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These interesting notes involving people of Victoria, or formerly of Victoria, are filled with many American divorces. This shows that many found divorces in the United States easier (and cheaper) to obtain. While not recognized in Canada, an American divorce would be obtained by some and accepted by both parties so that they could get on with their lives. In other cases one person would move to the USA obtain a divorce and stay there and the remaining spouse might petition for a Canadian divorce before re-marrying.

Divorced at San Francisco, CA, Feb 1864 - divorced Emily P. Brennan & William F. Brennan, 1 child.

Divorced at San Francisco, CA, Aug 4, 1865, Frances Wysham from her husband George W. Wysham.

Aug 17, 1867, pg 3 - Many of our readers will recollect a lady, one of the old pioneers of this country, who left this ck [Williams] for the Eastern States about 2 yrs ago. We allude to Mrs Lowe. From recent information we have received, it appears that the lady referred to after leaving this coast, taking with her, it will be remembered, the funds subscribed here for the support of two helpless children that were sent to the Sisters of Mercy at Victoria in her charge, proceeded to Chicago in company with Mr Hamburger, also a well-known resident here; where, after procuring a divorce from her husband, she married her ‘dear Dave.’ For a time everything went merry as a marriage bell, but one fine morning ‘Dave’ was non est, and no trace of his whereabouts could afterwards be found...[she back to San Francisco, to search for him...he - believed to have shaped his course across the Atlantic...while the miserable woman is wandering about the sts of San Francisco in a very forlorn condition indeed.

Mar 25, 1869 - Divorced Feb 20 at San Francisco, CA, Nellie E. Bruckman from Alexander Bruckman, on ground of extreme cruelty. Plaintiff was allowed to resume her maiden name (Nellie E. Smith). The parties were married at Victoria, VI and resided at New Westminster, BC for some time. Mr Bruckman was for some years the assiduous agent of the Western UTC at New Westminster, where he has many friends...pc’d...

Divorced at San Francisco, CA, Jun, 1870, Miss Susie Robinson, of the Victoria drama [?] of former days, has obtained a divorce from her husband.

Feb 9, 1871 - Mr. Lawrence, formerly of Victoria, who last summer compromised a serious domestic difficulty upon payment of a large sum of money, is now before a London Court seeking a 3

Divorce - Mary Louisa Tilley, w/o Zachery Taylor Tilley - Oct 27, 1877

Jan 17, 1883 -[Some People Say] That Mrs. Fanny M. Goodhue, of Victoria, BC was given a divorce from J.P. Goodhue, for a long time the steamship purser and agent at Chehalis, WT, last week for gross personal indignity. Letter to editor, Jan 21, 1883, pg 3

Feb 27, 1883 - Supreme Court - Jones vs Jones - App. was made by James Jones, h/o the respondent, for a divorce from his wife Bertha on grounds of adultery.

Jul 27, 1883/Divorce - Pottinger v. Pottinger, William Clarke, correspondent..decree nisi

May 18, 1884, pg 3 - Divorce Ev O. Denny, San Francisco, CA commenced suit against her husband O.O. Denny of Victoria, BC for divorce viz: cruelty and failure to support...

May 2, 1885 - A plea was entered in chambers yesterday for $10 weekly alimony in the Russell divorce case. Husband - J.J. Russell was ordered to pay Grace Russell the sum of $1 per day from 19th Jan last, payments for board during that period to be deducted. He is also to pay the costs.

Jun 11, 1885, pg 3 - Russell divorce - 'occupied the court during the whole of the day..and is of a nature unfit for publication'. Jun 12, Haynes - correspondent - defendant not guilty of adultery.

Mar 30, 1886, pg 3 - Supreme Court - In Divorce and Matrimonial Causes - Isabella Magee vs. Hugh Magee...

Apr 14, 1886, pg 3 - Keays vs Keays, proceedings for divorce..Mr Keays sued on grounds of adultery, cruelty and desertion...; May 1, pg 3 - the respondent did not appear, judge held that the allegations were proved and pronounced a decree nisi.

Divorce/May 4, 1886 - pg 3 - Mrs A.J. Bunster has entered an action for divorce against Hon. Arthur Bunster. The action is taken at San Francisco, CA.

Oct 19, 1886 - Supreme Court - John J. Russell vs. Grace Russell - suit for divorce, 3; Oct 21, pg 2 - The Police - 'We find respondent guilty of committing adultery with John Flewin and Albert Haynes, but with regard to the plea of cruelty we fail to find that the evidence sustains same.'..; Oct 22, pg 3 - Russell vs Russell...[the whole story here]

Jan 26, 1887 - The day clerk of a well-known hotel eloped with the wife of the night clerk in the same hotel on Sat. It is stated he also eloped with a number of unpaid bills. Feb 9, The eloping couple from the Grand Pacific hotel, Frank Hill and Mrs Fox, have been heard from in Walla Walla, WT. They were married at Tacoma, without the formality of the woman's getting a divorce from her husband on this side.

