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Over the past 20 years, the Canadian Gravemarker Gallery has worked with volunteers coast-to-coast to photograph Canada's cemeteries. It has been a rewarding experience but now it's time for this webmaster to retire.

Last year, CanadaGenWeb's Cemetery Project agreed to incorporate the Gravemarker Gallery into their project (view the announcement).

The Canadian Gravemarker Gallery photographs continue to be processed/indexed. If any of your searches bring up zero results at the CanadaGenWeb site, likely the target cemetery has yet to be indexed. None of the almost 2 million plus photographs have been lost or missed. Recommend you be patient and check back at the CanadaGenWeb site every month or so (you can subscribe to their update blog or like their Facebook page to be notified of updates).

Starting 31 Jul 2017, will redirect you to CanadaGenWeb's Cemetery Project.

The Canadian Gravemarker Gallery will formally retire 31 Jul 2017, so please update your bookmarks to or

The Northern Ontario Nostalgia site can still be enjoyed here

With thanks to everyone who has supported The Canadian Gravemarker Gallery.


Murray Pletsch

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