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arquebusier - gunsmith aussy - also (now aussi) autre - another barques - boat boulanger - baker bourgeois - man of independent means or a merchant bourlier sellier - bourrelier = saddle merchant or maker; sellier = saddle maker briquetier - brick maker chaudronnier - boiler maker chirurgien - surgeon cloutier - nail maker or nail smith conversse - a religious person charged with manual labour (now converse) couroyer - currier coutellier - knife or cutlery maker (now coutelier) domestique - servant drappier - clothier (now drapier) dud. - short for ‘dudit’ and means ‘said’ - as in ‘daughter of said doctor’ engaigé - hired hand escuyer - cavalier or squire faiseur de rets - net maker ferendinier - a worker in silk & wool used to make clothing fermier - farmer feu - late (as deceased) fille - daughter fils - son fourbisseur d'espee - sword grinder freres gris Donnés - probably a religious order habittant - resident, usually as head of family (now habitant) icelluy - contracted or indentured. imprimeur - printer jumeaux - twin jumelles - twins leur fils - their son mariez en france - married but wife is in France Masson - mason mathellot - sailor / seaman (now matelot) menuisier - joiner or carpenter musnier - probably meusnier: miller nepveu - nephew neveu - nephew (son neveu = his nephew) niece - niece non mariez - not married orpheuvre - jeweller; gold or silver smith (now orfeuvre) patissier - confectioner pensionnaire - boarder pentionnaire - probably the same as pensionnaire poigneure - ? prestre - priest professe - when a nun takes final vows, she ‘professe’s religieuse - nun or sister sabottier - wooden shoe maker saulnier - salt merchant or salt gatherer sellier - saddler serrurier - locksmith sieur - sire (a title) soeur - nun or sister taillandier - maker of cutting tools tailleur d'habits - tailor; habits means suits (as in men’s 2-pce suits) thonellier - cooper (now tonnelier) tisseran - weaver (now tisserand) ve. - abbreviation: widow / widower vefve - widow (now veuve) veuf - widower vollontaires - volunteer