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ABBS, George was born in 1823 in England and died in 1904. Episcopal He married Susanna Inglehart who was born in 1832 at Palermo Ontario and died in 1924 in Murray Twp. Ontario, 1849 & 1864 Binbrook, 1851 Palermo/Nelson Trafalgar Twp. (Halton Co.), 1871 Ottawa, 1883 Erin (Wellington Co.), 1889 Shelbourne (Dufferin Co.)


ABLES, George 1890-1891 Toronto

ACKMAN, Samuel 1870 Catalina Nfld

ADAMS, Alvah was received on trial in 1828 and ordained in 1833. Methodist Episcopal Conference 1827-1832, 1827 Matilda, 1828 Mississippi, 1829 Perth, 1830 Bonchire, 1831-1832 Bytown, 1833 ordained Augusta, 1833-1835 Augusta, 1836 Rideau, 1837-1838 Ottawa, 1839-1841 Mississippi, 1842-1843 Elizabethtown, 1844 Whitby, 1845 -1846 Bowmanville, 1847-1848 Newboro, 1849-1850 Perth (Leeds Co.) (retired), 1849-1866 Sherbrooke (Brockville) superannuated (retired), 1866 Rokeby (retired)

ADAMS, E.J. 1906 Grahamsville Circuit

ADAMS, Ezra C. was born in 1787 in the United States and died on December 31, 1871, married Isa Proctor Methodist Episcopal and was received on trial in 1814 at Long Point/Ancaster and was ordained in 1819. Methodist Episcopal Conference 1814-1832, 1815-1816 Bay of Quinte, 1817 Hallowell, 1818-1819 Ottawa, 1820-1821 Thames, 1822-1823 Niagara, 1823 Hallowell (Prince Edward Co.), 1830 Yonge St, 1831-1835 London/Munceytown, 1835-1836 Prescott/Augusta, 1836-1839 Nelson, 1840 Toronto, 1841 Woolwich/Norfolk St. Guelph (Wellington Co.), 1842 Queen's Bush (Wellington Co.), 1842-1844 Newmarket, 1845-1846 Markham, 1846 Pickering, 1847 Bradford, 1848 Stratford, 1849-1874 Drayton (Wellington Co.), 1851-1855 Peel (Wellington Co.) superannuated, 1863 Drayton (Wellington Co.), 1871 Peel (Wellington Co.) Christian Guardian - Obituary - Almira Jane Adams Roe born Acton ON (then Adamsville), daughter of Louis and Elizabeth (Fawcett) Adams, UEL descendent married 1862 James Roe - lived near Gorrie ON died March 15, 1925, 75 years old Uncle Ezra Adams was a pioneer Methodist preacher in Drayton ON survived by Mrs. Alex Strong of Toronto ON, Mrs. J.A. Fournier of Toronto ON, Mrs. J.A. Strong of Weston ON, Mrs. W.B. Fairley of Toronto ON, and 3 sons: J.L. of Brantford ON, W.J. of Erin ON, and R.W. of Toronto ON

ADAMS, G.K.B. Christian Guardian - Deaths - Late Mrs G.K.B. Adams born H. Alice Sutcliffe, Jan 2 1862 Meadowvale Ontario, daughter of late Joseph and Charlotte Sutcliffe. She married Rev. G.K.B. Adams and died Feb 15 1924 St. Catherine's Ontario and was buried Feb 18 1924 St. Catherine's Mausoleum a d was predeceased by her son Reginald who gave his life at Paschendaele "as a sacrifice to what he believed to be the cause of justice and of right" survived by husband and daughter Mrs. C.W. Elmore of Beamsville Ontario

ADAMS, John 1882 Free Methodist Scarborough Circuit (York Co.),

ADAMS, John Q. was born on July 23 1798 in Cheshire England and died on Mar 9 1872 in Hungerford Twp. buried at Moira Cemetery Huntington Twp. (Hastings Co.), Episcopal, 1868-1869 Stirling/Rawdon Twp.,

ADAMS, John Quinsey was born on June 19, 1828 in Esquesing Twp. Acton Ontario was baptized by Rev. L.D. Rice on September 1, 1844 and was the son of Rufus and Maria. Episcopal, 1871 Gananoque (Leeds Co.)

ADAMS, L.P. New Connexion, 1843 Dunham, 1845 Bolton/Potton, 1849-1851 Stanstead/Barnston, 1852 Dunham,

ADAMS, Lucius Rufus was born on November 10, 1825 in Esquesing Twp. Acton Ontario was baptized by Rev. L.D. Rice on September 1, 1844 and died on August 29, 1854. He and was the son of Rufus and Maria nephew of Rev's Ezra and Zenas Adams, 1854 was received on trial at the Belleville Conference, 1854-1855 Mitchell (Perth Co.)

ADAMS, Richard Newton was born on Sept 1 1835 in Ontario and died on Jun 14 1920 and was buried at Moira Cemetery Huntington Twp. (Hastings Co.). He married Mary Ferguson who was born in 1840. He was received on trial in 1859 in Milford, 1860 Stirling Rawdon Twp. (Hastings Co.), 1861 Carleton Place, 1862 Smith's Falls, 1863-1864 Planetgeut, 1865-1867 North Wakefield, 1871 Gloucester (Russell Co.)

ADAMS, Thomas was born in 1807 in England, Primitive Methodist, 1851 Reach, 1853 Brantford (Brant Co.), received 1859, 1858-1863 Paisley Street - Guelph (Wellington Co.), 1863 Hollen Maryborough (Wellington Co.), 1863 Lindsay, 1867 Long Island Locks, 1869 Galt, 1871 Galt,

ADAMS, William was received on trial in 1858 in Cobourg and was ordained in 1864, Weselyan Methodist, 1859-1860 student at Victoria College, Cobourg, 1861 Smith's Falls, 1862 student at Victoria College, 1863 Kemptville, 1864-1867 Port Neuf, 1868-1871 Bury, 1872-1873 Mansonville, 1874 Dudswell, 1875-1877 Mansonville, 1878-1881 Sutton,

ADAMS, William H. was born in England and landed in Newfoundland in the 1880's, 1905 Norwood,

ADAMS, Zenas was born in 1775 and died in 1838. In 1833 he was placed in charge of the Toronto Circuit. He was received on trial in 1814 at New Haven USA, 1816-1817 Ordained in Danville USA, 1818 Stanstead and St. Francis, 1819 Unity Vt. 1835 Nelson (Trafalgar Twp.)

ADAMSON, George James Sarah 1925 Beachburg Ontario (Christian Guardian) Sarah Elizabeth Crooker Adamson was born Jan 7 1850 Wentworth Co. Ontario and was the daughter of the late Mark T. Crooker. In 1871 she married James Adamson who predeceased her by 31 years and she died on Dec 11 1924. She was survived by her sister Mrs. Jeremiah Hunt of Aberfoyle Ontario, 2 daughters: Clara at home and Mrs. C.A. Newell, 2 sons: Rev. George Adamson of Beachburg Ontario and Elmer at home

ADDISON, Peter was born in 1832 in England, Episcopal, and was buried at Whites Cemetery Sidney Twp. (Hastings Co.). He was a brother-in-law of Rev. Thomas Metcalfe Campbell and was received on trial in 1859 at Belmont and was ordained in 1864, 1860 Durham, 1861 St. Vincent, 1862-1863 student at Victoria College Cobourg, 1864 Bradford, 1865-1867 Cookstown, 1867 Horning's Mills, 1869 Mulmer (Dufferin Co.), 1869 Nottawasaga (Simcoe Co.), 1871 Melancthon (Grey Co.), 1878 Whitchurch

ADDOMS, J.T. was received on trial in 1812, 1812-1813 Dunham, 1814 moved to the U.S. (New York Conference)

ADDYMAN, John New Connexion, 1841-1844 Superintendent of Missions in Canada West, 1845 returned to England

ADDY, John S. 1846-1849 Grand Banks Nfld, 1870 Woodstock N.B.

ADKINS, Thomas O. New Connexion, was received on trial in 1837, ordained in 1852, 1850 Owen Sound, 1851 Owen Sound/Arthur (Wellington Co.), 1853 Goderich/Owen Sound, 1855 Morris, 1856 Newcastle, 1857 Hope, 1865 Lansdowne Montreal Conference.

AGER, John was born in 1842 in Ontario and was received on trial in 1867, 1868 Port Abino & Port Colborne, 1871 Essa (Simcoe Co.)

AIKINS, James was was born in 1783 and died on August 9, 1823, Methodist Episcopal was received on trial in 1801 Oswegatchie District,

AIKINS, J.W. 1906 Canora Assiniboia Conference Saskatchewan

ALBRIGHTON, T.M. 1854 Charlottetown PEI

ALDER, Robert D.D. was received on trial in 1816 and ordained in 1820. 1816 Yarmouth N.S., 1817-1818 Hornton N.S., 1819-1820 Charlottetown PEI, 1821 St. John N.B., 1823 Windsor N.S., 1824 St. John N.B., 1825-1826 Montreal, Toronto 1847-1848 President of Canada Conference and returned to England that year., Kingston Wesleyan Chapel. Missionary sermons by Rev. Robert Alder, of Montreal. Reference to COL. A. Hagerman and a collection in aid of the Wesleyan Methodist Missionary Society. Kingston Chronicle Sept. 15, 1826 p. 2, col. 3; Reference to him in letter to Sir George Arthur from Wesleyan Methodist Missionary Society, London England as their special missionary. Kingston Chronicle and Gazette May 18, 1839 p. 2, col. 1, William Lord was appointed president of the Wesleyan Methodist conference of Upper Canada, according to information received by Rev. Alder and Rev. Grinrod. Kingston Chronicle and Gazette Oct. 4, 1834 p. 2, col. 6; Rev. Grinrod, President of Methodist Canada Conference, and Mr. Alder, Secretary of Wesleyan Missionary Society, to preach in New York. Kingston Chronicle and Gazette June 5, 1834 p. 2, col. 5; British Wesleyan Methodist Church conference under Rev. R. Alder and Rev. James Richarson in Kingston. Kingston Chronicle and Gazette Jan. 14, 1834 p. 2, col. 6; Referred to re: the Wesleyan Methodist Missionary Society. Kingston Chronicle Sept. 22, 1826 p. 3, col. 2; Wesleyan Methodist Missionary Society - Rev. R. Alder and Rev. George Turner arrive in Kingston en route to Lake St. Clair to establish British Wesleyan mission. Kingston Chronicle June 9, 1832 p. 3, col. 1; Representative of Wesleyan Mission Committee, Rev. Robert Alder, arrives in Montreal. Kingston Chronicle May 19, 1832 p. 2, col. 6; Wesleyan Methodist Church in Canada - Centenary of in Lower Canada. Concerning contributions to British fund and meeting of members. Meeting presided over by Rev. Alder, from London. Details of his speech and meeting. Kingston Chronicle and Gazette Jan. 18, 1840 p. 2, col. 5

ALDRIDGE, W.G. married Ada Nellie who died May 1923, 1923 Silverthorn Methodist Church Christian Guardian - In Memoriam - Ada Nellie Aldridge died April or May 1923 wife of Rev W.G. Aldridge, minister of Silverthorn Methodist Church

ALEXANDER, A. 1893-1896 Florence

ALEXANDER, John R. was received on trial in 1844 in Stratford and was a student at Victoria College Cobourg, in 1845

ALEXANDER, Samuel was received on trial in 1862 in Florence/Wardsville, 1863 Howick, 1864 retired on account of ill health.

ALISON, E.J. 1910 Paisley Street Guelph (Wellington Co.)

ALLCORN, William 1870 Parrsboro N.B.

ALLEN, Henry W. P. was received on trial in 1863 in Ainleyville, 1864 Mitchell, 1865 Kincardine, 1866 Elora (Wellington Co.), 1867 Teviotdale (Wellington Co.)

ALLEN, James was born in 1847 in Ireland, Primitive, 1867 Bracebridge, 1871 Usborne (Huron Co.)

ALLEN, John Salter was born in 1841 in Burlington Nova Scotia and died on Dec 29 1923 in Nakusp British Columbia. 1870 Andover Circuit N.B., He married Miss Tuttle who died in 1905 and was the daughter of Elijah Tuttle of Pugwash NS. He was the grandson of John Smith of Yarm, Yorkshire, England and was survived by 1 brother Watson of Windsor Nova Scotia, 1 sister Mrs Lecilia Pitts of WA, 3 sons: Prof. Frank of Manitoba University, John A. of Pasedena CA, Eugene G. of Medicine Hat Alberta, 2 daughters: Misses Avaline A. and Jean P. (RN) of Nakusp BC (Christian Guardian) Late Rev. John Salter Allen born 1841 Burlington Nova Scotia married Miss Tuttle (died 18 years ago), daughter of Elijah Tuttle of Pugwash Nova Scotia died Dec 29 1923 Nakusp BC

ALLEN, Thomas 1870 Havelock N.B.

ALLEN, William K. was born on July 28 1873 in Ontario 1901 Irish, Wesleyan Methodist Minister, lodger single living Erin Twp. (Wellington Co.) 1906 Swift Current Alberta

ALLEY, John was born in 1799 in Cobourg and died in 1847 in Hamilton, Methodist Episcopal was received on trial in 1831 and was a Bishop in Methodist Church of Canada, His parents were Moses Alley and Mary Acker Alley.

ALLEY, Moses Elijah nephew of Rev. John Alley, preached in Greenbush area of Wisconsin

ALLIN, Roger (Christian Guardian) He was born on Dec 11 1844 in Bowmanville Ontario and died on Feb 29 1924 in Brooklin Ontario. He was buried in Glenwood Cemetery in Picton Ontario. In 1873 he maried Jane Williams who died on Aug 16 1898. She was the sister of late John Williams of Cobourg Ontario and the Rev. Daniel Williams. He was the son of Rev. Daniel Williams and moved to Ohio, Michigan, Wisconsin before moving back to Ontario. Rev Allin spent 50 years in the Bay of Quinte Conference. He was survived by his son Prof. Cephas D. Allin of University of Minnesota and 2 sisters Mrs Grace Pridham of Mitchell and Mrs Jane Harper who lived with the Rev. Allin

ALLISON, Cyrus Richmond was born in Adolphustown and died in Picton, Methodist Episcopal. He was received on trial in 1826 in Matilda. 1827 Kingston, 1828-1829 Ordained in Ottawa, 1830 Yellowhead and Matchedash, 1831 Rideau, 1833 joined Wesleyam 1835 Elizabethtown (Augusta), 1842 Bath, 1843-1844 Fredericksburg, 1843 Adolphustown, 1844 Amherst Island, 1843-1844 Ernestown, 1843-1844 Richmond, 1845 Sidney, 1847 Waterloo, 1849 Picton (Prince Edward Co.), 1852-1855 Consecon (Prince Edward Co.) superannuated, 1855-1858 Demorestville, 1860 Consecon, 1865-1869 Picton (retired)

ALLISON, Joseph B. 1835 became a local preacher in Adolphustown receiving his certificate from Rev. William Ryerson, who was then the presiding elder.

ALLUM, Charles was born in 1839 in Germany and was received on trial in 1863, 1863 Ottawa German Mission, 1866 Preston German Mission (Waterloo Co.), 1868 Hamilton German Mission, 1869 Peterborough, 1871 Wilberforce/Rolph (Renfrew Co.), 1893 Renfrew

AMES, William was born in 1821 in England was received on trial in 1842 and in 1847 he was received at Toronto Conference. 1842 Grimsby, 1843 Dumfries, 1844 York, 1845 student Victoria College Cobourg, 1847 Alderville, 1849 St Catharines/Thorold, 1850 Humber, 1851 London, 1852-1853 Windsor/Sandwich, 1854-1856 Wardsville/Sydenham/Florence (Chatham), 1857 Chatham, 1858 Sarnia, 1863 Washington, 1863-1864 St. Thomas, 1865-1867 Westminster, 1868 Wilmot Tp. (Waterloo Co.), 1869 Blenheim (Brock), 1870 Abinger 1871 Malahide (Elgin Co.), 1876 McGillivray (Bruce Co.), 1877 Watford Warwick Twp. (Lambton Co.), 1880 Aurora

AMEY, Thomas was born in 1840 in England, came to Canada in 1850, and died in 1923 in Burlington (Wentworh Co.), Episcopal, 1871 Walpole (Haldimand Co.), 1878 Loughborough /Sydenham (Frontenac Co.), 1884-1887 Wesley/Underwood Bruce Twp., 1906-1908 Binbrook, (Christian Guardian) Death - Rev Thomas Amy died Jan 10 1923 at residence in Burlington Ontario, 83 years old, survived by wife Mary Ann Balfour buried Prospect Cemetery, Toronto Ontario

ANDERSON, A.F. was born in 1835 in Quebec, Episcopal, 1871 Newburgh (Addington)

ANDERSON, Alexander was born on May 3 1820 and died on Jan 3, 1868. New Connexion, He married Elizabeth Mills who was born in 1819. He was buried at Stirling Cemetery, Rawdon Twp. (Hastings Co.), 1835 Humber/Trafalgar, 1836 Hillier, 1837 Long Point/Oxford, 1838 Hamilton Circuit, 1837-1838 Chairman of District, 1839 Ancaster/Nelson, 1840 withdrew

ANDERSON, James was born in 1832 in Ontario and was received on trial in 1858, 1858 Stouffville, 1859 Prince Albert, 1860 student at Victoria College Cobourg, 1861 Walshingham, 1862 Warsaw, 1863-1864 Seymour (Northumberland Co.), 1865 Craighurst, 1866-1867 Dyrham, 1868 Thornbury (Grey Co.), 1871 Collingwood/Euphrasia Tp.(Grey Co.)

ANDERSON, John New Connexion, 1838 Hillier/Cobourg

ANDRE, William was received on in 1867, 1868 St. Jacob's German Mission (Waterloo Co.)

ANDREWS, Alfred L. was born in 1834 in England and was received on trial in 1855, 1855 Mount Forest (Wellington Co.), 1856-1857 Stouffville, 1858-1859 Whitby, 1860-1861 St. Andrews, 1862-1864 Franklin, 1865-1867 Norwich, 1867 Mount Pleasant, 1871 Brantford (Brant Co.)

ANDREWS, G. Episcopal, 1865 Stirling/Rawdon Twp.,

ANDREWS, H. 1855 Toronto

ANDREWS, John was born in 1822 in Ontario, Episcopal, 1871 Loughborough (Addington Co.)

ANDREWS, Joseph A. was born in 1842 in England, New Connexion, was received on trial in 1871 at Artemesia (Grey Co.), 1871-1872 Egremont, 1873 Omemee, 1874 Laxton Toronto Conference

ANDREWS, M. 1851 Richmond Goulbourn Twp. (Carleton Co.)

ANDREWS, William was born in 1818 in England and was received on trial in 1842. In 1847 he was received at Toronto Conference. 1843 Kingston, 1844 Bytown, 1845 Woodstock, 1846 London, 1847-1848 Bytown, 1848 Richmond, 1849 N.Gower (Dalhousie), 1850 Marlboro/Richmond (Dalhousie), 1851-1852 Brockville, 1853 Compton, 1854-1855 Georgetown (Halton Co.), 1855-1857 Chinguacousy/Brampton (Peel Co.), 1858 Toronto, 1858-1859 Port Hope (Durham), 1860 Morrisburg, 1861 August/Matilda Twp. (Dundas Co.), 1863 Maitland, 1864 Augusta, 1866 Moulinette, 1867-1869 Osnabruck/Aultsville (Stormont Co.), 1871 Emily (Victoria Co.)

ANGER, Thomas was born in 1840 in England, Primitive, 1871 Muskoka

ANGWIN, Joseph G. 1870 Point-de-Bute N.B.

ANGWIN, Thomas 1870 Dartmouth N.S.(retired)

ANNIS, J.W. 1868 Scarborough Circuit (York Co.),

ANSKEM, William was born in 1809 in England, Episcopal, 1871 Walsingham (Norfolk Co.)

ANSON, William was born in 1768 and died on July 17, 1848. Methodist Episcopal He was received on trial in 1800 in the Bay of Quinte District and was ordained in 1802. 1801 Oswegotchie, 1802 Ordained Grand Isle, 1803 Scarborough/Vergennes, 1804 Home District, 1805 Pittsfield, 1806-1822 United States, 1822 Oswegatchie District, 1823 Troy (retired)

ANTCLIFF, 1806 Galt

APPLEGATH, C.S. Primitive, 1910-1911 Paisley St Guelph (Wellington Co.)

ARCHER, Marmaduke D. Episcopal 1867 Bracebridge, 1870 Barker's Garafraxa Twp. (Hastings Co.) In January of 1871 Rev. Archer accepted a call to move to the Congregational church at Speedside in Eramosa Twp. (Wellington Co.) and he resigned his post at that church in October of 1872.

Rev. W.R. Archer ARCHER, W.R. 1920-1922 Stirling (Hastings Co.),




ARGUE, Thomas was born in 1835 in Ireland, Episcopal, 1871 Uxbridge (Ontario Co.), 1873 Brampton (Christian Guardian) Obituary - Mrs Thomas Simpson born Fannie Charlotte Starrat, Mar 13 1856 Brampton Ontario, married in 1880 Thomas Simpson died Mar 3 1924 Bradford, buried Royston Cemetery beside her husband and son. She moved to Ryerson Twp after marriage. 1908 family moved to Burk's Falls. She was survived by 2 sons: Bert Simpson and Norman Simpson at Burk's Falls, 1 daughter Mrs. (Rev) Joseph Dudgeon, and 1 sister Mrs (Rev) Thomas Argue, 1889 President Manitoba Conference

ARMSTRONG, A. New Connexion, ordained 1844 at Stanstead, 1845 London Mission, 1846 London, 1847 Cayuga, 1848 Goulbourn & Drummond

ARMSTRONG, Andrew was born in 1823 in Ireland and is buried at Lakeview Cemetery, Meaford Ontario, 1854 on trial at the Belleville Conference, 1854-1855 l'Orignal (Ottawa), 1855 St. Andrews, 1856-1857 Wesleyville, 1858 Cavignal, 1860 North Wakefield, 1863-1865 Long Island Locks, 1866-1867 Winchester, 1868-1871 South Mountain, 1871 Gower South (Leeds Co.) (Christian Guardian) December 27, 1922 In Memoriam - Rev. and Mrs Andrew Armstrong buried Lakeview Cemetery, Meaford Ontario signed children: Mrs M.M. Brown of Toronto Ontario, Mrs Thomas Snowdon of Meaford Ontario, Mrs Frank Moore of Clarksburg

ARMSTRONG, C.E. 1924-1925 Wesley/Underwood Bruce Twp.,

ARMSTRONG, Hamilton (Christian Guardian) Memoriam Aug 1923 Hamilton Armstrong of Carman

ARMSTRONG, James was born in 1800 and died on February 9, 1875. He was received on trial in 1845 at St. Andrews/L'Original, Wesleyan Methodist, 1846 Matilda, 1847 Wilton, ordained in 1848-1849 at Bath/Amherst Island, 1850 Ernestown & Bath, 1850 Perth, 1851-1852 Strathroy, 1853 Maryborough/Elora/Peel (Wellington Co.), 1854-1855 Fergus/Nichol/Pilkington (Wellington Co.), 1855-1856 Cayuga, 1857-1858 Welland, 1858-1859 Thorold/Richmond, 1859 Nichol (Wellington Co.), 1860-1861 North Gower (Dalhousie), 1862-1863 Aylmer C.E., 1864-1865 Kemptville, 1866-1867 Three Rivers, 1868-1874 Thorold (retired),

ARMSTRONG, John was born in 1803 in Ireland and was received on trial in 1829 and was ordained in 1833 Methodist Episcopal, 1828 Niagara, 1829 Toronto Twp., 1830 Dumfries, 1831 Long Point, 1832 Nelson, 1833 joined Wesleyan Conference, 1833 Binbrook/Ancaster, 1834 Thorold/St. Catharines, 1835 Goderich/ Saugeen, 1836 Peterborough, 1837-1838 Mississippi, 1839-1840 Clarendon, 1841-1842 St. Andrews, 1843-1844 Richmond, 1845-1846 Osgoode/Gloucester (Dalhousie), 1847-1849 Buckingham, 1850-1851 Gatineau, 1852-1853 Peel/Maryborough (Wellington Co.), 1854-1855 Grey Co., 1855-1856 Wallace/Howick (retired), 1859 Williamsburgh (Simcoe Co.), 1862 N.Gower (Dalhousie), 1867 Listowel, 1871 Wallace (Perth Co.)

ARMSTRONG, John was received on trial in 1862, 1861 Milford, 1862 Elma, 1863 Wellesley, 1864 Berlin (Waterloo Co.), 1865 Albion, 1866 returned to the U.S.

ARMSTRONG, John was recevied on trial in 1849 and in 1852 was ordained, 1848 L'Original, 1849 St. Andrews, 1850 Cornwall, 1851 Matilda, 1852 Kemptville, 1853 Maitland, 1854-1855 Packenham (Brockville), 1855-1857 Leeds, 1858-1860 Shefford, 1861-1863 Dunham, 1864-1866 St. Armand, 1867 Shefford, 1869 Chambly,

ARMSTRONG John B. was received in 1849 and was ordained in 1852, 1848 Eaton, 1849-1850 Dunham, 1851-1852 Eaton, 1853-1854 Leeds, 1855-1856 Matilda (retired), 1857-1859 Morrisburg, 1860-1862 Lyn, 1863-1865 Richmond, 1866-1867 Aylmer C.E.,

ARMSTRONG, Noble born in Ireland, New Connexion, In 1848 was received on trial at the Belleville Conference. In 1850 he was sent to Chatham to assist Rev. Samuel Fear. He had been recognized as a minister in the Methodist New Connexion, in Canada; but despite a considerable amount of a peculiar sort of talent, he was not satisfactory with them, and did not prove satisfactory to the Wesleyan body, and after a short time, retired from among them also. 1848 Richmond, 1849 L'Orignal, 1850 Grimsby, 1851 retired on account of ill health.

ARMSTRONG, R.O. was born in 1871 at N. Kingston NS and died in 1924 at Hartney MB married Annie L. Burke Hon. E.B. Armstrong brother Premier of NS, Dr. M.E. Armstrong brother 1924 living at Bridgetown NS

ARMSTRONG, T.B. 1853 Mountain (Dundas Co.), 1854 Elma (Johnstown)

ARNOLD, John was received on trial at St. Lawrence in 1815 Methodist Episcopal, 1816 moved to the United States. 1820 Oswegatchie District,

ARNUP, J.H. B.A. spoke at Norfolk St. Methodist Church Guelph (Wellington Co.) October 1922

ARTHUR, James New Connexion, died 1835

ASH, James was born in 1834 and died in 1863. He was received on trial in 1857 and was ordained in 1860, 1856 Lindsay, 1857 Bobcaygeon, 1858 Brewer's Mills, 1859 Wilton/ Harrowsmith, 1860-1861 Napanee, 1862 Wilton (retired)

ASH, John C. was born in 1832 in England and was received on trial in 1856 and was ordained in 1859, 1855 Newcastle, 1856 Chatham, 1857 student at Victoria College Cobourg, 1858 Toronto East, 1859 Kingston, 1860-1862 Harrowsmith, 1863 Wilton, 1864-1866 Centreville, 1867 Pakenham/Arnprior, 1869 Campbellford (Northumberland Co.), 1871 Seymour Twp. (Northumberland Co.), 1874 agent Victoria College, 1875 Baltimore, 1876-1878 Ameliasburg, 1879-1880 Smithfield (Northumberland Co.), Financial Sectretary 1878

ASHDOWN, J.H. (Christian Guardian) Memoriam Aug 1923 J.H. Ashdown of Winnipeg Manitoba

ASHQUABE, James was received on trial in 1857 in Pigeon River, 1858-1859 Michipicoton, 1860 Lac La Pinte, 1861-1862 Michipicoton, 1863 dropped

ASHTON, W.J. 1896-1899 Florence, 1922 St. Thomas (Christian Guardian) In Memoriam - Ashton, Rev W.J. died Feb 10 1922 St. Thomas signed wife, son and daughter

ATHOE, Thomas was born in 1848 in England, Episcopal, 1876 Brantford (Brant Co.), 1879-1881 Thamesville Camden West Twp. (Kent Co.)

