Victoria Divorces vol.4 p.
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Victoria Court Registry
Orders Issued in Divorce and Matrimonial Causes, 1877-1931
Volume 4

Vol. 4 Pages 001, 55 Petitioner: husband
Chetham Leonard D. and Revsbeck Minnie
Married 29 Jun 1898 at Yale, BC Dissolved: 20 Dec 1920
Co-respondent(s): Norman Pearson
Remarks: MR: Leonard Dickinson Chetham, 28, r.North Bend, b.ENG, CE, yeoman, s.o. John & Mary mar Minnie Revsbeck, 22, r.Yale, b.NS, CE, d.o.Andrew & Jessie, 29 Jun 1898, Yale District.
MR: Leonard Dickson Chetham, C.P.R. agent, div, 54, CE, r.1103 Langley St, Victoria, b.Matlock, ENG, s.o. John Baldwinch, b.ENG & Mary, b.ENG mar Jessie Gertrude Maria De La Haye, spin., 43, CE, b.Toronto Apts, Victoria, b.Hawkhurst, KEN, ENG, d.o. George De La Haye, b.YKS, ENG & Jessie Willia, b.IND, 28 Feb 1924, Victoria.
DRI: Leonard Dickinson Chetham, 15 Apr 1937, 67, Victoria.

Vol. 4 Pages 002, 42 Petitioner: wife
Lloyd Farquhar Celylin and Malet Hilda Mary Jeanne
Married 3 Apr 1900 at Chelsea, London, ENG Dissolved: 25 Oct 1920
Remarks: MR: John Trafford Joule (d.2, p.11, l.20), military, bach., 28, CE, r. & b. Victoria, s.o. Alfred Joule, b.ENG & Hellan, b.ENG mar Hilda Mary Jeanne Lloyd, div, 31, CE, r.Victoria, b.ENG, d.o. William Malet, b.ENG & Hallen, b.ENG, 6 Nov 1920, Victoria.
MR: Farquhar Celynin Lloyd, farmer, wid, 40, CE, r.Crofton, b.ENG, s.o.Albert Lloyd, b.ENG & Emily, b.ENG mar Teresa Elizebeth Parsons, spin., 25, RC, r.Crofton, b.ENG, d.o. James Parsons, b.ENG & Ellen, b.ENG, 14 Dec 1920, Victoria.

Vol. 4 Pages 009 Petitioner: husband
Sargison Reginald and Croft Agnes June
Married 12 Aug 1913 at Vancouver, BC
Co-respondent(s): Thomas Bayley
Remarks: Filed 10 Jun 1920.
MR: Reginald Sargeson, 22, r.Victoria, b.Tacoma, WA, USA, bach., clerk, Meth, s.o. A.G. Sargison & Fannie Jackson mar Agnes June Craft, 23, r. & b.Bellingham, WA, USA, spin, d.o. Samuel Gourley Craft & Lillian Wells, 12 Aug 1913, Vancouver.

Vol. 4 Pages 012, 20, 138, 141, 146 Petitioner: husband
Brown Charles and Brukman Annie Gertrude
Married 24 Apr 1912 at Victoria, BC Dissolved: 28 Feb 1923
Co-respondent(s): Leon J. Camsusa & Herbert Allyn
Remarks: 1901CEN: Victoria, Charley Brown, d.11, p.12, l.32.
MR: Charles Brown, 22, r.Pembroke St, Victoria, b.Montreal, QC, bach., plumber, CE, s.o. Robert Brown & Mary Gordon mar Annie Gertrude Brukman, 18, r.Phoenix St, Victoria West, b.Victoria, spin., CE, d.o. Martin Brukman & Mary Young, 24 Apr 1912, Victoria.

Vol. 4 Pages 014, 18, 24, 53 Petitioner: husband
Axon James Henry and --- Ann Ellen
Married 7 Sep 1901 at Blackburn, LAN, ENG Dissolved: 17 Dec 1920
Co-respondent(s): Chris Nilsen
Remarks: Infant children: Barbery; Dennis Rivers & James Alfred.
MR: James Henry Axon, engineer, div, 43, CE, r.423 Cook St, Victoria, b.ENG, s.o. Henry Axon, b.ENG & Barbara Taylor, b.ENG mar Emmie Hawthorne, spin., 41, CE, r.516 Victoria Ave, Victoria, b.Wolverhampton, ENG, d.o. Henry Hawthorne, b.Wolverhampton, ENG & Susannah Carrington, b.Wolverhampton, ENG, 25 Dec 1921, Victoria.
DR: James Henry Axon, 51, b.CHS, ENG, 7 Mar 1878, d.Oak Bay, 14 Mar 1929, r.516 Victoria Ave, Oak Bay, h.o.Emmie Axon, s.o.Mr. Axon, b.ENG & Barbara Taylor, b.SCT.

Vol. 4 Pages 019, 28, 38 Petitioner: husband
Gill John Oswald and Christiano Victoria
Married 24 Dec 1917 at Victoria, BC Dissolved: 14 Oct 1920
Co-respondent(s): D. Masilotti
Remarks: MR: Daniel Masiloto, 22, b.ITL, r.1007 Odlum Dr, Vancouver, plasterer, RC, s.o. William Masiloto & Jane Christiano mar Victoria Christiano, 17, b.ITL, r. 1375 Gravely St, Vancouver, RC, d.o. Francis Christiano & Rose Vedabella, 8 Oct 1911, Vancouver.
MR: John Oswald Gill, 24, b.ON, rancher, r.Murrayville, BC, Psb, s.o. John Gill, retired & Jessie Thompson mar Victoria Masilotti, 23, b.ITL, divorced, laundress, RC, r.Scott & 13th E., Vancouver, Christian, d.o. Frank Christian, laborer & Rosann Fanelene, 24 Dec 1917, Vancouver.
MR: John Oswald Gill, barrister-at-law, div, 27, Psb, r.817 Cambie St, Vancouver, b.Port Elgin, Bruce Co, ON, s.o.John Gill, b.Fergus, ON & Jenny Thornton, b.Listowell, ON mar Ethel Jean MacPherson, spin., 27, Psb, r.Blundell Station, Eburne P.O., BC b.Springhill, NS, d.o. Andrew MacPherson, b.Springhill, NS & Jessie Isabel Stuart, b.New Glasgow, NS, 5 Sep 1921, West Point Grey, Vancouver.
DRI: John Oswald Gill, 5 Nov 1966, 71, Vancouver.

Vol. 4 Pages 025, 33, 95 Petitioner: husband
Nicol William Baxter and Nancarrow Marion
Married 21 Sep 1906 at Blackpool, LAN, ENG Dissolved: 20 Sep 1920 Absolute: 29 Apr 1921
Co-respondent(s): F.G. Armstrong
Remarks: Children: William Lester; Arnold Hector & Cecil Douglas.
MR: Henry Sinclere Ewing, plumber, bach., 41, Meth, r.428 Graham Ave, Seattle, WA, USA, b.Boottle, LAN, ENG, s.o. Henry Sinclere Ewing, b.Dundee, SCT & Sarah Janet Clark, Chester, CHS, ENG mar Marianne Nicol, div, 38, Meth, r.1215 Carlyle St, Esquimalt, b.Stafford, ENG, d.o. John Nancarrow, b.CON, ENG & Sarah Elizabeth Goodwin, b.CHS, ENG, 29 Jul 1921, Esquimalt.

Vol. 4 Pages 026, 36, 71 Petitioner: husband
Sturgeon Benjamin Howard and Flesh Wilhelmena
Married 19 Dec 1910 at Happy Valley, Metchosin, BC Dissolved: 28 Sep 1920 Absolute: 1 Apr 1921
Co-respondent(s): William F. Herd
Remarks: Children: Howard Charles & Kenneth Cecil.
1901CEN: Williamina Flesh, d.14, p.2, l.32.
MR: Benjamin Howard Sturgeon, 29, r.Victoria, b.Fredericton, NB, bach., foreman labourer, Psb, s.o. James & Barbara mar Wilhelmina Flesh, 18, r.Happy Valley, Metchosin, b.Salt Spring Island, spin, CE, d.o. Charles Sherman & Martha Ada, 17 Dec 1910, Victoria.
MR: Axel Abbol Carlson, carpenter, 31, r.444 Gore Ave, Vancouver, b.FIN, bach., Lu, s.o. Carl Henrick Abbol, b.FIN & Wilhelmina, b.FIN mar Wilhelmina Sturgeon, housekeeper, divorced, 27, r.52 Hastings E., Vancouver, b.Victoria, CE, d.o. Charles Sherman Flesh, b.USA & Martha Flesh,b.Victoria, 5 Apr 1921, Vancouver.
MR: Evan Brett Anderson McMillan, 30, r.151 Hastings E., Vancouver, b.SCT, bach., machinist, Prot, s.o. Colin Campbell McMillan, b.SCT & Beatrice Anderson, b.SCT mar Wilhelmina Flesh, 30, r.169 Pender W., Vancouver, b.Victoria, spin, Prot, d.o. Charles Flesh, b.OH, USA & Martha Sampson, b.Victoria, 8 May 1924, Vancouver. Notedd added: Marriage dissolved at Vancouver, 21 May 1942.
DRI: Benjamin Howard Sturgeon, 5 Sep 1957, 80, Comox.

Vol. 4 Pages 027, 44 Petitioner: wife
Chalmers John Scrymageour and Grant Frances
Married 16 Jul 1913 at Victoria, BC Dissolved: 23 Oct 1920
Remarks: Rems: MR: John Scrymageour Chalmers, 26, bach., reporter, r.Victoria, b.Hawick, religion - n/g, s.o. Thomas Chalmers, merchant & Helen Davidson mar Frances Willard Grant, 20, spin., r. & b.Victoria, CE, d.o. Gordon Fraser Grant, master mariner & Maria Heathfield Collard, 16 Jul 1913, Victoria.
WWI Attestation: John Scrymageour Chalmers, b.Edinburgh, SCT, 21 May 1887, r.Olympic Club, San Francisco, CA, USA, journalist. NOK: Frances Chalmers, wife, Matsonia Apts, San Francisco, CA, USA,. Papers signed: 19 May 1917, Vancouver.
MR: Kenneth Barr, lumber broker, 41, CE, r.Waterloo St, Vancouver, b.SSX, ENG, s.o. Harry Barr, b.SSX, ENG & Ellen Saunders, b.YKS, ENG mar Frances Willard Chalmers, stenographer, div, 26, CE, r. & b.Victoria, d.o. Gordon Fraser Grant, b.NS & Mariah Pollard, b.CAN, Grant, 19 Nov 1920, Vancouver. Vol. 4 Pages 029, 47 Petitioner: wife
Little Herbert and --- Sarah
Married 5 Mar 1910 at Workington, CUL, ENG Dissolved: 29 Oct 1920
Remarks: Child: Hodgson.

