BAPTISMS 1658 - 1664

BAPTISMS 1658 - 1664


Source: The Parish Register for Camborne 1538 - 1837 LDS Film No. 236535

The early years have many blank spaces but I wish to make this a complete and accurate transcription so have included every entry no matter how small.

On this page there are some entries out of order datewise and a number are recorded as births

Please note that where there are blank spaces this indicates entry unreadable.

1658 Michell John son of Richard born 31 Mar  
  Tery Alce dau of Arthur born 4 Apr  
  Paull George son of Richard born 11 Apr  
  Thomas Christian dau of Richard born 16 Apr  
  Dennis William son of Ralph born 23 Apr  
  Rowe Thomas son of Degory born 1 June  
  Eastlake John son of John born 8 June  
  Humphrys [blank] son of Richard born 21 June  
  Symons George son of John born 2 July  
  Rule John son of Richard born 20 Sept  
  Coade Gillbert son of Gilbert - gent born  
  Rowe John son of John - gent born 27 Sept  
  Perry Margery dau of John born 2 Oct  
  Davy Jane dau of Richard born 16 Nov  
  Jackson Margerett dau of Andrew born 26 Nov  
Page 35 Warren John son of Georg born 24 Dec  
  Hockin Francis son of Laurence born 11 Jan  
  Sandry Blanch dau of John born 22 Jan  
  Poynter Alce dau of Samuell born 7 Feb  
  Daniells Thomas son of Thomas born 15 Feb  
  Jeffree Mary dau of John born 23 Feb  
1659 Beally Richard son of Steven born 21 May  
  Rule James son of James born 4 June  
  Treweeke [blank] son of John born 21 June  
  Stevens Joane dau of Andrew [1] born 28 June [1] Written over an erasure.
  Edmonds Ann dau of Mathew born 14 Aug  
  Eastlake John son of John born 21 Aug  
  Harry John son of Thomas born 3 Sept  
  Glanfell   son of Rodger born 10 Sept  
  Wade Ann dau of Sampson born 27 Sept  
  Warner Samuell son of Thomas - Minister born 15 Oct  
  Luke Nowell son of John born 30 Nov  
  Cocke Elizabeth dau of Richard born 8 Dec  
  Watts Stephen son of Rodger born 18 Dec  
  James Henry son of Henry born 31 Dec  
  Coade Joane Golbert born 7 Jan  
  Vivian Andrew son of William born 13 Jan  
  Dunkin John son of John born 21 Jan  
  Grebell Elizabeth dau of William born 1 Mar  
  Vivian Jonson son of John born 1 Mar  
  Hockin Vincent son of Vincent born 8 Mar  
  Edwards Edward son of Thomas born 22 Mar  
1660 Glasson Margery dau of John born 1 Apr  
  Richard Avis dau of Gilbert born 21 Apr  
  Sanders Agnes dau of John born 24 Apr  
  Symons Owner dau of John born 16 Apr  
  Teage Jane dau of John born 21 Apr  
  Watty Jane dau of John born 22 Apr  
  Harrys Mary dau of Robarte born 10 June  
  Treweeke Charles son of Christopher - gent born 15 June  
Page 36 Reynolds Henry son of John born 6 July  
  Try Mary dau of Arthur born 8 June  
  Rule Francis dau of Johnson born 1 Aug  
  Lemon William son of Georg born 3 Aug  
  Cater Moses son of Richard born 8 Aug  
  Rule Christopher son os Christopher born 25 Sept  
  Trenwith William son of Thomas born 30 Sept  
  Eles Margery dau of James born 6 Sept  
  Warren Robarte son of George born 15 Oct  
  Verante Joane dau of John born 22 Oct  
  Robarte George son of Wm born 27 Oct  
  Hooper Rodger son of Henry born 12 Nov  
  Williams Katheryn dau of Charles born 13 Nov  
  Rowe Margerett dau of Degory born 16 Jan  
  Jackson Frances dau of Andrew born 4 Feb  
  Oliver Frances dau of Oliver born 23 Feb  
1661 Jeffree William son of William bap. 25 Mar  
  Vivian George son of William bap 25 Mar  
  Hockin Mary dau of Laurence 25 Mar  
  Rowe Cordelia dau of John - gent 28 Mar  
  Libby Margery dau of Robert 6 Apr  
  William alias Paskow Ann dau of John 13 Apr  
  Hockin John son of Hawton 20 Apr  
  John Andrew son of William 13 May  
  Rule Mary dau of Richard 21 May  
  Tellam Jane dau of John 3 June  
  Bewes Jane dau of James 6 July  
  Michell Thomas son of Richard 14 Sept  
  Glasson Mary dau of John 22 Sept  
  Bryant John son of Allex 18 Oct  
  Williams John son of Ralph 18 Nov  
  Sandry Elizabeth dau of John 25 Dec  
  Wade John son of Sampson 18 Jan  
