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1. Each photograph has been labelled using the surname of the buried person and a number suffix
with a max length of 8 characters per filename. EG: brown1.....ford1....birming1.....mcdonal1....!

Pointer2. When using this site, use the asterisk (*) as part of your keyword.

2. Type in the first 5 to 6 characters of a surname with ONE asterisk (*) as the last character.

3. For instance: brown* will bring up brown1 or brownle1 or brownlo1 etc ..! Try it...!

4. could enhance your search...see below..!

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1. If you know the town or cemetery name......your keyword could be something like:
jones* "orillia" --or--ford* "simcoe county"--or--white* "terrace lawn"......!
2. If you are comfortable with our naming convention, your keyword could be something like:
jones1 "orillia" --or-- ford1 "simcoe county"--or--mcdonal1 "terrace lawn"

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