Vol. 4 Pages 032, 43 Petitioner: wife
Meighen Reginald Arthur and --- Mary Hurst
Married 23 Apr 1910 at Peterborough, ON Dissolved: 28 Oct 1920
Remarks: WWI Attestation: Reginald Arthur Meighen, b.Perth, ON, 16 Aug 1884, r.Perth, ON, cook. NOK: Mary Meighen 2653 Graham St, Victoria, wife; scratched out and Julia T. Meighen, Perth, ON, mother, added. Papers signed: 9 Oct 1917, Victoria.

Vol. 4 Pages 035, 82, 100 Petitioner: husband
Good Read James and Raftis Ruby
Married 3 Sep 1912 at Courtenay, BC Dissolved: 15 Jun 1921
Remarks: Her name was entered as Ruby Good, falsely called Ruby Hoffman, now Ruby Pock. She was reported to have admitted to a witness that she had previously married to Nick Raftis on 2 Apr 1912 at Oregon City under the name Minnie Hoffman. Her right name was Ruby Minnie May Hoffman, was 18 y and had her fathers consent but not her mothers. Nick Raftis was alive and still married to Raftis on 3 Sep 1912 when she married Good.
MRI: Read James Good mar Ruby Hoffman, 3 Sep 1912, Cumberland (not filmed).
WWI Attestation: Read James Good, b.Woodstock, NB, 25 Dec 1887, r.17 Salisbury Dr, Vancouver, mechanic, single. NOK: Mrs H. Good, same address, mother. Papers signed: 17 Aug 1917, Vancouver.
MR: Read James Good, engineer, bach., 34, Bapt, r.Headquarters, BC, b.Woodstock, NB, s.o. Hiram Good, b.ON & Eliza Harrington, b.Melville, NS mar Annie Beckinsell, spin., 22, Ang, r. & b.Comox, d.o. Thomas Beckinsell, b.ENG & Alice Beauchamp, b.ENG, 11 Jun 1923, Courtenay.
DRI: Read James Good, 12 May 1947, 59, Essondale.

Vol. 4 Pages 037, 54, 81 Petitioner: wife
Boona George and --- Irene Elizabeth
Remarks: This marriage was ordered null and void, 15 Apr 1921, as George Boona had been previously married and his wife was still living.

Vol. 4 Pages 041 Petitioner: wife
Campbell Stuart and --- Grace Mildred
Remarks: Notice was sent to him at the Panama Canal Zone and copies to Daniel Campbell, 1929 Ash St, Victoria. Filed 25 Oct 1920.
1901CEN: Stewart Campbell, d.A1, p.8, l.6.
DR: Stuart Campbell, b.Victoria, 25 Apr 1894, d.Essondale, BC, 22 Nov 1957, r.378 Notre Dame Ave, Essondale, logger, h.o. Nash, Mildred Grace, parents n/k.

Vol. 4 Pages 045, 91, 133, 151, 241, 242 Petitioner: wife
Mair John (otherwise Ian) and Hutchison Janet Forster
Married 17 Nov 1906 at Victoria, BC Dissolved: 20 Dec 1921
Remarks: Children: John & Olaf.
MRI: John Mair mar Janet Forster Hutchison, 17 Nov 1906, Victoria.

Vol. 4 Pages 046, 67 (note there were 2 pg. 46's) Petitioner: husband
Tunbridge Alexander Richard Tuear-Sly and --- Norah
Married 10 Dec 1913 at London, ENG Dissolved: 22 Feb 1921
Co-respondent(s): Thomas Aitken
Remarks: MR: Alexander Richard Tuear-Sly Tunbridge, lawyer, div, 33, Ang, r.Courtenay, b.ENG s.o. Thomas Tuear-Sly Tunbridge, b.ENG & Mary Proctor, b.ENG mar Adelaide Sarah Monahan, div, 35, Ang, r.Courtenay, b.Comox, d.o. William Harold Machin, b.ENG & Mary Graham, b.Toronto, ON, 14 Mar 1921, Cumberland.

Vol. 4 Pages 046, 68, 96, 101 Petitioner: husband
Winningham Joseph Daniel and Murrant Lucy
Married 5 Dec 1899 at Victoria, BC Dissolved: 15 Jun 1921
Co-respondent(s): Sergeant Runels
Remarks: 1901CEN: Winningham family, d.17, p.14, l.9-11
1901CEN: Victoria Johnson St Ward, d.1, fam.405: Marant: John, 48, labourer, NF; Susan, 45; Richard, 12; Lucy, 11, NF; Mary, 9, NF & Lea, 5, NF.
MR: Joseph O. Winningham, 24, r.Victoria, b.Haley, ID, USA, bach., employee Driard Hotel, Bapt, s.o. Pleasant & Adeline mar Lucy Edith Murrant, 19, r.19 Pioneer St, Victoria, b. St. Johns, NF, spin., CE, d.o. John & Susan, 16 Dec 1899, Victoria.
MR: Joseph Daniel Winningham, div, 47, Ang, r.Courtenay, b.ID, USA, s.o. Pleasant Winningham, b.USA & Adaline Cowan, b.USA mar Arabell Rudd, div, 42, Ang, r. & b.Victoria, d.o. James Hood, b.ENG & Emma Rapson, b.Stockton, CA, USA, 4 Apr 1922, Victoria. (see her divorce v.4, p.40)
DRI: Joseph Daniel Winningham, 12 May 1923, 49, Comox.

Vol. 4 Pages 048, 56 Petitioner: husband
Woodruff Arthur Ernest and Brown Jemima
Married 22 Dec 1914 at Victoria, BC Dissolved: 8 Dec 1920
Co-respondent(s): Louis Morell
Remarks: See her first divorce v.2, p.152. See his second divorce v.5, p.125.
1901CEN: Arthur Woodruff; d.D1, p.6, l.2.
MR: Arthur Ernest Woodruff, 22, bach., teamster, r. & b.Victoria, Meth, s.o. George Woodruff, stonemason & Mary Turpin mar Jemima Brown, 23, spin, r.Victoria, b.East Sooke, d.o. Charles Brown, occ. n/g & Susan Hughes, 22 Dec 1914, Victoria.
DRI: Arthur Ernest Woodruff, 20 Oct 1952, 59, Metchosin.

Vol. 4 Pages 049, 88 Petitioner: husband
Ward Walter and --- Marion Louisa
Married 11 Mar 1906 at Toronto, ON Dissolved: 5 May 1921
Co-respondent(s): George Larsen
Remarks: MR: Walter Ward, merchant, diorced, CE, 45, r.Victoria, b.ENG, s.o. William Ward, b.ENG & Esther Mary Ann Lees mar Lucy Medley, spin, 46, CE, r.Victoria, b.ENG, d.o. Edward Medley, b.ENG & Marth Medley, b.ENG, 11 Jul 1925, Victoria.
MR: Holger Jorgen Georgen Lassen, longshoreman, bach., 37, religion - P., r.33 Simcoe St, Victoria, b.DEN, s.o. Guns Lassen, b.SWE & Hansins Sghorth, b.DEN mar Marion Lousa Ward, div, 37, Ang, same address, b.London, ENG, Thomas Long, b.ENG & Martha -----, b.n/k, 25 Jan 1926, Victoria.

Vol. 4 Pages 051, 62 Petitioner: husband
Pedlingham Leonard Charles and Snider Annie May
Married 2 Oct 1912 at Victoria, BC
Remarks: Filed 8 Dec 1920; last entry 26 Jan 1921.
MR: Leonard Charles Pedlingham, 21, r.Victoria, b.Birmingham, ENG, soldier, CE, s.o. William Pedlingham & Catherine Gough mar Annie May Snider, 21, r.Victoria, b.Yukon, Alaska, CE, d.o. William Snider & Susan Snider, 2 Oct 1912, Victoria.
DRI: Leonard C. Pedlingham, 6 May 1958, 66, Vancouver.
DRI: look up after the MR.

Vol. 4 Pages 052, 86, 119 Petitioner: husband
McClure David Donald and Lohr Mary Dorothy Gertrude Caroline Alice
Married 8 Apr 1915 at Victoria, BC Dissolved: 31 Mar 1921 Absolute: 14 Oct 1921
Co-respondent(s): Douglas Wilson
Remarks: MR: David Donald McClure, 23, bach., teamster, r.Colwood, b.AYR, SCT, Psb, s.o. David McClure, shepherd & Marian McClure mar Mary Dorothy Lohr, 16, spin., r.Colwood, b.Punta Arenio, Chili, S.A., CE, d.o. Richard Lohr, lumber merchant & Alice Glover, 8 Apr 1915, Victoria.
WWI Attestation: David Donald McClure, b.Barr, SCT, 24 Mar 1891, teamster. NOK: Dorothy Lohr McClure, Colwood, Victoria. Papers signed: 2 Aug 1915, Vernon, BC.
DRI: David Donald McClure, 11 Oct 1968, 76, Vancouver.

Vol. 4 Pages 058, 59, 60 Petitioner: both
Marshall Charles and Foster Iliane
Married 6 Nov 1916 at Victoria, BC Dissolved: 9 Feb 1921
Co-respondent(s): Fred B. Harrison
Remarks: His petition led to the divorce.
MR: Charles Marshall, 26, farmer, r.Victoria, b.ENG, Ang, s.o.Charles Marshall, merchant & Bridget Mory Slatter mar Ilaine Foster, 30, spin., r.Victoria, b.ENG, Ang, d.o. Robert Foster, builder & Emily Martin, 6 Nov 1916, Victoria.
WWI Attestation: Charles Marshall, b.Camberwell, London, ENG, 11 Jan 189?, r.P.O. Box 312, Duncan, BC, lumberman. NOK: Iliane Marshall, same address, wife. Papers signed: 25 Jan 1917, Victoria.
DRI: Iliane Marshall, 27 Sep 1954, 67, Victoria.

