September 10, 1924

Wednesday Evening,

September 10, 1924

Double Drowning In Queens County

Two Young Men, Members of Barnjum Survey Party, Lost Their lives In Rapids When Canoe Capsized.

A double drowning accident, in which two members of a survey party, engaged in surveying the timber properties of Frank D. Barnjum, of Annapolis Royal, were the victims, occurred Wednesday evening last at about seven o’clock, in a rapids in the Medway River, near Northfield, Queens Co., about twenty miles from Caledonia. The drowned men are Earl Goldsmith and Edgar Saveann. It was at first reported that Howard Langille, another member of the surveying party, was among the victims, but it has been definitely established that this report was inaccurate.

The drowned men, with two other members of the crew – Arnold Smith, the head of the crew, and Edgar Bent – had been carrying on their work during the day, and were on their way back to camp for the night, when in attempting to shoot the rapids, their canoe capsized and all were thrown into the raging waters, while the frail craft they were using shot down the stream, leaving them all to struggle for their lives. In the desperate situation that confronted each man, there was no chance of one helping another, and notwithstanding the fact that Saveann and Goldsmith were both good swimmers, they were overcome by the rushing stream and had disappeared when Smith and Bent finally won a victory over the surging waters, and managed to reach the shore of the river.

Earl Goldsmith, who was 29 years of age, was the son of Mr. and Mrs. Henry Goldsmith, of Middleton.