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RG10/4147, Folio 79, 2 Brunshaw Rd, Burnley, Lancashire.
Mary J*NG*HALL [could be ING*HALL], Servant, Unmarried, 26, Waitress, born Cornwall, [looks like Camburn, probably Camborn]


56 Widnes Rd, Widnes, Lancashire
James BRANCH, Head, Married, 42, Blacksmith, born Cornwall, Camborne
Mary BRANCH, Wife, Married, 45, No Occ., born Devonshire, Lammerton
Celia BRANCH, Dau, 14, born Devonshire, South Sydenham
Mary H. BRANCH, Dau, 7, born Devonshire, South Sydenham
Frances JACKSON, Boarder, Unmarried, 23, teacher, born Cheshire, Bellington.


RG10/4129, Folio 12, Box Meadows, Blatchingworth & Calderbrook, Littleborough, Lancs.
Mary CLIFTON, Head, Widow, 57, No Occupation, Cornwall, Cambourne.
Eliza MITCHELL, Dau, Widow, 28, Minder, Cornwall, Cambourne
Amy CLIFTON, Dau, Unmarried, 21, Cotton Operative, Cornwall, Cambourne
Elizabeth CLIFTON, Dau, Unmarried, 20, No Occupation, Cornwall, Cambourne
Philippa CLIFTON, Dau, Unmarried, 17, Piecer, Cornwall, Cambourne
James CLIFTON, Son, 13, Doffer, Cornwall, Cambourne
William CLIFTON, Son, 10, Doffer, Cornwall, Cambourne
John MITCHELL, Grnson, 5, Cornwall, Cambourne


RG10/4181, Folio 79, 69 Ainsworth St, Blackburn, Lancs
Henry Ainsworth GRIME, Head, Married, 54, Gen.Practitioner, L.R.C.P.Edin., M.R.C.L.S.A., Lancs, Blackburn
Catherine, Wife, Married, 53, Cornwall, Camborne
Mary Louise Jane, Dau, Unmarried, 26, Lancs, Accrington
Emily, Dau, Unmarried, 23, Lancs, Accrington
Matilda, Dau, Unmarried, 20, Lancs, Blackburn
Joseph FAIRBROTHER, Asstnt, Unmarried, 23, Asstnt Medical, Lancs, Blackburn
Ellen ECCLES, Servnt, Unmarried, 43, Dom. Servnt, Lancss, Ribchester.


RG10/4241, Folio 73, Sim St, Ulverston, Lancs
William J WILCOCK, Head, Married, 37, Compositor, Lancs, Ulverston
Eliza J, Wife, Married, 36, Cornwall, Camborne
Anne, Sister, Unmarried, 28, Domestic, Lancs, Ulverston


RG10/4241, Folio 113, Goad St, Pennington, Lancs
John CADWELL, Head, Married, 50, Iron Ore Miner, Cornwall, Camb****
Jane, Wife, Married, 39, Cornwall, Camb****
John, Son, Unmarried, 19, Iron Ore Miner, Cornwall, Camb****
Charles, Son, 9, Cornwall, Camb****
Mary H., Dau, 8, Cornwall, Camb****
Elizabeth, Dau, 4, Cornwall, Camb****
Jane, Grndau, 4, Cumb, Holbor***
Roseanna, Grndau, 2, Westmorland, Glenridden
Richard WILLIAMS, Lodger, Unmarried, 35, Iron Ore Miner, Cornwall, Brage


RG10/4241, Folio 114, Goad Road, Pennington, Lancs
Edward C HOCKING, Head, Married, 23, Iron Ore Miner, Cornwall, Camborn
Pricila, Wife, Married, 26, Cornwall, Relent
Mary A., Dau, 3, Wales, Merthyr
Ellen J, Dau, 2, Isle of Man


RG10/4241, Folio 114, Goad Road, Pennington, Lancs
John STONES, Head, Married, 33, Iron Ore Miner, Cornwall, Quinyear?
Mary A, Wife, Married, 33, Cornwall, Quinyear?
John, Son, 10, Cornwall, Camborn
Mary, Dau, 9, Cornwall, Camborn
Williams, Son, 7, Cornwall, Camborn
Thomas, Son, 5, Cornwall, Camborn
Richard, Son, 3, Lancs, Pennington