Vol. 4 Pages 061, 72, 118 Petitioner: husband
Chubb Albert Frederick and Fox Margaret Grace
Married 25 Dec 1911 at Victoria, BC Dissolved: 29 Mar 1921 Absolute: 7 Oct 1921
Co-respondent(s): John Byrne
Remarks: MR: Albert Frederick Chubb (d.11, p.21, l.2), 26, r.Tod Inlet, b.Guelph, ON, bach., miller, Bapt, s.o. J. Lusse & Christina Cameron (foster parents) mar Margaret Grace Fox (d.2, p.19, l.31), 26, r. & b.Victoria, spin., Psb, d.o. Charles I. Fox & Ellen Gillis Deans, 25 Nov 1911, Victoria.
MN, Times, 26 Dec 1911, p.18: A.F. Chubb mar Margaret Grace, y.d.o. Mrs E. Fox, 221 Howe St; the bride was given away by her uncle George Dean.
WWI Attestation: Frederick Albert Chubb, b.Guelph, ON, 10 Aug 1885, r. Mount Tolmie, Victoria, chauffeur, married, CE. NOK: Margaret Grace Chubb, address not known with note 'see attached slip'; also: please advise - John Lusse, friend, Mount Tolmie. Papers signed: 11 Nov 1916, Victoria.
MR: Albert Frederick Chubb, mechanic, div, 37, Bapt, r.Tod Inlet, b.Hamilton, ON, s.o. Glover F. Chubb, b.Guelph, ON & Mary, b.Hamilton, ON mar Nellie Florence Tweed, spin., 33, Meth, r.Victoria, b.ENG, d.o. John Tweed, b.ENG & Honora, b.ENG, 18 Mar 1922, Victoria.
DRI: Margaret Grace Chubb, 22 Feb 1950, 64, Victoria.
DRI: Albert Frederick Chubb, 8 May 1960, 74, Saanich.

Vol. 4 Pages 063, 93, 94, 103, 113, 114 Petitioner: husband
McKay Lemuel Cornelius and Banner Agnes Elizabeth
Married 5 Nov 1913 at Victoria, BC Dissolved: 28 Sep 1921
Co-respondent(s): Robert S. Sherwood
Remarks: The citation was served to Mrs. E. Banner, 925 McClure St, Victoria; mother of Agnes Elizabeth, and published in Oakland, CA, USA.
1901CEN: MacKay family, d.9, p.9, l.28-39.
1901CEN: Agnes E. Banner, d.6, p.10, l.33.
MR: Lemuel Cornelius McKay, 25, lather, r.Victoria, b. Vancouver, Meth, s.o. Cornelius McKay, carpenter & Agnes Graham mar Agnes Elizabeth Banner, 19, r. & b.Victoria, Meth, d.o. Samuel Banner, carpenter & Elizabeth Reith, 5 Nov 1913, Victoria.

Vol. 4 Pages 064, 70, 115 Petitioner: husband
Sallaway William Maurice and Berrow Sarah Irene
Married 18 Sep 1915 at Victoria, BC Dissolved: 24 Mar 1921 Absolute: 4 Oct 1921
Co-respondent(s): Wynn Davis
Remarks: 1901CEN: Irene Berrow, d.H1, p.4, l.11.
BR: (late registration, 1965) Sarah Irene Berrow, b.2 Dec 1899 at Saltspring Island, d.o.Ambrose Alexander Berrow, 54 (in 1899), b.Malvern Hills, GLS, ENG, horticulturist & Jessie Helen Weving, 38, b.Sheltingham, GLS, ENG.
MR: William Maurice Sallaway, 21, bach., salesman, CE, r.3071 Washington Ave, Victoria, b.Victoria, CE, s.o. Frederick Joseph Sallaway, teacher & Esther Ann Martin mar Sarah Irene Berrow, 20, spin., r.Chemainus, b.Salt Spring Island, CE, d.o. Ambrose Alexander Berrow, dec. & Jessie Helen Weaving, 18 Sep 1915, Victoria.
DRI: William Maurice Sallaway, 7 Aug 1952, 58, Victoria.

Vol. 4 Pages 065, 77, 80, 109, 110 Petitioner: husband
Schwengers Bernard Peters and Jay Kate Constance
Married 23 Oct 1907 Dissolved: 13 Sep 1921
Co-respondent(s): John C. MacDonald
Remarks: Children: Helen Naomi & Olga Beverley. Their maternal grandparents George & ---- Jay were given guardianship and custody. A son Bernard Homer was in the custody of his father.
1901CEN: Kate C. Jay (d.10, p.18, l.19) & Bernard Schwengers (d.2, p.3, l.7).
MR: Bernard Peter Schwengers, 27, r.Victoria, b.Anerley, SRY, ENG, accountant, Ang, s.o. Peter Joseph Antoine Schwengers & Alice Mary Schwengers mar Kate Constance Jay (d.10, p.18, l.19), 20, r. & b. Victoria, Epis, d.o. George Jay & Emily -----n?, 23 Oct 1907, Victoria.
MR: Bernard Peter Schwengers, 27, r.634 Michigan St, Victoria, b.ENG, merchant (hardware), divorced, UCC, s.o. Peter Joseph Antoine Schwengers, b.GER & Alice Mary Lucey, b.ENG mar Beatrice May Collins, stenographer, 31, UCC, 1120 Blinkensop Rd, Victoria, b.Winnipeg, MB, d.o. Edward John Collins, b.Wells, SOM, ENG & Emma Jane Rogers, b.Plymouth, DEV, ENG, 9 Jun 196, Victoria.

Vol. 4 Pages 069, 75 Petitioner: husband
Olson Harold Benjamin and Smith Madeleine Sarah Charlotte
Married 19 Jan 1916 at Victoria, BC Dissolved: 8 Apr 1921
Co-respondent(s): J.P. Smitz
Remarks: MR: Harold Benjamin Olson, 20, mechanic, r.Victoria, b.WI, USA, Lu, s.o.Otto Olson, merchant & Dorothy Nelson mar Madeline Sarah Charlotte Smith, r. & b.Victoria, CE, d.o. Frederick Lewis Smith, merchant & Margaret Sarah Grafton, 19 Jan 1916, Victoria.
DRI: Harold Benjamin Olson, 1 Jun 1966, 70, Victoria.

Vol. 4 Pages 073, 92, 97 Petitioner: wife
Ballantine John Steel and Georgeson Gladys Georgeson
Married 25 May 1905 at Winnipeg, MB Dissolved: 27 May 1921
Co-respondent(s): Louise Manara
Remarks: DR: Gladys Georgeson Ballantyne, 80, b.Winnipeg, MB, 27 Jun 1882, d.Sidney, 17 May 1964, r.2522 Beacon St, Sidney, BC, wid of John Steel Ballantyne, d.o. William Georgeson, b.CAN & Ann Anderson, b.CAN,

Vol. 4 Pages 074, 76, 144, 148 Petitioner: wife
Clayton Arthur Joseph and Acton Amy
Married 15 Mar 1909 Dissolved: 23 Mar 1922
Remarks: His address was Box 181, Portal, ND, USA.
1901CEN: Victoria, Amy Acton, d.10, p.7, l.5.
MR: Arthur Joseph Clayton, 27, r. & b. Duluth, MN, USA, bach., locomotive engineer, Epis, s.o. Frederick G. & Caroline mar Amy Grace Acton, 21, r. Victoria, b.Steley Bridge, ENG, spin., Meth, d.o. William & Lilian, 24 Mar 1909, Victoria.

Vol. 4 Pages 078, 85 Petitioner: wife
Dougall Frederick John Clifford and Watson Violet Annie
Married 30 Jul 1912 at Victoria, BC Dissolved: 4 May 1921
Remarks: 1901CEN: Victoria, Frederick C. Dougall, d.2, p.16, l.10. & Violet A. Watson, d.1, p.14, l.40.
MR: Frederick John Clifford Dougall, 21 y, 9 m, r.203 Quebec St, cor Montreal St, Victoria, b.Victoria, bach., broker, Psb, s.o. Frederick Charles Dougall & Pauline Blanche Medana mar Violet Annie Watson, 18 y past, r.203 Quebec St, b.Victoria, spin., d.o. George Watson & Jamie Clarke, 30 Jul 1912, Victoria.

Vol. 4 Pages 079, 87 Petitioner: husband
Trew Wilbert John and Marwick Eliza
Married 17 Nov 1906 at Victoria, BC Dissolved: 5 May 1921
Remarks: MR: Wilbert John Trew, 33, r.Waverly, ON, b.CAN, bach., carpenter, Meth, s.o. John & Mary A. mar Eliza Marwick, 28, r.Moodyville, b.CAN, spin., Meth, d.o. David & Annie, 17 Nov 1906, Victoria.

Vol. 4 Pages 084, 169 Petitioner: husband
Moores Ernest Arthur and Laxton Pearl Janet
Married 17 Jan 1917 at Victoria, BC Dissolved: 26 Jun 1922
Co-respondent(s): Herbert Alexander
Remarks: Child: Lillian Mary.
MR: Ernest Arthur Moores, 29, bach., mariner, r.Victoria, b.ENG, CE, s.o. James Frederick Moores, gentleman & Mary Jane Robinson mar Pearl Janett Laxton, 17, spin., r.Victoria, b.Quebec City, QC, CE, d.o. Robert Laxton, gentleman & Mary Cox, 17 Jan 1917, Victoria.
MR: Ernest Arthur Moores, mechanic, wid, 37, CE, r.Victoria, b.ENG, s.o. James S. Moores, b.ENG & Mary Jane, b.ENG mar Annie McPhail, spin., 36, Psb, r.Victoria, b.ENG, d.o. John McPhail, b.SCT & Annie, b.SCT, 1 Mar 1923, Victoria
DRI: Ernest Arthur Moores, 28 Oct 1957, 72, Victoria.