ATKINS, Thomas J. 1877 Norwich, 1878 Malahide, 1879-1880 Brant (Grey Co.), 1881-1884 Humerstone, 1887 Fenwick, 1890-1893 Waterford (Brant Co.)

ATKINSON, F. 1906 Nutana Assiniboia Conference Saskatchewan

ATKINSON, Thomas was born in 1826 in Ireland and was received on trial in 1855 and ordained in 1856, 1856 Rochester, 1857-1858 Gosfield/Rochester, 1859-1860 Mount Brydges, 1861-1863 Warwick, 1864-1865 Wardsville/Euphemia, 1865 Wardsville/Euphremia, 1866-1867 Kingsville, 1868 Jerseyville, 1871 Almonte (Lanark Co.)

ATTWOOD, John S. was received on trial in 1827 and was ordained in 1830 Methodist Episcopal, 1827-1828 Belleville/Stirling (Hastings Co.), 1829 Lake Simcoe, 1830 Ordained in Ancaster/Binbrook, 1831-1832 Dumfries/Wellington Co., 1833 joined Wesleyan Conference, 1834 Canboro, 1835 Dorchester, 1835 Oxford, 1836 retired on account of ill health.

ATTWOOD, Joseph was treceived on trial in 1822 in the U.S. and was ordained in 1824 Methodist Episcopal, 1820 Scarborough, 1823 Smith's Creek, 1824 Yonge St., 1825 returned to the U.S. and was located in 1836

AUGUR, Thomas Primitive 1865 & 1870-1871 Bracebridge,

AULD, David was born in 1836 in Scotland, New Connexion, was received on trial in 1856 at Manvers, 1855 Brock, 1857 Arthur, 1859 Hope, 1860 Arthur, 1861 Meaford, 1862 Crosby, 1863 Arkell Puslinch (Wellington Co.), 1865 Smith's Falls, 1866 Lansdown, 1869-1871 Galt, 1871 Ainleyville, 1872-1875 Erin (Wellington Co.), 1875 Garafraxa (Wellington Co.), 1875 Arkell Puslinch (Wellington Co.)

Rev. AustinAUSTIN, Nathan born Simcoe died 1883 was received on trial in 1869, 1868 Thornbury, 1879 Prescott, married Gertrude Dayman who died Oct 1 1922 in North Vancouver British Columbia widow of Rev Nathan Austin and mother of Oliver D. and Evelyn E. both of North Vancouver BC Rev. James H. Potts recalls "Nathan Austin was a very godly man, deeply sincere in his pulpit efforts, always on the lookout for souls, and it is not strange that he ripened for heaven so early"

AUSTIN, O.D. 1906 High River Alberta

AVARD, Joseph was born in PEI and was received on trial in 1818, 1807-1814 PEI local preacher

AVISON, William Primitive, 1911-1915 Paisley St Guelph (Wellington Co.), 1916 Malvern/Scarborough Circuit (York Co.),

AWDE, James was received on trial in 1869, 1869 Omemee

AXTLE, Nathan C. was received on trial in 1846 at Chatham, 1845-1846 Florence/Chatham, 1847-1848 Sarnia/St. Clair, 1849 dropped

AYER, Phillip was received on trial in 1806 in Stanstead Methodist Episcopal, 1807 returned to the U.S. located 1836

AYLESWORTH, Isaac Brock M.D. was born Nov 16 1821 in Ernestown and was received on trial in 1844 in Hallowell. In 1846 he was ordained at Toronto Conference. 1843-1844 Hallowell, 1845-1851 Demorestville, 1851 Newburg, 1854-1855 Mitchell, 1856-1857 Bradford, 1858-1859 Kleinburg, 1860-1861 Colbourne, 1862 Newcastle, 1863-1865 Cobourg, 1866-1867 Bradford, 1868 Owen Sound, 1871 Collingwood (Simcoe Co.)

Guelph Conference 1891 at Berlin

Guelph Conference - Berlin - June 1891

Politics of the Methodist Church in Canada

Most of the early Methodist preachers in Canada were American, many of them loyalists. But in 1814 or so the British Wesleyans sent some preachers to Britain to a post in Nova Scotia, at the request of the people in that area, but to the distress of the American Methodists. Over the next while more and more British Weslyans came. By 1817 there were some 166 followers of the Weslyans and about 3,301 followers of the American Methodists. By 1820 those numbers had grown to 744 British Weslyans and 5,991 Methodist Episcopals. (Oliver, 113)

In 1820 American Methodists in the Upper Canada were petitioning the American Conference to get the British Weslyans to stop competing with them. A number of them also wanted to have a separate annual conference for Canada. The former of those issues was dealt with first and an agreement was made that the American Methodists gave up Lower Canada to the British Weslyans and the British Weslyans gave up Upper Canada (with the exception of Kingston, which was a military location, and therefore had a lot of British soldiers). (Oliver 113)

The first Canadian Conference met on August 25, 1824 and a Missionary Society was formed as an Auxiliary to the Missionary Society of the Methodist Episcopal Church. By May 1827 the American General Conference decided to withdraw jurisdiction from the Canadian Methodists and in 1828 the first independent Canadian Methodist Conference met. (Oliver, 114)

However, this separation from the American church caused some disagreement over whether the agreement with the British Weslyans still stood. The British decided it didn't stand, and they sent missionaries to Upper Canada. (Oliver, 117)

In 1833 the Articles of Union joined British and Canadian churches, making Canada a frontier of the British church. Indian Missions were not to belong to the English society. I. K. Mabindisa credits the British interest in Indian missions as having been largely because of Peter Jones, a Mississaugan missionary who made a fundraising trip to England in 1831. (Mabindisa 102)

Anyway, the union of the two churches brought up more disputes and at the first conference of the Union there was a question about the ordination of local preachers. Five days after that conference ended some dissenters met nine miles North of Toronto claiming to be the legal conference of the Canadian Methodist Episcopal Church, and that those who had joined the British had actually seceded. (Oliver, 118) Because this lead to questions of ownership of church property the issue lead almost to violence and eventually went to court. Chief Justice John Beverly Robinson decided the case in favor of the Wesleyan Methodist Church. (Pidgeon, 12) Or, in other words, Chief Justice Robinson decided that the Canadian Methodist Episcopal Church had left the Wesleyan Methodist Church, and not vice versa.

So, at this point in the story, there was the Wesleyan Methodist Church in Canada, with its ties to Britain and the independent Canadian Methodist Episcopal Church, as well as several other splinter fractions.

Within the Wesleyan Methodist Church in Canada there grew up some new conflicts, some of them being over money. In 1840 the Union broke up, with the British maintaining possession of Indian Missions. Memberships to the church decreased and by 1847 they had negotiated to reunite. (Oliver, 124 - 126)

In 1840 the Wesleyan Methodists of Britain were invited into the Hudson's Bay territories. James Evans became the General Superintendent of the Wesleyan Missions in the Hudson's Bay Territories and took both Peter Jacobs and Henry Bird Steinhauer with him. Robert Rundle traveled out into the west where he worked for eight years. Benjamin Sinclair, a native teacher, joined Rundle in 1847 at Edmonton, and then established the Woodville mission at Pigeon Lake. (Dempsey, vii)

In 1853 the British Conference offered the job of the western missions to the Canadian Conference, promising to continue supporting it financially. The Canadian conference sent out John Ryerson and then Thomas Hulburt (to Norway House), Robert Brooking (to Oxford House) and Allan Salt (to Rainy Lake). Rev. Thomas Woolsey was sent in 1855 to Fort Edmonton and Pigeon Lake. (Dempsey vii - viii)


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Glad Tidings

In 1856, Thomas Crosby (1840-1914), with his parents, left his home in England and came to live in Ontario. His desire to minister to native people led him to the west coast of Canada where he arrived in Victoria in 1862 and in 1863 went to Nanaimo to take charge of an Indian school.

He traveled up and down the coast and into the interior, preaching in both native and English languages. He paddled a dugout canoe from Nanaimo to the mainland and traveled by pony and on foot for many miles. In 1869, he conducted a camp meeting on the banks of the Atchelitz Creek and from his works a church was built on land donated by Charles Evans and A.C. Wells.

Glad Tidings

In 1873, Crosby visited Ontario for a short while, then returned west, going north to Port Simpson, near Prince Rupert where he ministered for 25 years. His mission work on the coast took him north to Alaska, east to Hazelton, west to the Queen Charlotte Islands and south to Queen Charlotte Sound. Friends of his mission work provided him with a little steamboat named "Glad Tidings". He traveled many miles in the steamer, ministering as far south as Victoria. The "Glad Tidings" was wrecked while in service and was replaced by a new missionary boat named in his honor the "Thomas Crosby".

Thomas Crosby married Emma Douse in 1874. They had six children; three of whom died at a young age.

Reverend Crosby returned to Chilliwack in 1899 and retired to Vancouver in 1907.

Wall Street Methodist Church - Brockville

Wall Street Methodist Church - Brockville

Church interior 1900

Interior of the Georgetown Methodist Church early 1900's

Methodist New Connexion Church of Canada 1829-1874

The "Methodist New Connexion" was the name given to the first accession from the Wesleyan Methodist Church in England in the year 1797, under the leadership of Alexander Kilham. Their Mission in Eastern Canada was begun in 1834 or 1835.

The "Canadian Wesleyan Methodist Church" originated in 1829, under the leadership of Henry Ryan and James Jackson, who seceded from the Canadian Methodist Episcopal Church. In the year 1840 the Methodist New Connexion Conference in England sent out to Canada the Rev. John Addyman, whose special mission was to establish a Mission in Western Canada. Through his instrumentality a union was formed in 1841 between the Canadian Wesleyan Church and the New Connexion Church in Canada East, under the name of the "Canadian Wesleyan Methodist New Connexion Church," and the first united Conference was held in Cavan in June 1842. In 1843 the union was further enlarged by the admission of the "Protestant Methodists" of Eastern Canada. In 1864 the words "Canada Wesleyan" were, by resolution of Conference, dropped from the name and hereforth it was called "The Methodist New Connexion Church in Canada".

Glossary - Church Terms

Chairman: The presiding officer of a Methodist district meeting or presbytry in the United Church

Circuit: The field travelled by an itinerant; in the United Church called a pastoral charge

Circuit-Rider or Saddle-Bag Minister: Names applied to early Methodist preachers who, on horseback with leather pouches attached to their saddles, travelled lengthy circuits.

Conference: A body of ministerial and lay representatives of the pastoral charges within the juristiction of the conference, having administrative and judicial functions, and meeting annually. The General Conference of the Methodist Church, with representatives from all the annual conferences, used to meet every four years.

Conversion: The personal conviction if sin forgiven and a new life begun

Elder: A member of the session in a local congregation set apart to administer the Sacrament of the Lord's Supper, to visit members, etc.

Exhorter: A layman authorized to take charge of certain public meetings, generall as a first step towards becoming a local preacher.

Local Preacher: A lay preacher whose position entitled him to sit on the quarterly official board. In the Wesleyan Methodist Church local preachers were not ordained as in the Episcopal Methodist Church.

Preacher's Plan: A time-table of appointments for ordained and local preachers and exhorters in a circuit of circuits.

Protracted Meetings: Series of lengthy evangelistic meetings conducted over periods ranging from a few days to several months.

Quarterly Official Board: Chief executive and judicial body of individual Methodist congregation or circuit, comprising stewards, trustee, society and congregationl representatives.

Revival: A spiritual re-awakening accompanied by intense demonstrations of emotion and resulting in conversions: a service held with this end in view.

Station: Circuit, appointment, or pastoral charge

Superintendent: Minister in charge of a circuit with oversight of adjacent weaker charges; often applied in the early days to senior of two or more ministers on a circuit.

Trustees: Custodians of church property with personal liability for mortgage or other trustee obligations.

BADGLEY, Eratus Irvine Methodist Episocpal, was born in Prince Edward Co. Ontario and in 1870 married Emma Bell at Napanee Ontario. Victoria College 1868 B.A., 1872 M.A., 1876 LL.B., 1878 LL.D., 1876 Professor at Victoria College

BAILEY, Edward New Connexion, died in 1847, 1835 Lansdowne, ordained in 1837 at London/St. Thomas, 1838 Waterford, 1839 Lansdowne/Rideau, 1840 Humber/Trafalgar, 1841 Waterford, 1842 London, 1843 St. Thomas, 1844 Waterford, 1845 Trafalgar

BAILEY, George A. New Connexion, was received on trial in 1856 at Crosby, 1857 Nissouri, 1859 Lindsay, 1860 Montreal, 1861 St. Clair, 1862 expelled

BAILEY, John, Methodist Episcopal was was received on trial in 1830 in London, 1831 London, 1832 Oxford, 1833 joined Wesleyan Conference, 1835 Goderich, withdrew 1836, 1836 deligate to General Conference, 1837 Nissouri/London, Methodist Episcopal Church - Rev. James Powley and Rev. John Bailey went to a conference of United States Methodists in Cincinnatti. British Whig (Kingston) Aug. 4, 1836 p. 2, col. 3

BAIN, John New Connexion, was received on trial in 1856-1857 at Drummond, 1858-1859 Bolton, 1860-1861 Lansdown, 1862-1963 Kitley, 1864 Vernlam, 1865 Kitley, 1866-1868 Smith's Falls, 1869 Gananoque

BAINBRIDGE, Sidney 1925 Bashaw Alberta Christian Guardian - Births - Mary Nelson Bainbridge was born on May 3, 1925 at Bashaw AB daughter of Rev. and Mrs. Sid. Bainbridge

BAIRD, John W. 1869 Pickering, 1893-1896 Florence

BAKER, C. 1905-1907 Florence

BAKER, E.N. M.A. D.D. 1906 Broadway Tabernacle, 1907 Euclid Avenue both in Toronto Conference

BAKER H.G. 1912 Egremont (Dufferin Co.)

BAKER, Isaac was born in 1833 in Cornwall England. He married in 1861 Rebecca Sing who died around 1900, daughter of late Joseph Sing of Singhampton. Rev. Baker died on Nov 26 1922 at home in Meaford Ontario, 90 years old and is buried at Lakeview Cemetery beside his wife. As a teen he came with his family from England to St. Thomas Ontario. He is survived by 2 grandchildren Miss Leona Hudson of Bridgeport CT and Mrs Johnston of North Ontario, and 1 aged brother and 1 aged sister of St. Thomas Ontario. A Wesleyan Methodist, Rev. Baker was received on trial in 1857 and was ordained in 1861, 1854 McKillop (Huron Co.), 1857 Nottawasaga, 1858 Cookstown, 1859 student at Vistoria College Cobourg, 1860 Holland Landing, 1861 Nottawsaga/Osprey, 1862 Nottawasaga (Simcoe Co.), 1863-1865 Durham (Grey Co.), 1864 Arthur (Wellington Co.), 1865 Mulmer Twp. (Dufferin Co.), 1866-1868 Thornbury, 1868 Euphrasia (Grey Co.), 1869-1871 Walter's Falls, 1871 Holland (Grey Co.), 1872 Keppel, 1873-1874 Sarawak, 1875-1877 Woodford, 1878-1879 Penetanguishene, 1880 Adjala,

BAKER, Thomas Methodist Episcopal Church in Canada - Rev. Thomas Baker is re-involved with the Union Church and will preach at the Episcopal Methodist Chapel on Rear Street. Kingston Chronicle and Gazette Dec. 16, 1837 p. 2, col. 6

BAKEWELL, William Henry was born in 1817 in New York City, NY. and died in 1899 in Michigan, 1842 Thedford, 1844 ordained in Leamington, 1846-1847 Stowbridge, 1848-1849 Maberley, 1853-1854 Pembrooke, 1855-1856 United States, 1857 Shefford C.E, 1860-1862 Brock/Durham Co., 1863 expelled, 1866 St. Clair County, Michigan in 1866 where he was Justice of the Peace

BALFOUR, David was born on Mar 12 1855 in Emily, (Victoria Co.). He was the eldest son of William and Margaret (nee Irvine) Balfour and he died on Aug 9 1922 in Lindsay and was buried at Riverside Cemetery Lindsay Ontario. He married Carrie Davitt (deceased) and he married his second wife Jessie Mallory (nee Jackson) on Oct 23 1889. 1910 East Ward Lindsay, (Christian Guardian) Late Rev. David Balfour born Mar 12 1855 Emily, Victoria Co. Ontario, eldest son of William and Margaret Balfour (nee Irvine), married Carrie Davitt (deceased), married 2nd wife Oct 23 1889 Mrs Mallory (nee Miss Jessie Jackson) died Aug 9 1922 Lindsay Ontario, buried Riverside Cemetery Lindsay Ontario, survived by wife, son Harry Balfour of Edmonton Alberta and daughter Mary of Lindsay Ontario (1 other daughter died at age 4 shortly after her mother), 1 brother and 3 sisters

BALL, John E. married Ethel Studholme, 1890-1893 Ballinafad/Erin (Wellington Co.), 1924 Foremost Alberta (Christian Guardian) Births - Ball, a daughter was born on Jun 16 1924 at Foremost Alberta to Rev. and Mrs J.E. Ball (Ethel Studholme)

BALL, William S. was born in 1826 in Ontario, 1871 Guelph Town (Wellington Co.)

BAMFORD, Robert 1832 London

BAMFORD, Stephen 1821 and 1831 Charlottetown PEI

BANGS, Nathaniel D.D. was born in 1778 and died on May 3, 1862 He was among the first converts to Methodism in New York State. In 1802, as a circuit minister with a tremendous faith in God, he came into Ontario via the Niagara District and visited Oxford Co. where people came of all faiths - it was a rare thing to have such a visit in the early days. He was received on trial in 1802 and ordained in 1804. 1801 Niagara/Long Point, 1802-1803 Bay of Quinte, 1804 Thames, 1803 Jerseyville/Ancaster (Wentworth Co.) where he preached in Garret Howell's home, a one room log house with an earthen floor, and an earthen fireplace. While preaching a west wind arose and blew smoke from the fireplace into the cabin. Rev. Bangs sent eleven year old Peter Howell out to plug the cracks in the chimney, which he did with pumpkin leaves, the only things handy. 1805 Oswegotachie first Canadian Camp Meeting at Hay Bay, Bay of Quinte, 1805 Quebec, 1806 Montreal, 1807 Deleware N.Y. USA, 1809 Albany N.Y. USA, 1820 Oswegotchie District, 1820 & 1824 Book Agent, 1828 Editor of the Christian Advocate, 1836 Missionary Secretary, In 1808 he was a delegate to the General Conference, and with the exception of 1848 was a delegate to every General Conference until 1856. In 1838 he published a history of the Methodist Episcopal Church in four volumes, he was also the author of several important works. In 1850 he visited the Wesleyan Conference as the representative of the General Conference of the Methodist Episcopal Church in the United States.

BANTINLUMER, Henry was born in 1828 in Ontario, 1867 Teeswater (Bruce Co.), 1871 Paris (Brant Co.)

BANTINLUMER, Peter M. was born in 1836 in Ontario, 1871 Charlotteville (Norfolk Co.)

BANYARD, William M. was born in 1818 in the United States, Episcopal, (black) 1859-1863 BME church Oro Twp., 1871 Chatham Tp. (Kent Co.)

BARBER, F. Louis D.D. Primitive, 1905-1908 Paisley St Guelph (Wellington Co.)

BARBER, Isaac was was received on trial in 1850 at St. Catharines and ordained in 1853, Welseyan Methodist, 1849 Grimsby, 1850 St. Catharines, 1851 Binbrook/Glandford/Seneca, 1852 Bradford, 1853 Stratford, 1854-1855 Huntingdon, 1856 Norfolk Street - Guelph (Wellington Co.), 1856 Nichol (Wellington Co.), 1857 Galt, 1857-1858 Port Dover, 1859-1861 Lynedoch, 1861 Garafraxa (Wellington Co.), 1862-1863 London Circuit, 1864 Mt. Forest (Grey Co.), 1864-1865 Strathroy, moved to U.S. in 1866

BARBER, James 1904 Arthur (Wellington Co.)

BARBER, Ozias Dalhousie, was received on trial in 1842, 1841 Buckingham, 1842 Matilda, 1843 Elizabethtown, 1844 Mississippi, 1845 Gananoque, 1846 Bowmanville, 1847-1848 Cainesville, 1849 Adelaide, 1850 Simcoe, 1851-1852 Dumfries, 1853-1855 Ingersoll, 1856-1857 Aylmer C.W., 1858 Norwich Twp. (Oxford Co.), 1860-1861 Wesleyville, 1862-1864 Rawdon, 1865-1867 Tamworth (retired), 1867 Adelaide

BARKER, A.E. 1898 Park St. Methodist Church, Chatham, alive 1924 Kincardine Ontario. He married Margaret Howe former resident of Wallaceburg Ontario who died in 1924 in Kincardine Ontario

BARKER, Cephas was born in 1818 in Chatham (kent Co.) and died in 1881. He was converted as a teenager and entered the Bible Christian ministry in 1838. In 1856 he was sent by the Conference to investigate the worrying state of the Church on Prince Edward Island, Canada. He remained on the island for nine years as Superintendent Minister, during which time there was a dramatic increase in membership. In 1865 he moved to Ontario and served as President of the Canadian Conference in 1864-65 and 1868. In addition to pastoral duties he filled a large number of Connexional positions and this heavy load of responsibility probably contributed to his sudden death, which occurred in London, Ontario.

BARKER, Dawson was born in 1840 in England, Episcopal, 1871 Camden (Bothwell)

BARKER, G.W. 1906 Dublin St Guelph (Wellington Co.), 1906 Acton (Halton Co.)

BARKER, Isaac 1850 Thorold, 1856 Nichol (Wellington Co.), 1861 Garafraxa (Wellington Co.)

BARKER, William M. was born in 1842 in Ontario and died in 1930 and was received in 1862. He married Mary M. Barker who was born in 1841 and died in 1913 and was buried at Stirling Cemetery, Rawdon Twp. (Hastings Co.), 1867-1871 Fenelon Falls (Victoria Co.), 1881 Darlington (Durham Co.)

BARKWELL, William James was received on trial in 1877, 1877-1878 student Victoria College Cobourg, 1879 Thurlow (Hastings Co.), 1880 Newscastle, A graduate of Victoria College, Cobour - B.A. 1880

BARLOW, William Methodist Episcopal was received on trial in 1814 and ordained in 1816 in the Genesee Conference, 1817 Montreal, 1818 returned to USA, 1821 withdrew

BARLTROP, Alfred New Connexion, was received on trial in 1873 at Waterford, 1874 Cavan

BARLTROP, Charles was born on Jul 4, 1844 in England, 1924 Toronto Ontario (Christian Guardian) Rev. Charles Barltrop celebrated his 80th birthday Jul 4 1924 in Toronto Ontario and recently celebrated 54th. wedding anniversary. New Connexion, was received on trial in 1866 at Owen Sound, 1867 Bolton, 1868 Cavan, 1869 Manvers, 1870-1873 Bay of Quinte Chairman of District 1871-1873, 1871 Sophiasburgh (Prince Edward Co.), 1874 Northport

BARNABY, Lyman was born in 1841 in Ontario, 1871 Harwich (Kent Co.)

BARNABY, R.H. 1892-1895 Wesley/Underwood Bruce Twp.,

BARNETT, William New Connexion, was received on trial in 1851 at London, 1852 Ancaster, 1853-1855 Lansdown, 1856-1858 Dunham, 1859 expelled

BARRACLOUGH, W.H. 1922 Lindsay Ontario, 1926 Trinity Berlin (Waterloo Co.), (Christian Guardian) Mrs T. Barraclough died on Oct 9, 1922 in Ingersoll Ontario, funeral Oct 12 1922 at Ingersoll Ontario. She was a sister of the late Rev. Thomas Crosby (pioneer of Pacific Coast) and mother of Rev. W.H. Barraclough of Lindsay Ontario. Her husband died at the turn of the century and she is survived by a son and 4 daughters: Misses Gertrude and Clara at home, Mrs (Dr) Frank E. Bennett of St. Thomas Ontario, and Mrs Maurice S. Walker of Flat Rock, Michigan

BARRASS, Edward M.A. was born in 1822 in England and was received on trial in 1859, 1866-1869 Fredericksburg & Ernestown (Lennox Co.), 1869-1871 Albion (Cardwell), 1873 Newmarket (York Co.), 1874 King (York Co.), 1880 Brooklin, 1881 Emily (Peterborough Co.)

BARRATT, George M. 1870 Falmouth N.S.

BARRETT, C.W. 1923-1928 Stirling (Hastings Co.),

BARRY, John died 1838, 1832 York, 1833 Montreal

BARTLET, H. 1860-1863 Paris (Brant Co.)

Rev. Thomas Edwin Bartley BARTLEY, Thomas Edwin was born on May 16, 1860 at May, Co. Tyrone, Ireland and was received on trial in 1882 and was ordaind by the Toronto Conference in 1887. 1882 Dalston/Barrie, 1883-1884 Greenwood/Brougham, 1885 Pickering, 1887-1890 Dovercourt Toronto, 1890-1891 Davisville North Toronto



BARTON, King died in 1835 of fever at St. Clair "He was suddenly removed at St. Clair, whether he had recently proceeded to settle his family."

BARTRAM, Eli was born in 1818 in the United States, Episcopal Methodist, 1862 Stone Church Eramosa (Wellington Co.) 1860 & 1873 Binbrook, 1871 Canborough (Monck)

BASKERVILLE, James was born in 1820 in Ireland, New Connexion, was received on trial in 1850 at London and Blanshard, 1851 Durham, 1852 Owen Sound, ordained in 1853 at Owen Sound, 1854-1855 Marlborough, 1856 Oxford, 1857-1858 Ekfrid, 1859 Adelaide, 1860-1861 Bayham, 1862-1863 Cayuga, 1864-1865 Mulmer, 1866-1868 Holland, 1869-1870 Meaford, 1871 St. Vincent (Grey Co.), 1872-1875 Artemesia and Osprey, 1924 Manitoulin Island Ontario

BASS, W.A. was born in 1847 in Canada 1880 Beachburg Westmeath Twp. (Renfrew,Co.)

BATES, Rev. Dr. 1906 Methodist Episcopal St. John New Brunswick

BATTEN, William J. was born in 1835 in the United States, Episcopal, 1871 Trafalgar (Halton Co.)

BATTRICK, Nathaniel was born in 1814 in England, 1871 Glanford (Wentworth Co.)

