BAPTISMS 1637 -1645

BAPTISMS 1637 - 1645


Source: The Parish Register for Camborne 1538 - 1837 LDS Film No. 236535


These are full transcriptions and all parts of the entry has been transcribed.

The early years have many blank spaces but I wish to make this a complete and accurate transcription so have included every entry no matter how small.

Please note that where there are blank spaces this indicates entry unreadable.

1637 Harry Millicent dau of Francis 25 Mar  
  Bryant Johane dau of Jo. Senr 5 Apr  
  Luke Roger son of Mathewe 13 May  
  Beale John son of Stephen 14 May  
  Cole Gilbert son of Henry 22 May  
  Butcher Margret dau of Willm 16 July  
  Menegidge Jane dau of Jo. 20 Aug  
  Davie Benedict son of Agnes - wid 3 Sept Illegitimate
  Call John son of Laurence - gent 16 Sept  
  Saundry Humfrey son of Elizabeth 8 Oct Illegitimate
  Verrant Willm son of Jo. 13 Oct  
  Cocke Jane dau of Benedict 21 Oct  
  Glason John son of Willm 22 Oct  
  James Alexander son of Erasmus 24 Nov  
  Carnsewe Edward son of Willm 3 Dec  
  Job John son of Elizabeth 12 Dec Illegitimate
  Saundry Humfrey son of Jo. 4 Jan  
  Gawen Elizabeth dau of Cullan 5 Jan  
  Braye Katherine dau of Henry - gent 15 Jan  
  Menegidge Mary dau of Rich. 28 Jan  
  Wills Grace dau of Benedict 4 Feb  
  Vivian Henry son of Roger 24 Feb  
  Hockin Francis son of Vinsent 11 Mar  
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1638 Reskillie Thamsine dau of Rich. 28 Mar  
  Vinsent Thomas son of Vinsent 8 Apr  
  Bryant James son of Alexander 21 Apr  
  Hockine Edward son of John 3 May  
  Bennat Edward son of Edward 19 May  
  Achim Gilbert son of Gilbert 15 June  
  Treweek John son of George 24 June  
  Jenkine James son of James 24 June  
  Pendarves Katherine dau of Richard - gent 12 July  
  {blank] [blank] son of [blank] Sept  
  Scewies George son of Humfrey 11 Sept  
  Geare James son of Synobie 31 Oct Illegitimate
  St[re]ike Margerye dau of Johnson 3 Dec  
  Franchis Elizabeth dau of Tho. 16 Dec  
  Davie Elizabeth dau of Willm 16 Dec  
  Wade James son of James 7 Jan  
  Saundry Thomas son of Jo. 13 Mar  
1639 Mureland James son of Johane Apr Illegitimate
  Harry Willm son of George 7 Apr  
  Edie Alce dau of Alexander 26 Apr  
  Gawen Margery dau of Cullan 28 Apr  
  W[ade] Jane dau of Olliver    
  Luke Jane dau of [Christoph]er, dec. May  
  Job Margery dau od Math. 22 May  
  Bryant George son of Jo. Jnr 30 May  
  Andrewe Elizabeth dau of Thos. 14 June  
  Williams John son of Stephen 16 June  
  Eva Thomas son of Thomas 6 July  
  Battrell   dau of Jo. 28 July  
  Ellis Richard son of Nicholes 7 Aug  
  Dewine Richard son of Richard 10 Aug  
  Arundell William son of Ezechiell Esq 11 Aug  
  Braye John son of Henry - gent 15 Aug  
  Baylie   son of Stephen 18 Aug  
  Call   son of Laur.....- gent 24 Aug  
  Paull Blanche dau of John 25 Aug  
  Luke [blank] [blank] of Mathewe 31 Aug  
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1639 Badge Richard son of Rich. 22 Sept  
  Jacson Chestine dau of Jo. 9 Oct  
  Farmer Rachell dau of Michell 1 Nov  
  Bryant Johnson son of Alexander 20 Dec  
  Pendarves Ann dau of Rich. - gent 22 Dec  
  Achim Laurence son of Gilbert 21 Jan  
  Glason Richard son of John 5 Feb  
  Menegidge John son of Jo. 9 Feb  
1640 Butcher Catherine dau of Willm 4 Apr  
  Coswine   dau of John - gent 25 Apr  
          unreadable entry
  Hockine Dorcas dau of Jo. 3 May  
  Paske John son of Elizabeth 19 May Illegitimate