Vol. 4 Pages 090, 107 Petitioner: wife
Young John Henry and Hawks Grace
Married 4 Dec 1918 Dissolved: 27 Jun 1921
Co-respondent(s): Muriel Burr
Remarks: Her name was entered as Grace Young (otherwise Grace Hawkes).
1901CEN: Grace J. Henry, d.12, p.1, l.46.See v.2, p.247, for her first divorce.
MR: John Henry Young, 22, city fire brigade, r.Victoria, b.ON, Meth, s.o. John Young, gentleman & Matilda Hobbs mar Grace Hawks, 24, wid, r.Victoria, b.Buffalo, NY, USA, Psb, d.o. Freeman Henry, city fire brigade & Elizabeth Lincoln, 4 Dec 1918, Victoria.
MR: Norman Elvyn I'Anson, musician, bach., 29, CE, r.Victoria, b.Harrogate, ENG, s.o. John Anson, b.Harrogate & Annie, b.Knaresborough, ENG mar Grace Irene Young, divorced, 26, Psb, r.Victoria, b.Buffalo, NY, USA, d.o. Freeman L. Henry, b.Hamilton, ON & Elizabeth, b.Buffalo, NY, USA, 27 Aug 1921, Victoria.
DRI: Grace Irene I'anson, 19 Jun 1948, 51, Victoria.
DRI: Norman Elvyn I'anson, 2 Sep 1977, 86, Victoria.
MR: John Henry Young, salesman, bach., 28, r.Victoria, b.Ottawa, ON, Meth, r.1212 Granville St, Vancouver, s.o. John Young, b.ON & Tilda Hobbs, b.ON mar Charlotte Alaska Dahl, 21, spin., Lu, stenographer, r.822 Howe St, Vancouver, b.Nome, Alaska, d.o. Mons H. Dahl, b.Bergen, NOR & Charlotte Kennetta Henjum, Sherman, SD, USA, 1 Jul 1926, Vancouver.

Vol. 4 Pages 098, 104 Petitioner: wife
Pollard Edward Harry and Dunderdale Ellen
Married 1 May 1909 at Los Angeles, CA, USA Dissolved: 21 Jun 1921
Remarks: MR: Alfred Haughton (d.2, p.1, l.14), clerk, bach., 36, CE, r.800 Hastings St, Vancouver, b.Rath Mines, Dublin, IRL, s.o. James, b.KIK, IRL & Mary Rogers, b.Dublin, IRL mar Ellen Pollard, divorced, 40, CE, r.1036 Hastings St, Vancouver, b.Liverpool, ENG, d.o. Thomas Dunderdale, b.Liverpool, ENG & Dory Richmond, b.Southport, ENG, 29 Jul 1921, Vancouver.
DRI: Edward Harry Pollard, 1 Jun 1946, 69, Vancouver.

Vol. 4 Pages 099, 108 Petitioner: husband
Gough William and Tyrell Lillian
Married 25 Dec 1905 at Bedminster, Bristol, ENG Dissolved: 27 Jun 1921
Co-respondent(s): Owen Davis
Remarks: Chlidren: William Harold & Reginald Frank.
WWI Attestation: William Gough, b.Bristol, ENG, 15 Dec 1880, carpenter. NOK: Mrs Lillian Gough, 731 Princess Ave, Victoria, wife. Papers signed: 10 Jun 1915, Esquimalt.
DR: William Gough, r.1915 Leighton Rd, b.Bristol, ENG, Dec 1880, d.Victoria, 17 Dec 1957, hospital orderly, wid of Lillian Tyrell, parents n/k.
DR: Harold William Gough, b.Bristol, ENG, 19 Nov 1906, d.Victoria, 17 Mar 1963, r.1915 Leighton Rd, Victoria, retail clerk, shoe store, single, s.o. William Gough, b.ENG & Mary Tyrell, b.ENG.

Vol. 4 Pages 100, 106 Petitioner: wife
Butler Frank Russell and Addis Margaret Dansey
Married 12 Jun 1912 at Calgary, AB Dissolved: 27 Jun 1921
Remarks: Filed 16 Jan 1920; last entry 22 Nov 1920. See his petition for divorce, v.3, p.198.
WWI Attestation: Frank Russel Butler, b.Oxfrod, ENG, 28 Dec 1891, r.Victoria, stockbroker, CE. NOK: Mrs Dansey Butler, 927 Collinson St, Victoria, wife. Papers signed: 4 Dec 1915, Victoria.
MR: Frederick Hooton, agent, bach., 27, CE, r.Victoria, b.ENG, s.o. Thomas Hooton, b.ENG & Sarah, b.ENG mar Margaret Dansey Addis, divorced, 29, CE, r.Victoria, b.ENG, d.o. Philip Addis, b.ENG & Annie, b.ENG, 14 Feb 1922, Victoria.

Vol. 4 Pages 111, 116 Petitioner: wife
Taylor Alfred and Thomas Alice Elizabeth
Married 24 Dec 1900 Dissolved: 5 Oct 1921
Remarks: Filed 19 Sep 1921; last entry 5 Oct 1921.
MR: Sydney George Brown, b.Shanghai, CHN, retired, divorced, 40, Ang, r.Langford, s.o. Thomas Brown, b.ENG & Alice Campbell, b.ENG mar Alice Elizabeth Taylor, 44, divorced, Ang, r.Langford, b.WLS, d.o. John Thomas, b.WLS & Sarah Jane Mugford, b.ENG, 4 Apr 1923, Victoria. (see v.4, p.192 for his first marriage)

Vol. 4 Pages 112, 124, 132 Petitioner: husband
Renfree James Francis and McQuarrie Kathleen
Married 31 Jul 1912 at Victoria, BC Dissolved: 9 Nov 1921
Remarks: Child: Kathleen Audrey.
1901CEN: James Renfree, d.2, p.15, l.22.
MR: James Francis Renfree, 25, r. & b.Victoria, bach., gas fitter, Meth, father n/g, mother Susan Ann Merryfield mar Kathleen McQuarrie, 21, r.Victoria, b.New Westminster, spin., Psb, d.o. Robert McQuarrie & Elizabeth Smith, 31 Jul 1912, Victoria.

Vol. 4 Pages 117, 126, 130 Petitioner: husband
McCrossan George Edward and Lalande Grace Crysler
Married 31 Oct 1907 at Vancouver, BC Dissolved: 28 Nov 1921
Co-respondent(s): David Finklestein
Remarks: MR: George Edward McCrossan, 28, r.Vancouver, b.Winnipeg, MB, bach., barrister, Meth, s.o. Thomas & Jane mar Grace Crysler Lalande, 23, r.Vancouver, b.Morrisburg, ON, spin., CE, d.o. Abraham & Alice, 31 Oct 1907, Vancouver.
DRI: George Edward McCrossan, 8 Dec 1944, 64, Vancouver.

Vol. 4 Pages 120, 149 Petitioner: wife
Ballam Charles and --- Louisa Mary
Married 24 Dec 1915 at Windsor, BRK, ENG Dissolved: 28 Mar 1922
Remarks: See his second divorce v.5, p.360.
WWI Attestation: Charles Ballam, b.Liverpool, ENG, 25 Dec 1885, mechanic, single. NOK: Richard Ballam, Chief of Police, Liverpool, ENG, father. Papers signed: 5 Feb 1915, Victoria.
MR: Charles Ballam, plumber, divorced, 36, free thinker, r.127 Bushby St, Victoria, b.Liverpool, ENG, s.o. Richard Ballam, b.CAV, IRL & Frances Seaman, b.CAV, IRL mar Maud Gladys Crichton, cashier in business house, 26, free thinker, r.Victoria, b.London, ENG, d.o. William Frederick Crichton, b.Plymouth, ENG & Ellen Carter, b.London, ENG, 23 Nov 1922, Victoria.
DRI: Charles Ballam, 80, b.Liverpool, ENG, 25 Dec 1885, d.Saanich, 4 Feb 1966, r.1133 Goodwin St, Oak Bay, retired plumber, h.o. Ellen Petticrew, s.o. Richard Ballam, b.IRL & Frances Seaman, b.IRL.

Vol. 4 Pages 122, 123, 145, 189 Petitioner: husband
Bittancourt Lyndell Arthur and Winnett Ruth Adelya
Married 20 Oct 1915 at Victoria, BC Dissolved: 22 Feb 1922 Absolute: 20 Dec 1922
Co-respondent(s): Frank J. Beaver
Remarks: MR: Lyndell Arthur Bittancourt, 21, bach., gas engineer, r. & b.Victoria, CE, s.o. Abraham Reid Bittancourt, sea captain & Emma Billett mar Ruth Adelia Winnett, 18, spin., r.Victoria, Cong, b.Los Angeles, CA, USA, d.o. John William Winnett, manufacturer & Lydia Roe, 20 Oct 1915, Victoria.
MR: Lyndell Arthur Bittancourt, engineer, div, 30, CE, r.Salt Spring Island, b.Victoria, s.o.Abraham Reid Bittancourt, b.Salt Spring Island & Emma Billet, Ang mar Nora Elizabeth Ashton, spin, 28, CE, r.Salt Spring Island, b.ENG, d.o. Thomas Ashton, b.ENG & Aeta Appleyard, b.ENG, 27 Nov 1923, Vancouver.

Vol. 4 Pages 125, 130, 191, 226 Petitioner: wife
Harrison William Lavare and --- Florence
Married 26 Jun 1912 at Toronto, ON Dissolved: 30 Jun 1923 Absolute: 4 Sep 1923
Remarks: The citation was sent to Oakland, CA, USA.

Vol. 4 Pages 127, 135, 136 Petitioner: husband
La Bau David and --- Maud or Helene M.
Remarks: Filed 10 Nov 1921; last entry, 26 Jan 1922. The petition was dismissed.
DR: David Labau, 63, b.Stoutsberg, NJ, USA, 4 Mar 1859, d.Victoria, 9 Feb 1922, married, r.Campbell Building, Douglas St, parents n/g.
DN, Times, 13 Feb 1922, p.1: Dr. David La Bau, f.o. Nelson & Spokane, mar Miss Hayward in Nelson about 1896, leaves Mrs La Bau & a dau.

Vol. 4 Pages 128 Petitioner: wife
Murphy Thomas Francis and Dorr Rachel Lucile
Married 14 Oct 1902 at Vancouver, BC
Co-respondent(s): Lizzie Kelly
Remarks: Filed 18 Nov 1921.
MR: Thomas Murphy, 25, r.Vancouver, b.Cariboo, BC, bach., operator telegraph, Psb, s.o. Jonas Murphy & Ellen White mar Rachael Dorr, 18, r.Vancouver, b.Davenport, IA, USA, spin, Psb, d.o. Joseph Dorr & Marguerite Lacosse, 14 Oct 1902, Vancouver.

Vol. 4 Pages 129, 137, 142 Petitioner: wife
McCallum Arthur H.K. and MacKenzie Mary Frances
Married 21 Dec 1915 at Victoria, BC Dissolved: 20 Feb 1922
Remarks: He was a r.o. Seattle, WA, USA.
1901CEN: Howard H.K. McCallum, d.A1, p.19, l.17.
MR: Arthur Howard Kirkman McCallum, 19, bach., army officer, r.Foul Bay, Victoria, b.Cowichan, CE, s.o. Arthur Campbell McCallum, mining engineer & Caroline King Hurst mar Mary Frances MacKenzie, 17, spin., r.1880 St. Annes St., Oak Bay, b.CO, USA, RC, d.o.Charles Alexander MacKenzie, engineer & Winifred Leona Destory, 21 Dec 1915, Victoria.
WWI Attestation: Arthur Howard Kirkman McCallum, b.Cowichan, 22 Apr 1896, r.1226 South Hampshire Rd, Victoria, officer in active militia, CE. NOK: Mrs Mary Francis McCallum, wife, same address. Papers signed: 9 Feb 1916, Victoria.