BATTY, James Lumb (Christian Guardian) Late Rev James Lumb Batty was born in 1858 in Leeds, Yorkshire, England. He married his wife in the Annapolis Valley, NS and he died on Oct 6 1922 in Victoria BC. He came to Canada in 1882, Halifax NS then to Winnipeg MB in 1919 Victoria BC survived by wife buried Ross Bay Cemetery, Victoria BC. (Christian Guardian) Rev J.L. Batty - an appreciation, died Dec 12 1922 Victoria BC

BAWTENHIMER, Peter was received in 1859, 1869 Lynedock

BAWTENHIMER, H. was received in 1855, 1868 Paris (retired)

BAXTER, John was born in 1808 in Ontario and was received on trial in 1832 in Hallowell Methodist Episcopal, 1831 Westminster, 1833 joined Wesleyan Conference, 1833 Thorold, 1835 received into full connexion at Conference in Hamilton, 1835 Gosfield (London), 1838-1839 Florence/Thames, 1840-1841 Albion, 1842-1843 Darlington/Pickering (Newcastle), 1844 Whitby, 1846 E.Gwillimbury (Simcoe Co.), 1847 Vaughan (York Co.), 1848 Chinguacosy (Peel Co.), 1851 Walpole (London), 1851 Nanticoke, 1854-1855 Welland superannuated, 1858 Bertie (Welland), 1859 Port Abino (1869 Retired), 1871 Bertie (Welland)

BAXTER, Michael was born in 1803 in England and was received on trial in 1843 and was ordained in 1846, 1842 Augusta, 1843 Cornwall, 1844 Bytown, 1846-1846 St. Andrews, 1847 Elizabethtown, 1848-1849 Pembrooke, 1849 Osa (Midland), 1850 Lanark/Lavant (Bathurst), 1851-1852 Newborough (Kingston), 1852 Bastard Tp. (Johnstown), 1853 Newborough (Kingston), 1853-1854 Madoc (Hastings Co.), 1855-1857 Hungerford, 1858 Demorestville, 1859 Gatineau, 1860 Picton (retired), 1861-1863 Demorestville, 1864 Hungerford, 1865 Picton, 1866 Demorestville, 1867 Welland, 1871 Pelham Tp.

BEARD, H.S. New Connexion, was received on trial in 1869 at Smith's Falls,

BEALS, Wesley 1838 Coverdale NB

BEATTIE, Daniel M. B.A. 1880 Corwhin Puslinch Twp.

BEATTIE, Francis R. D.D. 1880 Corwhin Puslinch Twp.

BEATTIE William E. B.A. 1880 Corwhin Puslinch Twp.

BEATTY, John was born in 1799 and died on June 30, 1864. Methodist Episcopal. He was received on trial in 1828, 1826-1827 Yonge St., 1828 Newmarket/Lake Simcoe, 1829-1831 ordained Belleville, 1831 Agent Victoria College Cobourg, 1833 joined Wesleyan Conference, 1833-1834 London, 1834 Toronto Twp., 1835 Yonge St/Scarborough, 1837 Yonge Street, 1837 Toronto (Hospital St.), 1842 Cobourg (dau. Mary Jane married Rev. Issac B. Howard Nov 13, 1844), Newmarket, Belleville, London, 1854-1864 Cobourg superannuated(retired), Belleville Rev. J. Beattie, Methodist Minister in Belleville Kingston Chronicle Apr. 2, 1831 p. 2, col. 1, 2


BEDFORD, A. 1924 Toronto (Christian Guardian) Marriages - Porter - Bedford. Married on Jun 28 1924 at bride's parents' home in Toronto Ontario by Rev. A Bedford, bride's father Mary Dorothy Bedford to Horace C Porter only son of Mrs Porter and the late Mr S.C. Porter of Oshawa Ontario

BEE, William was born in 1827 in Weirdale, Cty of Durham England, and died January 7, 1905 in Toronto. He was married in 1852 to Jane Martindale in England and they had eight children. They emigrated to Canada in 1856. Primitive Methodist, 1857-1858 Pilkington/Peel/Woolwich Tp. (Wellington Co.), 1862 Drumbo (Oxford Co.), 1866 Collins Bay, 1869 Albion, 1871 Reach (Ontario Co.), 1877-1878 Paisley Street - Guelph (Wellington Co.)


BEEMER, Abraham was born in 1835 in Scotland, Episcopal, 1871 Hamilton

BEER, W.C. retired 1906 Granton - London Conference

BEESON, Henry was born in 1830 and died on May 11, 1867. He was received on trial in 1858, 1858-1859 Chatham, 1860 Hamilton, 1861-1862 visiting England, 1863 Grimsby, 1864-1865 Chaudiere, 1866 Ottawa

BEGG, Martin was received on trial in 1859 in Artesmia, 1860 Brocke, 1861 dropped

BELL, Gore Aiken New Connexion, was born in 1815 and died on July 3, 1842. He was received on trial in 1842 at Lansdown/Rideau/Goulbourn

BELL, James was born in 1811 in Ireland, New Connexion, was received on trial in 1835 at Peterborough, 1834 Lansdown, 1836 Hope, 1837 St. Thomas/London, 1838 Westminster/London, 1839-1840 Cobourg/Hillier, 1841 Lansdown/Rideau, 1842 Lansdown/Goulborn, 1843-1844 Welland Canal, 1845-1846 Raleigh/Howard, 1847-1848 St. Thomas/Bertie, 1849-1850 Cavan, 1851 Manvers, 1852-1854 Waterford, 1855-1856 Nassagaweya, 1857 Galt, 1858 New Hope, 1859-1860 Malahide, 1861-1862 Crosby, 1863-1866 Lambeth, 1867-1871 London City, Chairman of District 1839, 1840, 1849-1851, 1857-1862, President of Conference 1843,

BELL, James C. was born in 1849 in Ontario, Primitive, 1871 Bruce Mines (Algoma), 1879 Thornbury Collingwood Twp. (Grey Co.)

BELL, John D. was born in 1822 in Ontario, New Connexion, was received on trial in 1851 at Ancaster, 1852 Welland Canal, 1860-1861 Bolton. 1871 Napanee (Lennox Co.)

BELL, John was born in 1828 in Quebec, Episcopal, 1851 Manvers, 1871 Mountain (Dundas Co.)

BELL, John was born in 1848 in Ontario, 1871 Marysburgh North (Prince Edward Co.)

BELL, Joseph C. was born on Sept 15 1850 in Whitby Ontario He was the son of William Bell and Elizabeth (Cryderman). 1880 Thornbury/Collingwood (Grey Co.), 1889-1892 Binbrook, 1902-1905 Stirling (Hastings Co.), In 1872 he married Sarah Buchannan of Brampton Ontario who died in 1914. He then married after 1914 Ellen Gregg of Brooklin Ontario. (Christian Guardian) Late Rev. Joseph C. Bell died Jan 29 1924 Uxbridge Ontario buried Brooklin Cemetery Ontario, residing at Port Perry Ontario, predeceased by 2 brothers: Rev. Thomas C. Bell (died few years ago in New York State) and Rev. Robert (died April 1924 New York State), 1 daughter and 1 son survived by wife, daughter Mrs (Dr) Gibson of Lynden Ontario and sister Mrs. White of Sanford Ontario, last 6 years home has been in Port Perry Ontario, lived winter of 1923/24 with sister in Sanford

BELL, Robert H. was born in 1840 in Quebec and was the son of William and Elizabeth (Cryderman) and was received in 1864. He died in April 1924 in New York State, 1864 Harrington, 1865 L'Original, 1866-1867 March, 1868 Newburg, 1871 Camden East (Addington), 1905 Dublin St Guelph

BELL, Thomas C. son of William and Elizabeth (Cryderman) and died 1920 New York State, Episcopal, was received on trial in 1859 and was ordained in 1863, 1858 Smith's Falls, 1859 Merrickville, 1860-1861 Cookstown, 1862 Bertie, 1863-1864 Newmarket/Aurora, 1865-1866 New Ireland, 1867 Melbourne, 1867 Bolton, 1877 Stirling/Rawdon Twp. (Hastings Co.)

BELTON, Samuel, Methodist Episcopal was born in 1790 and died on Ocober 6, 1861. He was received on trial in 1818 and was ordained in 1821, 1825 The Rev. S. Belton was sent to form a circuit in the newly settled townships between the Mississepa [sic] and Ottawa rivers, in Upper Canada, places which had been seldom if ever visited by any minister of the gospel. The settlements had been formed chiefly by emigrants from Ireland, who were in very moderate circumstances, and therefore unable to do much for the support of religious institutions. They were, however, thankful for the care thus manifested for their spiritual welfare, generally listened with attention to the word of life, and did what they could to make the missionary comfortable. That the word took effect is manifest from the fact that the next year there were returned on the Minutes two hundred and seven members, and the work has continued to prosper, under the labors of God's servants, from that to the present time. 1817 Ostego N.Y. USA, 1818 Detroit, 1819 York, 1820 Westminster, 1821 Ordained Hallowell, 1822-1823 Smith's Creek Circuit, 1824 Belleville, 1825 Mississippi/Ottawa, 1826-1827 Bay of Quinte, 1828-1829 Fort George, 1828 Methodist Episcopal Conference representative in Pittsburg, 1830 Westminster, 1831 Ancaster/Binbrook, 1832 Nelson, 1833 joined Wesleyan Conference, 1833-1834 Lake Simcoe/Coldwater, 1835 Dumfries, 1836 Hamilton (retired), 1837-1838 Grimsby, 1839-1840 St. Catharines/Thorold, 1841-1842 Reesorville, 1843 Whitby, 1844 Lake Simcoe, 1845-1846 Credit, 1851-1861 Hamilton (Wentworth Co.) superannuated,

BENHAM, John Cobourg, Rice Lake, Lake Simcoe

BENNET, William entered the Methodist ministry in 1800 in Nova Scotia, Canada. He served twenty years of an active ministry on the island and superannuated in 1821 at Newport where he died in 1858.

BENNETT, George was born in 1817 in Ontario, Episcopal, 1850 Binbrook, 1851 Barton, 1865 Mt. Forest (Grey Co.), 1871 Gwillimbury East (York Co.), 1876-1878 Wilowdale (York Co.)

BENNETT, Leonard was born in 1780 and died in 1846, Methodist Episcopal, was received on trial in 1810 in Grantham N.Y. USA, 1811 Bridgewater N.Y. USA, 12 Ordained at Stanstead, 1813 United States,

BENNETT, M.M. B.A. 1906 Saskatoon

BENNETT, William 1872-1894 Springville Monaghan Twp.,

BENSON, C.E. was born in 1846 in Ontario, 1871 Camden (Bothwell)

Rev. Manley Benson BENSON, Manly was born on April 27, 1842 in Prince Edward Co. Ontario. He was married July 9, 1867. to Julia, daughter of Hon. Walter McCrea, Chatham. He was received on trial in 1863, 1863 Romney, 1864 Chatham, 1865 Sandwich/Windsor, 1866 Sarnia, ordained in 1867 in Hamilton, 1867 Ridgetown, 1868-1870 Wardsville/Newbury, 1870 Cooksville, 1871 Mosa (Middlesex Co.), 1873-1874 Centenary Church Hamilton, 1876 Central Church Stratford, 1878 First Church St. Thomas, 1883 Brant Ave. Brantford, 1887-1892 Toronto (Central Church, Berkley Street, and Queen Street)


BENSON, Michael was born in 1833 in Ontario, 1871 Bothwell Town, 1872 Hamilton

BENSON, William New Connexion, 1835-1837 London/St. Thomas

BENSON, William was born in 1836 in Ontario, Episcopal, 1871-1872 Lambeth/Westminster (Middlesex Co.), 1880 Mt. Elgin,

BENTLEY, H.J. 1922 Charing Cross, (Christian Guardian) Deaths - Bentley, Mrs. M.J. was born Pamela Todd Oct 31 1854 Twp of Cartwright, Durham Co., Ontario. She was married May 31 1876 M.J. Bentley died Oct 9 1922. At the age of six her family moved to Kent Co. and settled at Guilds near Blenheim Ontario. She was survived by her husband, 1 son Rev H.J. Bentley of Charing Cross and 1 daughter Mrs (Rev) W.R. Osborne of Londesboro

BERITT, Thomas 1854-1855 Thorold

BERNEY, Daniel in 1835 was received on trial at Conference in Hamilton and was ordained in 1837, 1835 Clarendon, 1836-1837 Richmond, 1838-1839 Elizabethtown/Gananoque, 1840-1841 Augusta, 1842-1843 Matilda, 1844 Crosby,

BERRY, Francis Primitive, was born in 1822 in Toronto Ontario and was received on trial in 1852, 1851 Williamsville/Tuscarora (Haldimand Co.), 1852 Ordained, 1852 Dumfries, 1853 St. George, 1854-1855 Aylmer C.W. (Brantford), 1856-1857 Sarnia, 1858-1859 St. Thomas, 1860-1862 Napanee, 1863 Withby/Oshawa, 1864-1866 Muncey, 1867 Smithville, 1867-1871 Collingwood (Simcoe Co.)

BERRY, Henry was received on trial in 1871 at Listowel, Wesleyan Methodist, 1872 Washington, 1873-1874 Drayton/Peel (Wellington Co.), 1875 Avinston, 1876-1877 Kennilworth (Wellington Co.), 1878-1881 Wallace,

BERRY, James Episcopal 1855 Erin (Wellington Co.), The Rev C.E. Cornish assigned the supply of Erin (Wellington Co.) to Rev. James Berry, a brother of the Rev. Francis Berry, who like his brother Francis, had labored in some smaller Methodist body - the Episcopal, I surmise. He gave so much satisfaction during this year, that he was received on trial at the next Conference in 1856 at Goderich, and received ordination at the one after that in 1857 at Bayfield; but, as he then left and went to the States, I follow him no further...written by Rev. John Carroll (1855) 1856 Goderich, 1857 Bayfield

BERTRAM, M.H. Episcopal, 1880 Stanley/London,

BEST, E. Leslie 1923 Salmon Arm British Columbia Christian Guardian - Births - Verna Emily Best was born on October 15, 1923 in Salmon Arm BC and was a daughter of Rev. and Mrs. E. Leslie Best

BETTES, Darius New Connexion, was received on trial in 1839 at London Circuit, 1840 Lansdown/Rideau, 1841 Cobourg/Hillier, 1842 withdrew,

BETTES, Darius Jnr. New Connexion, was received on trial in 1851 at Nassagaweya (Halton Co.), 1853 Welland Canal, 1854-1855 Ancaster, 1856 Durham, 1857 Elizabethtown, 1858-1859 Cayuga, 1860-1861 Hope, 1862 discontinued, 1863 Lindsay, 1864-1865 Milford, 1866 Kincardine, 1867 Pelham, 1868 discontinued, Chairman of District 1856 and 1867

BETTS, G.J. Episcopal, 1851 Belleville,

BETTS, Jonathan E. was born in 1824 in England and was received on trial in 1856 ad was ordained in 1857, 1855 Hamilton, 1856 Quebec, 1857 Kingston, 1858 Dundas, 1859-1861 Binbrook/Glasford, 1862-1863 Smithville, 1864-1866 Milton, 1867 Mt. Pleasant, 1867 Tilsonburg, 1871 Dereham (Oxford Co.), 1880 Thornhill

BETTS, John 1870 Sackville N.B. Theology Student,

BETTS, L.A. was born in 1826 in Ontario, Episcopal, 1869 Bethel Thurlow Twp. Hastings Cty., 1871 Ernestown (Lennox)

BETTSCHAN, David was received on trial in 1873 at Garafraxa, Wesleyan Methodist, 1874 Harriston, 1875 dropped

BEVITT, Thomas was born in 1796 and died on February 5, 1865. He was received on trial in 1830, Episcopal, He married Joanna daughter Eliza Ann born Oct. 5, 1833 baptized by Rev. W. Stinson, 1829 Kingston, 1830-1831 Hallowell, 1832 Belleville, 1833 joined Wesleyan Conference, 1833-1834 Cobourg/Smith's Creek Circuit, 1835-1836 St. Catharines/Thorold, 1836 Scarborough, 1837 Stamford, 1838-1840 Burford (Oxford Co.), 1840 Brantford, 1841 Yonge St., 1842-1843 Bytown, 1844-1845 Matilda Tp. (Eastern), 1847 Kingston, 1848 Prescott, 1849 Oxford (Johnstown), 1850 Merrickville, 1851 Brockville, 1854-1855 Thorold, 1854-1855 Chairman of Hamilton District, 1856-1864 St. Catharines (retired), 1842 Prince Edward Cty. Wesleyan Methodist Church in Canada - Message to Sir Charles Bagot referring to assistance given to the education of ministers by the legislature in the past. Anson Green, President, and Thomas Bevitt, who signed the message represent the Wesleyan Methodists in Prince Edward County. They state that the religious census act did not list the Wesleyan Methodist Church in Canada with the result that some of the members and others under another name. They urge Bagot to disregard the census as it applies to Methodists" Kingston Chronicle and Gazette Aug. 27, 1842 p. 3, col. 1; Methodist Chapel - Letter re. tea meeting here. Present were Lachlan Taylor, Rev. Bevitt, Rev. Gemley, and Rev. Carroll. Kingston Chronicle and Gazette May 31, 1845 p. 2, col. 5

BEYNON, George was born in 1814 in Ireland and was received on trial in 1840, 1840 Elizabethtown/Gananoque, 1841 Hull, 1842-1843 L'Original, 1844-1845 Mississippi, 1846 Sheffield, 1847-1849 Wilton, 1850 Kemptville, 1851 Newmarket, 1852-1854 Bath/Amherst Isle (Kingston), 1855-1857 Farmersville, 1958-1860 Newboro, 1860 Chairman Newboro circuit, 1861-1863 Carleton Place, 1864 Oakville, 1865-1867 Weston, 1871 York West

BIELBY, William M. was born in 1841 in Ontario, 1871 Artemesia (Grey Co.), 1887-1889 Wesley/Underwood Bruce Twp.,

BIGGAR, Hamilton was the son of Robert L. Biggar and was born in Queenston in 1806 and was received in 1828 Episcopal Methodist, 1827 established Indian Mission for the Chippewa tribe at Rice Lake, 1828 Cavan, 1829 Hallowell (Prince Edward Co.), 1830 Ordained in Whitby, 1831 Vienna, London, 1832 Westminster, 1833 joined Wesleyan Conference, 1833-1834 Long Point, 1835 Cobourg, 1836-1837 Yonge Street, 1838-1839 Nelson, 1840-1841 Drummondville/Stamford, 1842-1845 Grand River Mowhawk Mission, 1846 he was treasurer of Cobourg College for 2 years, 1848-1849 Grimsby, 1850 Dumfries, 1850-1851 Blenheim (Oxford Co.) and settled in Brantford when he retired in about 1852, 1854 - 1871 Brantford In 1839 Hamilton was joined with his brother Herbert in the mercantile business in Brantford. He became the first Treasurer of the County of Brant in 1853 to 1866

BIGNEY, John G. 1870 Albertson PEI

BIRD. Francis 1839-1840 Binbrook,

BIRD, William Claude was born on March 1811 at Fermanagh, Ireland, Episcopal, He came to Canada in 1840 and married Mary in 1843 and had 6 children, 1845-1846 Stirling/Rawdon Twp., 1851 Presiding Elder Augusta District, 1856 Stirling/Rawdon Twp. 1871-1878 Thurlow (Hastings Co.), 1893 living Con 9 Lot 4 Thurlow Tp., buried in Foxboro, Thurlow Tp., Hastings Co.

BIRKS, A.K. L.L.B. 1886-1887 Dublin St Guelph

BIRKS, William was born in 1829 in England, New Connexion, was received on trial and ordained in 1856 at Goderich, 1855-1857 Goderich, 1858 Crosby, 1859-1860 Owen Sound, 1861-1862 Arthur, 1863 Mount Forest, 1864 Ainleyville, 1865-1866 Milton, 1867 Elizabethtown, 1868-1870 North Augusta (Grenville), 1871-1873 Ingersoll, 1874 Talbotville, Chariman of District 1860-1863, 1867-1870, 1873-1874

BISHOP, E.S. 1906 High River Alberta

BISHOP, George J. D.D. 1905 Cambridge St. Lindsay,

BISHOP, James Hy was received on trial in 1851, 1853-1854 ordained at Montreal East, 1855 St. Andrews, 1856-1858 Toronto West, 1859-1861 Picton, 1862-1864 Cobourg, 1865-1867 London, 1867-1869 Toronto North

BISHOP, Luther was received on trial in 1803 Methodist Episcopal, 1803 Oswegotchie District, 1804 Niagara/Long Point, 1805 ordained at Long Point, 1806 Smith's Creek, 1807 Bay of Quinte, 1808 removed to the United States.

BISSELL, George was received on trial in 1824 in Ottawa Methodist Episcopal, 1825 Rice Lake, 1826 ordained at Hull, 1827 Rideau, 1828 Augusta, 1829-1830 Bay of Quinte,1831 Fredericksburg, 1831 Yonge St., 1832 Toronto/Credit, 1833 joined Wesleyan Conference, 1833 Nelson, 1831 Fredericksburgh Township - Rev. G. Ferguson and Rev. G. Bissell, are Methodist Ministers in the Township. Kingston Chronicle Apr. 2, 1831 p. 2, col. 1, 2

BLACK, E. 1836 Montreal, Wesleyan Methodist Church in Canada - Rev. Lord sailed for Liverpool with Rev. E. Black of Montreal and the Indian missionary John Sunday, who is to be "shown about" in England. British Whig (Kingston) June 21, 1836 p. 3, col. 3

BLACK, John W. was born in 1791 and died in 1867. He was received on trial in 1825 Methodist Episcopal, 1824 Cornwall, 1825-1826 Cobourg, 1827 ordained at Toronto Twp., 1828 Perth, 1829 Mississippi, 1830 Cornwall, 1831 Augusta, 1832 Ottawa, 1833 joined Wesleyan Conference, 1833 Ottawa, 1834 Cavan/Lindsay, 1835 Peterborough, 1836-1837 Bay of Quinte, 1838-1839 Hallowell, 1840-1842 Murray, 1843-1844 Cobourg/Cramahe Twp. (Newcastle), 1845-1846 Bath/Camden East, 1846-1847 Fredericksburg Amherst Island Bay of Quinte, 1847-1849 Sidney, 1850-1851 Napanee, 1852-1853 Brighton, 1854-1855 Stirling Rawdon Twp.(Hastings Co.), 1856-1866 Sidney (retired)

BLACK, M. 1850-1852 Fredericksburg

BLACK, William was born in 1760 Huddersfield, Yorkshire and died in 1834. He emigrated with his family to Nova Scotia in 1775 and was converted during a Methodist meeting four years later. Black commenced travelling with the New Light congregationalist preacher Henry Alline in 1781 although the two men soon quarrelled and went their separate ways. Black worked for several years in association with the American preacher Freeborn Garrettson and was ordained by the Methodist Episcopal Church in 1789, with the appointment of presiding elder for eastern British North America. William Black, built a church on Argyle Street, Halifax in 1787. Black ended his connection with the American Methodist Church in 1800 and was appointed chairman of the Nova Scotia district by the British Conference. He retired in 1812. Black was the most important figure in Methodism in Atlantic Canada during it's early period. William Black made his first trip to the Upper Petitcodiac Valley in 1781, and the area was apart of the Cumberland Circuit in 1786 and continued as such until 1822. 1853 Oxford N.S.

BLACKSTOCK, Moses New Connexion, 1835 Lower District, 1836 Peterborough, 1837-1839 Cobourg, 1840 Peterborough, 1840 withdrew and united with the Wesleyan Methodist Conference. 1842 Scugog, 1843-1846 Peterborough, 1847-1850 Cavan, 1851-1857 Millbrook (retired), 1858 Ohio Conference USA, He was Chairman of a District in 1835 and President of the Conference 1837-1838

BLACKSTOCK, William S. was born in 1824 in Buffalo, New York and his family moved to Toronto in 1827 when he was three years old. He was married in 1850 to Miss Mary Gibbs, born in 1826 and was still living in 1906 they had two sons. He was received on trial in 1846. He died in November 1905 in Atlantic City, New Jersey. 1846 Mono/Nottawasaga, 1847 Humber, 1848 Bradford, 1849 Oshawa, 1850-1852 Streetsville/Brampton Peel Co.), 1853 Yonge Street, 1854-1855 Newcastle, 1856-1857 Brighton, 1858 Hamilton, 1859-1860 Three Rivers, 1861-1863 L'Original, 1864-1866 Drummondville, 1867-1869 Milton, 1871 Goderich (Huron Co.), 1877 Selby, 1880 Oshawa, 1881-1887 Toronto (retired)

BLAINE, William 1854-1871 Springville Monaghan Twp.,

BLAKE, Daniel New Connexion, was received on trial in 1842, 1843 Stanstead, 1844 Crosby,

BLAKE Isaac New Connexion, 1843 Bolton, 1844 Crosby, 1845-1847 Stanstead, 1848-1850 Potton,

BLAKER, George was received on trial at the Belleville Conference in 1854, 1855 Lake Superior/North Shore, 1856-1862 Michipicoton,

BLANCHARD, R.W. Episcopal, 1851 Elizabethtown/Augusta, 1862 Stirling/Rawdon Twp.,

BLANCHARD, Shem was born in 1829 in England and was received on trial in 1859, 1858 Nanticoke, 1859 Dunnville, 1860 Grimsby, 1861 Smithville, 1862 Caistorville, 1863 Harrowsmith, 1864-1866 Mono, 1867 Port Albino, 1868-1871 Zorra East (Oxford Co.), 1875-1876 St. Vincent (Simcoe Co.)

Rev. BlandBLAND, Henry Flesher was born in 1823 in England and was received on trial in 1860, 1858-1859 St. Andrews, 1860-1862 Hemmingford, 1863-1865 Montreal East, 1866-1868 Dundas, 1868-1869 Flamboro (Wentworth), 1869-1870 Kingston, 1871-1873 Chairman Belleville, 1874-1876 Quebec, 1877-1879 Montreal Fourth, 1880 Pembrooke, Delegate to the first General Conference, Toronto 1874, and Montreal 1878, Chairman of District 1874-1876 and 1880

BLOODSWORTH, J. Episcopal, 1880 Thamesford,

BLOOMFIELD, Arthur G. was received on trial in 1869, 1869 Millbrook,

BLOOMFIELD, Richard New Connexion, was received on trial in 1835 at Humber and Trafalgar, 1836 Nelson, 1837-1838 Humber/Markham, 1839 Nelson,

BLOUNT, George N. was born in 1830 in the United States and was received on trial as a Episcopal Methodist, 1871 St. Catharines

BOARDMAN, Elijah was received on trial in 1819 in Smith's Creek Methodist Episcopal, 1820 Cornwall, 1821 returned to USA, expelled 1833

BODDY, James New Connexion, was received on trial in 1873 at Vernon Mission, 1874 Allanford,

BOEHM, Henry Matilda

Rev. BondBOND, Stephen was born in 1838 in Ontario and was received on trial in 1857 at Mitchell, Wesleyan Methodist, 1856 St. Mary's, 1857 Mitchell, 1858 Goderich, 1859 Stratford, ordained in 1860 at Woodstock, 1861 Georgetown, 1862-1863 Galt, 1864 Garafraxa/Erin (Wellington Co.), 1865-1867 Manningville, 1868-1870 Arthur/ Mount Forest (Wellington Co.), 1871 Wellington (Prince Edward Co.), 1872 Canton, 1873-1875 Kempville, 1874 Montreal Conference, 1876-1877 Farmersville, 1878-1881 Pakenham, Delegate to General Conference, Montreal, 1878, Financial Secretary 1880

BOOTH, James was born in 1781 in Yorkshire England, and died Jan 22, 1854 in Kingston. He was received on trial in 1816 at Montreal and ordained in 1819, Wesleyan Methodist, 1816-1817 Montreal, 1818 Bay of Quinte, 1819-1820 Kingston, 1819 preached in York, 1821 Quebec, 1822-1823 St. Armand, 1824 Odelltown, 1824-1826 Quebec, 1827-1828 Kingston, 1829-1830 Stanstead, 1831-1832 Shefford, 1833-1835 Odelltown, 1836 St. Armand, 1837 Three Rivers, 1838-1844 Kingston (retired) 1845 Norfolk Street - Guelph (Wellington Co.), 1846 Peterborough, 1847-1848 Simcoe, 1849-1853 Kingston (Frontenac Co.), Booth, Rev. James British Missionary from Montreal. To preach sermons at the Methodist Chapel. Kingston Gazette Oct. 14, 1817 p. 3, col. 4

BORDEN, J. 1870 Margaret's Bay/Sambro N.S.

