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Free Genealogy Tools


    Getting Started in Genealogy & Forms
      Directions for filling out and completing genealogy records

    6 Generation Pedigree Chart
      Enter and save family information to your computer

    Google Language Translator
      Translate texts or website information

    Conversion Calculators
      Lengths, areas, weights, volumes, and temperatures

   Ship Manifest Surname Locator
      Search by surname to locate ship manifest records

   European Historical Repositories
      Locate historical archives and resources by country

   Eastern European Family History Studies
      Foundation for historical family research

   RootsWeb Search
      Free search for family information online

   Family History Search
      Find family information and documents online

   Find a Grave
      Locate cemeteries and burial information online

   The Google Genealogist
      Discover free tools and services for genealogy research

   Search Country Directories
      Search European, Asian, and South American directories

    Where to Write for Vital Records
      Direct access to individual state and territory information

    Cyndi's Genealogy Resources
      Find many genealogical resources online

    USGS Historical Map Explorer
      Look at U.S. topographical maps by time period

   GEDmatch for DNA Matches
      Tools for genealogy research including searching different DNA databases

    DNA Genealogy Resources
      Explore DNA website resources online

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