Apr 13, 1887 - The ex-wife of J.J. Russell, who divorced from her husband last fall, has gone entirely to the bad. She left Victoria with a young man named Thompson and $600. At San Francisco, CA, Thompson deserted her, taking with him her money.

Apr 21, 1887 - John J. Russell of Strawberry Vale has been granted a perpetual divorce from his wife Grace.

Oct 5, 1887 - Rumor hath it that divorce proceedings will be instituted during next session of parliament by a well-known and recently wedded young man, on the ground that his wife in an ardent desire to gratify his fond wish to become a pater familias, took time by the forelock and too soon made him a father. Names are withheld as it is hoped the parties will be reconciled.

Jan 18, 1888 – In divorce and matrimonial causes – Hall vs Hall – A decree nisi was granted for dissolution of marriage.

Mar 27, 1888, pg 4 - It is rumored on what purports to be good authority that a well-known individual who some time ago sought and obtained a divorce from his wife in Victoria, BC [Victoria, BC] has again entered the married state, the bride this time being a girl of some 14 years of age. [John J. Russell]

Aug, 1888 - Divorce case filed in Seattle - Catherine Lark wants freedom, with her 8 year old son from Thomas F. Lark, her husband, now at Nanaimo, BC. They were married at Newcastle, WT, 1879.

Sep 18, 1888 - William H. Kinross seeks divorce from his wife, Ann Kinross in CA.

Nov 2, 1888 - An application for divorce will be heard in the supreme court this morning. The parties have only been married about 2 years. The applicant is a young man employed in the bakery business, and the respondent is at present an inmate of a house of ill repute in Vancouver. Nov 3 - Albert E. Haynes applied for a divorce from his wife, Mary Francis. No opposition was made by respondent, and chief Stewart, of Vancouver, gave evidence as to the woman’s whereabouts. A rule nisi was granted, dissolving the marriage. The young couple have married a little over 2 years, and the wayward wife at the time of the ceremony was but 14.

Dec 1, 1888 - C.P. Dixon, the defaulting CPR clerk at Portland, OR, who stole $3,000 of his employers money and spent it in Victoria in riotous living, has been pardoned through the intercession of his wife, from whom he is divorced.

Feb 2, 1889 - Divorce granted to Mrs E.A.A. Brown, formerly of Victoria, BC, from her husband John [at Portland, OR].

Apr 11, 1889 - James McInnis, of Seattle, is applying for a divorce from his wife Annie, on the grounds of adultery. He claims that she has led a dissolute life in Victoria, BC, and the co-respondent is Albert Elliott, a young man of Victoria.

Divorce/Jun 27, 1894, pg 5 - Jacob Mundorf & Mrs Mundorf... legal separation - settlement dispute...

Nov 11, 1894 - Judge Langley, of Seattle, has granted the petition of Josephine Elizabeth Eastman for a divorce from her husband, William A. Eastman, permission being granted to resume her maiden name Gitts. They were married at Pt Essington, May 20, 1887, and resided in Victoria for some years.

Nov 18, 1894 - Alexander H. Montgomery, of Vancouver, BC, has been granted a divorce from his wife Maud at Seattle, WA.

Nov 20, 1894, pg 5 - Divorce granted - Mrs Clara Ann Bourchier Chilcott Bees, divorced from Sydney Francis Bees, better known in Victoria as Francis Bourchier... pg 5 PC

Mar 04, 1899 The application of Mr John L. Penny for a divorce from his wife Catharine Penny was yesterday granted....The case was undefended, neither Mr. Penny or the correspondent W.H. Bainbridge being represented....plaintiff evidence was to the effect that he was married at Lincoln, Eng, in 1888 and he and his wife lived together until Jan, 1898. At that time he was supt. of a mine at Alberni of which Bainbridge was the managing director....

Oct 17, 1899 - Divorce of H. Schultz, of Vernon, BC, from his wife Helena Schultz. The couple were married at White Valley in 1889, and lived together until 1898, when it is alleged she went to live with J. Bank at Six Mile Ck. Bank and the woman went to Atlin...

Jan 6, 1900, pg 5 - Divorced, Charles Smith from Bertha G. Smith, married 1890, separated 1894, father given custody of 2 children.

Jan 16, 1900, pg 5 - Divorced at Vancouver, BC, Henry Lustow Smith and Jane Ann Meslin. Both parties formerly resided at Victoria, BC, petitioner being an extensive property holder in Spring Ridge.

Jun 28, 1900 - Divorce - Tumilty vs Tumilty.

Oct 10, 1900 - Mrs E. Petherick, of Victoria, BC has been granted a divorce by the Seattle courts.

Nov 28, 1900 - Divorce granted MacClellan vs MacClellan, at Victoria, BC.