BORLAND, John, was received in 1835 at St. Armand and was ordained in 1836, 1836-1838 New Ireland, 1839-1840 Melbourne, 1841-1842 Montreal, 1843-1844 Quebec, 1845-1847 Melbourne, 1848-1850 Stanstead/Montreal, 1851 Dunham, 1852-1853 Quebec, 1854-1856 Toronto West, 1857-1859 Toronto East sect'y of conference, 1860-1862 Stanstead, 1863-1865 Chairman Brantford, 1866-1867 Chairman Montral East, 1868 Sherbrooke

BOTHWELL, William was born in 1823 in Ireland, New Connexion, was received on trial in 1844 at Trafalgar/Nelson, 1845 Welland Canal, 1846 St. Thomas, 1847 London, 1848 Western Mission, 1849 Barton, 1850 Malahide, 1851 Brockville/Fitzroy/Goulbourn, 1852-1854 Barton, 1855 Newcastle, 1856 Norwich, 1858 St. Thomas, 1859-1860 Caledonia, 1861 Mallorytown, 1862-1863 Elizabethtown, 1864 Colpoy's Bay, 1865-1870 Dereham 1871-1875 Aylmer, 1877 Groves End/Malahide (Elgin Co.) was also the Postmaster and lived on 70 acres Con 2 Lot 26

BOTSFIELD, J. 1853 Matilda (Eastern)

BOTTERELL Edmund was received on trial in 1834 in Newport Isle of Wight, 1835-1836 Quebec, 1837 Montreal, 1838 -1839 Sherbrooke, 1840 Compton, 1841-1842 Melbourne, 1843-1844 Dunham, 1845-1846 Kingston, 1847 London, 1848 Charlottetown PEI, 1870 Halifax (retired)

BOTTOMS, William E. was received on trial in 1869, 1869 Romney,

BOWEN, Elias D.D. was born in 1791 and died in 1871 Methodist Episcopal, 1814-1817 Genesee Conference, 1818 Montreal, For 24 years he was a Presiding Elder. He was a delegate to seven General Conferences. In 1870 he united with the Free Methodists.

BOWEN, R. New Connexion, died in 1849, 1843-1849 Potton,

BOWLBY, C.L. died in 1907 in Dundas Ontario. He was married to Anna J. Bowley who was born in 1864 and died in 1924 in Hamilton Ontario

BOWLING, G. Primitive, 1851 Darlington,

BOYCE, R. Primitive, 1851 Brampton,

BOYD, Alfred L. 1925 Toronto CG - Obituary - Catherine Frances Knaughty Boyd born Apr 25, 1840 March Twp. Carleton Co. ON married John Boyd (predeceased) died Mar 30 1925 at home of son Robert Boyd of Metcalfe ON survived by 7 children: Mrs. William Carson, Robert, John and Thomas all of Metcalfe ON, Rev. Alfred L. of Toronto ON, George of London ON, Rev. S. Wesley of Sutton PQ, 1 sister: Mrs. William Loney of Brittania, and 3 brothers: William Hopewell of Brittania, James and Charles Hopewell of Ottawa ON

Rev. George Boyd BOYD, George was born February 13, 1847 at Grangemouth, Stirlingshire, Scotland. He came to Newfoundland in 1872 and was ordained in 1877. Rev. Boyd was united in marriage with Miss Bartlett, daughter of Isaac Bartlett, of Bay Roberts, Newfoundland, on the 23rd. of Agust, 1877. He spent 18 years in the Newfoundland Conference. 1877 Port-de-Grave, 1879 Cupids, 1881 Carbonear, 1883 Harbour Grace, 1886 St. John's, 1891 Queens Avenue London and Chairman of the London District.


BOYD, John 1829-1831 Grand Banks Nfld

BOYD, John Henry was born in 1817 in Ireland, 1866 Leslie (York Co.), 1870-1871 Toronto, 1880-1883 Brantford

BOYD, Robert W. New Connexion, was received on trial in 1859 at Galt,

BOYD, S. Wesley 1925 Sutton PQ CG - Obituary - Catherine Frances Knaughty Boyd born Apr 25, 1840 March Twp. Carleton Co. ON married John Boyd (predeceased) died Mar 30 1925 at home of son Robert Boyd of Metcalfe ON survived by 7 children: Mrs. William Carson, Robert, John and Thomas all of Metcalfe ON, Rev. Alfred L. of Toronto ON, George of London ON, Rev. S. Wesley of Sutton PQ, 1 sister: Mrs. William Loney of Brittania, and 3 brothers: William Hopewell of Brittania, James and Charles Hopewell of Ottawa ON

BOYD, Thomas 1904-1907 Waterford (Brant Co.), 1912 Oakville

BOYES, James S. 1866 Toronto Circuit

BOYLE, William Primitive 1866 Malton (Peel Co.) CG Obituary - Martha Jane Ferguson born Dec 25 1854 near Brampton ON, daughter of late Rev. Dr. Boyle married 43 years prior to Mr. H.J. Ferguson died Feb 10 1925 Rose Lea Farm ON survived by husband, 3 sons and 1 daughter

BRABY, John was born in 1836 in Ireland, 1871 Clinton (Lincoln)

BRADEN, William born in Ireland 1854 came out from Pembrooke and was received on trial at the Belleville Conference, 1854-1855 Carleton Place

BRADFORD, W.G. 1924 Ashton Ontario

BRADLEY, William F. was born in 1830 in England, Primitive Methodist, 1847 Paisley St. Guelph (Wellington Co.), 1871 West Garafraxa (Wellington Co.)

BRADON, John was received on trial in 1851 in Carleton Place, 1852 Richmond, 1853 dropped

BRADSHAW, J. 1873 Brampton

BRADSHAW, Thomas P. was born in 1815 in Ontario, Episcopal, 1866 Willowdale (York Co.), 1871 Oakville (Halton Co.), 1875 Parkhill,

BRAND, Henry was born January 23, 1864 in England and was married to Clara 1901 Eramosa (Wellington Cty)

BRAUN, C.F. was born in Germany and arrived in Canada in 1856 as a German Methodist minister , 1879 Sebringville Ellice Twp. (Perth Co.)

BRAY, Thomas 1923 Sask (Christian Guardian) Births - Bray, John Trethewey was born on Feb 12 1923 and was the son of Rev and Mrs Thomas Bray of Sintaluta, SK

BREAKENRIDGE, David died in the village of Wellington, Prince Edward Co. Ontario in 1835, He was engaged with Hy. Ryan and James Jackson in organizing the Canadian Wesleyan Methodist Church. He was received on trial in 1824 at Smith's Creek Methodist Episcopal, 1825 Cobourg, 1826 Belleville, 1831-1834 New Connexion minister at Lansdown, Breakenridge, David - Elder in the Wesleyan Methodist Church in Canada; died at Wellington. Kingston Chronicle and Gazette Oct. 26, 1833 p. 2, col. 5; Breakenridge, David - Letter to the editor re: the letter by the men who had "withdrawn" from the Methodist Episcopal Church. States the men were excommunicated for good reason. The editor of the Gazette adds a note that he will not print further comment on the subject. Kingston Gazette Jan. 16, 1818 p. 3, col. 4

BREAKENRIDGE, John New Connexion, was received on trial in 1848 at Prince Edward, 1849 Ancaster, 1850 Western Mission, 1851 Sydenham/Western Mission, 1851 Owen Sound, 1852 Durham

BRECK, Thomas 1863-1864 Camden East,

BRECKEN Egerton T.M. son of Rev. Ralph M. and Jessie Brecken was born in 1882 in Halifax 1908 married Vida M. Overland daughter of Robert George and Emma J. Overland born June 24, 1882 in Ontario English 1901 living Erin Twp. 1908 deaconess living Erin Twp. The witnesses were Paul Brecken of Toronto and Lettie U. Rodgers of Seaforth Ontario on September 12, 1908 at Erin Village (Wellington Co.) daughter Grace Rogers Brecken was born on September 30, 1924 at Erin ON

BRECKEN, Ralph M. M.A. was born in PEI and was ordained in 1869, Wesleyan Methodist, married Jessie Eaton, 1870 Sackville N.B. Theology Student, 1882 Halifax Nova Scotia, 1894 China missionary, 1924 Erin (Wellington Co.)

BREDIN, John was born in 1820 in Ireland and died in 1891, Wesleyan Methodist and was received on trial in 1843 at Goderich. In 1847 he was ordained at Guelph and was received at Toronto Conference. He married Sarah Ann Storm their daughter Mary Amelia died in Cobourg on May 1, 1858 at the age of 4 years and their son Samuel Storm died in Cobourg on Apr 29 1858 at 6 years old, 1842 London, 1843 Goderich, 1844 Woodstock/Stratford, 1845 Toronto West, 1846 Peterborough/Rice Lake, 1847-1848 Norfolk St. Guelph/Puslinch (Wellington Co.), 1847-1848 Upper Woolwich/Elora/Eramosa (Wellington Co.), 1849-1850 Cobourg, 1851 St. Thomas, 1852-1853 Barton/Hamilton, 1854-1855 Toronto East, 1856 Cobourg, 1857-1858 Arthur (Wellington Co.), 1858 Cobourg, 1859-1860 Woodstock, 1861-1863 Brockville, 1864-1865 Baltimore/Grafton, 1866-1868 Yonge Street North, 1869-1871 Yonge Street South, 1871 York East, 1872-1873-1874 Bowmanville, 1875-1877 Barrie, 1878 Walkerton, 1879-1880 Alliston, Journal Secretary of the General Conferences of 1874 and 1878 also of the Toronto Conference from 1874 to 1878 inclusive, Chairman of District 1874 to 1880. Delegate to the first General Conference, Toronto, 1874. On March 13, 1848 Rev. Bredin gave a lecture on "the moral influence of the Press" to the Guelph Mechanics' Institute at the Wellington County Courthouse, 1848 officer of the Guelph Branch of the Upper Canada Bible Society.

BREMMER, George 1867 Paisley (Bruce Co.)

BRENN, Benjamin was born in 1848 in Ontario, 1871 Dover (Kent Co.)

BRENNAN, James New Connexion, was born in 1811 and died on May 7, 1866. He was received on trial in 1831-1832 at Lansdown, 1833-1834 Trafalgar, 1835-1836 Goulbourn, 1837 Humber/Markham, 1838 Hamilton, 1839 Waterford/St. Thomas, 1940 Welland Canal, 1841-1842 Cobourg/Hillier, 1843 Lansdown/Rideau, 1844 Montreal, 1845 Ancaster/Nelson, 1846-1847 Hamilton, 1848-1849 Ancaster, 1850-1851 Hamilton, 1852 Ancaster, 1853-1865 Hamilton, Chairman of District 1836, 1839, 1840, and 1849. President of Conference 1846.

BRETHERN, S. David was born in 1838 in Ontario, 1871 Belleville (Hastings Co.)

Rev. David BrethourBRETHOUR, David Ludwig was born March 13, 1838 in Sutherland, Ontario and was received on trial in 1860 at Mooretown. He died October 3, 1923 in Niagara Falls aged 65 years and with 43 years of ministry. 1861 Chatham, 1862 Yonge Street South, 1863-1864 ordained at Napanee, 1865 Consecon, 1866 Templeton/Chaudiere, 1867 Scarborough Circuit (York Co.), 1868 Bloomfield, 1869-1871 Belleville, 1872 Cooksville (Peel Co.), 1873-1875 Windsor (Essex Co.), 1876-1878 Aylmer, 1879 Simcoe, 1881 Milton, 1888-1890 Thorold, Financial Secretary of Conference 1874, 1875, 1878 and 1879, Journal Secretary of Conference 1878, Chairman of District 1880

BRETTLE, Eliza 1870 Sackville N.B.

BREWSTER, John 1862 Charlottetown PEI

BREWSTER, Robert was received on trial in 1851 at Bath, Wesleyan Methodist, 1852 Napanee, ordained in 1853-1854 at Winchester (Brockville), 1855-1857 Merrickville, 1857 Adolphustown, 1858-1860 Matilda Twp. (Dundas Co.), 1860 Hullett Twp. (Huron Co.), 1861-1863 Smith Falls, 1862 Adolphustown, 1862 Montague (Lanark Co.), 1864 Kitley Twp. (Leeds Co.), 1864-1866 Clinton/Hullett Twp. (Huron Co.), 1867 Anniversary service at Goderich, 1867-1870 Elora/Fergus/Nichol/Garafraxa/Pilkington (Wellington Co.), 1870 returned to USA, 1879 a member of Central New York Conference, and stationed at Lodi, New York.

BRIDEN, William was born in 1828 in England, arrived in Canada and was received on trial in 1854 at the Belleville Conference, 1855 Sheffield (Kingston), 1856 Metcalfe, 1861-1863 Norwood, 1864-1865 Wilton, 1866 Selby, 1871 Pittsburgh, Howe Island (Frontenac), 1878 Odessa Ernestown Twp. (Lennox & Addington Co.)

BRIDGEMAN, George H. M.A. was born in 1842 in Ontario and was received on trial in 1865, 1864-1867 Paris (Brant Co.), 1868-1871 St. Catharines

BRIDGEMAN, W. 1876 Binbrook,

Rev. BriggsBRIGGS, Joel was born in 1828 in Ontario and died on May 1, 1875. He was received on trial in 1851 at Goderich, Wesleyan Methodist, 1843 Arthur (Wellington Co.), 1850 Chatham, 1851 Goderich, 1852 Grimsby, 1853 Dundas, ordained in 1854-1855 at Cookstown/Innisfil (Simcoe Co.), 1856 Owen Sound/Pilkington (Wellington Co.), 1857-1859 Milford, 1859 Ameliasburg/Athol (Prince Edward Co.), 1860-1862 Consecon, 1863-1865 Hullsville/Walpole (Norfolk Co.), 1866-1868 Crowland (Welland), 1869-1871 Georgetown (Halton Co.), 1872-1873 Elora (Wellington Co.), 1874 Toronto

Rev. William Briggs BRIGGS, William D.D. was born in 1835 in Banbridge, Co. Down, Ireland of Scotch-Irish parents. His mother died when he was a child and he moved to Liverpool England at age 6 and stayed until 20 years old, 1841-1855 moved to and was educated in Liverpool England. He was received on trial in 1859 in Quebec and he died on Nov 5 1922 at the residence of his son Mr A.W. Briggs of Port Credit Ontario, Mrs Briggs died in 1919 (Christian Guardian), 1859 Montreal, 1860 Toronto East, 1861 Belleville, 1863 Cobourg, 1864 Hamilton, 1864-1867 Toronto, 1867-1871 London, 1872 Hamilton


BRISTOL, Burness was born in 1827 in Ontario, 1858 Burford (Brant Co.), 1862 Embro (Oxford Co.), 1870-1871 Lynden/Ancaster (Wentworth Co.), 1873-1874 Brantford

BRISTOL, Coleman W. was born in 1834 in Ontario and was received on trial in 1859 at Cobourg, Episcopal, 1861 Tutor Victoria College Cobourg, 1861 Mitchell, 1862 Blythe, 1864 Wawanosh (Huron Co.), 1864 Logan (Perth Co.), 1865 Hanover, 1867-1869 Ainleyville Brant Twp. (Bruce Co.), 1870 Grey Tp. (Huron Co.), 1871 Morris (Huron Co.), 1880 Dorchester,

BRISTOL, Emerson was born in 1813 in Palmyra Twp, New York and died in 1895. He settled in Haldimand Co. with his parents in 1829. Episcopal Methodist circuit rider and was received on trial in 1835. 1849-1850 Binbrook, 1851 Barton, 1862-1863 Binbrook/Hamilton, 1870 Binbrook, 1871 Ancaster (Wentworth Co.), 1877 Binbrook,

BRISTOL, Nathaniel 1867 Hanover (Bruce Co.)

BRISTOL, William Osborne was born in 1888 and died in 1949, entered the ministry as a member of Bethesda Church, Ancaster. His son Dr. Lyle O. Bristol served as a Baptist minister as did William

BRITTIN, Lewis New Connexion, 1835 Nelson, 1836 Welland Canal

BROADWAY, A. 1878 Brantford (Brant Co.)

Rev. James BrockBROCK, James was born in 1812 in Ireland and died in May 1901 in Kingston and was received on trial in 1831 Methodist Episcopal, 1830 Rideau, 1831 Bonchire, 1832 Mississippi, 1833 joined Wesleyan Conference, 1835 Perth (Lanark Co.), 1836 Bytown, 1838 Elizabethtown, 1839 Cobourg, 1841 Quebec, 1843 Stanstead, 1846 St. Johns, 1849 Huntingdon, 1852-1855 Odelltown Montreal, 1855-1857 Ottawa, 1858-1860 Brockville, 1861-1863 Norfolk Street - Guelph (Wellington Co.), 1864 Smith, 1865 Peterborough, 1866-1867 Prescott, 1868-1871 St. Catharines, 1872-1874 Lindsay, 1878 Kingston (Frontenac Co.) Kingston British Whig May 1, 1835 p. 2, col. 5 Wesleyan Methodist Church in Canada - Wesleyan Methodist Church minister Rev. James Brock married Mercia Beech, daughter of Elijah Beech. Rev. John Carroll officiated.

Rev. James Brock's house in Kingston, Ontario 1880's


BROCK, Thomas was born in 1837 in Ireland and was received on trial in 1858 at Mount Brydges, Wesleyan Methodist, He died July 18, 1886 at Mount Forest aged 49 and having served 28 years of ministry. ordained 1858, 1859 Romney, 1860 New Ireland, 1861 student at Victoria College Cobourg, ordained in 1862 at Newcastle, 1863 Newburg/Ernestown, 1863 Clarke Twp. (Durham Co.), 1864 Clinton, 1865 Galt, 1866 Georgetown, 1867 Milton, 1868 Kingston, 1869-1870 Packenham/Arnprior (Renfrew Co.), 1871-1873 Perth/Drummond (Lanark Co.), 1874-1876 Clinton, 1877-1878 Dublin Street - Guelph (Wellington Co.), 1879-1880 Oxford Street - Brantford (Brant Co.), 1881 Paris Delegate to the General Conference of 1878, Financial Secretary 1877 to 188, 1881 Superintendent Drantford District

BROCK, Thomas 1828 Clarke (Port Hope)

BROLEY, James was born on August 22, 1835 in Cty Tyrone, Ireland and he and his family emigrated to Canada in 1837 and settled Vaughn Twp. (York Co.) He was received on trial in 1858 at Bowmanville and was ordained on June 9, 1861 at Brantford (Brant Co.). Wesleyan Methodist He was married in 1861 to Maria Matthews of Acton Ontario and they had four children. 1857 Erin, 1858 Bowmanville, 1859 Stouffville, 1860 Prince Albert, 1861-1862 Orangeville, 1863-1864 Rondeau, 1865-1866 Sandwich/Windsor, 1867-1869 Warwick, 1869-1870 Bowmanville, 1870 Beamsville, 1871-1872 Cainsville, 1873-1875 Dungannon, 1876-1878 Bayfield, 1879-1880 Gorrie/Watford, 1880-1883 Palmerston (Wellington Co.), 1883-1886 Seaforth

BROOKING, Robert D. was born in 1814 in England and was received on trial in 1839 in Western Australia, 1847 received at Toronto Conference, 1847 Rice Lake, 1852-1853 St. Clair, 1854-1859 Oxford House/Norway House Hudson Bay Territory, 1860-1868 Hiawatha, 1869 Rama (Ontario Co.), 1871 Otonabee (Peterborough Co.)

BROOKS, John S. 1846 Queen's Bush/Peel (Wellington Co.), 1906 BME Essex St. Guelph (Wellington Co.)

BROWN, A.H. 1897-1899 Wesley/Underwood Bruce Twp., 1901 Brussels, 1909-1912 Merlin (London), 1917-1920 Tweed Hungerford Twp. (Hastings Co.)

BROWN, Brinton P. M.D. New Connexion, 1835-1836 St. Thomas, 1837 St. Thomas/London 1838-1855 local elder, 1855 delisted

BROWN, Brinton P. Jr. New Connexion, was received on trial in 1848 at Barton, 1849-1850 Prince Edward, 1851-1852 South Bay/Norwich, 1853 Newcastle, 1854 St. Thomas, 1855 witdrew and joined Canada Wesleyan Conference. 1856 Aylmer C.W., 1857-1862 Bayham, 1863-1864 Belmont, 1865-1867 Woodstock, 1869 removed to the United States

BROWN, D.A. was born in 1807 in the United States, Episcopal, 1853 Stirling/Rawdon Twp., 1871 Clarendon (Addington)

BROWN, Edward F. New Connexion, was received on trial in 1859 at Talbotville, 1860-1861 Milford, 1862-1863 Lansdown, 1864 Caledon, 1865 Erin (Wellington Co.), 1866 Waterford, 1867-1870 Bayham

BROWN, F.L. B.A. Superintendent of Missions in Ontario spoke at Norfolk St. Methodist October 1922

BROWN, George Martin New Connexion, was born in 1838 in England and received on trial in 1857 at Waterford, 1858-1859 Ancaster, 1860-1861 Middelton, 1862 Nelson/Cooksville, 1863 Yonge St. North, 1864 Albion, 1865 Berlin (Waterloo Co.), 1866 Stratford, 1867-1869 Keppel (Grey Co.), 1870 Hamilton, 1871 Arran (Bruce Co.),

BROWN, George was received on trial on 1860 in Durham C.E., 1861 Eaton, 1862 Consecon, 1863 dropped

BROWN George was born in 1836 in Ireland and was received on trial as a New Connexion minister in 1857, 1857 Woodstock, 1858 Aylmer C.W., 1859 Blenheim, 1860 Elora, 1861-1862 Shannonville, 1863 Consecon, 1865-Innisfil, 1866 Aurora/Holland Landing/Queensville (York Co.), 1868 Lloydtown, 1871 St. Patrick's (Hamilton), 1872-1875 Milton Secretary of Conference 1864, Chairman of District 1868 and 1869, Delegate to first General Conference Toronto 1874

BROWN, M. Episcopal 1851 Napanee Richmond Twp. (Lennox Co.)

BROWN, Nelson was born in 1821 in Ontario and was received on trial in 1846 at Colborne and he was ordained in 1854, Wesleyan Methodist, 1846 Colborne, 1847 student at Victoria College Cobourg, 1848 Norwood, 1849 Colborne, 1850 Chippewa, 1854 Hungerford, 1855 Shannonville, 1856-1857 Stirling (Hastings Co.), 1858 Stirling Rawdon Twp. (Hastings Co.), 1858-1859 Strathroy, 1860 Stouffville, 1861-1862 Wallace, 1863-1864 Rockwood (Wellington Co.), 1865-1866 Elma (Perth Co.), 1867 Trowbridge, 1868 Guelph (retired), 1868-1869 Lucknow, 1870-1871 Listowell/Elma (Perth Co.), 1872-1875 High Bluff Manitoba, 1876 expelled

BROWN, Robert was received on trial in 1849. 1849-1855 Vermont USA, 1856 Hunntington C.E., 1858 St. Andrews, 1861-1863 Eaton,

BROWN, Samuel 1851 African Methodist Peel (Wellington Co.)

BROWN, Thomas Brush Methodist Episcopal, 1829 Nissouri Twp. (Middlesex Co.), 1880 Aylmer,

BROWN T.C. Methodist Episcopal 1872 Erin (Wellington Co.) died before 1924 in Brockville married Caroline R. Pink who died on November 30, 1924 at Montreal PQ son was Rev. W.T. Brown

BROWN, Thomas New Connexion, was received on trial in 1848 at Cavan, 1849 Western Mission, 1850 Barton, 1852 Fitzroy

BROWN, T.J. was born on June 2, 1858 in Burford (Brant Co.), 1879 Oaklands, 1880 Westminster, 1881 Aylmer, 1882 St. Mayr's, 1883 Dunnville, 1884 Welland, 1885 International Bridge, 1886 Mukwonago, WIS, USA

BROWN, Thomas C. was born in 1844 in Ontario, Episcopal and died in 1823 in Brockville Ontario. He was married to Caroline R. Pink who died in 1925 in Montreal, 1871 Whitby West (Ontario Co.)

BROWN, W.G. was born in 1840 in Ontario, Episcopal, and arrived in Canada in 1867, 1871-1875 Linden Ancaster Twp. (Wentworth Co.), 1875 living on Con 1 Lot 13 of Ancaster Twp.

BROWN, W.T. was the son of Thomas C Brown, 1924 Montreal Quebec

BROWN, William C. 1862 Charlottetown PEI, 1870 Digby/Weymouth N.S.

BROWN, William D. was born in 1815 in Ontario and was received on trial as an Episcopal Minister in 1856 in Cornwall, 1851 Yonge Street, 1851 Smith's Falls, 1855 Binbrook, 1856-1858 Sherbrooke, 1859-1861 Leeds, 1862-1863 St. Andrews, 1864-1865 L'Original, 1866-1869 Richmond/Odeltown, 1871 Augusta (Grenville Co.), 1874-1877 Osnabruck (Stormont Co.) (Christian Guardian) Obituary - Irena Ireland was born in 1843 and died Oct 24 1923 after a long, painful illness at age 80 years and was buried in Wolford Cemetery, beside sister Mrs W.H. Brown, and where many of Brown family are buried. Shw was the wife of W.W. Ireland of Easton's Corners, Ontario and the eldest daughter of the late Rev. William Brown. Most of her married life was spent in Shawville PQ.

