  1. NO ADULTS SHALL POST!!  This is for kids only.  If an adult needs to help, that is okay.  An adult can answer a query though.
  2. Put in as much information as you know: names, dates, places, and anything else that you have.
  3. Leave your name, it can be just a first name.  If you want you can leave your last name or the initial of your last name.
  4. DO NOT post your address and phone number unless it is okay with your parents.
Go to the Query Board.
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