Jan 29, 1901 supreme court, divorce of Arthur Wesley, of Pt Simpson from his wife, Martha Wesley. Grounds, desertion and adultery, Edwin Davis, co-respondent. Feb 12, 1901, pg 8 - divorce granted Wesley v Wesley.

Apr 13, 1901 - Granted a divorce at Seattle, WA, Lutie Jenns against Lewis H. Jenns [abandonment and non-support]. Mrs Jenns was given custody of her 3 yr old son. The parties were married at Victoria, BC, 5 yrs ago. The marriage of Jenns and Miss Landes, d/o Col Landes of Pt Townsend, caused quite a sensation at the time.

Jun 5, 1901 - divorce suit against William Berman of Victoria, BC, at Yokohama, Japan...nee Rosa Malkoffskey, married at San Francisco, CA Aug 17, 2

Divorced Sep 5, 1901 at Seattle, WA, Albert Mason from Margaret Irvine Mason. Both have been residents of Victoria, BC for some time. They were wedded at Londonderry, Ire in 1889.

Oct 12, 1901 - Myrtle E. Emerson is seeking in Seattle courts a divorce from Nelson E. Emerson. The couple were married in Feb, 1892, in Victoria, BC. Mrs Emerson claims she accompanied her husband later to Dawson, where she alleges the desertion occurred in 1899...

May 28, 1902, pg 3 - A private despatch received here contained the information that a warrant had been issued in San Francisco for the arrest of Thomas Deasy, former chief of the Victoria Fire dept, he being charged with mis-conduct with a woman, Mrs Della Westwood, formerly of Nanaimo, and now residing at 236 Sutter st, San Francisco, CA. Mr Deasy indignantly denies the charge. It was also said in SF that Mr Deasy had deserted his wife, who is now in this city. This is untrue and the ex-chief’s many Victoria friends are confident that the other charge is equally foundation less. He left Victoria with the view of placing a patent fire escape, which he invented, with the fire depts of the larger American cities. Mrs Westwood’s husband resides in Nanaimo. He some time ago instituted a suit for divorce against her, and it is now before the Supreme court in this city.

Divorce granted Jan 22, 1903 at WA, Mrs Alice Lebel Murison, d/o Maj C.E. Phipps, of Victoria, BC, from her husband, W.J.H. Murison, of Winnipeg.

Mar 11, 1903, pg 5 - Miss Alma Spain became Mrs H. Robson Jones at St John’s church, a few yrs ago...divorce proceedings at Shanghai...; May 7, pg 5 - Capt H Robson Jones, extra master mariner, well-known pilot, is the plaintiff...

Divorced Apr 24, 1903 at San Francisco, CA, Mrs E.J. Earsman, of Victoria, from John Earsman, desertion. It is understood that ‘a well known widow of James Bay was responsible for the domestic estrangement.’

Aug 1, 1903 - Divorce - Devlin vs Devlin, alimony granted - $300/yr.

Divorce/Jan 31, 1904, pg 2 - Judgment in Raser vs McQuade...Louis H. Laser, h/o late Maria Raser... PC; Apr 22, pg 3 - romantic case in full court...

Divorce/Jul 23, 1904 - Elizabeth W. Price was granted an interlocutory decree at San Francisco, CA against her husband J.W. Price, wilful neglect.

Divorce/Dec 7, 1904, pg 2 - Supreme Court - Kelly vs Kelly; Dean vs Dean; Sinclair vs Sinclair; Garnishee - Marbouef vs Marboeuf...

Feb 6, 1908, pg 7 - Divorce case Watt vs Watt to London, Eng...; Estates and Bequests - John Graham; Caroline Dibb; Herman Samuel Blanchard; Maria Matilda Humber; Frank H Eaton...

Apr 26, 1908, pg 14 - Divorce suits, Vancouver - Edward John Halton vs Ruby Wharton; Gus Lund vs Rosa Lund; Annie Freeman vs James A. Freeman.

Jun 7, 1908, pg 7 - Validity of American Divorce...G. Smith, land surveyor, Agnes Stirling and Thomas Mayne Stirling.

Aug 18, 1908 Mrs Eda Gullin has obtained a divorce from her husband, Capt C.J.V. Gullin at Seattle. Mrs Gullin claims ˝ of Victoria, BC property...

Nov 28, 1908 - Alexander von Hagen and his wife, both former res/o Victoria, are having matrimonial complications in Seattle. Last Oct Mrs Hagen got a divorce, now come Hagen, claiming that his wife has been intimate with one Jenkins, a sailmaker, and asks for a modification of the order. Mrs Jenkins was in court, and when she heard what had been going she arose and attacked her husband. The case is pending.

Oct 2, 1909, pg 12 - 1st Victoria divorce for some time - Mildred Vernon Brownell vs Alonzo Brownell, bigamy...; Oct 22, pg 6...;

Dec 21, 1909 - divorce of Cuppage vs Cuppage.

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