RG10/4241, Folio 115, Brick Row, Pennington, Lancs
Richard DINGLE, Head, Married, 61, Iron Ore Miner, Cornwall, Egloshayle
Grace, Wife, Married, 60, Cornwall, Camborne
William, Son, Unmarried, 24, Iron Ore Miner, Cornwall
John, Unmarried, 20, Iron Ore Miner, Cornwall, St.Clare
Joseph WAREHAM, Lodger, Unmarried, 24, Iron Ore Miner, Cornwall
Amelia LORD, Servnt, Unmarried, 14?, Domestic Servnt, Cornwall, St.Nial
James DINGLE, Grnson, 11, Cornwall, St.Clare


RG10/4242, Folio 142, Tudor Sq, Dalton, Lancs
James ADSCOT, Head, Married, 65, Labourer, Cornwall, Camborne
Ann, Wife, Married, 65, Somersetshire, **inton


RG10/4242, Folio 158, Queen St, Dalton, Lancs
Joseph ROBERTS, Head, Married, 45, Labourer at Iron Works, Cornwall, Constantine
Elizabeth,Wife, Married, 42, Cornwall, Gerr***
John, Son, 15, Labourer at Iron works, Cornwall, Camborne
Catherine, Dau, 13, Cornwall, Camborne
Joseph, Son, 12, Cornwall, Camborne
Frances P., Dau, 10, Cornwall, Camborne
Ellen, Dau, 8, Cornwall, Camborne
Edith, Dau, 6, Cornwall, Camborne
Philipa DOLGLASE, Sislaw, 25, Cornwall, Ge****


RG10/4242, Folio 159, Queen St, Dalton, Lancs
Henry RODGERS, Head, Married, 32, Iron Miner, Cornwall, Camborne
Mary J., Wife, Married, 33, Cornwall, Camborne
Bessy, Dau, 10, Cornwall, Camborne
William, Son, 8, Cornwall, Camborne
John, Son, 7 months, Lancs, Dalton


RG10/4242, Folio 162, Queen St, Dalton, Lancs
Charles THOMAS, Head, Married 4*, Iron Miner, Cornwall, Camborne
Grace, Wife, Married, 33, Cornwall, Camborne
Amelia, Dau, 3, Cornwall, Camborne
Elizabeth, Dau, 11 months, Lancs, Dalton


RG10/4242, Folio 162, Queen St, Dalton, Lancs
Nicholas SMITHER*M, Head, Married, 28, Iron Miner, Cornwall, Camborne
Elizabeth, Wife, Married, 21, Cornwall, Tywardreath
Mary, Dau, 1, Cornwall, Menheniot
John, Son, 2 months, Lancs, Dalton


RG10/4242, Folio 163, Queen St, Dalton, Lancs
John Thos. HOOPER, Head, Married, 29, Iron Miner, Cornwall, Gwennap
Mary, Wife, Married, 23, Cornwall, Camborne


RG10/4243, Folio 34 [no street address given], Dalton, Lancs
Samuel NICHOLAS, Head, Married, 48, Mine Agent, Cornwall, Camborne
Elenor, Wife, Married, 45, No occuaption, Lancs, [town illegible]
William, Son, Unmarried, 23, Engine Driver, Lancs, Dalton in Furness
Eliza, Dau, Unmarried, 19, At Home, Lancs, Dalton in Furness
Sarah A, Dau, 15, Lancs, Dalton in Furness
Benjamin, Son, 12, Lancs, Dalton in Furness
Alice, Dau, 10, Lancs, Dalton in Furness
Samuel, Son, 7, Lance, Dalton in Furness
Nicholas E, Son, 3, Lances, Dalton in Furness.