Vol. 4 Pages 131, 156, 159 Petitioner: wife
Birnie Charles Henry and Hand Ethel May
Married 18 Oct 1911 Dissolved: 30 May 1922
Remarks: See his second divorce, v.5, p.365.
BR: Ethel May Hand, 6 Apr 1892, d.o.Robert Hand, labourer & Elizabeth Wallace, Victoria, a twin.
WWI Attestation: Charles Henry Birnie, b.Simcoe Co, ON, 2 Sep 1886, painter. NOK: Ethel May Birnie, wife, 1348 Grant St, Victoria. Papers signed: 21 Aug 1918, Vernon, BC.
MR: Charles Henry Birnie, 25, r.Vancouver, b.Barrie, ON, printer, Bapt, s.o. James David & Janet Sibbald mar Ethel May Hand (d.10, p.25, l.21), 19, r.Victoria, b.Barrie, ON, Meth, d.o. Robert & Elizabeth Wallace, 18 Oct 1911, Victoria.
DR: Charles Birnie, b.ON, 2 Sep 1886, d.Vancouver, 25 Jan 1875, r.2548 Pandora St, Vancouver, retired, h.o. Edith Selene Waterfield, s.o. James David Birnie, b.ON & Janet ----, b.ON.

Vol. 4 Pages 134 Petitioner: husband
Whitbread Herbert and Metcalf Jessie Emily
Co-respondent(s): George Phillips
Remarks: Filed 22 Dec 1921.
DR: Jessie Emily Phillips, b.Kings Lynn, ENG, 25 May 1883, d.Vancouver, 30 Jun 1952, r.1661 E 34th Ave, Vancouver, wid of William George Phillips, d.o. William Metcalf, b.ENG & Lucy Maud Wright, b.ENG.
DR: Herbert Whitbread, 71, b.Halifax, YKS, ENG, 26 Oct 1887, d.Victoria, 27 Sep 1959, r.1702 Quadra St, Victoria, h.o.Eveline Taylor, s.o.Thomas Henry Whitbread, b.ENG & Sarah Elizabeth Halliday, b.ENG.

Vol. 4 Pages 139; v.5, p.45, 56 Petitioner: wife
Prescott Alfred and Fraser Elizabeth
Married 16 Nov 1918 at Victoria, BC Dissolved: 28 Nov 1924
Co-respondent(s): Poppy Proctor & Esther Anderson
Remarks: Child: Beverley Jessie.
MRI: Alfred Prescott, musician, 31, r.Victoria, b.London, ENG, CE, s.o. William Prescott, journalist, ENG & Mary Carpenter mar Elizabeth Fraser, 21, stenographer, r.256 Superior St, Victoria, b.Calgary, AB, Psb, d.o. Duncan Graham Fraser, rancher & Jessie Spalding, 16 Nov 1918, Victoria.
MR: Alfred Prescott, musician, divorced, 36, CE, r.Savoy Mansions, Victoria, b.London, ENG, s.o. Charles Prescott, b.London, ENG & Mrs Carpenter, b.London, ENG mar Esther Anderson, 29, pin., Lu, r.Seattle, WA, USA, b.WI, USA, d.o. Thomas Anderson, b.DEN & Annette Walters, b.NOR, 1 Apr 1925, Victoria.
DRI: Alfred Prescott, 23 Jun 1948, 61, Victoria.

Vol. 4 Pages 140, 158 Petitioner: wife
Green Alexander Edgar and --- Lavinia McPhee
Married 18 Dec 1907 at Cedar Rapids, IA, USA Dissolved: 16 Mar 1922
Remarks: DR: Alexander Edgar Green, 78, b.ENG, 4 Jul 1865, d.Vancouver, 31 Aug 1943, r.912 Broughton, Vancouver, contractor, plumbing & heating, h.o. Mary Josephine Heavey, s.o.Frederick Green, b.ENG & Mary Anne Windmilll, b.ENG.

Vol. 4 Pages 143; v.5, p.169 Petitioner: husband
Wheeler Sydney Henry and --- Mary Josephine
Married 20 Jul 1909 at Guelph, ON Dissolved: 6 Dec 1926
Co-respondent(s): William A. Robertson & Robert Vipond
Remarks: The citation was sent to Mary Josephine's mother, Mrs Gavin, 49 Young St, Girlington, Bradford, ENG. Children: James Henry, 16; Winnifred Mary, 15 & Herbert Joseph, 13.
MR: Robert Vipond, clerk, wid, 47, Meth, r.Victoria, b.Vancouver Island, s.o. George Vipond, b.ENG & ----, b.ENG mar Mary Josephine Wheeler, housemaid, 35, divorced, RC, r.Victoria, b.IRL, d.o. Peter -----, b.IRL & Annie, b.IRL, 17 Mar 1927, Oak Bay.
MN, Times, 18 Mar 1927, p.8: Mrs May Josephine Wheeler mar Robert Vipond, both of Victoria.
DR: Sydney Henry Wheeler, 62, b.London, ENG, 8 Jan 1884, d.Duncan, 27 Feb 1946, single, carpenter or general housejoiner, r.584 Gorge Rd W., Victoria, s.o. James Henry Wheeler, b.ENG, mother n/k.

Vol. 4 Pages 147, 186, 201 Petitioner: wife
Roberts Bertram Ley and Hall Edith Howard
Married 1 Jun 1912 at Victoria, BC Dissolved: 7 Mar 1923
Remarks: Children: Cylde & Ida.
MR: Bertram Ley Roberts, 30, r.1200 Dominion Rd, Victoria, b.London, ENG, bach., law student, CE, s.o. Alford & Alice mar Edith Howard Hall, 20 y, 11 m, r.1200 Dominion Rd, Victoria, b.Salford, Manchester, ENG, spin., CE, d.o. Joseph Henry & Nancy, 1 Jun 1912, Victoria.
MR: Richard Thomas Oliver Trurran, chaffeur, bach., 48, CE, r. & b.Victoria, s.o. Edward Turran, b.ENG & Nancy, b.ENG mar Edith Howard Roberts, div, 31, CE, r.Victoria, b.ENG, d.o. Joseph Hall, b.ENG & Nancy, b.ENG, 27 Mar 1923, Victoria.

Vol. 4 Pages 152, 161 Petitioner: husband
Le Mare Percy and Hardy Sarah Kathleen
Married 19 Aug 1914 at Kamloops, BC Dissolved: 9 Jun 1922
Co-respondent(s): Samuel Cowan
Remarks: Child: Philip Hardy.
MR: Percy Lamartine Le Mare, 35, bach., district forester, r.Lillooet, b.Belgaum, IND, CE, s.o. Ebenezer Le Mare & Sarah Jane Hawer mar Sarah Kathleen Hardy, 24, spin., r.Chuchua, b.Alvastone, DBY, ENG, CE, d.o. Henry Hardy & Sarah W. Furniss, 19 Aug 1914, Kamloops.
MR: Samuel Cowan, rancher, bach., 32, Ang, r.Hammond, BC, b.Cork, Henry Cowan, b.IRl & Hester Greenleigh, b.ENG mar Sarah Kathleen Le Mare, div. 32, Ang, r.Hammond, b.Alvaston, DBY, ENG, d.o. Henry Hardy, b.Alveston & Sarah Furniss, b.Matlock, ENG, 24 Oct 1922, Vancouver.
DRI: Percy Lamartine Lemare, 5 Feb 1962, 83, Comox.
DRI: Sarah Kathleen Cowan, 24 Nov 1974, 83, Victoria.

Vol. 4 Pages 153, 170, 173 Petitioner: wife
Johnson Cecil Wilson and Frean Margaret
Married 2 Sep 1913 at Hurlingham, near Gateway, East Kootenay, BC Dissolved: 21 Sep 1922
Remarks: A copy of the citation was sent to Cecil Wilson's brother, Mr Evelyn Johnson, 'Bourne', Ashover, near Chesterfield, DBY, ENG.
MR: Cecil Wilson Johnson, 32, bach., rancher, r.Gateway, b.ENG, CE, s.o. Rev. Henry R.A. Johnson, clergyman & Mrs Henry Johnson mar Margaret Frean, 26, spin., r.Gateway, b.AUS, CE, d.o. George Moore Frean, ----- cutter & Emily Sophia Kemp, 20 Sep 1913, Gateway.
DRI: Cecil Wilson Johnson, 11 Feb 1948, 66, Saanich.

Vol. 4 Pages 154, 182 Petitioner: wife
Gray Albert James and Neal Christina Aurora Nunelly
Married 6 Mar 1918 at Victoria, BC Dissolved: 15 Nov 1922
Remarks: See his first divorce v.3, p.51, 53, 54.
MR: Albert James Gray, 40, wid, clerk, r. & b.Victoria, Meth, s.o. Edward James Gray, contractor & Hattie Gay mar Christine Aurora Nunelly Neal, 22, r.Victoria, b.AR, USA, Christian Church, d.o.Paul B. Neal, lawyer & Ella K. Nunelly, 6 Mar 1918, Victoria.

Vol. 4 Pages 155 Petitioner: wife
Raymur James Arnold and McCabe Catherine Ellen
Married 31 Jan 1912 at Victoria, BC
Remarks: 1901CEN: Arnold Raymur, d.5, p.6, l.11 & Kate C. McCabe, d.6, p.14, l.44.
BRI: James Arnold Raymur, 28 Nov 1886, Victoria.
MR: James Arnold Raymur, 26, r.Keating, b.Victoria, bach, farmer, Ang, s.o. James Lawson Raymur & Elizabeth Higgins mar Catherine Ellen McCabe, 21, r.Victoria, b.Brenard,
MN, USA, spin, RC, d.o. Matthew Hugh McCabe & Margaret Ellen O'Brien, 31 Jan 1912, Victoria.
DN, Times, 24 Apr 1939, p.11: Arnold Raymur, 53, b.Victoria, 1886, d.Seattle, WA, USA, 23 Apr 1939, s.o. Mr & Mrs James L. Raymur, grandson of the late Hon. D.W. Higgins, leaves wid & an adopted son in Seattle, WA, USA;
BR: Kenneth Raymur, Vancouver; uncles: Frank Higgins, Victoria & Dr. Paul Higgins, CA, USA.

