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Genealogy Helplist - Ontario

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Ted Smith - updated April 1, 2008
Meaford Public Library, Meaford, Ontario, Canada

Tina - added March 28, 2009
Ontario, Canada

Tina - added March 28, 2009
Peterborough County, Ontario, Canada

Tina - added March 28, 2009
Victoria County, Ontario, Canada

Tina - added March 28, 2009
Northumberland County, Ontario, Canada

Tina - added March 28, 2009
Hastings County, Ontario, Canada

Susan O'Meara - updated June 2, 2008
Middlesex County, Ontario, Canada
    Note: Before requesting lookup check the Ontario Cemetery Finding Aid (OCFA). If your ancestor is not listed corresponding to one of the books listed below, Susan will not be able to assist you. Requests for lookups outside of her offer will be deleted unanswered.

Vi Bain - added March 11, 2008
Ontario, Canada

Mary LeBlanc updated September 3, 2007
Middlesex County, Ontario, Canada

Jessica Ross - added April 30, 2007
North Easthope Twp, Ontario, Canada

Lynn Aubertin - updated April 30, 2007
Timmins, Ontario, Canada

J. Rehms - updated March 22, 2007
Huron County, Ontario, Canada

Dallas J Manicom - added January 9, 2007
Renfrew County, Ontario, Canada

Tom Kyte - updated August 7, 2006
Meaford and Duxbury (twp) and Meaford Public Library, Ontario, Canada

Char Godfrey Stanley - added July 3, 2006
Richmond Twp, Ontario, Canada

Peter Bolton - updated July 3, 2006
Port Hope, Northumberland County, Ontario, Canada

Patricia Hendewich - updated March 17, 2006
Grey, Simcoe, Wellington and York Counties, Ontario, Canada

Lori Matthews - added March 5, 2006
Algoma Distric, Ontario, Canada

Mary Harris - added January 25, 2006
Ontario, Canada

Tracy Gilmore - added March 15, 2005
Renfrew County, Ontario, Canada

William Higgins - - updated January 23, 2004
Mississauga, Ontario, Canada

Linda McLean - updated January 21, 2004
Essex County, Ontario, Canada

Mike Guest - updated March 31, 2005
Middlesex County, Ontario, Canada

Shannah Twiss-Greggs - updated January 22, 2004
Ontario, Canada (please note: Shannah has had difficulty with viruses, etc. and some messages were "lost". If you have not had a reply from her, please try emailing again. Any difficulties and please contact the webmistress at the address listed at the bottom of the page)

Susan Maville - updated January 22, 2004
Algoma District, Ontario, Canada

Maxine Watt Van Boxmeer
Collingwood Public Library, Simcoe County, Ontario, Canada

Rita Meistrell - updated January 21, 2004
Early Irishmen in the Ottawa Valley, Ontario, Canada

Elizabeth LaDouceur - updated January 22, 2004
Essex County, Ontario, Canada

Laurie Kenville - updated January 22, 2004
Frontenac County, Ontario, Canada

Patricia A. Rogers - updated January 22, 2004
Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

Nancy Cameron
Howard & Orford Twps, Kent County, Ontario, Canada

Cathy Garvin - updated October 20, 2004
Lanark County, Ontario, Canada

Keith Thompson - updated April 4, 2005
Lanark County, Ontario, Canada

Barbara Paterson - updated January 21, 2004
Muskoka and Parry Sound Districts, Ontario, Canada

Helen Brenneman
Oxford County, Ontario, Canada

Carol Bauman - updated January 21, 2004
Perth County, Ontario, Canada

Susan Warren
Rideau Lakes Union Library, Leeds County, Ontario, Canada

Anne Reynolds
Simcoe County, Township of Innisfail updated November 2, 2004

Lori Oatman - updated January 29, 2004
South Norwich, Oxford County, Ontario, Canada

Scott Jordan - updated January 22, 2004
Wellington County, Ontario, Canada

Janet Szucs - updated January 27, 2004
York County, Ontario, Canada

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