MARRIAGES 1853 - 1854

Source: LDS Film No: 1596289

Note: Some of the entries are faded, smudged or unreadable, I have indicated these entries with a question mark [?].

Year/Page Entry No Date Groom/Bride Age Status Occ: Residence Father Fathers Occ: Signed Witnesses Notes
1853 143 Jan 8 Henry SPARNON 22 bach Miner Tuckingmill Philip Miner x James Trezona Banns
Page 72     Elizabeth TREZONA 23 spins   Tuckingmill James Miner x Phebe Gilbert [x]  
  144 Mar 9 Samuel TYRRILL 21 bach Miner Pengiggan William Farmer x Mary Mill Banns
      Elizabeth RULE 24 spins   Tolvadden John Miner x William Tyrrill  
Page 73 145 Mar 12 Charles HOCKING 22 bach Miner Carnarton John Miner x Eliza Smith Banns
      Eleanor SMITH 24 spins   Carnarton John Farmer Yes James Jeffery[x]  
  146 Mar 19 Thomas ROSEWARNE 21 bach Miner Brea John Miner x William Negus Banns
      Mary Ann MARTIN 23 spins   Brea William Miner x James Thomas  
Page 74 147 Mar 19 Thomas POPE 21 bach Miner Brea James Mason x William Negus Banns
      Hannah Jane NEGUS 18 spins   Brea William Miner x Thomas Dobell  
  148 Mar 24 Francis BARTLE 25 bach Moulder Tuckingmill William[dec'd] Miner Yes William Bartle Banns
      Elizabeth DAVEY 23 spins   Tuckingmill Charles Mine Agent Yes John Davey  
Page 75 149 Apr 2 William QUINTRELL f.a. bach Miner Tuckingmill William Miner x Jhon Quentrell Banns
      Mary TREZONA 19 spins   Tuckingmill Thomas Miner Yes William Trezona [x]  
  150 Apr 14 John RABLIN f.a. bach Miner Pengeggan Richard[dec'd] Miner Yes John Richards Banns
      Mary Hocking RICHARDS f.a. spins   Pengeggan John Miner x Henry Bennett  
Page 76 151 Apr 16 Benjamin SAUNDERS 21 bach Blacksmith Roskear Benjamin Blacksmith x Benjamin Trevena [x] Banns
      Mary TREVENA 19 spins   Roskear Samuel Miner x Phebe Gilbert [x]  
  152 Apr 20 William HOCKING f.a. bach Miner Pengiggan Joseph Miner x Henry Hocking [x] Banns
      Mary JENNINGS f.a. spins   Pengiggan Richard Miner x James Trezona  
Page 77 153 May 2 George BENNETTS 22 bach Miner Tuckingmill John Miner x Thomas Dobell Banns
      Catherine RULE 22 spins   Tuckingmill Peter Miner x Edward Gilbert  
  154 May 7 John MITCHELL 36 Wid Miner Tolvadden Downs James Miner x Edward Gilbert Banns
      Catherine VINCENT 38 spins   Tuckingmill John Miner x Thomas Dobell  
Page 78 155 Aug 13 Joseph BLIGHT f.a. bach Miner Tuckingmill Joseph Shoemaker Yes William Adams Banns
      Jane ADAMS f.a. spins   Tuckingmill William Carpenter Yes Edward Gilbert  
  156 Aug 16 Francis CANN f.a. bach Miner Brea James Miner x Edward Gilbert Banns
      Elizabeth RICHARDS 19 spins   Brea John Labourer x John Golbert [x]  
Page 79 157 Nov 28 William CHAMPION f.a. bach Moulder Tuckingmill William[dec'd] Miner x Thomas Clogg Banns
      Ellen Jane RULE f.a. spins   Tuckingmill John OLDS Smith x Mary Ann Holman [x]  
  158 Dec 8 Henry PENPRASE f.a. Wid Miner Tuckingmill Henry[dec'd] Miner x Thomas Clogg Banns
      Jane MILL f.a. Wid   Tuckingmill Francis IVEY Labourer x Thomas Gilbert  