Vol. 4 Pages 157, 185, 195 Petitioner: wife
Gordon Stuart H. and Gray Alice Cameron
Married 10 Jan 1910 at Victoria, BC Dissolved: 1 Feb 1923
Remarks: Stuart H. Gordon was living at Anchorage, Alaska.
MR: Stuart Hugh Gordon, 20, r.Victoria, b.New Westminster, bach., eletrician, CE, s.o. John ----? & Louisa Emily mar Alice Cameron Gray, 20, r.Victoria, b.Winnipeg, MB, spin, Cong, d.o. Thomas & Maroley, 10 Jan 1910, Victoria.

Vol. 4 Pages 160, 176, 178 Petitioner: wife
Earp John Wilfred and --- Kate
Married 21 Jun 1918 at Vancouver, BC Dissolved: 17 Oct 1922
Remarks: John Wilfred Earp was living at NTT, ENG, 1922.
MR: John Wilfred Earp, 37, wid, gardener, r.730 Princess Ave, Victoria, b.DBY, ENG, CE, s.o. John Earp, butcher & Sarah Barber mar Kate Keating, 35, wid, r.Field Apts, Victoria, b.Nottingham, ENG, d.o. William Gough, bottle dealer & Mary Gannon, 21 Jun 1918, Vancouver.

Vol. 4 Pages 166, 168 Petitioner: wife
MacDonald John Stuart and --- Annie Elizabeth
Married 7 Mar 1912 at Seattle, WA, USA Dissolved: 30 Jun 1922
Remarks: MR: Kenneth Spence, civil engineer, bach., 36, Psb, r.Blackstone Mine, AB, b.Missanabie, ON, s.o. Gilbert Spence mar Annie Elizabeth MacDonald, divorced, 27, Psb, r.Vancouver, b.Tottenham, ON, d.o. D.C. Fisher, b.Glengarry, SCT & Annie E. Yeaman, b.DEV, ENG, 16 Aug 1922, Vancouver.
DR: John Stuart MacDonald, 52, b.MB, 14 Sep 1885, d.Vancouver, 22 Dec 1937, r.3850 W 25th Ave, Vancouver, oil salesman, h.o. Ursula M. MacDonald, s.o. Alex MacDonald, b.ON & Emma MacMillan, b.ON.

Vol. 4 Pages 167, 177 Petitioner: husband
Locke James Eben and Bishop Margaret
Married 28 Oct 1910 at Victoria, BC Dissolved: 12 Oct 1922
Co-respondent(s): George W. Burney
Remarks: MR: James Eben Locke (d.6, p.23, p.18), 22, r.Victoria, b.Antwep, BEL, assistant purser, CE, s.o. Leonard Pye & Emily Locke mar Margaret Nesbitt Bishop (d.17, p.6, l.31), 21, r. & b.Victoria, CE, d.o. George & Helen Bishop, 28 Oct 1910, Victoria.

Vol. 4 Pages 171, 172 Petitioner: wife
Gilchrist George Lansdell and Johnson Gladys Ruby Patti
Married 22 Mar 1911 at Nelson, BC Dissolved: 21 Sep 1922
Remarks: Children: Irene & Montague.
MR: George Lansdell Gilchrist, 25, r.Nelson, b.Brandon, MB, bach., post office clerk, CE, s.o. George Nichol Gilchrist & Emily Payne mar Gladys Ruby Patti Johnson, 19, r.Nelson, b.Eastville, Bristol, ENG, spin., CE, d.o. Constantine Gledhill Johnson & Evangeline Hughes, 22 Mar 1911, Nelson.
MR: Walter Bowden Smith (d.3, p.15, l.14), merchant, bach., 47, Epis, r.Marguerite, BC, b.Victoria, s.o. James McBraire Smith, Prownal, BC & Eliza Amelia Bowden, b.Bradford, ENG mar Gladys Ruby Patti Gilchrist, telephone operator, div, 36, CE, r.Victoria, b.Bristol, ENG, d.o. Constantine Gledhill Johnson, b.Halifax, YKS, ENG & Evangeline Hughes, b.WOR, ENG, 22 Feb 1927, Quesnel.

Vol. 4 Pages 175, 179 Petitioner: husband
Phair Arthur William Armit and Purchase Edith Mary
Married 13 Oct 1912 at Lillooet, BC Dissolved: 17 Oct 1922
Co-respondent(s): Vernon Runyon
Remarks: Children: Harold Eyn Armit & Muriel.
MR: Arthur William Armit Phair, 32, r. & b.Lillooet, bach., merchant, CE, s.o. Caspar & Cerise Armit Phair mar Edith Mary Purchase, 28, r. Lillooet, b. Bath, SOM, ENG, spin., CE, d.William & Elizabeth Purchase, 13 Oct 1912, Lillooet.
MR: Vernon Runyan, telephone, bach., 43, Bapt, r.Victoria, b.USA, s.o. Oscar Runyan, b.MI, USA & Frances McCabe, b.USA mar Edith Mary Phair, div, 32, CE, r.Victoria, b.ENG, d.o. William Purchase, b.ENG & Eliza Jane Mountjoy, b.ENG, 16 Feb 1924, Vancouver.
DRI: Edith Mary Runyan, 20 Feb 1966, 75, Vancouver.
DRI: Arthur William A. Phair, 22 Sep 1967, 87, Vancouver.

Vol. 4 Pages 180, 200, 205 Petitioner: husband
Allen Frederick John and Rudd Mary Alice
Married 25 Sep 1919 at Victoria, BC Dissolved: 29 Mar 1923
Co-respondent(s): Jack Smith
Remarks: Child: Mary Doreen.
MR: Frederick John Allen, 22, wood merchant, r.Victoria, b.London, ENG, Ang, s.o.Harry Octavis Allen, carpenter & Edith Bushell mar Mary Alice Rudd, 19, r.Victoria, b.ENG, Ang, d.o. Robert Rudd, laborer & Alice Whiston, 25 Sep 1919, Victoria.
DRI: Frederick John Allen, 1 Sep 1956, 77, Vancouver.

Vol. 4 Pages 181 Petitioner: wife
Ryan John Denis Patrick and --- Elizabeth Jane
Remarks: The citation for John Denis Patrick Ryan was to be published in newspapers in Chelsea, ENG. Filed 8 Nov 1922.

Vol. 4 Pages 183 Petitioner: husband
Tresierra Peter Paul and Yorkey Josephine
Married 6 Oct 1915 at Chimney Creek, BC
Co-respondent(s): Spencer Fields
Remarks: Filed 10 Nov 1922.
MR: Peter Tresierra, 24, bach., labourer, r. & b.Chimney Creek, RC, s.o. Pablo Tresierra, rancher & Hortense Ismardy? mar Josephine Johnny Brown, nee Yorkey, 36, wid, house keeper, r.Chimney Creek, b.Bonaparte, RC, d.o. ----- Yorkey, blacksmith & Celestine ----?, 6 Oct 1915, Chimney Creek.
DRI: Peter Paul Tresierra, 9 Nov 1943, 52, Pea Vine Spring.

Vol. 4 Pages 184, 219, 220, 235 Petitioner: husband
Andrews William James and --- Daisy Edith
Married 23 Nov 1905 at London, ENG Dissolved: 30 Oct 1923
Co-respondent(s): Fred Weaver
Remarks: MR: William James Andrews, poultry farmer (plaintiff), 43 1/2, CE, r.Grand View Lodge, Sandwick, BC, b.London, ENG, s.o. John George Andrews, b.SCT & Rebecca Anne Umfreville, b.London, ENG mar Helena Beatrice Griffiths, housekeeper, spin, 40 5/12, CE, r.Grand View Lodge, Sandwick, BC, b.Wolverhampton, ENG, d.o. John Griffiths, b.Wolverhampton, ENG & Betsy Francis, b.Wolverhampton, ENG, , 6 Dec 1923, Vancouver.

Vol. 4 Pages 187, 206 Petitioner: husband
Gordon William Imray and --- Albina
Co-respondent(s): Hugo Schumaker
Remarks: Filed 15 Dec 1922; last entry 29 Mar 1923.
DN, Times, 16 Jul 1931, p.13: William Emery Gordon, 67, b.SCT, d.Victoria, 16 Jul 1931, r.1152 Pembroke St.
DR: William Imray Gordon, 67, b.SCT, 1864, d.Victoria, 16 Jul 1931, r.1152 Pembroke St, Victoria, salesman, wid, parents n/g.

Vol. 4 Pages 188 Petitioner: wife
Marson John Edwin and --- Rhoda
Remarks: Filed 22 Dec 1922. John Edwin was entered as a r.o. Seattle, WA, USA.

Vol. 4 Pages 190, 214, 243 Petitioner: husband
Loggie Elmer James and Peebles Agnes Bella Catherine
Married 16 Mar 1921 at Vancouver, BC Dissolved: 29 May 1923
Remarks: The citation was sent to Agnes Bella Catherine at Gretna, DFS, SCT.
WWI Attestation: Elmer James Loggie, b.Loggieville, NB, 3 Aug 1884, r.Courtenay, BC, sawmill carpenter, single. NOK: Harry Loggie, Courtenay, brother. Papers signed: 27 Jul 1916, Courtenay.
MR: Elmer James Loggie, carpenter, wid, 39, Psb, r.Courtenay, b.Loggieville, NB, s.o. Philip H. Loggie, b.Loggieville, NB & Elizabeth Morrison, b.Burnt Church, NB mar Catherine Agnes Bella Peebles, school teacher, wid, 30, CE, r.Netherby St, Longtown, ENG, b.Longtown, ENG, d.o. John Mosscrop, b.Hunter's Holme, ENG & Agness Ross, b.Kirk Mahoe Parish, SCT, 16 Mar 1921, Vancouver.
MR: Elmer James Loggie, carpenter, wid, 40, Psb, r.Courtenay, b.Loggieville, NB, s.o. Phillip H. Loggie, b.Loggieville, NB & Elizabeth Marjorie Morrison, b.Burnt Church, NB mar Nellie Matthew Forbes, spin, 27, Psb, r. & b.Portsay, BAN, SCT, d.o. Gordon Forbes, b.Inverurie, ABD, SCT & Annabella Matther, b.Portsay, BAN, SCT, 16 May 1925, Nanaimo.