BROWN, William was born in 1795 and died on March 5, 1857. He was received on trial in 1815 Methodist Episcopal. 1815 Niagara, 1816 Montreal, 1817 Ordained in Cornwall, 1820-1845 Rideau District, 1846-1854 Smith's Falls

BROWN, William G. was born in 1793 in the United States Episcopal, 1849 Wolford Twp., 1851 Matilda/Winchester, 1854-1855 Smith's Falls supernumerary, 1860 East Gwillimsbury Twp., 1866 Goulbourn (Carleton Co.), 1868-1869 Brantford (Brant Co.), 1871 Crosby (Leeds Co.) Christian Gueardian - Deaths - Late Miss Rhoda Caroline Brown born 1847 in Elgin, South Crosby ON, daughter of late Rev. William Brown died January 25, 1924 at home of brother Dr. Miles Brown, Chesterville Ontario, from bronchopneumonia buried Wolford Cemetery with her 2 sisters upon death of her mother she moved to Easton's Corners Ontario but due to failing health moved to Chesterville to be with brother Christian Guardian - Obituary - Dr. Miles Brown died on September 28, 1924, 83 years old son of late Rev. William Brown

BROWNE, E. 1862 Richmond

BROWNE, George was born in 1836 in England, was received on trial in 1858 at Alymer C.W., Wesleyan Methodist, 1857 Woodstock, 1859 Blenhein, ordained in 1860-1861 at Shannonville, 1863-1865 Consecon, 1865-1868 Innisfil, 1869-1870 Lloydtown, 1871-1872 Uxbridge/King (York Co.), 1873-1874 Castleton, 1875-1876 Weston, 1877-1880 Streetsville,

BROWNE, B.P. New Connexion, 1851 Prince Edward Co.

BROWNELL, Daniel E. was born in 1838 in Ontario and was received on trial in 1860, 1860 Clinton, 1861 Stratford, 1862 St. Mary's, 1863 Clinton, 1864 Osprey, 1865 Paisley/Feversham/Maxwell/Singhampton (Grey Co.), 1866-1867 Meaford, 1868-1871 Vienna (Elgin Co.)

BROWNELL, John B. was received on trial in 1826 in the West Indies. 1838 Kingston C.W., 1839-1842 Dunham C.E., 1843 Montreal, 1844-1845 Quebec,

BROWNELL, Stephen A. was born in 1801 in Ontario and died on March 22, 1871 and was buried at Craighurst Presyterian Cemetery, Medonte Twp., Simcoe Co. His son Stephen Cornelius died in Flos Twp. 24 June 1856 at the age of 2 years old. He was received on trial in 1834-1835 in Ottawa, 1833 Clarendon, 1836 Crosby, 1837 Mississippi, 1838 ordained at Clarendon, 1839-1840 Pembrooke/Bonechire, 1841 Owen Sound, 1842-1844 Norfolk Street Guelph District, 1843 Waterloo, 1843-1844 Nichol (Wellington Co.), 1844 Elora & Fergus (Wellington Co.), 1845 Woolwich (Wellington Co.), 1845 Agent for Connexional Funds, 1846 Grand River, 1847-1848 Chippewa, 1848 Wellesley (Waterloo Co.), 1849 Puslinch (Wellington Co.), 1850 Erin (Wellington Co.), 1850 Toronto/Durham Road, 1851 Kincardine, 1851 St. Vincent/Artemisia Twp. (Simcoe Co.), 1852-1854 Medonte/Vespra/Tiny/Penetanguishene (Simcoe Co.), 1855 Flos/Orillia, 1856-1858 Southampton, 1857 Woolwich, 1859 Arran (Bruce Co.), 1859-1863 Cape Crocker (Bruce Co.) 1862-1863 Peel/Erin (Wellington Co.), 1863-1869 Avonmore/Moulinette retired, 1871 Cornwall Twp. (Stormont),

BROWNING, Arthur was born in 1830 in England and was received on trial in 1856 and was ordained in 1859, 1856 Percy, 1857 Sidney (Hastings Co.), 1858 Artesmia, 1859 Nanaimo, 1861 Fort Hope/Fort Yale, 1863-1864 New Westminster, 1865-1867 Victoria, 1868 New Westminster, 1871 Percy (Northumberland Co.) (Christian Guardian) Mrs. Elizabeth Browning celebrated 94th birthday Jan 27, 1925 in Long Beach CA widow of late Rev. Arthur Browning.

BROXHOLME, William New Connexion, 1852-1854 English Conference, 1856 Montreal,

BRUCE, Robert was received on trial in 1865, 1865 Merrickville, 1866 Newboro/Bedford, 1867 removed to the United States.

BRUMLEY, Daniel Methodist Episcopal, was received on trial in 1794 in Pittsfield USA, 1795 Grenwich USA, 1796 Ordained in Pomfret, 1797 Granville, 1798 Needham, 1799-1814 New England USA, 1815 Montreal, 1816 moved to the USA

BRYERS, William was born in 1827 in Ireland and was received in 1853, 1854 on trial at the Belleville Conference, 1853 Bath, 1854-1855 Picton (Prince Edward Co.), 1855 Port Hope, 1856 student at Victoria College Cobourg, 1857 Bowmanville, 1858-1859 Hemmingford, 1860 Carleton Place, 1861-1862 Wawanosh, 1863-1865 Cainesville, 1866-1867 Hullsville, 1868-1871 Norwich North (Oxford Co.), 1883 Erin (Wellington Co.)

BUCHANAN, T.C. 1906 High River Alberta

BUCHNER, Shieler New Connexion, 1835-1856 Waterford, 1837 suspended, 1838 expelled

BUCKLEY, James 1870 Guysboro/Canso N.S. (retired)

BUDD, A.W. 1899-1902 Florence

BUDGE, Henry was received on trial in 1849 in Prescott/Augusta, 1850 dropped

BUGGIN, George New Connexion, was born in 1842 in Townsend (Norfolk Co.) and was received on trial in 1860-1861 at Durham. He died July 22, 1909 in Seaforth, Ontario. 1862 Nelson, 1863-1864 Omemee, 1865-1869 Manvers, 1869 Omemee, 1870-1873 Waterford, 1873-1874 London, 1883 Elora (witnesses to a wedding June 1883 at Elora were William and Harriet - children of George?) and after the Union at Seaforth, Mount Forest, Drayton, Markdale, Tara and Blyth.

BULL, John G. Methodist Episcopal, 1851 Camden,

BULPITT, James 1807 Charlottetown PEI

BUNNER, J.W. 1889 Greenwood, 1921-1922 Greenwood, 1922 Greenwood Ontario (Christian Guardian) Rev. J.W. and Mrs Bunner of Greenwood ON celebrated 25th anniversary, daughters; one named Helen, others in Pickering

BUNNER William Alfred born 1861 died 1943 was a shoemaker and a Methodist minister in Ontario. He worked as a shoemaker for several years until he offered himself as a candidate for ministry in the Methodist Church in 1889. He was ordained in 1893 and served the following charges 1893-1896 Minden, 1896-1898 Myrtle, 1898-1902 Ameliasburg, 1902-1905 Castleton, 1905-1906 Norham, 1906-1911 Salem and Atherley, 1911-1915 Trenton, 1915-1917 Yarker, 1917-1921 Welcome, 1921-1924 Pickering, 1924 Bowmanville (retired). In 1893 he married Elizabeth Leavens of Pickering, Ontario

BUNT, F.A. 1923 Foleyet Ontario, brother of W.P. Bunt, grandfather built first Methodist Church at Bloomsbury Ontario

BUNT, W.P. 1923 Kaslo British Columbia, brotherof F.A. Bunt, grandfather built first Methodist Church at Bloomsbury Ontario (Christian Guardian) - Golden Wedding - Francis John Bunt and Rebecca Totten were married on Dec 25 1873 in Pine Grove, Ontario. They celebrated 50 years of marriage at their residence in Collingwood Ontario. Manford Bunt, brother of groom, and Jean Totten, sister of bride, stood up for them at wedding (both now deceased), 1901 moved to Collingwood Ontario, 8 children - 4 died in early childhood, surviving children: Mrs A.I. Hutchinson of Collingwood Ontario, Rev W.P. Bunt of Kaslo BC, Dr. M.H. Bunt of Everett Ontario, and Rev. F.A. Bunt of Foleyet Ontario. Mr Bunt's father built first Methodist Church at Bloomsbury Ontario and Mrs Bunt is cousin of Rev. J.W. Totten.

BURCH, Oliver Edson was received on trial in 1857, 1857 Montrose, 1858 Gosfield/Rochester, 1859-1860 student at Victoria College Cobourg, 1861 Amherstburg, 1862-1863 Wardsville, 1864-1866 Warwick, 1867 Mono,

BURCH. Thomas was born in 1778 and died in 1849. He was received in trial in 1805 and ordained in 1807. 1805 Milford, 1806 St. Martin's, 1807-1808 Dauphin, 1809 Lancaster, 1810-1811 Philadelphia, 1812-1814 Montreal/Quebec City, 1815 removed to the United States. War of 1812...Only one preacher, therefore, Thomas Burch, who volunteered for Canada from the United States, arrived there; the other, Nathan Bangs, who was appointed presiding elder in the lower province, but was to have charge also of Montreal, by the consent of the bishops, relinquished his journey, after removing from New York as far as Lansingburgh, and remained in the United States.

BURDICK, Caleb BME Methodist, 1833 Westminster, 1835-1836 Dorchester, 1837 Malahide

BURCH, Thomas was born in 1778 and died on August 22, 1849. He was received on trial in 1805 in Milford USA, 1812-1814 Montreal

BURDOCK, Enoch was received on trial in 1811 Methodist Episcopal, 1811-1812 Long Point, 1813 located

BURDGE, James was born in 1844 in Ontario, Primitive, 1871 Toronto Gore (Peel Co.)

BURGESS, Philip C. was born in 1845 Ontario, Episcopal, 1871 Kaladar (Addington Co.)

BURKE, T.E. 1904-1907 South Mountain

BURKHOLDER, C. Episcopal, 1878 Binbrook,

BURNELLE, J.C. Episcopal, 1861 Stirling/Rawdon Twp.,

BURNEY, Daniel 1835 Clarendon (Augusta)

Rev. A. Burns BURNS, Alexander M.A. D.D., LL.D, (1870)S.T.D. was born on August 12, 1834 in Castlewllan County Down Ireland and died in Toronto in May 1900. He was the son of James and Elizabeth C. Burns. In 1863 he married Sarah Andrews of Devonshire England and they had two sons and two daughters. In 1847 he and his family came to Quebec and in 1850 moved to Toronto. In 1851 when he was seventeen years of age he was converted in Toronto, under the preaching of the Rev. James Caughey, a Methodist clergyman, and Mr. Burns became a Methodist, although his people were Presbyterians. In 1855 attended Victoria College and graduated 1861, 1861 Stratford (Perth Co.), 1862-1865 Drayton (Wellington Co.), 1865-1868 was the vice president, chair of mathmatics and taught at Iowa Wesleyan University in Mount Pleasant Iowa, 1868-1878 president of the Simpson Centenary College, 1878 replaced Rev. S.D. Rice as President of the Wesleyan Female College, Hamilton, 1886 Hamilton

BURNS, Arthur New Connexion, was received on trial in 1862 at Crosby, 1863 London North, 1864 Lansdown, 1865 Laxton, 1866 Lindsay, 1867 Bay of Quinte

Rev. Nelson BurnsBURNS, Nelson B.A. M.A. was received on trial in 1863 at Holland Landing, 1862 Smithville, 1864 Cookstown, 1865 Erin (Wellington Co.), 1866 Galt, 1866-1867 Port Dover (retired) 1867-1868-1873 Milton (retired), 1874-1875 Thorold, 1876-1877 Camlachie, 1878-1881 Georgetown (retired), 1894 Guelph (Wellington Co.), a graduate of University College, Toronto, B.A. 1857. Silver Medalist in natural Sciences. Note: (1880) During his Superannuary relation to the Conference, he has for several years been Head Master in High Schools. He is now, by permission of the Conference, in charge of the Georgetown College, an institution designed to give thorough High School training, combined with earnest religious culture.

BURNS, James 1870 Amherst N.B.

BURNS, R. 1905-1908 Tweed Hungerford Twp. (Hastings Co.)

BURNS, William was born in 1828 in Ontario and was received on trial in 1850, ordained 1854, 1850 Augusta, 1851-1852 Cornwall, 1853 Matilda, 1854-1855 Lochaber (Ottawa), 1855-1856 Lanark/Sherbrooke, 1857 Longboro, 1858-1859 Harrowsmith/Wilton, 1860 Chairman Wilton circuit, 1861-1863 Elgin, 1864-1866 Packenham/Arnprior, 1866-1869 Omemee, 1871 Mariposa (Victoria Co.), 1873 Brampton, Odeltown

BURSELL, Henry New Connexion, 1844 Goulbourn, 1845-1846 Crosby/Elizabethtown, 1847-1848 Stanstead, 1849-1851 Bolton, 1852-1854 Proton,

BURSON, George was received on trial in 1860 and was ordained in 1863, 1859 Elora (Wellington Co.), 1860 Georgetown, 1861 Frankford/Trenton (Hastings Co.), 1862-1863 Hamilton, 1864 Dundas, 1865-1867 Paris (Brant Co.), 1867 withdrew and united with the Presbyterian Church and is (1880) in charge of a Congregation in St. Catharines, Ontario

BURT, William was received on trial in 1816 in Newport N.S. and was ordained in 1820, 1817-1818 Fredricton N.B., 1819-1821 Horton N.S., 1822 Newport N.S., 1823-1825 Charlottetown PEI, 1826-1827 Odeltown, 1828 returned to England

BURTON, Robert C. 1892 Johnstown, 1899-1902 Florence

BURWASH, E.M. 1923 Toronto

BURWASH, John M.A. was received on trial in 1863 in Canton and was ordained in 1867, 1864 Colbourne, 1865 Barrie, 1866 tutor Victoria College, 1866 Baltimore/Grafton, 1867 Belleville, 1868 Parkhill, 1882 Charlottetown PEI

BURWASH, Nathaniel M.A. was born in 1840 in Quebec and was received on trial in 1860 in Newburg. He married in Cobourg, Ontario, Margaret Proctor, eldest daughter of Edward Moore Proctor of English ancestry living in Sarnia, Ontario. She died in her 81 st year Jan 14 1923 in Toronto Ontario. Mrs. Burwash is survived by 4 sons: A. Proctor Burwash of Edmonton AB, N.A. Burwash of Toronto ON, L.T. Burwash M.E. of Ottawa ON, and Rev E.M. Burwash of Toronto ON, 1 brother M.B. Proctor of Sarnia ON and had a total of 12 children, 8 of whom died in infancy or childhood. 1861-1862 Belleville, 1863-1864 Toronto East, 1865-1866 Hamilton, 1866-1871 Professor at Victoria College - Cobourg (Northumberland Co.), 1868-1869 Barrie, 1869 Brantford, 1870-1871 Mt. Forest (Grey Co.), 1870 Glenelg (Grey Co.), 1871 Bentinck (Grey Co.),

Rev. N. BurwashBURWASH, Nathaniel S. was born and raised in Underwood, Bruce Twp. and was received on trial in 1860 in Bobcaygeon and was ordainded in 1864, 1861 Lindsay, 1862 Millbrook, 1863 student at Victoria College Cobourg, 1864-1867 Luther/Arthur/Peel (Wellington Co.), 1867-1868 Lynedoch, 1869-1870 Durham West, 1871-1873 Paisley, 1874-1876 Wesley/Underwood/Tiverton, 1876-1879 Invermay, 1879-1880 Hanover, Financial Secretary 1880,

BURY, William H. was born in 1845 in England, 1871 Peel (Wellington Co.)

BUTCHER, Charles W. was born in PEI and was ordained in 1856, 1870 St. David's N.B.

BUTCHER, George B. was received on trial in 1836 and ordained in 1841. 1836-1838 Pembrooke, 1841 L'Orignal, 1842-1843 Perth, 1844 Cornwall, 1845 Rideau, 1846 Scugog, 1851 Pembroke (Renfrew Co.), In 1847 at the Toronto Conference Rev. Butcher had "desisted from travelling," "on account of ill-health" but he remained a Methodist preacher for some years in a local sphere, and then accepted a call to the pastorship of a Congregation church, and after some years longer was called to his final account.

BUTCHER, John W. was born in PEI and died in 1885 in Peterborough. He married Maria who was born in 1827 and died in 1924 in Peterorough and buried in Little Lake Cemetery (Christian Guardian) Late Mrs (Rev) J.W. Butcher died Jun 10 1924 at residence in Peterboro Ontario, 97 years old buried Little Lake Cemetery, Peterboro Ontario, husband d. 1885 Peterboro Ontario, cared for by daughter Bella Butcher survived by 4 children all of Peterboro Ontario: John W., Mark T., Bella, Mrs Annie Hudson

BUTLER, Cornelius was born in 1831 in the United States, Episcopal, 1871 London Tp. (Middlesex Co.)

BUTT, W. Spurgeon, 1924 Rydal Bank Ontario (Christian Guardian) Steele - Butt Married June 24 at Beamsville Ontario Miss Sadie only daughter of Mr and Mrs James Steele to Rev. W. Spurgeon Butt of Rydal Bank Ontario

BYAM, John Wesley was received on trial in 1816 in Ontario N.Y. USA Methodist Episcopal 1817 Niagara and removed to the United States in 1818. In 1834, as one of the men dissatisfied with the Union of 1833, he assisted in the organization of the present Methodist Episcopal Church of Canada (1874)

BYERS, Henry was born in 1811 in Ireland and died in 1890 and was received on trial in 1838 in Gosfield and was ordained in 1842, Wesleyan Methodist, 1839 London, 1840 Oxford, 1840 Barrie, 1841 Amherstburg, 1842 Adelaide/Warwick, 1843 Brantford/Grand River, 1844 Puslinch Twp. (Wellington Co.), 1844 Peterboro, 1845 Goderich, 1846 Norfolk Street - Guelph (Wellington Co.), 1847-1855 Kingston supernumerary, 1869 Kingston, 1871 Cataraqui (Kingston) (retired), 1880 deposed from the office of the ministry,

BYERS, William 1857 Darlington (Durham), 1875 Caledonia

BYRNE, Alexander Sturgeon was born in 1832 in Ireland and died in 1852. He was the son of Claudius and Jane, Brantford, 1848 Yonge St., 1850 London, 1851 Toronto/Yorkville (York Co.)

BYRNE, Claudius was received on trial in Ireland in 1824 and arived in Canada in 1848. 1849-1850 Brantford, 1851-1852 Thorold/St. Catharines, 1853-1854 Niagara, 1855-1869 Fairfield/Mount Pleasant (retired) (Christian Guardian) Claudius Byrne was born in Dublin, Ireland on May 12, 1793 and became a local preacher at about 22 years old (1815). He was received on trial at Downpatrick, Ireland in 1824 and ordained in 1828. In 1848 he came to Canada and travelled successively on the Brantford, St Catharines and Niagara circuits. In 1855 he was superannuated. He died in Burford, October 5, 1876. All his family except Claudius, who was married and studying for the ministry at Zilton, New Hampshire, were at his death bed. One son Alexander predeceased him. (Christian Guardian), October 11, 1876 - letter from Jane Byrne (the widow) January 24, 1877. His wife Jane was the eldest child of the late Rev. Alexander Sturgeon of the Irish Wesleyan Methodist Conference was born in County Antrim, Ireland in February 1801 and lost her mother when she was 16. In May 1829 she married Rev. Claudius Byrne and shared an itinerant's life with him for 26 years, 19 in Ireland, 7 in Canada. In 1855 they retired to the village of Burford. She died at the residence of her son-in-law W.G. Nelles, Sylvan Farm, Mt. Vernon, November 2, 1876,

BYRNE, Claudius son of Claudius, 1858 & 1869-1871 Burford (Brant Co.) Lot 5 Con 6, (Christian Guardian) His wife was Sophia Eliza was the daughter of John and Mary Heaton and was born in Brantford, March 23, 1848 and confirmed in the Protestant Episcopal Church September 15, 1864. On December 2, 1871 she married Claudius Byrne (son of the late Rev. C. Byrne of Burford) a local preacher preparing for the Methodist Episcopal ministry. In 1875 he entered the New Hampshire Conference Seminary and in 1876 she joined him at Tilton, New Hampshire. In 1876-1877 she joined the Methodist Episcopal Church there. She returned to Canada because of illness and died at her parent's residence in Burford Village July 16, 1877

CAFLEY, Ernest W. 1919 South Dummer Asphodel Twp., 1923 Norham, 1932-1933 Bethel-Zion (Hastings Co.) Ontario (Christian Guardian) Births - Joan Barbara Cafley born Nov 16 1923 at Coburg Hospital Ontario a daughter for Rev. and Mrs. E.W. Cafley of Norham Ontario. He died March 22, 1934

CAIRNS, Hugh was received on trial in 1862 in New Ireland and was ordained in 1866, 1864-1865 Melbourne, 1866-1867 Dudswell/Bury, 1868 Lawrenceville,

CAIRNS, Samuel was received on trial in 1863 in Franklin, 1864-1865 Eaton, 1866 delisted on account of ill health.

CALDWELL, Henry 1891-1893 Mt. Pleasant Nichol (Wellington Co.), 1915-1919 Waterford (Brant Co.), 1925 Georgetown, Rev. Caldwell spoke at Norfolk Street Methodist Church in Guelph on Sunday May 3, 1925

CALVERT, R. 1918-1920 South Mountain

Rev. G. William Calvert CALVERT, G. William was born on March 3, 1846 in Yorkshire, England and came to Canada with his parents in 1850. On May 13, 1885 he married Miss Louise Riddle, of St. Catharines, a lady of fine accomplishments and a beautiful Christian character, who died September 14, 1887. He was received on trial in 1869, 1869 Cainsville, 1871 Malahide/Aylmer (Elgin Co.), 1872 Port Stanley, 1873 Victoria College Cobourg, ordained in 1875 Acton, 1878 London East, 1881 St. Catharines, 1884 Niagara Falls, 1887 Port Dover, 1889 Norwich, 1891 Paris, 1897 Thorold


CAMERON, J.J. arrived in Canada in 1874, 1879 Shakespeare Easthorpe North Twp.(Perth Co.)

CAMERON, James 1833 Yonge Twp.

CAMERON, John 1865 Clinton, 1869 Pickering

CAMPBELL, Alexander was born in 1832 in Ontario and was received on trial as a Methodist Episcopal minister in 1859 Consecon and was ordained in 1863, 1860 Hungerford, 1861 Franklin, 1862 St. Andrews, 1863-1865 Brewer's Mills, 1866 Napanee, 1867 Princeton, 1871 Sidney (Hastings Co.), 1871 Grimsby (Lincoln Co.)

CAMPBELL, Alexander was born in 1811 and died on December 31, 1865. He was received on trial in 1847 and was ordained in 1852, 1846 Brock, 1847 Bradford, 1848-1850 Newmarket, 1851-1853 St. Vincent, 1854-1856 Clinton, 1857-1858 St. Mary's, 1859 Port Stanley, 1860-1862 Aylmer C.W., 1863-1865 Newcastle,

CAMPBELL, Alexander R. was born on Sept 12,1827 at Mount Pleasant Ontario Wesleyan Methodist, travelled on the Peel Circuit in 1854 and was received on trial in 1855-1856 in Flos/Orillia, 1854 Peel/Maryborough (Wellington Co.), 1857 Aurora, ordained at Orillia in 1858, 1859-1860 Artemesia, 1861-1862 Mt. Forest (Wellington Co.), 1863-1865-1866 Lloydtown (York Co.), 1866-1867 Cookstown, 1868-1869 Smithville

CAMPBELL, Amos was born on January 1, 1832 in North Frederickburg son of Archibald and Barbara (Sager) from the highlands of Scotland. Episcopal. He matriculated from Albert College in Belleville and was received on trial in Brighton in 1863. Charges: 1865 Madoc, 1866-1867 Stirling, Sidney, Norham, Belleville and Brighton a second time. He then was a College Agent for seven years at Albert College in Belleville. Deseronto, 1890-1891 Stirling (second time) and North Belleville. He retired in 1895 and was living at 98 Victoria Ave. Belleville. Offspring, Albert is a doctor in Jamestown NY, Joseph is a doctor in Rochester NY, and his daughter Annie (deceased) married Rev. B.R. Strangway, B.A. B.D.. Her daughter Rth survives her.

CAMPBELL, George M. 1879 Upper Prince St. PEI, 1891 Wesley Memorial Moncton New Brunswick, 1906 Queen Square St. John New Brunswick

CAMPBELL, James A. was born in 1845, Wesleyan Mthodist 1867 Stirling/Rawdon Twp., 1871 Hamilton Twp. 1874 Erin (Wellington Co.)

CAMPBELL, James was born in 1846, Primitive, 1871 Orangeville (Dufferin Co.)

CAMPBELL, John D.D. 1922 Victoria British Columbia (Christian Guardian), Obituary - Late Mrs George Laurence born Charlotte Campbell, near Oban Scotland (of Campbell forebearers important in Scottish history) died Oct 25 1922 buried in family plot Honeywood Cemetery, came to Canada as a girl with parents and settled in Nottawasga was a teacher until married George Laurence husband died 8 years ago 5 sons and 2 daughters survived by 5 children: John, William, George, Annie and Elizabeth, 1 brother Rev. Dr John Campbell of Victoria BC, and 1 sister Mrs Archie Turner of Mt Forest Ontario

CAMPBELL, M.F. D.D. 1925 Toronto was the brother of Rev. Thomas Metcalfe Campbell

CAMPBELL, Owen New Connexion, was received on trial in 1843 at London and died in January 1844

Rev. Peter CampbellCAMPBELL, Peter was received on trial in 1858 at Rama and was ordained in 1861 at Morris, Wesleyan Methodist, 1857 Flos/Orillia, 1858-1860 Rama, 1861 Morris, 1862 Blyth, 1863-1864 Coboconk, 1865-1867 Rockwood (Wellington Co.), 1867-1870 Edmonton House, 1871-1873 Victoria Saskatchewan, 1874-1876 Chinguacousy, 1877-1879 Albion East, 1880 Brampton Circuit

CAMPBELL, Thomas was born in 1846 in Ontario and was received on trial in 1865, 1866-1871 Uxbridge, 1888 Toronto

CAMPBELL, Thomas was born in 1852 in Ontario, 1868 Peel (Wellington Co.), 1871 Ancaster (Wentworth Co.), 1871 Dunville,

CAMPBELL, Thomas was born in 1832 in Ireland, 1848 Compton, 1854-1855 Trafalgar/Nelson (Halton Co.)

CAMPBELL, Thomas was born in 1811 and died in 1866. He was received on trial in 1837 and was ordained in 1841. 1836 Wesleyville, 1837-1838 St. Armand, 1839 Shefford, 1840 Russelltown, 1841 Shefford, 1842-1844 New Ireland, 1845-1847 Clarenceville, 1848-1849 Compton/Hatley, 1850-1851 Three Rivers, 1852-1853 Russelltown, 1854-1856 Nelson, 1857-1859 Markham, 1860 Hamilton (retired), Wesleyan Methodist Church in Canada Report by Rev. T. Campbell of Leeds Township, Lower Canada, that Sir C. Metcalfe donated money for the repair of the Wesleyan Methodist Chapel in New Ireland Township. Kingston Chronicle and Gazette May 6, 1844 p. 2, col. 5

CAMPBELL, Thomas Metcalfe was born in 1839 in Hawkesbury Ontario and was received in 1867 at St. Thomas and died around 1925. Wesleyan Methodist. He married on June 22 1870, Martha Williams, youngest daughter of Thomas Williams of St. Thomas Ontario. He was the brother of Rev. Dr. M.F. Campbell of Toronto and Rev. Peter Addison is a brother in law. His father died when Thomas was 29 years old. Thomas and Martha had 4 daughters and 2 sons. 1866 Colbourne, 1867 St. Thomas, 1868 Peel (Wellington Co.), 1869 Washington, ordained in 1870-1872 at Dunville, 1873-1876 Ridgeway, 1876 Merriton, 1877-1879 Windsor, 1880 Sarnia, 1886 Goderich, 1891 Cambridge Street - Lindsay,

CAMPBELL, William Francis was trceived on trial in 1860, 1860-1861 Ingersoll, 1862 Grimsby, 1863 Thorold, 1864-1866 Dunnville, 1867 Oil Springs

CANNON, Ibri was born in 1783 and died on June 15, 1866 at Troy N.Y. Methodist Episcopal, 1820 Dunham C.E., 1821 returned to the USA, located 1844

CANNON, John W. 1923 Cobourg (Christian Guardian) Deaths - Eva Roberts Cannon died Nov 1 1923 at Restbrooke, Coburg Ontario widow of late Rev. John W Cannon and daughter of late Rev. Edward Roberts

CANTLON, David was born in 1821 in County Tipperary, Ireland, and died in 1872 and was converted by Henry Ebbott after emigrating to Canada. He entered the Canadian Bible Christian ministry in 1855 and served as Conference President in 1871 and Connexional Secretary in 1863. (Christian Guardian) Late James Huston married May 24 1869 Catherine (Katie) Cantlon (died May 16 1877 Mitchell), daughter of late Rev. David Cantlon died prior to Aug 1922 Manitou twin daughters died in infancy.