Page 80 159 Jan 1 John BLIGHT f.a. bach Miner Brea Joseph Shoemaker x James Trezona Banns
      Elizabeth MAGOR f.a. spins   Pengiggan William Miner x Thomas Clogg  
  160 Jan 2 John WILLIAMS f.a. bach Engineer Clifton? Zacariah Mine Agent Yes Zacariah Williams Licence
      Rosina EUDY f.a. spins   Tuckingmill Alexander Mine Agent Yes Alex Eudy  
Page 81 161 Jan 29 James THOMAS f.a. bach Miner Brea William Miner Yes George Thomas Banns
      Ellen OPIE f.a. spins   Brea Richard Miner x Thomas Clogg  
  162 Feb 4 Samuel BAWDEN f.a. bach Miner Tuckingmill Joseph Husbandman x William Jewell Banns
      Elizabeth Jane JEWELL f.a. spins   Tuckingmill William Miner x Richard Jewell  
Page 82 163 Mar 14 William FRANCIS f.a. bach Grocer St.Ives William Butcher Yes Thomas Clogg Licence
      Jane Dunkin JAMES f.a. spins   [blank] Thomas Innkeeper Yes Christopher Edwards [x]  
  164 Mar 18 James QUENTRALL 20 bach Miner Tuckingmill William Miner x Benjamin Gribbell Banns
      Edith GRIBBLE 19 spins   Tuckingmill Benjamin Tailor x Thomas Clogg  
Page 83 165 Mar 27 John MARTIN 20 bach Miner Brea William Miner x Nicholas Hoscking Banns
      Eliza Ann HOCKING 19 spins   Brea Nicholas Miner x Thomas Clogg  
  166 Apr 8 Samuel SOWDEN f.a. bach Miner Condurrow Thomas[dec'd] Labourer x W. Hill Banns
      Grace HILL f.a. spins   Condurrow Thomas Miner x Thomas Clogg  
Page 84 167 Apr 15 John KENT 20 bach Miner Tuckingmill John Mason Yes Phebe Golbert [x] Banns
      Amelia Ann JEWELL 19 spins   Tuckingmill William Miner Yes Thomas Clogg  
  168 May 8 John BRAY 26 bach Miner Condurrow Richard Husbandman x Richard Bray Banns
      Mary BAWDEN 18 spins   Condurrow Joseph RICHARDS Miner x Thomas Clogg  
Page 85 169 July 5 ? William SAMPSON f.a. bach   -?- Downs Richard Miner x James Jenkin Banns
      Elizabeth JENKIN f.a. spins   Brea James Miner x Thomas Clogg  
  170 July 25 Thomas BARTLE 25 bach Miner Carn Mow Francis Miner Yes Henry Bennett Jnr Banns
      Sarah -?-worth BENNETT 17 spins   Pengiggan Henry Miner x Thomas Clogg  
Page 86 171 Aug 1 James TREZONA 23 bach Miner Carn Intrall Richard Miner x John Moyle Banns
      Lavinia MAEGOR 19 spins   Pengiggan William Miner x Thomas Clogg  
  172 Aug 27 Thomas BOWDEN f.a. bach Shoemaker Penhallack William Labourer Yes Edward Gilbert Banns
      Jane HOSKING f.a. spins   Penhallack John Miner Yes Thomas Clogg  
Page 87 173 Sept 7 William TREVITHICK 27 bach Miner Pengiggan James[dec'd] Miner Yes Peter Trevithick Bann
      Jane TREVITHICK 24 spins   Pengiggan Joseph[dec'd] Miner x Thomas Clogg  
  174 Oct 24 Edward ANDREW f.a. Wid Sailor Tuckingmill William[dec'd] Pilot x William Luxon Banns
      Grace LUXON f.a. spins   Tuckingmill William Thatcher x Thomas Clogg  
Page 88 175 Oct 26 James ROGERS 21 bach Miner Carnentral George Miner x Thomas Clogg Banns
      Mary Ann PASCOE 19 spins   Carnentral John Miner x William Pascoe?  
  176 Nov 25 Richard LAWRENCE 28 bach Labourer Tuckingmill Richard Shoemaker x Thomas Clogg Banns
      Esther Ann ROWE 23 spins   Tuckingmill Thomas Labourer x William Saundry[x]