MARRIAGES 1897 - 1900

Source: LDS Film No: 1596289

Note: Some of the entries are faded, smudged or unreadable, I have indicated these entries with a question mark [?].


Year/Page Entry No Date Groom/Bride Age Status Occ: Residence Father Fathers Occ: Signed Witnesses Notes
Page 57 113 Feb 13 Nicholas John CLYMO 28 bach Railway P? Stray Park Lane, Camborne William Railway Guager Yes J.H.Dunstan Banns
      Edith Mary DUNSTAN 27 spins   Beacon John Henry Foreman Road Maker Yes Lillie Burgess  
  114 Mar 13 William James CARLYON 22 bach Farm Labourer Rosewarne Downs William James Farm Labourer Yes Lillie Burgess  
      Elizabeth Jane JOHNS 21 spins Domestic Servant Gwealavellan, Parish of Penponds John Farm Labourer Yes John Johns  
Page 58 115 Apr 10 John RICHARDS 22 bach Engine Driver Brea John[dec'd] Engine Driver Yes Thomas Richards Banns
      Susan Jane ANDREW 23 spins Drapers Assistant Pengegon Thomas[dec'd] Miner Yes Elizabeth Burgess  
  116 May 26 Arthur FELTHAM 27 bach Miner Scowbridge Alfred Carpenter Yes William John Thomas Licence
      Ada LAWN 28 spins Domestic Servant Lannarth John[dec'd] Mine Agent Yes Ellen Lawn  
Page 59 117 July 10 Samuel John BUTLER 26 bach Miner Roscroggan Thomas Tin Dresser Yes Thomas Butler Banns
      Clara JONES 25 spins   Roskear Row, Camborne John Henry Miner Yes Edith Butler  
  118 July 11 James ROWE 22 bach Miner Rose Cottage, Camborne [blank] [blank] Yes John Negus [x] Banns
      Edith NEGUS 19 spins Domestic Servant Edward St John Miner Yes Mary Annie Negus  
Page 60 119 Aug 22 Edwin MUNDY 26 bach Miner North Roskear Road William Miner Yes John Avent Banns
      Carrie Louisa HEARD 20 spins Domestic Servant Roskear Terrace William John Miner Yes Matilda Avent  
  120 Nov 10 Edward SMITH 23 bach Miner Brea Thomas Miner Yes Thomas Smith Banns
      Sarah Ann KNIGHT 23 spins Mine Girl Dolcoath Cottage Peter Miner Yes Christiana Knight  
Page 61 121 Nov 27 Samuel HOUSE 23 bach Blacksmith Lower Condurrow Nicholas[dec'd] Engine Driver Yes John Skewes Banns
      Mary SKEWES 23 spins   Higher Condurrow John Railway Guard Yes Kate Skewes  
  122 Dec 11 William John DEVANEY 27 bach Labourer Roskear Terrace Thomas[dec'd] Sailor x F.H.Hart Banns
      Martha HEARD 20 spins Mine Girl Roskear Terrace William John[dec'd] Miner Yes Beatrice Pryor  
Page 62 123 Dec 11 John BLEWETT 22 bach Miner Dolcoath Road Andrew Labourer x William J. Noall Banns
      Eliza Noall BENNETTS 21 spins Domestic Servant Pengegon Francis[dec'd] Miner Yes Margaret Jane Bennetts  


Year/Page Entry No Date Groom/Bride Age Status Occ: Residence Father Fathers Occ: Signed Witnesses Notes
Page 62 124 Feb 12 William Henry DUDLEY 22 bach Tin Streamer Rosewarne Downs Philip[dec'd] Miner Yes Thomas Dudley Banns
      Mary CANN 23 spins Factory Girl Pendarves St Francis Grocer Yes Elizabeth Burgess [x]  
Page 63 125 Feb 19 Joseph GEORGE 27 bach Carter North Roskear Road Jonathan Coal Merchant Yes John Mill Banns
      Jessie PIDWELL 24 spins Mine Girl Edward St Thomas[dec'd] Miner Yes Thomas Dudley  
  126 Mar 26 Frederick JOSE 22 bach Miner Dolcoath Road James Lanoler? Yes William Jackson Banns
      Sarah Arthur JACKSON 25 spins   Wesley St, Camborne William Tin Dresser Yes Mabel White  
Page 64 127 Apr 28 Frederick Edward Rędar ADAMS 23 bach Carpenter 7 Pendarves St John Carpenter Yes F? Arcleus Williams Banns
      Beatrice WILLIAMS 21 spins   23 Cross St, Camborne Joseph Miner Yes Minnie Kendall  
  128 May 4 William John* JENNINGS 25 bach Insurance Agent Carnarthen St, Camborne William Henry[dec'd] Miner Yes [*William Jno. Jennings] William Edward Williams Banns
      Emily GILBERT 26 spins Schoolmistress   William Edward Miner Yes Eliza Ellen Williams
Page 65 129 Aug 30 *William John NEGUS 28 bach St? Keeper at Dolcoath Mine 28 Edward St John Miner Yes [*W.Jno. Negus] John Rowe, Hilda Mary Rowe Banns
      Tabitha PENHAALURICK 29 spins   23 Tehidy Rd, Camborne Benjamin Chipper at Foundry Yes Mary Jan Penhallurick, Mary Annie Negus  
  130 Nov 5 Francis Albert Edward JONES 23 bach Ships Cook Sheerness Alfred[dec'd] Mariner Yes Joseph Sims Licence
      Louisa SIMS 27 spins   Edward St Joseph Grocer Yes Mary Ann Holman  
Page 66 131 Nov 19 William Nicholas GROSE 22 bach Artofficer??R.N. Tuckingmill Hill William[dec'd] Farmer Yes James Jory Tregoning Banns
      Mary Ann TREGONING 22 spins   Tuckingmill Hill James Jory TREGONING Carpenter Yes Arthur -?-  


