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CGW For Kids  

Welcome To the 
For Kids Project
Come on in and learn  about Your Family History
(Warning: Genealogy is very addictive, but fun!)
Hi!  My name is Annette Peebles and I have created this page for kids.   I hope this will be useful to kids and have fun looking around!

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This site is for kids (18 and under) or classes to do genealogy
Are you a home-schooler? Please join in on the fun

You will be able to add queries, ask questions about Canada, and if a class would like they can even help (doing lookups, etc.)--Adults can answer queries or help a child place a query.  Schools can also help each other.

If you or your class know of a site that should be anywhere on CGW For Kids please let me know and I will add it. 

Please bear with me as this site is continually under construction.

If you or your class is doing genealogy/history then you are in the right place
If you're new to genealogy, start here How To Get Started In Genealogy
Never posted query before? Read this first.  Read/answer/post genealogy queries.
NOTICE: The GenConnect Query Boards have moved.  They are now at  In order to post you will need to be at 18 and supply a username and a password.  If you are under 18 please ask your parents.  If you are unable to post to the query board please let me know and I will post it on a page here.  Thank you so much.  Annette
List of provinces/territories
CanadaGenWeb For Kids Surnames Page
See what the Major Canadian Holidays in Canada are.
Canada Links
Read/answer/post a general query about the history, or an event that has happened in Canada
schools/classes participating
Are you a teacher?  Do you home school your kids?  Here is a page that is for educators!
Do you have a question/suggestion about this site?  Please email me
GENTEEN-L -- A mailing list for teenagers and young adults who are interested in genealogical research or others who have suggestions or ideas for young genealogists.  GENTEEN-D -- digest mode

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Thank you to everyone who voted for this site!
Thank you to Gail Facini Edwards, the former CGW coordinator, for letting me put this site together for kids. 
Are you an adult and would like to help with CanadaGenWeb?  Go to the CanadaGenWeb site and see how you can help.
This site is part of the CanadaGenWeb  Project

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