  Bennett Richard son of Francis 25 Jan  
  Eastlake Grace dau of John 3 Feb  
  Andrew Joane dau of Richard 11 Feb  
  Verant Joane dau of Arthur 24 Feb  
Page 37 Pendarves Richard son of Peter - gent of Crowan 6 Mar  
  Stevens Mary dau of Samuell 8 Mar  
  Hockin Richard son of Vincent 12 Mar  
  Roberte Christopher son of William 16 Mar  
1662 Stevens Rebecca dau of Andrew 1 Apr  
  Rosewarne John son of John - gent 22 Apr  
  Buckler Dorithy dau of George 23 Apr  
  Watts Margery dau of Rodger 4 May  
  Try Dorithy dau of Arthur 11 May  
  Vivian Elizabeth dau of John 26 May  
  Grebell William son of William 8 June  
  Sanders Barbary dau of John 27 July  
  Rodgers Edward son of Henry 10 Aug  
  Daniell William son of Thomas 10 Aug Marginal entry
  Vivian William son of William 30 Aug  
  Bayly Margerett dau of Steven 21 Sept  
  Verante John son of John 22 Sept  
  Hockin James son of Francis 6 Oct  
  Richard Frances dau of Golbert 13 Oct  
  Glanfell Mary dau of Jonson 25 Oct  
  Warren George son of George 8 Nov  
  Richard Joan dau of Edward 26 Nov  
  Jackson John son of Zachary 21 Dec  
  Nickles Mary dau of Nicholas 26 Dec  
  Michell Dorithy dau of Richard 31 Dec  
  Lemon Julian dau of George 1 Jan  
  Bennett Margery dau of John 6 Jan  
  Symons Peternell dau of John 13 Jan  
  Lelean Mary dau of Bernard 18 Jan  
  Reynolds Mary dau of John 25 Jan  
  Frenches John son of Thomas 8 Feb  
  John Francis son of William 22 Feb  
  Tippat John son of Philip 22 Feb  
  Teage Edward son of John 22 Feb  
  Edmonds Katheryn dau of Mathew 23 Feb  
  Rule James son of Christopher 8 Mar  
Page 38 Bennett Elizabeth dau of Jonson 8 Mar  
1663 Williams Richard son of Ralp 30 Mar  
  Williams Christopher son of Charles 20 Apr  
  Bryant John son of Alexander 23 May  
  Oliver Tamson dau of Oliver 23 May  
  [blank] John son [blank] 23 May Illegitimate
  Harrys Ursula dau of Richard 8 June  
  Bennett Joane dau of Francis 27 June  
  Pedven Ann dau of John 6 July  
  Watty Elizabeth dau of John 12 July  
  Bewes Florence dau of James 16 Aug  
  [?Coa]le Margerett dau of Richard 30 Aug  
  Verante William son of Henry 15 Sept  
  Richard Henry son of John of Gwinior 28 Sept  
  Rowe [blank] [blank] of Degory 17 Oct  
  William William son of William 18 Oct  
  Hockin Vincent son of Haughton 24 Oct  
  Wade Katheryn dau of Robarte 26 Oct  
  Thomas John son of John 22 Nov  
  Terrell Elizabeth dau of George 22 Nov  
  Jackson Florence dau of Andrew 22 Nov  
  Vincent Jane dau of John 24 Nov  
  Try Joseph & Frances twin son & dau of Arthur [Trery] 8 Dec  
  Williams John son of Silvester 1 Jan  
  Edmonds Elizabeth dau of Mathew 14 Feb  
  Richard Frances dau of Gilbert 15 Feb  
  Rodgers Elizabeth dau of Henry 21 Feb  
  William Henry son of Ralph 20 Feb  
  Hockin Isabella dau of Francis 12 Mar  
1664 Bryant John son of Allexander Jnr 27 Mar  
  Rule Elizabeth dau of Robarte 30 Mar  
  Eastlake William son of John 11 Apr  
  Edwards Mary dau of Thomas 16 Apr  
  Verante Katheryn dau of Arthur 25 Apr  
  Tellam Walter son of John 14 Apr  
  Hooper Ann dau of Henry 15 Apr  
Page 39 Rosewarne Richard son of John - gent 7 June  
  Pendarves Ann dau of Peter - gent 10 Aug  
  Nickles John son of Nicholas 14 Aug  
  Verante Margery dau of John 16 Aug  
  Eva John son of John 20 Aug  
  Eva Mary dau of James 10 Sept  
  Cater Christian dau of Richard 11 Sept  
  William alias Paskow John son of John 17 Sept  
  John Mary dau of William 28 Sept  
  Glasson [blank] [blank] of John 2 Oct This entry is omitted in the Bishop's Transcripts.
  Hockin Vincent son of Vincent 13 Nov  
  Eva Thomas son of Thomas Jnr 15 Nov  
  Jackson Joane dau of Zacharias 4 Dec  
  Lethlean Ann dau of Bernard 4 Dec  
  Luke Margaret dau of Georg 4 Dec  
  Robarte Joane dau of William 18 Dec  
  Lemmon Hercules son of George 1 Jan  
  Saundry Katheryn dau of John 15 Jan  
  Hearell William son of John - gent 29 Dec  
  Jackson Margerett dau of Nelly 22 Jan Illegitimate
  Bennett Christopher son of Francis 19 Feb  
  Stevens Joane dau of Samuell 12 Mar