CARD, Stephen was born in 1839 in Ontario, Episcopal, 1871 Clarke (Durham Co.)

CARDUS, Thomas was born in 1845 in England and was received on trial in 1868, 1868 Chatham, 1870-1871 Thorold Twp.,

CARDY, William T. 1870 Germain Street St. John's N.B. (retired)



Rev. A. CarmanCARMAN, Albert D.D. was born in Iroquois in 1833 and died in 1917. Methodist Episcopal, 1855 graduated from Victoria College Cobourg. He worked briefly as a teacher and was then appointed principal of Belleville Seminary, later Albert College, in 1858. A masterful administrator and, after entering the Methodist Episcopal ministry, a militant advocate for Methodist education, Carman spearheaded the successful development of this Methodist school during his 17-year term there. Following his election as a Bishop in 1874, he gained increasing prominence in church affairs, particularly as an ardent supporter of union among the Methodist denominations. When union was achieved in 1884, Carman became a General Superintendent of the Methodist Church, a post he held until his retirement in 1914. 1874 Bishop of Episcopal Methodists in Canada, 1884 Hamilton, 1889 General Superintendent

CARPENTER, Abraham was received on trial in 1851 at Grand River, 1852 Mt. Elgin/Muncey, 1853 dropped


CARR, George was born in 1818 in England and received on trial in 1842, 1842-1843 Asphodel, 1844 Whitby, 1845 Markham, 1846-1847 Yonge Street, 1848-1849 Demorestville, 1850 Bath/Amherst Isle, 1851 Adolphustown, 1851-1852 Ernestown Twp. (Midland), 1851-1852 Amherst Is./Adolphustown (Prince Edward Co.), 1852 Fredericksburg, 1853 Percey, 1854-1855 Norwood, 1856-1858 Gananoque/Leeds, 1857-1859 Howes Island/Pittsburgh (Frontenac Co.), 1859-1860 Madoc (Hastings Co.), 1861-1863 Demorestville, 1864-1866 Hungerford, 1867-1870 Stirling/Thurlow (Hastings Co.), 1871 Ameliasburgh (Prince Edward Co.) Christian Guardian 1850 Marriages - On October 10th George H. Dingman of Marysburg and Catherine Foster of Bath by Rev. George Carr

CARR, 1851 Kilworth, Deleware Twp. (Middlesex Co.)

Rev. John CarrollCARROLL, John D.D. was born in 1809 Niagara-on-the-Lake and died in 1884 and is buried at Victoria Lawn, St Catharines (Section L) Grantham Twp. Lincoln Co., and he was received in 1829 at Cobourg, Methodist Episcopal, 1827 Scarborough/Toronto Twp. (4 months), 1828 Belleville/Stirling (Hastings Co.), 1829 Cobourg, 1830-1831 Perth, ordained in 1832 at Bytown/Ottawa, 1833 joined Wesleyan Conference, 1834 Matilda, 1835-1836 Brockville, 1837-1838 Cobourg, 1839 tutor Upper Canada Academy Cobourg, 1840 Brockville, 1840 Kingston, 1841 Bytown Chairman, 1842-1843 Prescott Chairman, 1844-1845 Kingston Chairman, 1845 Augusta (Johnstown), 1846-1847 Toronto East, 1848-1850 London Chairman, 1851-1853 Hamilton (Main St.) Chairman, 1854-1855 St. John's/Montreal C.E., 1855-1857 Belleville (Hastings Co.) Chairman, 1858-1860 Ottawa Chairman, 1861-1863 Monaghan (Peterborough Co.) Chairman, 1864-1866 Norfolk St. Guelph (Wellington Co.) Chairman, 1867 Puslinch (Wellington Co.), 1868 Grantham (Lincoln Co.), 1867-1868 Humberstone St. Catharines Chairman, 1869 General Agent S.S. Union, Toronto, 1870-1871 Yorkville (retired), 1872 Rochesterville (retired), 1873 Leslieville (retired), 1873-1877 Ottawa, 1874-1881 Don Mount Toronto (York Co.), Author or "Past and Present", "Case and Cotemporaries" 5 vols, "School of the Prophets", The Stripling Preacher", "Life of Robert Corson", and several Tractates. Christian Guardian 1850 Marriages -On Sat 21st of Sept in St. Michaels Cathedral, Toronto, Ont Henry Beverly, of the Anthenaeum, King St. and Eleanor Mitchell by Rev. Carroll. Kingston British Whig May 1, 1835 p. 2, col. 5 Wesleyan Methodist Church in Canada - Wesleyan Methodist Church minister Rev. James Brock married Mercia Beech, daughter of Elijah Beech. Rev. John Carroll officiated.

CARROLL, William New Connexion, 1835 St. Thomas

CARSON, John 1887 Dublin St. Guelph

CARSON, Robert was born in 1831 in Ireland, 1867 Teeswater (Bruce Co.), 1871 Mount Forest (Wellington Co.)

CARSON, Wellington W. was born in 1845 in Ontario and was received on trial in 1867 at Farmersville, 1867-1869 Yonge Street North, 1871 Streetsville (Peel Co.)

CARTER, M. 1916-1920 Binbrook,

CARTER, Robert M.D. New Connexion, was received on trial in 1860-1861 at Marlborough, 1862 Hope, 1863 ill-health

CARTWRIGHT, William T. Episcopal 1843 Stirling/Rawdon Twp.

CARVETH, Thomas 1879 Free Methodist Scarborough Circuit (York Co.),

CASE, George was born in 1821 in Ontario and was received on trial in 1846 at Cornwall, 1847 Coteau Landing, 1848 Markham, 1849 Chippewa, 1850-1851 Stratford/Wellesley, 1852 Devonshire, 1853 Warwick, 1854-1855 Stratford (Perth Co.), 1856 S. Easthope (Huron Co.), 1856-1857 Gatineau, 1858-1860 Osgoode/Cumberland, 1861-1863 Pakenham/Arnprior, 1863 Fitzroy Twp. (Carleton Co.), 1865 Osnabruck (Stormont), 1866-1869 Cataraqui, (Frontenac Co.), 1871 Colborne (Northumberland Co.), 1873 Camden East,

Rev. CaseCASE, William was born in 1780 in Swansea, Mass United States and died in 1855. He was received on trial in 1805 Methodist Episcopal, 1805 Bay of Quinte, 1806 Oswegotchie, 1807 Ordained Ulster N.Y., 1808 Jerseyville/Ancaster (Wentworth Co.), 1808 Hallowell, 1809 Detroit, 1810-1827 Presiding Elder of the Methodist Episcopal Church in Canada and Northwestern New York, 1816 Smith's Creek Circuit, 1827 Peterborough, 1828 General Superintendent of Indian School and Missions in Upper Canada, 1831 Ameliasburgh, 1833 joined Wesleyan Conference, 1851-1855 Alderville - with permission to visit different parts of the work, as his health and circumstances may permit., 1831 Ameliasburgh Township Rev. W. Case, Methodist Minister of Ameliasburgh. Kingston Chronicle Apr. 2, 1831 p. 2, col. 1-2; Methodist Episcopal Church in Canada - Rev. Wm. Case is general superintendent. Kingston Chronicle and Gazette Sept. 21, 1833 p. 2, col. 5; Report in the Constitution that Egerton Ryerson, Rev. Stinson and Mr. Case had been meeting with Sir Francis Head, and that in view of events in Lower Canada, Head is anxious for Methodist support. British Whig (Kingston) Nov. 20, 1837 p. 3, col.; address on behalf of the Methodist Canada Conference to Lt. Gov. Colborne and his reply on the spread of religion in Upper Canada. Kingston Chronicle Dec. 6, 1828 p. 2, col. 1-2

Rev. F.A. CassidyCASSIDY, Francis A. M.A. died on Apr. 1924 in Enderby British Columbia, 1899-1902 Norfolk St. Guelph (Wellington Co.), 1904-1905 Trustee Norfolk Street Guelph, In 1906 he was living at 3 Gakim Aoyama, Tokoyo, Japan, 1906 Sapporo Japan




CASSIDY, John 1870 Guysboro/Canso N.S.

CASSMORE, C.S. Primitive, 1905-1908 Paisley St Guelph (Wellington Co.)

CASSON, Wesley was born in 1832 in England and was received on trial in 1861at Mono, 1862 Brantford, 1863 Bradford, 1864 Leslieville, 1865 Matilda, 1866-1867 Odessa, 1869-1871 Gananoque (Leeds Co.)

CASTLE, Joseph M.A.D.D. was received on trial in 1823 Methodist Episcopal, 1822 Hallowell, 1823 Augusta, 1824 returned to the USA, 1840 Oswegotchie District, In 1837 he received the degree of M.A. from Hamilton College. In 1848 he graduated in medicine in the Pennsylvania College of Medicine, and the same year received the degree of Doctor of Divinity from Dickinson College. From 1863 to 1871 he was a Preciding Elder. In 1875 he was Superannuated.

CASWELL, James was born in 1818 in England, New Connexion, was received on trial in 1844 at Cavan 1845 Emily, 1846-1847 Ancaster, 1848-1849 Whitchurch, 1850-1851 St. Thomas, 1852 London, 1853-1855 Whitchurch, 1856-1858 Milton, 1859-1861 Goderich. 1862-1863 London, 1864-1866 Toronto living at 18 Magill, 1866 Middleton, 1867-1870 Cavan, 1871-1873 Ancaster, 1874 Ashfield, Chairman of District 1855 to 1857, 1859 to 1861, 1863 to 1865, and 1867 to 1874, Delegate to the first General Conference at Toronto 1874

CASWELL, James C. New Connexion, was received on trial in 1869 at St. Mary's, 1870 Ancaster, 1871 Montreal

CATTENACH, David was born in 1843 in Ontario and was received on trial in 1867, 1868 Aurora, 1871 Essa (Simcoe Co.), 1900 Burks Falls, 1900 Ex-Officio Board Member at Norfolk Street Methodist Church Guelph (Wellington Co.)

CATTERICK, Thomas was born in 1786 and died on April 21, 1861. He was received on trial in 1816 at Kingston, 1816-1817 Kingston, 1818-1819 Fort Wellington, 1820 Niagara, 1821-1823 Shefford, 1824 moved to England, Proposals for the Methodist Chapel. to be received by Catterick at Messrs. Torrance & McLeod. Kingston Gazette Nov. 23, 1816 p. 3, col. 5

CAUGHEY, James famous Methodist revival preacher visited Toronto in 1851 and held a series of religious meetings in the old Richmond Street Methodist Church. One of his conversions was Rev. Alexander Burns who was seventeen years old at the time even though his parents were Presbyterians he became a Methodist. He also held meetings in Quebec, Montreal, Kingston, Hamilton

CAVIN, P.N. 1919 Trinity Methodist Kitchener (Waterloo Co.)

CAVINDUFF, Henry was born in 1850 in Ontario, 1871 Rawdon Tp. (Hastings Co.)

CAWTHORNE, John W. was received on trial in 1844 at Toronto circuit, 1845 Barrie, 1846 Newmarket, 1847 Woodstock, 1851 Markham, 1852 moved to USA,

CHALMERS, David was born in 1832 in Scotland and was received on trial in 1860 at Berlin, Wesleyan Methodist, 1860 Berlin (Waterloo Co.), 1861 Wellesley, 1862-1863 Blenheim, ordained in 1864-1865 at Erin (Wellington Co.), 1866-1868 L'Original, 1869-1870 Bell's Corners, 1870 Nepean Twp. (Carleton), 1871-1873 Bath/Amherst Isle, 1874 Waterdown, 1875-1876 Burlington, 1877-1879 St. George, 1880 Port Dover,

CHAMBERLAIN, Israel D.D. son of Wyatt Sr., was born in 1795 and died on March 20, 1875 in Lyndonville was received on trial in 1813 Methodist Episcopal, 1813-1814 Northumberland USA, 1815 Ordained in St. Lawrence, 1816 USA, 1817 Belleville/Bay of Quinte, 1818-1835 Genesee Conference, 1838 Oswegotchie District,


Rev. Wyatt Chamberlain CHAMBERLAIN, Wyatt Jr. son of Wyatt Sr., was born in 1786 and was ordained at the age of twenty-eight in 1814 on the Bridgewater Circuit Methodist Episcopal, 1815 Lycoming, 1816 St. Lawrence, 1817-1818 Hallowell, 1818 Augusta, 1819-1820 New York State, 1821 Augusta, 1822-1823 Bay of Quinte, 1824-1825 Augusta, 1825 attended Fifty Mile Creek Conference, 1826 Cornwall, 1827 Hallowell, 1828-1832 Rideau, 1828 Methodist Episcopal Conference representative in Pittsburg, 1828 retired in consequence of an ailment, which produced a constant tendencey to fall asleep. Settling in the Township of Kitley, he married Catherine, daughter the Rev. William Hallock, familiarly known as Father Hallock, of Elizabethtown. In 1833 he joined the Wesleyan Conference

CHAMBERLAIN, Wyatt Sr. of Unadillo, New York, well known in early days as an Apostle of Methodism. 1803 Hallowell (Prince Edward Co.),

CHAMBERS, Andrew B. LL.B. D.D. was born in 1841 in Ireland, was received on trial in 1864 and was ordained in 1868. On June 16, 1868 he was married to Miss Lucy, third daughter of the late Rev. William McCullough and they had three daughters and two sons. 1864 Arran, 1865 Markham, 1866Newcastle, 1867 Newmarket/Aurora, 1868 Darlington, 1869 Newmarket, 1871 Ameliasburgh (Prince Edward Co.), 1874 Sherbrooke Street Montreal, 1877 N.Gower (Grenville Co.), 1879 Pembrooke, 1881 Napanee, 1884 Quebec, 1887 Montreal 1889 Stanstead, Napanee, 1891 Wesley Toronto, 1894 McCaul Street Toronto, 1897 Gerard Street Toronto 1900 Woodgreen Tabernacle Toronto, 1903 Parliament Street Toronto.(Christian Guardian) Diamond Anniversary - Mr and Mrs William Henry Lawrence (Mary Chambers) celebrated 60 years Dec 4 1922 in Orillia Ontario. Mrs Lawrence is a sister of Rev. A.B. Chambers of Toronto Ontario.

CHANCEY, John was born in 1810 in the United States, 1871 Bothwell Camden

CHANT, Joseph Horatio was born in 1839 in England and was received on trial in 1864 in Bayfield, 1865 Etona, 1866 Waterloo, 1867 Smith Falls, 1868-1871 Osgoode Twp. (Carleton), 1922 North Bay (Christian Guardian) Deaths - Parkes, Elizabeth Chant died on Sep 18 1922 in Pendleton Oregon, 92 years old. She was the widow of the late Isaac Parkes and is survived by 3 sons and 1 brother Rev J.H. Chant of North Bay Ontario

CHAPMAN, Douglas 1870 Hillsborough N.B.

CHAPMAN, Fred 1924 Angusville MB son William Reginald born November 25, 1824

CHAPMAN, J. Francis was born in 1818 and died on November 19, 1855. He was received on trial in 1846. 1845-1846 Simcoe, 1847 London C.W., 1848 Woodstock, 1849 Simcoe/New Credit, 1850-1851 Dereham/Norwich (Oxford Co.), 1852-1853 Wallaceburg/Dawn Twp. (Kent Co.), 1854-1855 Port Stanley

CHAPMAN, Jeremiah A. was received on trial in 1867 and in 1868 was a student at Victoria College, 1878 Cavan (Victoria Co.)

CHAPMAN, William was born in 1815 in England and was received on trial in 1846, 1846 Bonchiere, 1847 Richmond, 1848 Mississippi, 1849 Matilda, 1850-1851 Shannonville, 1852-1853 Farmersville, 1854 Port Dover (Norfolk Co.), 1855-1856 Gosfield/Woodhouse (Talbot), 1857-1858 Amherstburg, 1859-1860 Warwick, 1861-1862 Devonshire, 1863 Exeter, 1864 Tuckersmith (Huron Co.), 1865-1866 Aylmer C.W., 1867 Rondeau, 1868 Ridgetown, 1871 Camden East, 1871 Howard (Bothwell), 1871 Clarke (Durham), 1871 Orford (Kent Co.)

CHAPPELL, Benjamin 1774-1825 PEI local preacher

CHAPPELL, Benjamin M.A. was born in PEI and was ordained in 1874,

CHAPPLE, John was born in 1812 in Witheridge, Devon, and died in 1896 and entered the Bible Christian ministry in 1834. He volunteered for missionary work in the United States and spent six years in Ohio, before joining the Canadian ministry. He served as President of the Canadian Conference in 1858. 1865 Charlottetown PEI,

CHARBONNELL, Thomas was received on trial in 1856, 1856-1857 Rexton French Mission, 1858-1860 Stanstead, 1861-1865 Magog, 1866-1869 Crompton,

CHARD, W.H. 1855 Lindsay,

CHARLES, O. was born in 1838 in Ontario, Episcopal, 1871 York West

CHARLESWORTH, J. Walter was born in 1868 and died on Dec 27, 1924 Matilda Ontario. He married Annie McCoy, 1895 Bagot (Renfrew Co.), 1923 Dundela Ontario, 1924 living Matilda Ontario (Christian Guardian) Sept 1923 Rev. J.W. Charlesworth of Dundela ON returned home after 7 weeks in Brockville Hospital for a serious operation 1924 son Arthur living in Kingston and daughter Helen living in Essex

CHARLTON, Edward was born in 1846 in Ontario, 1871 Collingwood (Grey Co.)

CHARLTON, James was born in 1846 in Ontario and was received on trial in 1868, 1868 Belmont, 1871 Westminster (Middlesex Co.), 1879-1880 Cumnock Nichol (Wellington Co.)

CHARTIER, Stephen was received on trial in 1864, 1864-1866 Pakenham, 1867 Stanley, 1868 Lake-of-two-Mountains,

CHASE, Abner Ostego

CHASE, Henry P. was received on trial in 1856 in Mount Elgin and Muncey

CHASTHAM, James was born in 1812 in England, Episcopal, 1871 Woodstock (Oxford Co.)

CHEESEBOROUGH, Hilton was born in 1811 in England, 1871 York East


CHEETHAM, James 1858 Brantford

CHICHESTER, Elijah was received on trial in 1799 Methodist Episcopal, 1799-1800 Windsor USA, 1801 Ordained at Plattsburd USA, 1802 Vergennes USA, 1803 St. John's and Sorel, 1804 returned to USA, Located 1807

CHILDS, Charles New Connexion,was born in 1824 and died in 1854. He was received on trial in 1845 at Raleigh Mission, 1846 Crosby/Elizabethtown, 1847 Welland Canal, 1848 London, 1849-1850 Nassagaweya, 1851-1852 Whitchurch, 1853-1854 Barton,

CHISHOLM, Frank was born in 1840 in Ontario, Methodist Episcopal, 1871 Yonge/Escott Twps. (Leeds Co.)

CHOWN, Edwin Anning was born in 1847 in Ontario and was received on trial in 1869 at Drayton, Wesleyan Methodist. He married on Nov 6, 1873, in Kingston, Mary Richardson, daughter of James Richardson of Kingston Ontario, 1868 Listowel, 1869 Drayton (Wellington Co.), 1870 Tillsonburg, 1871 Dereham (Oxford Co.), 1871 Smith's Falls, 1872 student Montreal Theological College, ordained in 1873 at Beaverton, 1874-1876 Beamsville, 1877-1879 Font Hill, 1880 Lynden, (Christian Guardian) Golden Wedding - Rev. and Mrs E.A. Chown celebrated 50 years on Nov 6 1923 Toronto Ontario. Rev. E.A. Chown eldest son of late senior partner of Chown and Cunningham of Kingston Ontario, and a cousin of Rev Dr Chown 3 children: elder daughter Susie died 1913, Harry and Mrs. Douglas Thom both of Regina, Saskatchewan. He was a graduate of Victoria University B.A. - Silver Medalist 1867, B.D. 1877

CHOWN, Samuel D. was born in 1854 in Ontario, 1922 General Superintendent

CHRISTIE, J.H. was born in Scotland and arrived in Canada in 1865, 1878 Stella, Amherst Island (Lennox & Addington Co.), 1907 Dublin St Guelph

CHRISTOPHERSON, Hall was born in 1836 in England and was received on trial in 1858 at Woodstock, 1857 Bayfield, 1859 Ingersoll/Mount Brydges, 1860 Milton, 1861-1863 Binbrook/Glanford, 1861866 Stratford (Perth Co.), 1867 Ailsacraig/Parkhill, 1868-1871 Galt,

CHURCH, Livius S. was received on trial in 1830 Ottawa Methodist Episcopal, 1831 dropped, 1851 Brighton,

CHURCHILL, Charles M.A. was received on trial in 1837 at Halifax, 1837-1838 Halifax, 1839 Sidney N.S., 1840-1843 Yarmouth N.S., 1844 St. John's C.E., 1845-1847 Montreal, 1848-1850 Quebec, 1851 retired to N.B.

CLAPPISON, David C. was born in 1819 in England and was received on trial in 1845 at Loughborough. In 1847 he was received on two year probation at Toronto Conference. 1844 Barrie, 1846 Whitby/Pickering, 1847 Oshawa, 1848-1849 Nrampton/Toronto, 1850-1852 L'Original/Hawkesbury, 1853-1854 Farmersville (Kingston), 1855-1857 Bath/Ernestown/Adolphustown (Prince Edward Co.), 1856-1857 Amherst Island, 1857 Newburgh, 1858 Mariposa (Victoria Co.), 1858-1860 Lindsay, 1861-1863 Ameliasburg (Prince Edward Co.), 1864-1866 Colbourne, 1867-1869 Aylmer C.W., 1871 Stephen (Huron Co.), 1876-1878 Binbrook,

CLARE, G.R. 1897-1899 Greenwood,

CLARK, Andrew New Connexion, was received on trial in 1853-1854 at Durham, ordained 1855-1856 Arthur, 1857 Oxford, 1858-1859 Elizabethtown, 1860 Mottis/Grey, 1861-1862 Hanover, 1872-1875 Lavender

CLARK, E.J. was born in 1851 in Ireland, 1878 Marthaville (Lambton Co.)

CLARK, F.W. was born in 1824 in England, Episcopal, married Myrtle, 1863 Toronto, 1867-1868 Oxford, 1871 Guelph Town (Wellington Co.), 1880 Binbrook, 1925 Putnam Ontario Christian Guardian - Deaths - Late Edward Hird Peterkin born August 22, 1854 Mascouche PQ, son of James Peterkin and Jane Ann Hird married June 1876 Margaret Brown, daughter of late James and Mary Brown of Montreal PQ died January 28, 1925 Montreal PQ survived by wife, William Norman and Marion Gertrude of Montreal PQ, James E. Harlow of CA, Myrtle, wife of Rev. F.W. Clark of Putnam ON

CLARK, George M.A. Ph.D. was born in 1842 in England and was received on trial in 1866, 1866-1867 Romney, 1868 Sarnia, 1871 Moore Tp. (Lampton Co.), 1894-1896 Thorold

CLARK, John A. 1870 Grafton St. Halifax South

CLARK, J.Y. was born in 1841 in Ontario, Episcopal, 1871 Richmond Twp.(Lennox Co.)

CLARK, Laban D.D. was born in 1777 and died on November 28, 1868. He was received on trial in 1801 Methodist Episcopal, 1801 Fletcher USA, 1802 Plattsburg USA, 1803 Ordained St. John's and Sorel, 1804 returned to the USA

CLARK, Wilmot G. 1906-1907 Stirling (Hastings Co.), 1913 Rockwood (Wellington Co.)

CLARKE, H.J. was born in PEI, 1871 Charlottetown PEI

CLARKE, James M. was born in 1830 in York Ontario and died on April 16, 1858. He was received on trial in 1852, 1851 Barrie/Nottawasaga, 1852 St. Vincent/Saugeen, 1853 Goderich, 1854 Glanford/Seneca, 1855 ordained at Wallace, 1856 Wellesley, 1857 Mono,

CLARKE, John M. was born in 1798 in England, 1854 Binbrook, 1855-1856 Elma (Huron Co.), 1856 Mornington (Perth Co.), 1856 Gray (Huron Co.), 1871 Guelph Town (Wellington Co.)

