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The Canadian Gravemarker Gallery was a privately owned & operated website and the webmaster, Murray Pletsch, decided to retire the website and himself 31 Jul 2017.

Upon deciding to retire, he chose our existing cemetery project as the new home for his 1.3 million photographs.

We did not take over the Canadian Gravemarker Gallery website, but we are incorporating the photographs into our existing project as they are indexed.

We did take over the domain with Murray's permission.

We are several months away from having all the Canadian Gravemaker Gallery photographs indexed and available on our website.

As of 31 Jul 2017 our volunteers have already indexed 25% of the photographs from the Canadian Gravemarker Gallery. In addition, our project is business as usual with volunteers contributing thousands of new photographs that also require indexing.

It's understood that there will be some frustration and impatience while waiting for photographs to appear here. Please know that volunteers have been, and continue to be, working non-stop to get the photographs indexed and online as quickly as possible. We cannot give an estimate as to when a specific cemetery will appear, except for as soon as it's indexed. You can help speed up the process by volunteering to help index.

For those new to us, CanadaGenWeb's Cemetery Project debuted in 2004. We offer a cemetery directory of 21,000+ Canadian cemeteries and a names index currently exceeding 1.5 million names. We are 100% volunteer, 100% Canadian.

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    In June 2017 this message was posted to the Canadian Gravemarker Gallery:

    In Dec 2016, Murray Pletsch sent out this newsletter to his subscribers:

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