Vol. 4 Pages 192, 197, 204 Petitioner: husband
Brown Sydney George and Chandler Catherine Mary
Married 22 Nov 1912 at Nelson, BC Dissolved: 26 Mar 1923
Co-respondent(s): John A. Siddall
Remarks: MR: Sydney George Brown, 30, r.Nelson, b.Shanghai, CHN, bach., clerk, CE, s.o. Thomas Brown & Alice Campbell mar Catharine Mary Chandler, 25, r.Nelson, b.London, ENG, spin., CE, d.o. John Thomas Chandler & Mary Peachey, 22 Nov 1912, Nelson.
WWI Attestation: Sydney George Brown, b.Shanghai, CHN, 21 Jul 1882, r.Mountview Apts, Fairview, Victoria, BC, book keeper, single. NOK: Brown, father, LaRoque, Overton Rd, Sutton, SRY, ENG. Papers signed: 27 Mar 1916, Victoria.
MR: Sydney George Brown, b.Shanghai, CHN, retired, divorced, 40, Ang, r.Langford, s.o. Thomas Brown, b.ENG & Alice Campbell, b.ENG mar Alice Elizabeth Taylor, 44, divorced, Ang, r.Langford, b.WLS, d.o. John Thomas, b.WLS & Sarah Jane Mugford, b.ENG, 4 Apr 1923, Victoria. (see v.4, p.111 for her first marriage)

Vol. 4 Pages 193, 194 Petitioner: wife
Petticrew John Campbell and Coley Annie Rosina
Married 23 Feb 1910 at Victoria, BC
Remarks: Filed 29 Jan 1923, last entry 24 Jan 1923.
1901CEN: Annie R. Coley, d.15, p.22, l.11.
MR: John Campbell Petticrew, 26, r.Victoria, b.Kilmarnock, SCT, bach., printer, Psb, parents n/g mar Annie Rosina Coley, 21, r. & b. Victoria, spin, Psb, d.o. Edward Coley & Mary Burrows, 23 Feb 1910, Victoria.
DRI: John Campbell Petticrew, 2 Feb 1963, 78, Victoria.

Vol. 4 Pages 196, 212, 230, 232, 233 Petitioner: wife
McConnell John Pollock and Elkins Annie Ethel Clark
Married 11 Aug 1914 at Balsam, Kerrisdale, Point Grey, BC Dissolved: 29 Oct 1923
Co-respondent(s): Bessie ----
Remarks: MR: John Pollock McConnell, 42, div (obtained 8 May 1912), journalist, r.Vancouver, b.Riversdale, Bruce Co, ON, Psb, s.o. David McConnell, manufacturer & Mary Dorcas Pollack mar Annie Ethel Clarke Elkins, 31, div (obtained 24 Apr 1914), r.Victoria, b. Southsea, HAM, ENG, Ang, d.o. Robert Clark, naval surgeon & Amy Alicia Worgan, 11 Aug 1914, Point Grey.

Vol. 4 Pages 198, 234 Petitioner: wife
MacGovern Thomas and Campbell Marion
Married 11 Nov 1916 Dissolved: 30 Oct 1923
Remarks: MR: Thomas MacGovern, 34, bach., prospector, r.Victoria, b.Oro, ON, Psb, s.o. Myles MacGovern, gentleman & Martha MacGregor mar Marion Campbell, 40, spin., r.Victoria, b.Edinburgh, SCT, Psb, d.o. Archibald Campbell, gentleman & Elizabeth Strand, 11 Nov 1916, Victoria.
DR: Marion MacGovern, 71, b. Guthrie, ON, 12 Feb 1876, d.Victoria, 2 Sep 1947, r.3147 Quadra St, Victoria, divorced from Thomas MacGovern, d.o. Archibald Campbell, b.CAN & Elizabeth Heard, b.ENG.

Vol. 4 Pages 199, 203; v.5, p.32 Petitioner: wife
McKay John George and Frizzell Hannah
Married 11 Nov 1891 at Victoria, BC Dissolved: 18 May 1923
Co-respondent(s): Nellie Booth
Remarks: Child: Alma Lillian. See v.4, p.202 for associated divorce.
1901CEN: G. John & Hannah McKay & family, d.I1, p.3, l.1-7.
MR: John George McKay, 23, r.Victoria, b.Grey Co., ON, motorneer, Meth, s.o. Neil & Mary mar Hannah Frizzell, 23, r.Victoria, b.Grey Co., ON, Meth, d.o. Robert & Mary, 11 Nov 1891, Victoria.
MR: John George McKay, farmer, bach., 55, Psb, r.Keatings, b.Sydney Mines, ON, s.o.Neil McKay, b.SCT & Mary Gunn, b.SCT mar Ella Tiderington Booth, divorced, 48, Meth, r.7243 Culloden St, South Vancouver, b.Brighton, ON, d.o. Archibald Tiderington, b.Bronto, ON & Elizabeth Smith, b.SCT, 31 May 1923, Collingwood.
DN, Times, 11 Mar 1930, p.13, Mrs Ella Booth McKay, 55, b.Bradshaw, ON, f.r.o. Detroit, MI, USA & Calgary, AB, to Victoria 2 y ago, leaves sons: Ronald Booth, Victoria & Eldon Ellis Booth, Los Angeles, CA, USA; daus: Juanita Booth, Vancouver & Myrtle Booth, Los Angeles.
DR: John George McKay, r.2008 Chambers St, Victoria, masseur, divorced from Hannah Frizzell, b.Owen Sound, ON, 8 Apr 1868, d.Victoria, 13 Jul 1952, s.o. Robert McKay, b.SCT & ----- Gunn, b.SCT.

Vol. 4 Pages 202, 209 Petitioner: wife
Booth Joseph Albert and Tiderington Ella
Remarks: Joseph Albert Booth was confined to the Public Hospital for the Insane at New Westminster. The case was ordered to be tried at Vancouver, 17 Apr 1923. See v.4, p.199 for her as co-respondent.
1881CEN: Sombra, Bothwell, ON, d.4, p.15: TIDERINGTON: Arch., 45, ON, farmer; Elizbeath, 39, SCT; Jane, 19, ON; William, 17, ON; Robert, 14, ON; Irena, 11, ON; Arch., 8, ON; Ellen, 6, ON & James, 2, ON. All Weslyan Methodist.
MR: John George McKay, farmer, bach., 55, Psb, r.Keatings, b.Sydney Mines, ON, s.o.Neil McKay, b.SCT & Mary Gunn, b.SCT mar Ella Tiderington Booth, divorced, 48, Meth, r.7243 Culloden St, South Vancouver, b.Brighton, ON, d.o. Archibald Tiderington, b.Bronto, ON & Elizabeth Smith, b.SCT, 31 May 1923, Collingwood.
DN, Times, 11 Mar 1930, p.13, Mrs Ella Booth McKay, 55, b.Bradshaw, ON, f.r.o. Detroit, MI, USA & Calgary, AB, to Victoria 2 y ago, leaves sons: Ronald Booth, Victoria & Eldon Ellis Booth, Los Angeles, CA, USA; daus: Juanita Booth, Vancouver & Myrtle Booth, Los Angeles.
DR: John George Booth, b.Bradshaw, ON, 3 Apr 1865, d.New Westminster, 15 Sep 1942, h.o. Ella, carpenter & millwright, s.o.Rueben Booth, b. n/k, mother n/k.

Vol. 4 Pages 207, 219 Petitioner: wife
Hornibrook Thomas H. and Banks Ethel Maud
Married 15 Apr 1908 at Esquimalt, BC Dissolved: 21 May 1923
Remarks: Child: Dorothy Frances.
MR: Thomas Helmour Hornibrook, 33, r.Victoria West, b.Toronto, ON, bach., BC Electric Ry. Co., CE, s.o. Thomas Hornibrook & Francis Ellen Bradford mar Ethel Maud Banks, 18, r.Esquimalt, b.Fenton, STS, ENG, spin., d.o. John Charles Banks & Mary Ann Malpass, 15 Apr 1908, Esquimalt.
MR: Ernest Bell Halsall, occ - ?, bach., 52, CE, r.Victoria, b.Breadaline, Victoria, s.o. James Halsall, b.ENG & Ellen, b.ENG mar Ethel Maud Hornibrook, div, 34, CE, r.Victoria, b.ENG d.o. John Banks, b.ENG & Mary, b.ENG, 12 Jun 1923, Victoria.
DRI: Thomas Helmore Hornibrook, 9 Oct 1957, 82, Vancouver.

Vol. 4 Pages 208, 209, 221, 227 Petitioner: husband
Tait Roy Fletcher and Dixon Mable Gertrude
Married 29 Jun 1911 at Vancouver, BC Dissolved: 25 Jun 1923
Co-respondent(s): Richard Graham
Remarks: Children: Nelson Laurmond & Virginia Catherine.
MR: Roy Fletcher Tait, 27, r.Vancouver, b.ON, bach., glazer, Psb, s.o. David N. Tait & Annie Wainwright mar Mabel Dixon, 19, r.Vancouver, b.Victoria, spin., Psb, d.o. William Dixon & Catherine Fletcher, 29 Jun 1911, Vancouver.
DRI: Roy Fletcher Tait, 12 Sep 1961, 77, West Vancouver.

Vol. 4 Pages 210 Petitioner: husband
Thomas Frank and Jones Naomi
Married 8 Sep 1908 at Kamloops, BC
Remarks: Filed 20 Apr 1923.
MR: Frank Thomas, 24, r.Kamloops, b.Hoy Lake, CHS, ENG, plasterer, Meth, s.o. Edward & Elizabeth mar Naomi Jones, 25, r.Kamloops, b.Penycae, WLS, Bapt, d.o. John Owen & Elizabeth, 8 Sep 1908, Kamloops.
MR: Joseph Frederick Rufus Gill, engineer, bach., Psb, 24, r. & b.Victoria, s.o. George, b.ENG & Minnie, b.Victoria mar Naomi Jones, 30, r.Grand? Bay, BC, b.WLS, Psb, d.o. John, b.WLS & Elizabeth, b.WLS, 8 Jan 1925, Victoria.