CLARKE, John Stokes was born in 1836 in Ireland Wesleyan Methodist and was received on trial in 1854 at the Belleville Conference, member of the Richmond Street Society - Toronto, 1854 Barrie, 1855 Newmarket, 1856-1867 London Circuit, 1858 Rockwood, 1859-1861 Cookstown, 1862-1864 Bradford, 1865-1867 Napanee/Richmond, 1868-1870 Grimsby, 1871-1873 Thorold, 1871 Grimsby (Lincoln Co.), 1874-1876 Whitby, 1877-1879 Oshawa, 1880-1882 Lindsay, 1886 Picton (Prince Edward Co.), 1890 Norwood,Financial Secretary 1875 to 1878, Chairman of District 1880, Journal Secretary of the Conference 1879 and 1880

CLARKE, Nelson B. was received on trial in 1858 at Cobourg, 1859 Southampton/Paisley, 1860 Carleton Place, 1862 returned to California Conference USA

CLARKE, Richard was born in 1820 in Ireland and died in 1890. He was received on trial in 1851 at Kingston, Wesleyan Methodist, 1852 Crowland, 1853 Thorold/St. Catharines, 1854 Norfolk Street - Guelph (Wellington Co.), 1854 Elora/Nichol/Pilkington (Wellington Co.), ordained in 1855 at Hemmingsford, 1856-1857 St. John's, 1858 Farmersville, 1859-1861 Maitland, 1862-1863 Moulinette, 1863 Maryborough (Wellington Co.), 1864-1865 Odessa/Osnabruck (Stormont), 1866-1868 Erin (Wellington Co.), 1869-1871 Welland, 1872-1873 Millbrook, 1874-1876 Norwood, 1877 Lloydtown, 1878 Schomberg, 1879 Rosemont, 1880 St. Vincent, Financial Secretary 1874

Rev. Thomas Robert Clarke CLARKE, Thomas Robert was born on December 1, 1848 in Queen's Co. Ireland the eldest of ten children and emigrated with his parents in 1855 settling in Garafraxa Twp. in Wellington Co. In 1865 the family moved to Peel Twp. He was received on trial in 1875. Primitive, He was married on October 9, 1879 to Miss Annie M.S. Shields who died in 1882 and was the first peron to be buried at Ebenezer Methodist Church in McGillivray Twp. 1875-1876 Holstein, 1876-1877 Lucknow, 1877-1880 Brigden Moore Twp. (Lambton Co.) He was ordained at the London Conference in 1879, 1881-1884 Oil Springs, 1884-1887 Plattsville, 1887-1889 Innerkip, 1890 Brookton/Otterville


CLARKE, W.F. son-in-law of Rev. William Lyle

CLARKE, William Warner was received on trial in 1857 in Belmont, 1856 Devonshire, 1858 Blenheim, 1859-1860 Mt. Pleasant, 1860 Woodstock, 1861 Port Dover, 1862 Woodstock, 1863-1864 Toronto East, 1865-1866 St. Thomas, 1867 Ingersoll, 1867-1869 Guelph (Wellington Co.)(retired), (Christian Guardian) - Clark, Rev. W.W. married Mary Jane Clark June 26, 1860 in Woodstock, Clark, Maud Mary only daughter of Rev. W. Warner Clark died at Guelph July 11, 1868 age 18 mos 3 days

CLARKSON, John was born at Wisbech in Cambridgeshire, England and died in 1828. He was the son of the headmaster of Wisbech Grammar School. He entered the Royal Navy at the age of twelve and reached the rank of lieutenant in 1783, whereupon he retired on half-pay. In 1791, Clarkson was sent to Nova Scotia by the directors of the newly-formed Sierra Leone Company to recruit settlers from among the free black population. In 1792 he brought nearly two thousand of them to West Africa and was appointed governor of the colony of Sierra Leone. His tenure lasted less than a year, as his willingness to champion the cause of the colonists did not endear him to the Company. He subsequently went into business in Essex and was a founder of the Society for the Promotion of Universal Peace. Clarkson was a devout evangelical Christian and a fervent supporter of abolition. His brother Thomas was also a leading light in the anti-slavery movement.

CLARKSON, John B. B.A. was received on trial in 1857 at Frankford/Trenton, 1858-1861 Victoria College Cobourg, 1862 Toronto East, 1863-1865 Kingston (Sydenham corner of William), 1866-1869 Montreal Centre,

CLEAVER, John M.D. New Connexion, was born in 1834 and died on June 28, 1880. He was received on trial in 1859-1860 at Waterford, 1861 Lake Erie Mission, 1862-1863 Goderich, 1864 London, 1865 General Agent, 1866-1870 Hamilton, 1870 moved to Iowa USA where he did good service as a physician

CLEGG, Radcliffe married Martha A. Wilkinson who was born in Yorkshire England and died in 1924 in Edmonton, 1924 living Edmonton Alberta

CLEGHORN, Thomas was received on trial in 1845 in Consecon, 1846 Peterborough, 1847-1848 Hallowell, 1849 Napanee, 1850-1851 Hungerford/Huntington, 1852-1853 Wilton/Ernestown, 1853-1854 Camden East, 1854-1855 London Circuit/Nissouri, 1856 Sandwich/Windsor, 1856 Biddulph (Huron Co.) 1857-1859 Clinton, 1860 Goderich, 1860 McKillop (Huron Co.), 1861 Stratford (Perth Co.), 1862-1863 Ingersoll (Oxford Co.), 1864 Chatham, 1865-1867 Owen Sound Chairman of District, 1867-1869 Clarke (Newcastle) (Christian Guardian) Dec. 11, 1861 Cleghorn, Isabella Emma born 1855 daughter of Rev. Thomas Cleghorn died at the Wesleyan Methodist parsonage in Stratford on the December 7, 1861 age 6 years 7 mos. Christian Guardian 1850 Marriages - On Aug 20, 1850 Charles Mitts to Mrs Catherine Mitts widow of Wm Nitts both of Huntington by Rev T. Cleghorn

CLELAND, Albert S. 1880 Johnstown, 1915-1919 Johnstown, 1924 Spencerville Quebec, married 1923 Bessie Connell (Christian Guardian) Rev. A.S. Cleland of Spencerville PQ was recently married to Miss Bessie Connell

Rev. ClementCLEMENT, Benjamin was born in 1841 in Ontario and was received on trial in 1862, 1862-1863 Hullsville, 1864-1865 Georgetown, 1886-1867 Streetsville, 1867 Milton, 1868 Kingston, 1870 Nelson (Halton Co.), 1870 Toronto Twp., 1871 Dumfries (Waterloo Co.), 1876-1879 Waterford (Brant Co.)

CLEMENT, Edward Perry was born in 1853 and died in 1924 at Tillsonburg ON He married Mrs. E.P. (nee Bristol) and she died in 1898,

CLEMENT Edwin was born in 1826, was received on trial in 1849 and died in 1924 in Tillsonburg Ontario. Episcopal. father of Edward P. 1848-1849 Gosfield?Amherstburg, 1850-1852 Paris (Brant Co.), 1853-1854 Simcoe (Norfolk Co.), 1855-1857 Vienna/Beachville (Oxford Co.), 1858-1860 Chatham, 1861-1862 Sarnia, 1863-1865 Bowmanville, 1866-1867 Yonge Street South, 1868-1871 Streetsville (Peel Co.), 1879 & 1883-1884 Binbrook,

CLEMENTS, W. was born in PEI and was ordained in 1883,

CLEWORTH, Thomas was born in 1828 in England and was received on trial in 1856 at Chambly C.E., 1857 Aylmer C.E., 1858 Westmeath, 1859 Frankford/Trenton, 1860-1861 Sandwich/Windsor, 1862-1863 Amherstburg, 1864-1865 Gosfield, 1866-1867 Wardsville, 1868-1869 Wingham, 1871 Hullett Tp. (Huron Co.), 1872-1873 Sault Ste. Marie, 1874 Toronto Conference (Christian Guardian) Clewworth, Mrs. Ann mother of Rev. Thomas Cleworth died at the Wesleyan parsonage in Wardsville, March 17, 1868 at age 71

CLINE, Henry.

CLINGMAN, Samuel G. New Connexion, 1857-1862 Colchester

CLINK, James 1895 Free Methodist Scarborough Circuit (York Co.),

CLIPSHAM, John W. was born in 1846 in England, 1871 Medonte (Simcoe Co.)

COATE, Michael was received on trial in 1794 Methodist Episcopal, 1794 Flanders N.Y., 1795 Albany N.Y., 1796-1797 Ordained Bay of Quinte, 1798 Oswegotchie, 1799 Bay of Quinte, 1800-1801 Burlington N.J., 1802 Phildelphia USA, 1803 Baltimore, 1804-1805 Presiding Elder Canada District, 1806 Montreal, 1807 Quebec, 1808-1809 Presiding Elder Lower Canada District, 1810 located

COATE, Samuel Rideau was received on trial in 1794 at Flanders, New Jersey Methodist Episcopal and entered Canada in 1796 at the Bay of Quinte, 1800 moved to the United States and returned in 1804. 1804-1810 Montreal/Quebec Lower Canada District. He married Miss Dulmage a person of remarkable beauty, and, ever after, husband and wife were known as the "handsome pair."

COATES, Henry New Connexion, died on August 30, 1851, 1841 Lansdown, 1846 Trafalgar, ordained in 1847 at Owen Sound, 1848 Trafalgar, 1849 London, 1850 London/Blanchard, 1851 Howard,

COBB, Thomas was born in 1832 in England and was received on trial in 1856 at Thorold, Wesleyan Methodist, 1855 Grimsby, 1856 Thorold, 1857 Dunnville, 1858 Glanford, ordained in 1859-1860 at Cayuga, 1861-1862 Niagara, 1863 Centreville, 1864-1866 Demorestville, 1867 Milford, 1868-1870 Trenton (Hastings Co.), 1871-1873 Mt. Forest (Wellington Co.), 1874-1876 Elora/Bethany/Pilkington (Wellington Co.), 1877-1879 Petrolia, 1880 Seaforth, Financial Secretary 1876, 1878 and 1879

COBBLEDICK, George H. was born near Orono Ontario and died Oct 25 1922 Calgary Alberta, 1886-1889 Paisley Street - Guelph (Wellington Co.),(Christian Guardian) He was injured in auto accident and died hours later spent most of life in Ontario survived by wife and 3 children, (Christian Guardian) Obituary - Joseph Cobbledick was born near Orono Ontario age 5 moved to Middlesex Co. He married in 1873 Miss Catherine Jane Guest of London and moved to Exeter where wife predeceased him. He then married Mrs. Eliza Walsh Tyerman of Orono Ontario who died on Oct 8 1923 in Calgary AB, age 73 years old and was buried at Exeter Ontario. In 1906 he moved to Calgary AB and was predeceased by first wife and brother. Rev. G.H. Cobbledick (died 1922) survived by widow, son Nelson B of Toronto Ontario, Mrs A. G. Austin of Calgary AB, and Mrs. Dr. Stevenson of Wetaskiwin

COBURN, Fidelia 1843 Queen's Bush/Peel 1st. woman missionary (Wellington Co.)

COBURN, James born Belfast, Ireland CG - Late Rev. James Coburn - an appreciation born Belfast, Ireland, came to Canada 1871 died 1925 Toronto ON famous blind evangelist (lost sight at 1 1/2 years old) survived by widow, 1 son Rev. John Coburn and 3 daughters: Mrs. W.G. Ellis and Misses Milly and Clara

COBURN, John sone of Rev. James Coburn

COCHRAN, George was born on Jan 14, 1834 in the County of Cavan Ireland, arrived in Canada (Tecumseh) with his parents in 1837 as a child of three years and was received on trial in 1854, Wesleyann Methodist, 1853 Elora (Wellington Co.), 1854 on trial at the Belleville Conference, 1854 Goderich, 1855 Holland Landing, ordained in 1856-1858 at Port Stanley, 1859-1860 Belmont/Dorchester (Oxford Co.), 1861-1862 Chatham, 1863-1865 Whitby/Oshawa, 1866 Bowmanville, 1867-1872 Toronto West, 1873-1878 Yokohama Japan, 1879-1881 Queen St. Toronto, Chairman of District 1874-1880

COCHRAN, Samuel died in May 1845. He was received on trial in 1804 Methodist Episcopal, 1803 Fletcher USA, 1804 Grand Isle, 1805 Vergennes, 1806 Ordained Litchfield, 1807 St. Lawrence, 1808 Quebec, 1809 returned to the USA

COCKBURN, R.T. 1880 Corwhin Puslinch Twp. (Wellington Co.)

COCKER, William D.D. was born in 1816 in England, New Connexion, 1836-1865 English New Connexion Conference, 1871 London C.W., President of Canada Conference 1866, 1868 and 1871, Chairman of District 1868,1869 and 1870, General Superintendent of Missions 1866 to 1871 and returned to England in 1872

COFFEY, George 1876 Greenwood/Brougham,

COFFIN, Joseph Shaw 1870 Shelburne N.S. 1889 President Nova Scotia Conference (Christian Guardian) Rev. Joseph S. Coffin died in 1922 in Atlantic Canada and was survived by his widow, 1 son and 3 daughters,

Rev. B.L. Cohoe COHOE, Benjamin Livingston was born on March 16, 1846 at Lobo and was received on trial in 1871 and was ordained in 1875. He was married on December 27, 1869 to Bessie Leng of Middlesex Co. 1875 Canboro, 1877 Pelham, 1879 Ancaster, 1881 Flamboro, 1884 Brant, 1887 Courtland, 1889 Mountsberg, 1891 Freelton,



COLE, Benjamin died before 1924 his son William Learmont Cole was born in 1852 and died in 1924 at Outremont PQ He was received on trial in 1856, 1855-1857 Melbourne C.E., 1858-1859 New Ireland, 1860-1862 Costicook/Barnston, 1863-1865 Compton, 1866-1867 Granby, 1867-1869 Milton,

COLE, C.G.F. 1906 Canboro Hamilton Conference

COLE, Peter B. New Connexion, 1835 Markham, 1836 Welland Canal

COLE, Trueman New Connexion, died in 1875, 1834 Lansdown, 1835-1838 Hillier, 1838-1874 Local Elder Cannington New Connexion,

COLE, William John was born in 1839 and died on July 13, 1867. He was received on trial in 1863 at Tamworth, 1864-1865 Wilton, 1866 returned to the USA,

COLEMAN, E. 1844 Garafraxa (Wellington Co.), 1845 Elora (Wellington Co.), 1848 Erin/Woolwich (Wellington Co.), 1853 Woolwich, 1855 Maryborough (Wellington Co.), 1856-1857 Pilkington/Arthur (Wellington Co.), 1858-1859 Mt. Forest (Grey Co.), 1861 Peel (Wellington Co.),

COLEMAN, Francis Wesleyan Methodist was received on trial in 1840 at Grimsby and was ordained in 1842, 1840-1843 Albion, 1843-1844 Barrie/W.Gwilliambury/Innisfil (Simcoe Co.), 1844 Prescott, 1845 Essa Twp., 1846 Hull, 1846 Rock Chapel Thorold, 1847-1848 Perth, 1849-1851 St. Andrews, 1851 Lachute, 1852-1854 Matilda (Brockville), 1855 Ernesttown (Lennox Co.), 1855-1856 Wilton/Camden East/Loughboro, 1857-1858 Milton, 1859-1861 Newcastle Chairman Whitby District, 1860-1861 Clarke (Durham Co.), 1862-1863 Colbourne, 1864-1866 Ameliasburg, 1867 Smith Falls Chairman of Perth District, 1868 Wolford (Grenville Co.), 1868 Millbrook, 1870 Cavan (Durham Co.), 1871 Millbrook (Durham Co.), 1872-1873 Bond Head, 1874-1876 St. Catharines, 1877-1881 retired, died and was buried in Hamilton, (Wentworth Co.)

COLEMAN, James was born in 1768 and died on February 5, 1845. He was received on trial in 1791 Methodist Episcopal, 1791 Redstone USA, 1792 Litchfield, 1793 Ordained Fairfield, 1794-1795 Oswegotchie, 1796-1799 Niagara, 1800 Vermont

COLEMAN, R. 1853 Williamsburg Twp., 1854 Edwardsburgh (Johnstown), 1858-1859 Arthur (Wellington Co.), 1861 Clarke (Durham)

COLEMAN, Seymour

COLEMAN, T. 1854-1855 Matilda (Stormont), 1855-1856 Goulborne, 1856 Huntley (Renfrew), 1856 March (Carleton)

COLEMAN, William was born in 1808 in England, Oxford, Richmond and died on May 27th, 1879. He was received on trial in 1837 at Nelson, Wesleyan Methodist, 1838 Brantford, 1839 Hamilton/Ancaster/Binbrook, 1840 London, ordained in 1841 at Oxford, 1842 Brockville, 1843 Peterborough, 1844 Dundas, 1844 Manvers (Newcastle), 1845 Albion, 1846 Bradford/E.Gwillimbury (Simcoe Co.), 1847 Manvers/Bowmanville (Newcastle), 1848 Colbourne, 1849 Hallowell/Murray (Newcastle), 1850 Brighton, 1851 Rawdon, 1851 Wilton/Camden East, 1851 Ernestown (Midland), 1852-1853 Smith Falls, 1854 N.Gower (Dalhousie), 1854-1856 Richmond (Ottawa), 1857 Demorestville, 1858-1860 Thurlow/Hungerford (Hastings Co.), 1861-1862 Matilda (Dundas Co.) Chairman of District, 1863-1865 Brighton, 1866-1867 Kleinburg/Brock (Ontario Co.), 1868-1870 Brock, 1871 Milford, 1872-1879 Scarborough (retired),

COLLAMORE, Owen Grafton was born in 1823 in Ontario, Episcopal, 1856-1857 Binbrook, 1867 Ancaster (Wentworth Co.), 1871 Ingersoll Tp. (Oxford Co.), 1880 London Circuit,

COLLARD, Daniel New Connexion, 1835 Welland Canal


COLLING, Joseph was born in 1837 in Ontario and was received on trial in 1863 at Cookstown, 1862 St. Vincent, 1864-1865 Student at Victoria College Cobourg, 1866 Newmarket/Aurora, 1867 Muskoka, 1868 Rosemont, 1871 Mono (Cardwell)

COLLING, Morley 1913-1916 Florence

Rev. Thomas Colling COLLING, Thomas was born on May 14, 1840 in Nelson Twp. (Halton Co.) and was received on trial in 1863 in Arran and ordained in 1869. He was married in 1882 to Miss. Ellen Elizabeth Ingram daughter of John Ingram, Esq., of London South. 1862 Hullsville, 1863 Arran, 1864-1869 Victoria College Cobourg, 1869 Dundas, 1870-1871 Trafalgar (Halton Co.), 1871-1873 Cote St. Paul/Lachine, 1873-1875 St. Catharines Welland Ave Church, 1877-1878 St. Thomas, 1878-1881 New Brighton (London), 1882 St. Catharines, 1883-1884 Beamsville, 1885 Welland District Superintendent, 1887 Simcoe, 1891 Plattsville


Rev. James Hubert Collins COLLINS, James Hubert was born on August 26, 1846 in Devonshire, England. He came to Canada in 1854 at eight years old. In 1868 he graduated from Victoria College in Cobourg and entered the ministry in the Bible Christian Church. He married Miss Eliza M. Penhale, of Exeter, Ontario in 1873. 1868 1869 Exeter, 1870 Usbourne, 1871 London, 1872-1879 Summerside PEI, 1879-1882 Murray Harbour, 1882-1885 Hamilton, 1885-1887 Stoney Creek, 1887-1890 Burford, 1890-1891 Merriton


COLLINS, Thomas Methodist Episcopal, 1875-1876 Merlin (London), 1883 BME Essex Street - Guelph (Wellington Co.)

COLLIS, William Sr. was born in 1778 in Fordham, Cambridgeshire, England and converted at Great Grimsby, Lincolnshire in 1812. In 1817 he became a local preacher. He died at the residence of his son-in-law Cyrus Green of Wilmot Twp. May 26, 1853

COLLISON, J. Wesley was born in 1853 and died on July 27, 1880, in England age 27 yr. English Primitive Methodist Conference

COLPITTS, Wesley 1870 Murray Harbor PEI, 1896 Rat Portage

COLTER, John J. 1870 Pugwash N.S.

COLWELL, H.G. 1869 Pickering

COLWILL, S.E. was born in PEI and was ordained in 1875,

COMBEN Charles 1870 Carbonear Nfld

COMBS, J.A. 1879 Brantford

COMERFORD, George Arthur was born on Nov 23 1867 in El Dorado Ontario and died on Aug 15 1924 in Carleton Place Ontario He married Dora Hamilton in 1924 and was living in Carleton Place He was buried in Fox Cemetery, Madoc Township (Hastings Co.)

CONLEY, T.B. 1886-1889 South Mountain

CONNOLLEY, Daniel was born in 1835 in England and was received on trial in 1857, 1858 St. Mary's, 1859 Howick, 1860 Stratford, 1861-1863 Kincardine, 1864 Paisley, 1865-1866 Harrington, 1867 L'Original, 1868-1871 Richmond (Carleton)

CONNOR, Matthew was received on trial in 1840 at Pembrooke, 1840-1841 Pembrooke, 1842-1843 Student at Victoria College, Cobourg, 1844 Cartwright/Manvers/Bastard (Johnstown), 1845 Crosby, 1846 Newboro (Midland), 1847 Scugog. In 1848 he left the ministry in a fit of despondency at a long move, with slender means to defray the expenses of it, and he dropped out of itinerant work. He battled on in secular life for some years, and was drowned in some pioneering enterprise at the west.

CONNOR, Samuel was received on trial in 1864, 1863 Denbeigh, 1864-1865 Tamworth, 1866 Student at Victoria College,Cobourg, 1867 Milford, 1868 Pittsburg,

CONRON, M.B. died 1892 Toronto was married to Annie Wilson and both are buried at Mount Pleasant Cemetary, 1885 Scarborough Circuit (York Co.),

CONSTABLE, Thomas W. was born in 1816 in England and was received on trial in 1844, 1843-1845 Amherstburg, 1846 Woodstock, 1847 Warwick/Adelaide, 1848-1849 Elizabethtown, 1850-1851 Carleton/Pakenham/Yonge (Johnstown), 1852-1854 St. Andrew's (Ottawa), 1855-1857 Melbourne, 1858-1860 Eaton, 1861-1863 Clarenceville, 1864-1866 Dunham, 1867-1869 St. Armands, 1871 Osnabruck (Stormont), 1876 Spencerville (Leeds Co.)

CONWAY, William 1896-1899 Florence

COOK, E.M. 1909 South Dummer Asphodel Twp.,

COOK, H.A. 1916 Cumnock Nichol (Wellington Co.)

COOK, J.E. 1906-1909 Wesley/Underwood Bruce Twp.,

COOK, Munson William New Connexion, was received on trial in 1836 at Hillier

COOK, Romulus B. was born in 1812 in the United States, Methodist Episcopal, 1851 Canboro, 1858 Townsend, 1862 Stone Church Eramosa (Wellington Co.), 1868 Erin (Wellington Co.), 1870-1871 Binrook (Wentworth Co.)

COOK, William H. was born in 1837 in Ireland, Primitive, 1871 Petrolia (Lampton Co.), 1872-1873 Abinger, 1878-1881 Mono Mills Adjala Twp. (Simcoe Co.) (Christian Guardian) Late Mrs William Cook born Miss Jennie Wise, Beverly Twp., Wellington Co., Ontario and in 1880 married William Cook. She died on Nov 29 1922 in Brantford Ontario and was buried in Kirkwall Cemetery in the family plot. She was survived by her husband and 2 sons Rev. W.A. of Arkwright and Robert a farmer in Brant Co.

COOK, William A. M.A.,B.D. was born on. Jul 29 1885 on Beverley Twp, Wentworth Co. Ontario and died on Oct 6 1923 in Arkwright Ontario. He was buried in Paris Cemetery Ontario In 1905 he moved with parents to Brantford Ontario and was married Dec 24 1912 to Maude Gurney of Burford Ontario. (Christian Guardian) Late Rev. William A. Cook, M.A.,B.D. born Jul 29 1885 Beverley Twp, Wentworth Co. Ontario moved 1905 with parents to Brantford Ontario married Dec 24 1912 Miss Maude Gurney of Burford Ontario died Oct 6 1923 Arkwright ON, age 39 years buried Paris Cemetery Ontario survived by widow and 3 small sons, Leslie, William and Lloyd, father William Cook of Brantford and brother Robert Cook of Paris Ontario

COOKE, Edward B. was born in Cornwall England, 1850 Walsingham, 1851-1853 Elora (Wellington Co.), 1855 Durham, 1895 South Dummer Asphodel Twp., 1928-1932 Tweed Hungerford Twp. (Hastings Co.)

COOKMAN, Christopher was born in 1841 in Ontario Wesleyan Methodist and was received on trial in 1866 at Wellesley, 1865 Drayton (Wellington Co.), 1867 Georgetown, 1868 Port Albino, 1869 Exeter, 1870-1872 Nissouri West (Middlesex Co.), 1873 Ellis Church Puslinch (Wellington Co.), 1874-1875 Berlin (Waterloo Co.), 1876-1878 Norwich, 1878-1880 Wallaceburg,

Rev. J.W. CooleyCOOLEY, John W. was born on November 27, 1852 in Toronto Twp. and was the son of Thomas Cooley a member of Norfolk St. Methodist Church in Guelph (Wellington Co.) and entered ministry. In 1869 he became a public school teacher, and in 1873 was appointed master of the Senior Boys' School in Guelph. At this date he became a member of the Methodist Church, and secretary of the Guelph YMCA. He was received on trial in 1874 in Elora, Wesleyan Methodist, 1874-1875 Listowel, 1876 Hamilton, 1877 Stratford, and was ordained in 1878 in Elmira, 1882 Jerseyville, 1885 Dunnville, 1888 Hamilton, 1891 Journal Secretary of Niagara Conference, 1891 Colbourne Street Brantford. 1906 Grimsby, his mother died May 12, 1904. In 1878 he married Miss Keeling of Guelph, and she died in 1885. She was organist at Norfolk Street in Guelph from 1878-1885.

COOLEY, William M. was received on trial in 1857 at Walpole Island, 1858-1859 Penetanguishene, 1860 St. Andrews, 1861-1862 Walpole Island, 1863-1864 Saugeen/Southampton, 1865 moved to the USA

COOMBE, William 1891-1893 Richmond, 1894-1898 Ernestown, 1898 Murray Tp. (Northumberland Co.)

COON, C.H. 1912-1917 Tweed Hungerford Twp. (Hastings Co.). 1917 East Ward Lindsay,

Rev. Robert CooneyCOONEY, Robert M.A., D.D. was born in 1800, was received on trial in 1831 in the Eastern British America Conference, Wesleyan Methodist. He died on March 17th, 1870 and was buried at Victoria Lawn Cemetery, St Catharines (Section B)Grantham Twp. Lincoln Co., 1831-1832 Prince Edward Island, 1833-1834 Liverpool N.S., 1835 Halifax, 1836-1837 Guysboro N.S., 1838-1839 Odelltown, 1840-1842 Stanstead, 1843-1844 Montreal, 1845-1846 Toronto West, 1847 Carlton N.B., 1848-1851 St. John N.B., 1852-1854 St. Stephen N.B., 1855 St. John's C.E., 1856-1857 Norfolk Street - Guelph (Wellington Co.), 1858 Eramosa Twp. (Wellington Co.), 1858-1859 London Chairman of District, 1860-1867 St. Catharines retired 1865, 1868-1869 Toronto North (retired), Wesleyan Methodist Church in Canada - Rev. Cooney is to preach in the British Wesleyan Methodist Chapel. Kingston Chronicle and Gazette Feb. 15, 1845 p. 3, col. 2


COOP, Frank 1924 Eston Saskatchewan (Christian Guardian) Births - William Jordan Coop was born on. Mar 7 1924 in Eston SK the son of Rev. and Mrs Frank Coop

COOPER, Edward was received on trial in 1810 Methodist Episcopal, 1810 St. Lawrence, 1811 Bay of Quinte, 1812-1813 Ordained Augusta, 1814 located, 1835 Oswegotchie District,

COOPER, J.R. 1919-1923 Johnstown,

COOPER, R.S. 1867 Paisley (Bruce Co.)

COPE, Conrad New Connexion, died in 1862 1835 Hamilton, 1853-1859 Ancaster, 1861-1861 Copetown

COPE, William Episcopal, 1833 Galt, 1849 Caradoc/London, 1851 Presiding Elder London District, 1858 Brantford (Brant Co.), 1862 Binbrook/Hamilton (Wentworth Co.)

COPELAND, George 1850 Puslinch (Wellington Co.)

COPEWAY, G. anniversary of the Kingston. branch of the Wesleyan Methodist Church's missionary society. Sermons by Rev. G. Copeway, a native Indian missionary and by others. Kingston Chronicle and Gazette Feb. 15, 1843 p. 3, col. 3

CORBETT, John was born in Ireland and was received on trial in 1863 at Mono, 1864-1865 Kleinburg, 1866 Flinton/Addington Road, 1867 Colbraine/Nobleton (York Co.), 1868 Playfair,

CORNISH, C.E. was born in 1835 in England, 1851 Chairman Cobourg District, 1863 Carden (Colbourne), 1867 Ancaster (Wentworh Co.), 1867 Puslinch (Wellington Co.), 1868-1869 Erin (wellington Co.), 1869-1871 Rockwood Eramosa (Wellington Co.), 1871 Pickering, 1901 retired to live at No. 160 Argyle St., Toronto.

