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What Are Your Holiday Traditions?
Let us know your holiday traditions.  Send me an email with what country you are from and the holiday tradition that you celebrate and the date of the holiday, plus your first name and last initial.  There can be more than one entry from a country for a tradition as long as they are different or have a different variation.  You do not have to wait for that holiday to get near, this page will be up year round so submit any tradition any time of year! Only kids, schools (home, private included) can submit.  Parents/teachers/advisors can help.
I will start the traditions going to show examples:
Annette P.  Christmas Tradition
I am from Washington State, USA, and for Christmas in December my family reads from the book 'A Story A Day Til Christmas'.  We start on December 1 and read all the way through til the night before Christmas on December 24.

Annette P.  Memorial Day Tradition
I take my kids to the cemetery where veteran's are celebrating and let the kids see what this day is meant for and to also see some of the veteran's wearing their old uniforms or that of their relatives.  The kids have seen a WW1 uniform being worn a person who's relative fought in WW1.  We have seen so far WW1; WW2; Korea; and Vietnam era uniforms in person.

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