Year/Page Entry No Date Groom/Bride Age Status Occ: Residence Father Fathers Occ: Signed Witnesses Notes
Page 66 132 Mar 19 William Jenkin CURTIS 22 bach Tin Dresser Brea Adit John[dec'd] Miner x William Richards [x] Banns
      Caroline Jane RICHARDS 21 spins Mine girl Brea Adit Charles Vincent RICHARDS Tin Dresser Yes Mary Ellen Richards  
Page 67 133 Apr 24 Richard Henry ROWE 26 bach Grocers Man Edward St John[dec'd] Miner Yes Samuel John Harris Banns
      Mary Catherine COLLINS 28 spins Domestic Servant Pendarves St Richard[dec'd] Miner x Elizabeth Burgess [x]  
  134 May 20 Samuel John TRIPP 22 bach Tin Dresser North Roskear Road Thomas[dec'd] Miner Yes John Hamill Banns
      Louisa HOLLOW 24 spins Tin Streamer North Roskear Road William Tin Dresser Yes Elizabeth Burgess [x]  
Page 68 135 May 27 George OLIVER 26 bach Engine Driver Christs Church Parish, Wolverhampton Elias Labourer Yes Edmund Prideaux Banns
      Annie PRIDEAUX 26 spins Domestic Servant Pendarves St Edmund Miner Yes George Woodhouse, Mary Maria Pascoe  
  136 June 1 Harry BROWN 31 bach Miner Dolcoath Road William Miner Yes William Brown Licence
      Rosina IVEY 29 spins Dressmaker   John Miner Yes William Hy. Bennetts  
Page 69 137 July 27 Jervis VEALE 35 bach Mining Engineer Roskear Villas Edward Architect Yes James Jewell Licence
      Anna JEWELL 28 spins   Roskear Villas James Mechanical Engineer Yes James Frederick Jewell  
  138 Aug 2 William BARTLE 22 bach Miner Condurrow Moor John[dec'd] Miner Yes George Keast [x] Licence
      Mary Jane CASWELL 21 spins   Condurrow Moor Richard Labourer Yes Elizabeth Burgess [x]  
Page 70 139 Aug 16 Frank PRIDEAUX 34 bach   Scowbridge William[dec'd] Miner Yes N.S. HICKS? Banns
      Bessie ANGOVE 30 spins Dressmaker Edward St Richard[dec'd] Carpenter Yes Helen Uren  
  140 Sept 2 Joseph Knight LORY 27 bach Fitter Redruth William Tin Dresser Yes Samuel John Harris Banns
      Susan MARKS 28 spins   Dolcoath Road James[dec'd] Miner Yes Elizabeth Burgess [x]  
Page 71 141 Sept 14 Thomas SMITH 23 bach Mason Brea William[dec'd] Miner Yes William Negus Banns
      Lila NEGUS 22 spins   Brea William Miner Yes Richard Negus  
  142 Oct 22 Ernest HARVEY 23 bach Hairdresser Dolcoath Road Thomas Saddler Yes Thomas Hy. Ching Banns
      Elizabeth Ann CHING 21 spins   Dolcoath Road Thomas Henry Miner Yes Hubert Harvey  
Page 72 143 Nov 4 Joseph James TIMMINS 21 bach Miner Edward St Joseph James Miner Yes Peter Mark Wills Banns
      Elizabeth Jane TAYLOR 22 spins Domestic Servant Illogan, Churchtown William Miner Yes Elizabeth Burgess [x]  
  144 Nov 16 William Henry OLIVER 31 bach Postman Gerry Lane, Camborne John[dec'd] Engineer Yes Nicholas Edwards Moffatt [x] Banns
      Kate Richards SEMMONS 22 spins Domestic Servant Dolcoath Row [blank] [blank] Yes Bessie Semmons  


Year/Page Entry No Date Groom/Bride Age Status Occ: Residence Father Fathers Occ: Signed Witnesses Notes
Page 73 145 Mar 17 Josiah John BURGESS 23 bach Engineman Church View Jeremiah Sexton Yes James Harris Banns
      Edith WELCH 24 spins   Edward St John Shoemaker Yes Edward Old  
  146 Mar 24 James Walter Thomas Jackson MARTIN 27 bach Carpenter Edward St Thomas[dec'd] Miner Yes John Bosanko Banns
      Hannah RICHARDS 27 spins   Treajorran, Illogan Thomas Miner Yes Mary Ellen Richards  
Page 74 147 July 11 Wilfred Charles GEACH 24 bach Mining Engineer Foundry House Robert Quickard GEACH Merchant Yes Robert Quickard GEACH Banns
      Annie JACKSON 23 spins   Foundry House James Walter Thomas Tin Streamer Yes James Walter Thomas Jackson  
  148 Aug 18 William John PARNELL 24 bach Tin Dresser North Roskear Road [blank] [blank] Yes Henry Evelyn Hone Banns
      Elizabeth Mill PIDWELL 30 spins Mine Girl Bartles Row John Miner Yes Elizabeth Burgess[x]  
Page 75 149 Sept 5 Arthur JACKSON 26 bach Saddler Tuckingmill John Farmer Yes John Harris Licence
      Annie HARRIS 28 spins   PenpOnds John Farmer Yes Thomas Henry -?-  
  150 Dec 30 Martin Henry TEMBY 24 bach Miner Union St, Camborne Samuel Miner Yes Robert Viall Banns
      Annie Jane VIAL 23 spins   Brea Adit Robert Farm Labourer Yes Harriet Viall