RG10/4243, Folio 34 [no street address given], Dalton, Lancs.
James THOMAS, Head, Married, 42, Clerk, Cornwall, Camborne
Margaret, Wife, Married, 38, No occupation, Lancs, Dalton in Furness
James, Son, 14, Blaksmith, Cornwall, Camborne
Charles, Son, 8, Lancs, Dalton
Mary, Dau, 6, Lancs, Dalton
Fred, Son, 3, Lancs, Dalton


RG10/4243, Folio 35, [no street address], Dalton, Lancs.
John BROWN, Head, Married, 51, Mining Engineer, Cornwall, Kenwen
Mary, Wife, Married, No occupation, Cornwall, Camborne
William A, Son, 11, Lancs, Dalton in Furness
Richard, Son, 7, Lancs, Dalton in Furness
Thomas D, Son, 5, Lancs, Dalton in Furness
Susan A, Dau, 2, Lancs, Dalton in Furness


RG10/4243, Folio 40 [no street address given], Dalton, Lancashire
John SPARNON, Head, Married, 27, Iron Miner, Cornwall, Camborne
Jane, Wife, Married, 30, Cornwall, St.Austell
Eliz. J., Dau, 2, Lancs, Dalton
Phillip, Son, 4, Lancs, Dalton.
John BATES, Stepson, Lancs, Dalton.
Mary A. BATES, Step-dau., 7, Lancs, Dalton.


RG10/4243, Folio 40 [no street address given], Dalton, Lancashire
Richard HOSKING, Head, Married, 55, Manager Mine, Cornwall, [Pavan?]
Elizabeth, Wife, Married, 54, Cornwall, Camborne
Mary A., Dau, Unmarried, 25, Lancs, Penington.
Richard, Son, 10, Lancs, Dalton.
Sarah RIGG, Servant, Unmarried, 20, Servant, Lancs, Dalton.
Alice BECKETT, Servant, Unmarried, 19, Domestic Servant, Lancs, Dalton.
Jane WRIGHT, Servant, Unmarried, 14, Domestic Servanrt, Lancs, Dalton.


RG10/4243, Folio 42, [no street address given], Dalton, Lancashire
John RICHARDS, Boarder, Married, 37, Miner Iron, Cornwall, Camborne
Elizabeth, Boarder, Married, 34, Cornwall, Redruth


RG 10/4243, Folio 43, [street name not given], Dalton, Lancashire.
Richard JENKIN, Head, Married, 46, Iron Miner, Cornwall, St.Austell
Mary, Wife, Married, 44, Cornwall, St.Austell
Alfred, Son, Unmarried, 17, Mine Smith, Cornwall, St.Austell
Alma, Dau, Unmarried, 16, Domestic Servant, Cornwall, St.Austell
Emily, Dau, Cornwall, Camborne
Mary, Dau, 9, Cornwall, Camborne
Selina, Dau, 8, Cornwall, Camborne
Joshua, Son, 4, Cornwall, Camborne


RG10/4243, Folio 58, Market St, Dalton, Lancs
Henry RODDA, Head, Married, 24, Iron Miner, Cornwall, Camborne
Elizabeth, wife, Married, 20, Lancs, Ulverston


[No Ref No.] Darlington St, Ince in Makerfield, Lancs
William PASCOE, Head, Married, 26, Coal Miner, Cornwall, Camborne
Elizabeth, Wife, Married, 26, No Occupation, Cornwall, Camborne
Elizabeth, Dau, 4, Cornwall, Camborne
In* Ann, Dau, 2, Lancs, Ince
Ellen MASON, Boarder, Unmarried, 27, Cotton Reeler, Lancs.


[No Ref. No.], 3 Lord St, Orrell, Lancs
William D KEMP, Head, Married, 30, Watchmaker, Cornwall, Crowen
Amelia, Wife, Married, 27, No Occupation, Cornwall, Camborne
William, Son, 8, cornwall, Camborne
Thomas, Son, 5, Cornwall, Camborne
Eliza A, Dau, 3, Cornwall, Camborne
Mary E, Dau, 1, Lancs, Pemberton


[No. Ref. No.], Ormskirk Rd, Pemberton, Lancs
Louise DUNSTONE, Head, Married, 33, Wife of Coal Miner, Cornwall, Camborne [Deaf & Dumb]
John A, Son, 12, Scholar, Cornwall, Camborne, [Deaf & Dumb]
Elizabeth A, Dau, 8, Cornwall, Camborne
Edward, Son, 6, S.Wales, Mountain Ash
Margaret L, Dau, 2, S.Wales, Mountain Ash