Vol. 4 Pages 211, 215, 216, 239 Petitioner: husband
Edwards John Stuart and Clapman Gladys
Married 23 Aug 1922 at Vancouver, BC
Remarks: This marriage was ordered null and void,27 Nov 1923, by reason of the frigidity and impotence of Gladys Clapman. Her name was entered as Gladys Clapman (otherwise Gladys Edwards).
MR: John Stuart Edwards, farmer, bach., 39, Bapt, r.Victoria, b.Clarence, ON, s.o. James Edwards, b.Clarence, ON & Sarah Roe, b.Clarence, ON mar Gladys Clapham, spin., 21, Epis, r.Islington, ENG, b.Hornsey, ENG, d.o. Earnest Clapham, b.London, ENG & Jessie Hutchison, b.Islington, ENG, 23 Aug 1922, Vancouver.
MR: Harold Raybone, mechanic, 23, CE, r.1001 8th Ave W, Vancouver, b.ENG, s.o. Enock, b.ENG & Florence Lincham, b.ENG mar Gladys Clapham, spin., 23, CE, r.Vancouver, b.ENG, d.o. Ernest Clapham, b.ENG & Jessie Hutcheson, b.ENG, 7 Feb 1925, Vancouver.
MR: John Stuart Edwards, fruit farmer, bach., 45, Bapt, r. Royal Oak, b.Clarence, ON, s.o. James Edwards, b.Clarence, ON & Sarah Roe, b.Clarence, ON mar Mary Ann Thomas, saleslady, spin., 38, Bapt, r.Lethbridge, AB, b.Trearcy?, WLS, d.o. William Thomas, b.Llanelly WLS & Margaret Davis, b.Techerbers?, WLS, 27 Apr 1927, Vancouver.
DRI: John Stuart Edwards, 21 Mar 1965, 84, Saanich.

Vol. 4 Pages 213 Petitioner: husband
Miller Louis Hache and Duthoit Eugenie
Married 28 Jul 1914 at Victoria, BC
Co-respondent(s): David Sloan
Remarks: Filed 7 May 1923.
MR: Louis Hach Miller, 23, driver, r.320 Henry St, Victoria, b.Leeds, ENG, CE, s.o. James Hudson Miller, monumental letter cutter & Alice Hach mar Queenie Duthoit, 22, r.320 Henry St, Victoria, b.Leeds, ENG, CE, d.o. Walter Duthoit, tobacco merchant & Annie Pridmore, 28 Jul 1914, Victoria.
MR: Louis Hache Miller, salesman, divorced, 30, Prot., r.431 Hornby St, Vancouver, b.ENG, s.o. John Miller, b.ENG & Alice Hache, b.FRA mar Eugenee Miller, 29, divorced, r.431 Hornby St, Vancouver, b.ENG, d.o. ----- Duthoit, b.FRA & Annie -----, b.ENG, 29 Sep 1923, Vancouver.

Vol. 4 Pages 222, 224; v.5, p.1 Petitioner: husband
Buckley Alwyne and Brown Elsie
Married 5 Apr 1907 at Reading, ENG Dissolved: 28 Jun 1923 Absolute: 7 Jan 1924
Co-respondent(s): Charles S. Jamieson
Remarks: WWI Attestation: Alwyne Buckley, b.Birmingham, ENG, 7 Oct 1885, r.Armstrong, BC, horticulturalist. NOK: Elsie M. Buckley, Armstrong, wife, BC. Papers signed: 5 Aug 1916, Armstrong.
DR: Alwyne Buckley, 84, b.Birmingham, ENG, 7 Oct 1885, d.Murrayville, 19 Oct 1970, r.19749 Sharp Rd, Langley, horticulture, h.o. Elsie Mary Brown, s.o. Henry Buckley, b.Birmingham, ENG & Caroline Therese Kennard, b.Boston, MA, USA.
DR: Elsie Mary Buckley, 84, b.SFK, ENG, 23 Nov 1888, d.Murrayville, 9 Jan 1973, r.19749 49th Ave, Langley, wid of Alwyne Buckley, d.o.Vohan Brown, b.ENG & Mary Ann Lydamore, b.ENG.

Vol. 4 Pages 223, 237 Petitioner: wife
Hill William and Hill Kate
Married 2 May 1912 at Victoria, BC Dissolved: 10 Nov 1923
Remarks: Children: Pearl (b.10 May 1913) & William (b.21 Oct 1915).
MR: William Hill, 25, r.Victoria, b.Castle Cary, SOM, ENG, bach., fireman, CE, s.o. Fred Hill & Jane Higgins mar Kate Hill, 20, r.Victoria, b.Castle Cary, SOM, ENG, spin, CE, d.o. Alfred Hill & Emily Biggins, 2 May 1912, Victoria.
MR: Guiseppi Denossi, labourer, bach., 35, RC, r.Victoria, b.ITL, s.o. Lorenzo Denossi, b.ITL & Maria Massoro, b.ITL mar Kate Hill, 33, divorced, r.Victoria, b.ENG, spin, CE, d.o. Alfred Hill, b.ENG & Emily Rebecca Hill, b.ENG, 5 Sep 1925, Victoria.

Vol. 4 Pages 225; v.5, p.35, 37 Petitioner: wife
Wardle William Cavaye and Hall Kathleen Muriel
Married 28 Jan 1914 at Oak Bay, BC Dissolved: 16 Sep 1924
Remarks: Filed 17 Jul 1923.
MR: William Wardle, 26, mechanical engineer, r,Victoria, b.Wetherby, YKS, ENG, CE, s.o. Edwin Wardle, mechanical engineer & Felicite Cavaye mar Kathleen Muriel Hall, 24, r.Victoria, b.NTT, ENG, CE, d.o. John Hall & Kate Elliot, 28 Jan 1914, Oak Bay.
MR: Herbert Handel Vinall, musician, 27, bach., SArm, r.Oak Bay Ave, b.Winnipeg, MB, s.o. Frank Vinall, b.Brighton, ENG & Sadie Jane Hodge, b.Markham, ON mar Kathleen Muriel Wardle, musician, divorced, 31, Ang, r.Monteray & Oak Bay Ave, b.NTT, ENG, d.o.John Hall, b.San Francisco, CA, USA & Ellen Kate Elliott, b.ENG, 2 May 1925, Victoria.
DRI: William Wardle, 5 Mar 1969, 82, Victoria.

Vol. 4 Pages 228, 231 Petitioner: husband
Halliday William and --- Mary
Married 2 Mar 1906 at Inverness, SCT Dissolved: 30 Oct 1923
Co-respondent(s): Claude Butcher
Remarks: Children: William Charles & Marjorie Lesley.

Vol. 4 Pages 229, 238; v.5, p.8 Petitioner: wife
Sweetland Ethelbert Wilfrid and Humber Verna Everil
Married 7 Oct 1914 at Victoria, BC Dissolved: 7 Feb 1924
Co-respondent(s): Dorothy Pauline Griffin
Remarks: Child: Amy Helen. The petition states that Ethelbert Wilfrid Sweetland had married Dorothy Pauline Griffin at Glendale, CA, USA.
MR: Ethelbert Wilfrid Sweetland, 21, accountant, r.Victoria, b.DEV, ENG, Meth, s.o. Herbert Sherman Sweetman, author mar Verna Everil Humber, 22, r. & b.Victoria, Meth, d.o. Frederick Humber, brick worker & Marion Maud Blackett, 25 Mar 1914, Victoria.
DRI: Verna Everill Sweetland, 3 Feb 1975, 83, Victoria.

Vol. 4 Pages 236 Petitioner: husband
Alexander John and Crisapi Dominico
Remarks: Filed 14 Nov 1923.

Vol. 4 Pages 240; v.5, p.6, 11 Petitioner: wife
Rideout Roy Lemessurier and Hurst Sarah Marjory
Married 9 Aug 1911 at Victoria, BC Dissolved: 20 Feb 1924
Remarks: The citation was served to J. Rideout, father of Roy Lemessorier Rideout, at 1419 Camosun St, Victoria, BC.
MR: Roy Lemessurier Rideout, 21, r.962 Fairfield Rd, Victoria, b.St. Johns, NF, bach., real estate agent, Ang, s.o. James Rideout & Ada Lemessurier mar Sarah Marjory Hurst, 19, r.1225 Rudland Ave, Victoria, b.Wilkesport, ON, spin., Bapt, d.o. Thomas Henry Hurst & Mary Beatrice McDonald, 9 Aug 1911, Victoria.
DRI: Sarah Marjory Hurst, 19 Dec 1966, 73, Victoria.

Vol. 4 Pages 244; v.5, p.4, 12 Petitioner: wife
Wooster Lawrence Arthur and Halley Agnes Lavargne
Married 8 Jun 1922 at Victoria, BC
Remarks: Filed 21 Dec 1923; last entry 20 Feb 1924. This marriage was ordered null and void by reason that Agnes Lavargne was incapable of consumating the marriage.
MR: Lawrence Arthur Wooster, clerk, bach., 23, CE, r.Victoria, b.Winnipeg, MB, s.o. Frederick Wooster, b.ENG & Annie Nixon, b.ON mar Agnes Laverne Halley, clerk, spin., 21, RC, r. & b.Victoria, d.o. Mitchell Halley, b.IRL & Catherine Burk, b.IRL, 8 Jun 1922, Victoria.
DRI: Lawrence Arthur Wooster, 7 Dec 1982, 84, Victoria.

Vol. 4 Pages 245; v.5, p.9, 14 Petitioner: husband
Francis James Hanson and Eckstein Grace Hope
Married 28 May 1917 at Vancouver, BC Dissolved: 26 Feb 1924
Co-respondent(s): Roy Robinson
Remarks: Children: Claude Frederick & Grace Louise. Grace Hope was living in Seattle, WA, USA.
1901CEN: Victoria, James K. Francis, d.A1, p.8, l.13.
MR: James Hansen Francis, 26, bach, mechanic, r.Victoria, b.Oshawa, ON, CE, s.o. Frederick Francis, florist & Louisa Miller mar Grace Eckstein, 19, spin., r.end of Wall & Yale Sts, Vancouver, b.New Westminster, Psb, d.o. Victor Alexander Eckstein, engineer & Annie Logan, 30 May 1917, Vancouver.
MR: James Hanson Francis, chaffeur, div, 33, CE, r.Victoria, b.Oshawa, ON, s.o. Frederick Francis, b.Oshawa, ON & Louise Miller, KEN, ENG mar Helena Rose Hurst, spin., 22, CE, r.Victoria, b.Bobaygeon, ON, d.o. Robert William Hurst, b.IRL & Florence Platt, b.Walkworth, ON, 19 Nov 1924, Victoria.
DRI: James Hanson Francis, 26 Aug 1976, 85, Victoria.