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CHANGE IS THE ONLY REALITY! I sure hope you like the look and feel of our new "clothes". Actually, it is wonderful to have received this webset, as I was a winner of a contest at Ladyoz's site in August! She has lots of great stuff, so check it out.

IF I HAVE PROMISED YOU EITHER A LOOK-UP OR TO CHANGE SOMETHING IN MY GEDCOM, PLEASE CONTACT ME AGAIN. I have had several hard drive reformats due to unforeseen events, and have lost addresses and contact information. I earnestly try to respond quickly to everyone who contacts us!

Our effort in family history started out from curiosity to see where we came from. After several reports we had to do when we returned to college we got hooked...okay, me more than Gil, but he's always been addicted to history (particularly wars;o). When he's able to retire in a few years, we hope to be able to travel and do some "physical" research. In the meantime, we're searching wherever we can and trying to connect to cousins the world over. So far our research has indeed circled the globe and we have been amazed at some of the stories as they unfold.

Since we've been limited in our research, we have amassed what we classify as speculative genealogy. That's because many of the sources include gedcoms that have been received from others without sources declared; family history (which we have found is wrought with fading memories and family bravado) and assumptions from documents never seen. Our desire is to collect as many of the document copies as we can, and then come to our own conclusions. You will find that when I have documents, I have entered that information into my records. If there is no source listed then consider the information suspect. Not because I would deliberately lead you on, but merely because I haven't unturned each rock yet;o) I would also ask that if you find any of my information incorrect, please contact me and I'll make every effort to change it promptly.

And, finally, we're in the midst of redoing the site, so please bear with us. Our workload interferes with out play time, so it may take a bit to complete all the sections to their fullest. I am also in the middle of trying to reformat my database from the documents recently received. When it's done there will be copies of the documents available with the database, and that will make it so much easier to share factual information with kin. Please be patient during the rebuilding phase;o)

The information contained in this website is copyrighted 1998-2003 by Sue Gray Cancio. All graphics within these pages are made by the webmaster, used by permission or by paid licensure. Some of the written materials were obtained online, and authorship is clearly defined as well as we know it. If there is information you have that differs with what's stated here, please contact us right away. It is not our intention to infringe on any person/company's copyrights or trademarks.


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