CORNISH, George Henry was born on June 28, 1834 in Exeter, England Wesleyan Methodist and was received on trial in 1858 at Mitchell after attending Victoria College in Cobourg. He was ordained in 1862 along with twenty-four others at the old Pinnacle Street Church in Belleville by Rev. Dr. Wood. In 1862 he was united in marriage to Miss Elizabeth Frances Reynell, daughter of Capt. John Reynell of Bainslack, Ireland and they had five children. 1858 Mitchell (with Rev. J.B. Evans), 1859 Clinton, 1860 Kincardine, 1861 Newcastle, 1862-1863 ordained at Beaverton, 1864-1865 Caledonia/Binbrook/Glanford, 1866 Pickering, 1866-1868 Cainsville, 1869-1870 Rockwood (Wellington Co.), 1870 Eramosa/Nassagawega (Halton Co.), 1871-1873 Pickering/Greenwood/Brougham, 1874-1875 Norwich, 1876-1878 Grimsby, 1879-1880 Burlington, 1881 Stratford, 1883 Hespler, 1884 Port Elgin, 1885 Niagara, 1887 Drayton (Wellington Co.), Author of the "Handbook of Canadian Methodism," published in 1867 and "Cyclopaedia of Methodism in Canada" published in 1880. Journal Secretary of the Conference for the years 1872, 1873 and 1874. Financial Secretary 1875 and 1880, Assistant Secretary of Conference 1879, Secretary of Confernce 1879, Delegate to General Conference Montreal 1878,

CORSON, Robert was born on Sept 12, 1800 in Clinton Twp. Niagara District, was received on trial in 1823 at London, Methodist Episcopal, and died on October 8, 1878. He was the son of Daniel Corson and Rebecca Lawrison, 1825 preached at Township of Waterloo, 1.5 miles above Preston in a primitive log house which was the residence of Samuel Cornell, 1822 Westminster, 1823 London, 1824-1825 Ordained Dumfries, 1826 Westminster, 1827 Long Point/Ancaster, 1828-1829 Whitby and Scugog, 1830-1831 Scarborough, 1832 Yonge St., 1833 joined Wesleyan Conference, 1834 Newmarket, 1835-1836 Whitby, 1837-1838 Dumfries, 1839-1840 Simcoe, 1841-1842 Napanee, 1843 Adolphustown, 1843-1844 Fredericksburg & Amherst Island, 1843-1844 & 1846 Camden East, 1844 Consecon, 1845 Napanee/Shefield, 1846 Ernestown/Warwick, 1847 Adelaide, 1848-1849 Norwich, 1849 W. Oxford, 1850 Gosfield, 1851 Chippewa, 1852 Crowland, 1853-1854 Cainsville, 1855 Erin (Wellington Co.), 1856-1857 Kleinburg, 1858-1872 superannuated at Cobourg (Northumberland Co.), 1873-1877 Cainsville, 1878 Brantford

CORSON, William

COSENS, Charles Wesley was born in January 1856 in Blenheim Twp. Oxford Co. and he married in 1886 Armintha Haggan. In June, 1877, Mr. Cosens was received by the Guelph Conference of the Methodist Church as a probationer for the sacred ministry, and was ordained in June, 1883. Wesleyan Methodist, 1877 Elora, 1878 Erin, 1878-1879 Ellis Chapel/Hespler, 1880 student Victoria College Cobourg, 1880 Stratford, 1881 Mitchell, 1884 Brussels, 1887 Jarvis, 1889 Bright, 1891 Caledonia, 1893 Erin (Wellington Co.), 1896-1899 Belwood Garafraxa (Wellington Co.), 1906 Paisley, 1908-1911 Cumnock Nichol (Wellington Co.)

COSFORD, Thomas was born in 1814 in England, Wesleyan Methodist and was received on trial in 1839 at Murray Twp., died in 1892 and is buried in Mt. Pleasant Cemetery, London, (Middlesex Co.). He married Nancy and their daughter Cecilia Ann died 19 Sept 1855 in Bowmanville only 2 weeks old. Their daughter Lavinia Harriet died 12 Feb 1860 in Goderich 6 mos old. Their daughter Maria Isadore died in Eglington May 8, 1864 age 2 mos 22 days, 1840 Grimsby, 1841 Thorold/St. Catharines, 1842 Simcoe, 1843-1844 ordained at Nelson/Whitchurch, 1845-1846 Norfolk St. Guelph (Wellington Co.), 1845 Nichol (Wellington Co.), 1846-1847 Eramosa/Nichol/Garafraxa/Woolwich (Wellington Co.), 1847-1848 Richmond/York/Seneca, 1848 Superintendent at Simcoe, 1849 Walpole (London), 1849-1850 Nelson (Halton Co.), 1851-1853 Drummondville/Niagara, 1854-1856 Bowmanville, 1855 Peel Twp. (Wellington Co.), 1856 Cartwright, 1856 Darlington (Durham), 1857 Stratford Chairman Goderich District, 1858 Blanshard (Oxford Co.), 1858 Stanley (Huron Co.), 1858-1860 Goderich, 1861-1862 St. Mary's, 1863-1865 Eglington/Yonge Street (York Co.), 1865 Stamford (Welland Co.), 1866-1868 Millbrook/Cavan (Durham) Chairman Peterborough District, 1869-1870 Whitby, 1871-1873 Strathroy, 1874 Mount Forest (Wellington Co.), 1875-1880 Governor of the Mount Elgin Industrial Institute, Muncey, Ontario. Chairman of District 1874, Delegate to the first General Conference, Toronto, 1874 and the General Conference in Montreal in 1878

COTTINS, C.P.J.was born in 1835 in England, Episcopal, 1871 Stanley (Huron Co.)

COTTON, William was born in 1823 in England and was married to Mary Anna Seavel. New Connexion, He was received on trial in 1843 at Bath, 1844 Prince Edward, 1845 Picton (Prince Edward Co.), 1846 expelled 1846 student at Victoria College Cobourg, Wesleyan 1847 Sherbrooke, 1871 Mulmur (Simcoe Co.) Christian Guardian -Obituary - John Addyman Cotton born May 3, 1845 Picton, Prince Edward Co. ON, son of Rev. William and Mary Anna (Seavel) Cotton married 1870 Catherine Patton of Everitt ON died April 15, 1925 at Wiarton ON lived 50 years in Colpoys Bay, Bruce Co. ON survived by wife and 5 children: Mrs. E. Hurlbert and Mrs. W.C. McLarty of Wiarton ON, Wesley on the homestead, Samuel of Toronto ON, Margaret at home and 1 brother: Thomas S. of Halcourt AB

COUCH, Isaac 1897 Massey, 1899 Aberfoyle (Wellington Co.)

COUGHLAN, James daughter was born on April 9, 1831 at Port Hope

COUGHLAN, Lawrence was born and educated in Ireland and died in 1785. A Methodist convert from Roman Catholicism, he entered the itinerancy in 1755 and travelled until 1764 when he was ordained, without Wesley's permission, by the Greek Orthodox bishop Erasmus. He set up a dissenting meeting house in Bermondsey, London, and in 1765 was invited by a group of Anglicans and Congregationalists from Newfoundland, to be their minister. After his arrival on the island he commenced a ministry organised on Methodist lines.

In 1767 some of the colonists petitioned the Society for the Propogation of the Gospel to appoint him as their missionary. He returned to England and was ordained by the Bishop of London with Wesley's approval. Coughlan returned to Newfoundland and formed one of the earliest Methodist Societies in North America. Coughlan resigned his position and crossed the Atlantic for the final time in 1773, after the Methodists in Newfoundland began to suffer persecution, which was encouraged by local merchants and the governor of the colony. He subsequently served as a minister at Cumberland Street Chapel in London.

COULTER, George was the son of George Coulter and Maria Culham, 1923 Stouffville Ontario (Christian Guardian) Obituary - Maria Culham Coulter was born on Mar 29 1845 in Toronto Twp. Ontario and married on Apr 17 1874 George Coulter. She died on Sep 14 1923 in Thornbury Ontario at 79 years old and was buried at the Union Cemetery in Thornbury Ontario. She was survived by her husband, 2 sons: Rev. J.J. Coulter of Toronto Ontario and Rev. George Coulter of Stouffville Ontario and 3 daughters: Mrs. R.W. Wallace of Ravenna, Mrs. J.S. Carr of Thornbury Ontario, and Miss Elizabeth at home

COULTER, Joseph J. was the son of George Coulter and Maria Culham , 1896-1899 Florence, 1923 Toronto Ontario (Christian Guardian) Golden Wedding - Mr and Mrs Charles Riley celebrated 50 years Dec 18 1922 in Woodstock Ontario brother of the bride from BC was present, another brother Rev. Joseph Coulter of Calgary AB was not present.

COULTER, W.H. 1902-1905 Florence

COUPLAND, T.B. 1906 Brooke Circuit

COVELL, James was born in 1794 and died in 1843. He was received on trial in 1816 Methodist Episcopal, 1816 Pittsfield Mass., 1817 Brandon Vt., 1818 Ordained Dunham, 1819 St. Albans, 1820 New York Conference

COVENHOVEN, Peter was received on trial in 1810 Methodist Episcopal, 1810 Bay of Quinte, 1811 Niagara, 1812 Ordained Ancaster and Long Point, 1813 located

COWDELL, Thomas 1805-1806 PEI local preacher

COWPERTHWAITE, Humphrey P. A.M. 1870 Fairville N.B., 1879 Charlottetown PEI

COX, Henry 1848 Sherbrooke,

CRAGG, Edward was born in 1829 in England, was received on trial in 1855 and died on Oct 10 1923 at Calgary Alberta. 1854 Point Levi, 1855 Chaudiere, 1857 Newcastle, 1858-1860 Wallaceburg, 1861-1862 Mt. Brydges, 1863-1865 Howick, 1866-1867 Teeswater (Bruce Co.), 1868 Bayfield, 1871 Stanley (Huron Co.), 1874-1875 Smithfield (Northumberland Co.), 1876-1878 Percy, 1879-1880 Canton

CRAIG, James New Connexion, was received on trial in 1840-1841 at Goulbourn, 1842 Nelson, 1843 expelled, 1885 Free Methodist Scarborough Circuit (York Co.),

CRAIG, William was received on trial in 1871 at Chandos, Wesleyan Methodist, 1870 Erin (Wellington Co.), 1872 Bobcaygeon/Minden, 1874 Hall's Bridge, 1874 Montreal Conference, 1874-1875 Beachburg, 1876-1877 Onslow, 1878-1880 Renfrew, 1897-1900 Johnstown,

CRAIK, F. 1907-1910 Florence

CRANDELL, Phineas was received on trial in 1820 Methodist Episcopal, 1820 Stanstead, 1821 returned to USA

CRANE, Isaac was born in 1823 in England and was received on trial in 1855 at Fredericksburg and was buried in Hillview United Cemetery, Woodstock, (Oxford Co.), Wesleyan Methodist, he married Charity Eliza Crane had two children, Augusta Tyrone and Isaac Emery Crane. Augusta was born in 1856 in Delhi and in 1881 she was living in Erin Twp. She married Thomas Hutchison born in 1845 in England 1881 living Blenheim Twp. parents Roger and Mary Hutchinson witnesses were Isaac Emery Crane of Erin Village and Nancy Hutchison of Blenheim on December 27, 1881 at Erin Village, 1856 Delhi, 1857-1858 ordained at Morris, 1859 Gray Twp. (Huron Co.), 1860-1861 Wallace/Elma (Perth Co.), 1862 Puslinch/Eramosa/Rockwood (Wellington Co.), 1864 Peel (Wellington Co.), 1863-1865 Wellesley, 1866 Wallace, 1866-1868 Drayton (Wellington Co.), 1867-1869 Hollen Peel Twp (Wellington Co.), 1868 Rothsay Maryborough, 1869-1872 Peel/Maryborough, 1871 Glenallen Peel, 1872-1874 Londesboro, 1875-1877 Bervie, 1878-1879 Washington, 1880-1883 Erin (Wellington Co.), 1885-1887 Mt. Pleasant Nichol (Wellington Co.),

CRANE, R.E. 1870 Nova Scotia District

CRANFORD, Henry L. 1870 Twillingate Nfld

CRAW, George J. 1914-1925 Springville Monaghan Twp.,

CRAWFORD, James New Connexion, was received on trial in 1852 at Crosby, 1853 Ancaster, 1854-1855 Manvers, 1856 Holland, 1857-1858 Arran, 1859-1860 Walkerton, 1861 Mulmer, 1863 Laxton, 1864-1872 Creemore, 1873-1874 Lavender

CRAWFORD, John 1900 Niagara


CREA, John New Connexion, 1835-1837 lansdown/Rideau

CREIGHTON, C. 1881-1882 Brantford

CREIGHTON, Frank A married Corona E Garnham of Courtland Ontario, 1923 Toronto (Christian Guardian) Births - Frances Muriel Creighton was born on Dec 4 1923 in Toronto Ontario a daughter for Rev. Frank A and Mrs Creighton (nee Corona E Garnham) of Courtland Ontario

CREIGHTON, Kennedy New Connexion, was born in 1815 in Ireland and was received on trial in 1836 at Lansdown, daughter was born on July 30, 1847 in Waterdown, 1837-1838 Lansdown/Rideau, ordained in 1839-1840 at Peterborough, 1841 withdrew and united with the Canada Wesleyan Conference. He was Secretary of Conference in 1839 and 1840, 1841 Grand River, 1842 Gosfield/Howard, 1843-1844 St. Thomas, 1845-1846 Simcoe, 1847 Dundas/East Flamboro (Wentworth Co.), 1848-1849 Nissouri/Woodstock, 1848-1850 Blandford (London), 1850 East Oxford, 1850 Grand River, 1851 Townsend (London), 1851-1852 Brantford, 1854 Bytown (Ottawa) Chairman of Bytown District, 1855 London, 1855-1856 St. Catharines, 1856 Grantham, 1857 London, 1858-1859 Collingwood, 1860-1862 Newmarket/Aurora Chairman of Barrie District, 1862 Garafraxa (Wellington Co.), 1863 Prescott, 1864-1865 Dundas, 1866-1867 Bruce Mines (Algoma), 1868-1869 Innisfil, 1871 Owen Sound (Grey Co.), 1881 Rama (Christian Guardian) Deaths - Jean Harvie Donald died on Dec 24, 1923 at home in Toronto, Ontario. She was the wife of Major Richard A. Donald, daughter of Mrs. Harvie and late John Harvie of Toronto Ontario, and grandaughter of late Rev. Kennedy Creighton, sister of Mrs W.B. Creighton of Toronto, Ontario, and J.K. Harvie of Cagary, Alberta

CREIGHTON, William was born in 1822 in Ireland and was received on trial in 1850 and ordained in 1851 at Chippawa, 1850 Glanford/Binbrook, 1852 Goderich, 1853 Chatham, 1854 Kincardine (Huron Co.), 1855 Rawdon/Wesleyville, 1856-1857 Rawdon, 1858-1860 Lochabar, 1861-1863 Clarendon, 1864-1865 Renfrew, 1866-1867 Portage-du-Fort, 1871 Fitzroy (Carleton)

CRESWELL, J. New Connexion, 1851 St. Thomas

CREWS, Albert C. D.D. 1923 Beachville (Oxford Co.)

CREWS, Thomas was born in 1822 in England and was received on trial in 1851, 1851-1852 Kincardine/Penatangore (Bruce Co.), 1853-1854 ordained on London Circuit, 1855-1856 Warwick, 1857-1859 Westminster, 1860-1862 Fingal, 1863-1865 Bayham, 1866-1867 Fingal, 1867-1869 Belmont, 1871 Dorchester North (Middlesex Co.), 1875 Beachville (Oxford Co.)

Rev. H.W. CrewsCREWS, Heber W. M.A. 1906-1910 Norfolk St. Guelph (Wellington Co.), gave sermon at Hamilton Conference 1906 in Niagara Falls, 1911 Trinity Berlin (Waterloo Co.)

CRISP, Robert 1874 Pownal PEI,

CROCKETT, E. B.A. 1906 St. Joseph's Island - Toronto Conference

CROFTS, Henry O. died in 1880 in England New Connexion, 1835-1839 English New Connexion Conference, 1840-1842 Montreal, 1843-1851 Superintendent of Missions, Secretary of Conference 1843, President of Conference 1844, 1847, 1850 and 1851, 1852 returned to England,

CROMPTON, Thomas was born in 1817 in England, Primitive Methodist, 1866 Toronto Circuit/Stouffville (York Co.), 1870-1871 Paisley Street - Guelph (Wellington Co.), buried in Hamilton, Wentworth

CRONTIS, Darius was born in 1828 in Ontario, 1871 Cramhe Tp.

CROP, William was born in 1832 in Ireland, 1871 Chatham Tp. (Kent Co.)

CROSBY, Arthur H. was a graduate of Victoria College. He married Miss McKenzie.

CROSBY, John was born in 1812 in Yorkshire, England. In 1834 he was twenty-two years of age when the family came to Canada. 1884 Guelph Twp. (Wellington Co.), class leader

Rev. Thomas Crosby CROSBY, Thomas was educated for the ministry and in 1861 became a missionary in B. C. among the Indians. He was received for ministry in 1868 while serving there. He was a pioneer, and still lives in British Columbia.(1906) (Christian Guardian) Mrs T. Barraclough died on Oct 9, 1922 in Ingersoll Ontario, funeral Oct 12 1922 at Ingersoll Ontario. She was a sister of the late Rev, Thomas Crosby (pioneer of Pacific Coast) and mother of Rev W.H. Barraclough of Lindsay Ontario. Her husband died at the turn of the century and she is survived by a son and 4 daughters: Misses Gertrude and Clara at home, Mrs (Dr) Frank E. Bennett of St. Thomas Ontario, and Mrs Maurice S. Walker of Flat Rock, Michigan

CROSS, Charles H. B.A. B.D. died in 1922

CROSS, William was received on trial in 1857 at Wallace, Wesleyan Methodist, 1856 Elora/Saugeen Road, 1858 Elora (Wellington Co.), 1859 Elma, ordained in 1860 at Erin/Garafraxa (Wellington Co.), 1861 Nichol (Wellington Co.), 1861-1862 Dunham West, 1862-1863 Arthur/Mt. Forest (Wellington Co.), 1863-1864 Hanover (Grey Co.), 1865-1868 Saugeen/Southampton, 1869-1870 Walpole Island/Lambton, 1871-1876 Oneida, 1877-1881 New Credit,

CROSSCOMBE, William was received on trial in 1811 in Halifax, 1812-1814 Horton N.S., 1815 St. John N.B., 1816 St. Vincent W.I., 1817-1818 Liverpool N.S., 1819-1820 Nottingham, 1821-1823 Gibralter, 1824-1826 St. John N.B., 1827-1829 Halifax, 1830-1831 Windsor N.S., 1832 Charlottetown PEI, 1833-1834 Montreal, 1835-1836 Quebec, 1837 Odeltown, 1838 returned to Nova Scotia.

CROSSLEY, H.T. was born on November 19, 1850 in York Co., Ontario and was received on trial in 1873. In 1884, by the consent of his Conference, he began the work of an Evangelist, and he and his co-labourer, Rev. John E. Hunter, have been engaged in union revival services across the Dominion.

CROTHERS, W.J. (Christian Guardian) Late Mrs W.S. Maclaren - an appreciation. She was born Mary Henderson in 1843, daughter of the late A.H. Henderson of Huntingdon and married in 1875 W.S. Maclaren (predeceased 1909), brother of Justice J.J. Maclaren of Toronto Ontario and died on Mar 14 1924 in Huntingdon. She was one of a family of fourteen, one of whom was the late Rev Dr W.C. Henderson and another the late Mrs (Rev Dr) W.J. Crothers. She was survived by two sons Harold (C.E.) of Huntingdon and Dr Archie of Calgary AB, one sister Miss Kate still lives in Huntingdon

CROUTER, Abraham New Connexion, 1835-1836 Hope, 1837-1840 Cobourg/Peterborough, 1840 expelled

CROWELL, C.E. B.A. 1906 New Glasgow Maritime Conference

CROWELL, Seth was born in 1781 and died on July 6, 1826 Methodist Episcopal He was another who died in the meridian of life, and left behind him memorials of his fidelity in the cause of God. He entered the traveling ministry in 1801, and finished his course in the twenty-fifth year of his public labors. In the early days of his ministry he volunteered his services for Upper Canada, where he exhibited those talents for preaching, and that ardency of zeal, which much endeared him to the people in that province; and he left behind him many witnesses, converted under his preaching, of the power and skill with which he wielded "the sword of the Spirit." 1801 Niagara, 1802 Oswegotchie/Ottawa, 1803 Scarborough, 1803 returned to USA, 1824 Oswegotchie District,

CROWLE, Fred W. B.A. 1895 Thorold, 1913-1914 Mt. Pleasant Nichol (Wellington Co.)

CRUX, W.S.A. B.A. 1906 Gladstone Manitoba

CUBITT, George was born in 1791 in Norwich, Norfolk, Endland and died in 1850. His family moved to Sheffield in Yorkshire and Cubitt was converted at Carver Street Chapel in 1808. He entered the Wesleyan itinerancy in 1813 and served for three years as a missionary in Newfoundland from 1816. His overseas ministry was cut short by ill health and he returned to home circuits in 1819. Cubitt was appointed Connexional Editor in 1842, a position which he held until his death which occurred in London after a short illness. Cubitt was a prolific writer who was widely esteemed in his own time, but whose work has now been largely forgotten.

CULBERT, Thomas was born in 1829 in Ireland and was received on trial in 1850 at Bradford, Wesleyan Methodist, 1851 Barrie, 1852 student at Victoria College, Cobourg, 1853 Peel (Wellington Co.), 1854-1855 ordained at Proton (Owen Sound), 1855 St. Vincent, 1856 Arthur (Wellington Co.) 1857-1858 Arthur/Mt. Forest (Wellington Co.), 1859-1860 Warwick, 1861-1863 Mooretown, 1864-1866 Romney, 1866 Mersea Twp. (Essex Co.), 1867-1868 Amherstburg, 1869-1870 Wallaceburg, 1871 Chatham Twp. (Kent Co.), 1871-1873 Horning's Mills/Mulmer (Dufferin Co.), 1874-1875 Cannington, 1876-1880 Cannington (retired), 1881 East Ward Lindsay,

CULHAM, John was born in 1776 and died on December 2, 1852. New Connexion, 1835 Humber/Trafalgar, 1836 Markham, 1837-1838 Humber/Markham, 1839-1840 local elder, 1840 withdrew and united with the Canada Wesleyan Conference, 1840-1844 Yonge Street, 1845-1852 Humber

CULLEN, Thomas was born in 1838 in Ireland and was received on trial in 1861 at Kincardine and died in 1924 in Shanghai China. He was the father of Mrs. E.W. Wallace, (nee Cullen) of Victoria B.C., 1862 Howick, 1863 Wawauoch, 1864 student at Victoria College, 1865 Chatham, 1866-1867 ordained at Bridgewater, 1868 Demorestville, 1870 Sophiasburg, 1871 Prince Edward Co.

CULP, David was born in 1784 and died on June 16, 1871. He was received on trial in 1813 Methodist Episcopal, 1803 Hallowell (Prince Edward Co.), 1813-1814 Ancaster and Long Point, 1815 Scarborough, 1815 Bay of Quinte, 1816 Ancaster/Long Point, 1817 Ordained Yonge St, 1818 York, In February 1818 he preached at the opening services of the first Methodist Church in Whitchurch, as Aurora was then called. At times he exchanged with the preacher at Duffin's Creek. 1819-1829 Genesee Conference, 1821 Yonge St, 1822 Long Point and Ancaster, 1823-1824 Ancaster, 1825 located. Mr. Culp was one of the noted five who in 1834 met at Cummer's meeting-house, Yonge Street and organized the present Methodist Episcopal Church of Canada (1874).

CUMBERLAND, James preached in both the Methodist and Presbyterian churches on Amherst Island before he retired in 1820

CUMMING, Robert B. 1910-1913 Florence

CUNNINGHAM, Andrew was received on trial in 1868 at Innisfil and died in 1924. He was the brother of Mrs. Henry D. Irwin, (nee Cunningham) 1924 living Markdale Ontario, Wesleyan Methodist, 1867 Newmarket/Aurora, 1869 Cookstown, 1870-1871 Yonge St. North, ordained in 1872 at Hamilton Third, 1873-1875 Cooksville, 1876-1877 Orangeville (Dufferin Co.), 1877 Garafraxa (Wellington Co.), 1878-1879 Wellington, 1880 Jarvis, 1889 Galt, 1891-1893 Dublin St. Guelph (Wellington Co.), Financial Secretary 1879,

CUNNINGHAM, William B. New Connexion, was received on trial in 1873 at Arran, 1874 Lansdown,

CURRAN, John was born in 1819 in Ireland, Episcopal, 1871 Brant Twp. (Bruce Co.)

CURRIE, Duncan D. 1870 Fredericton N.B., 1873 Charlottetown PEI

CURRIE, James was received on trial in 1830 Methodist Episcopal, 1829 Albion, 1830 Yellowhead and Matchesdash, 1831 Lake Simcoe, 1832 Cavan and Hallowell, 1833 joined Weslyan Conference, 1834 Ernestown, 1835 Richmond (Augusta), 1836 Elizabethtown, 1837 Crosby, 1838-1839 Augusta, 1840-1841 perth, 1842 Waterloo, Attended the meeting of the Temperance Society at Ernestown in the Methodist Church. British Whig (Kingston) May 4, 1834 p. 3, col. 1, Formation of the Young Men's Missionary Society at the Isle of Tanti. This is a branch of the Wesleyan Methodist Missionary Society. James Currie to prepare its resolutions for publication. Kingston Chronicle and Gazette Feb. 15, 1834 p. 3, col. 2

CURRIE, Thomas O. New Connexion, was received on trial in 1870 at St. Mary's, 1871 dropped

CURRY, Christopher New Connexion, was received on trial in 1849 at Goulvourn/Drummond, ordained in 1850-1851 at Caledon, 1852-1853 Brock, 1854-1856 Ekfrid, 1857-1858 Morris, 1859-1874 Ashfield

CURRY, Erastus S. was born in 1835 in Ontario and was received on trial in 1861 at Eganville, 1862 Alice, 1863-1864 student at Victoria College, Cobourg, 1865-1866 Shawbridge, 1866-1869 Fitzroy Harbour, 1871 Saulte Ste Marine (Algoma)

CURTIS, James C. was born in 1830 in Ontario, Episcopal, 1871 Trafalgar Twp. (Halton Co.), 1874 Paisley St Guelph (Wellington Co.), 1886 Newburgh

CUTLER, John B. was born in 1821 in Ontario, Episcopal, 1871 Bertie (Welland), 1880 Thamesford/London,

CUTLER, J.W. was born in Genesee Co, New York, United States, and came to Canada in 1851, Episcopal, 1877-1881 Leamington Mersea Twp. (Essex Co.)

Brantford 1870

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