[No Ref. No.], 19 Swan St, West Derby, Lancs
Joseph HOCKING or HACKING, Head, Married, 62, Engine Driver, Cornwall, Cambourne
Ann?, Wife, 69, Lancs, Wigan
Thomasina, Dau, 10, Lancs, West Derby


[No.Ref. No.], Holme Lea, Oakhill Park, West Derby, Lancs
Elizabeth HACKING, Servant, Unmarried, 25, Waitress, Cornwall, Camborne
[in service to the family of William Bennett, owner of an Iron foundry]


[No. Ref. No], 7 Queens Rd, North Meols, Southport, Lancs
Hannah THOMAS, Servant, Unmarried, 28, Cook Domestic servant, Cornwall Camborne
[In the household of Ferdinand Kark, a General Merchant, born in Germany]







RG10/2146, Hanson's Cottages, Whitchurch, Devon
Mary Jane FLOYD, Head, Married, 32, Carpenters Wife, Devon, Mary Tavy
John Mitchell, Son, 7, Scholar, Cornwall, Camborne
Elizabeth, 5, Devon, Tavistock
Susanna Anne, 3, Devon, Whitchurch


RG10/2146, Whit Village, Whitchurch, Devon
John SYMONS, Head, Married, 55, Tin & Copper Miner, Cornwall, Crowan
Sarah, Wife, Married, 46, Cornwall, Camborne
John, Son, Unmarried, 24, Tin & Copper Miner, Cornwall, Camborne
Augusta, Dau, 13, Tin & Copper Miner, Cornwall, Camborne
Theodora Adolphus, 10, Devon, Dartmoor Lyford
Thomas, 4, Whitchurch, Devon


Dwelling Place: Whitchurch, Devon
Elizabeth RULE, Head, Unmarried, 60, Nurse, Cornwall, Camborne
Thomas HOSKIN, Boarder, Unmarried, 30, Copper Miner, Cornwall, Lugan
Emma THOMPSON, Nurse-child, 5, Scholar, Cornwell, Launceston


RG10/2141, H.M.S. "FOURROYANT", Tender to H.M.S. "CAMBRIDGE", Gunnery Ship moored in Hamaoze, Devonport, Devon.
James OLIVER, Boy 1st Class, single, 17, Cornwall, Camborne
H.M.S. "ROYAL ADELAIDE", Flag Ship, docked at Hamoaze, Devonport, Devon
Thomas Henry JAGO, Able Seaman, married, 31, Cornwall, Camborne
[The following served on HMS 'ROYAL ADELAIDE" , in dock at Hamoaze, Devonport, but were ashore on the night of the census so were not counted.}
Henry ANGOVE, Orderly, 19, Cornwall, Camborne
[The following served on HMS "INDUS", Guard ship, in dock at Hamoaze, Devonport, Devon, but were ashore the night the census was taken and so were not counted.]
John WEBB, Private R.M.L.I., married, 25, Cornwall, Camborne
RG10/2140, H.M.S. "NORTHUMBERLAND", third Rate, Iron Clad Steamship, In dock at Keyham Basin, Devonport, Devon.
[The following served on HMS "NORTHUMBERLAND", but were onshore the night of the census and so were not counted.]
Richard BARKELL, Stoker, Married, 28, Cornwall, Camborne


RG10/2147, 2 Watts Road, Tavistock, Devon.
William MATTHEWS, Head, Mar, 52, Civil Engineer, Cornwall, Camborne
Emily, Wife, Mar, 41, Devon, Tavistock
Emily Jane, Dau, 7, Devon, Tavistock
William Wevill Matthews, Son, 9, Devon, Tavistock
Julia Caroline, Dau, 7, Devon, Tavistock
John Arthur, Son, 5, Devon, Tavistock


RG10/2174, 35 West St, Tavistock, Devon
Mr. WOOLCOCKS, Head, Mar, 68, Late Copper Miner , Cornwall, Camborne [blind for 33yrs]
Ann, Wife, Mar, 64, Cornwall, St. Ann's