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To add yourself to the Genealogy Helplist Canada, compose an entry like the others on the list. We need the following:

  • Name and internet-style email address.
  • Institution(s) where you can help (e.g. library, courthouse, state archive, etc. and the city, state, country.)
  • Specific items you can help with for each institution (e.g. census, vital records, etc. with specific dates if possible). Please note that without this specific information, you are liable to get many "too general" requests.

Please only list places where you can go on a fairly regular basis. Remember you will be doing this on a strictly voluntary basis, so don't list things that will take hours of research unless you are really willing to do it.

You cannot in any way profit from looking up the items you list. You may recover the cost of supplies and materials used to directly benefit someone else (if both parties agree) such as postage and photocopy costs, but you cannot charge for your time, transportation, or "wear and tear" on your car or other equipment. If you feel that something needs too much research to do for free, simply don't list it.

Try to list items that aren't widely available to others and are of general interest to others. In fact, I will not add the following to the Helplist so don't list them:

  • Information concerning one particular surname, one-name study information, etc.
  • Personal databases. Exception: Databases that cover a particular area and not just your family.
  • Listings that only give a place, but no specific items. People do not know what is available at these places. Exception: If you list a county courthouse I will add the specific item "Courthouse records". Most people have a general idea what is at a county courthouse.
  • World Family Tree and the Social Security Death Index. Exception: I'll add these only if you also list some other items. There are currently many who offer lookups for these CD-Roms.
  • Family History Center/LDS information that can be found at any FHC or offers to order microfilm from Salt Lake City. There are FHCs all over and almost everyone has access to this. Exception: If your FHC has microfilm on hand (you don't have to order it) you can list these.

Entries that are too generalized will not added to the Helplist.

Please do not use this form to update your existing Helplist listing. Send me a separate email for that.


  1. Your Name:

  2. E-Mail Address: (Please double check this!)

  3. Institution or Grouping:
    Example: South East Regional Library, Estevan, Saskatchewan

    Items you can help with at this institution (be as specific as you can and identify any conditions):
    Example: Local History Books from communities in southeastern Saskatchewan. Please specify locality and name of family.

  4. Institution or Grouping:
    Example: BC Archives, Victoria, British Columbia

    Items you can help with at this institution (be as specific as you can and identify any conditions):
    Example: Obituaries from British Columbia newspapers (must include date and place of death)

  5. Institution or Grouping:
    Example: Saint John County, New Brunswick, Canada

    Items you can help with at this institution (be as specific as you can and identify any conditions):
    Example: Saint John county histories (published late 1800's)
    Example: Saint John County Marriages to 1887

  6. Items not at a particilar institution and not related to a particular location:
    Example: 1881 Canadian Census CD Collection

Note: You will be taken to a screen called MailMerge Gateway to view your entry. Simply click on your browser's back button and you will be returned here.

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