  Rule Robert son of James 17 May  
  Saundry Charles son of Jo. 8 July  
  Eva Ann dau of John 2 Aug  
  Battrell Henry son of Jo. 2 Sept  
  Hearle William son of William 1 Oct  
  Bryant Laurence son of Jo. Senr Nov  
  Verrant Elizabeth dau of Jo. 30 Nov  
  Glason Johane dau of Willm 2 Dec  
  Pendarves Dorcas dau of Richard - gent 7 Dec  
  Vivian Francis son of Roger 15 Jan  
  Jam[es] Richard son of Erasmus 1 Mar  
  Harrye Francis son of George 8 Mar  
  Ellis Francis son of John 17 Mar  
1641 Arundell Margery dau of Ezechiell Esq. 27 Apr  
  Averye Grace dau of Michell 10 July  
  Cole Katherine dau of Henry 11 July  
  Call Millsent dau of Laurence - gent 25 July  
  Bryant Ann dau of Jo. 30 July  
  Job Peternell dau of Mathewe 8 Aug  
  Glason Jynnypher dau of Jo. 9 Oct  
  Libbye Barbarye dau of George of Crowan 14 Dec  
Page 27 Humfrey William son of [A]lex 24  
  Paule John son of John 27 Dec  
  Treweek Francis son of George 19 Jan  
  Vivian Jane dau of Henry 19 Jan  
1642 Butcher Peternell dau of Willm 12 May  
  Ca[r]nsewe Willm son of William 15 May  
  Reskillie Rich. son of Rich. 29 May  
  Ellis John son of Jo. 30 May  
  Battrell [1] Oliver son of John 31 May Marginal entry
  Holles [1] Tomas son of Henry 2 June Marginal entry
  Newton Ann dau of Richard 23 June  
  Saundrie Elizabeth dau of Jo. 17 July  
  Coswine Michaell son of Jo. - gent 31 July  
  Edie Alexander son of Blanch 7 Aug Illegitimate
  Jackson Elizabeth dau of Jo. 7 Aug  
  Trevarthen R[ob]ert son of William 25 Sept  
  Hockine Katherine dau of John 25 Sept  
  Wills   of Benedict 27 Sept  
  Eva Dorcas dau of Jo. 14 Oct  
  Eva Millicent dau of Thos. 27 Nov  
  Vinsent Samuell son of Vinsent 6 Jan  
  Menegidge Richard son of Jo. 14 Jan  
  Achim Richard son of Gilbert 8 Mar  
  Murland Richard son of Mill... 8 Mar Illegitimate
  Bray Henry son of Henry - gent 14 Mar  
1643 Vinsent Christopher son of Edward 4 Apr  
  Braye Christian dau of Jo. 7 May  
  Treweeke Mary dau of George 1 June  
  Verrant [blank] [blank] of John June  
  Bayl[lie] Diana dau of Stephen 6 June  
  Michell Henry son of Henry 3 July  
  Menegidge Margret dau of Rich 17 July  
  Job Anthony son of Mathewe 24 Aug  
  Bryant Mathewe son of Jo. Jnr 21 Sept St.Matthew's Day
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1644 [1] Pendarves Alce dau of Rich - gent 21 Apr [1] Hiatus of six months, Civil War days.
  Jeffery Benedicte son of Willm 7 May  
  Wade Elizabeth dau of Olliver 8 May  
  Hitchins Elizabeth dau of Tho. 15 May  
  Harrye James son of Willm 26 May  
  Braye John son of Jo. 7 July  
  Gawen John son of Collan 7 July  
  Carnsewe John son of Willm 1 Sept  
  Prior Cherytie dau of Thos. 12 Sept  
  James Alse dau of Erasmus 17 Sept  
  Coswine Julyan dau of Jo. - gent 17 Dec  
  Ellis Rich. son of Henry 3 Feb  
  Frenches Rich. son of Tho. 3 Feb  
  Vivian John son of Henry 7 Feb The name John in different ink
  Treginheath Jo. son of Jo. 15 Feb  
  Paule Edward son of Jo. 10 Mar  
  Hockine Jane dau of Jo. Mar  
1645 Avery James son of Agnis Mar Illegitimate
  Luke John son of Mathewe 27 Apr  
    Hugh son of Georg    
    Millisent dau of    
  Job [Ma]thewe son of John 24 Aug  
  Averie John son of Michell 24 Aug  
  Pendar [3] Thomas son of Richard - gent 4 Sept Probably for Pendarves
  Bray Arthur son of Henry - gent 8 Nov  
  Trengove Thamsine dau of Willm 14 Nov  
  Bennet Anthony son of Edward 4 Dec  
  Bryant Hauton son of John Jnr 7 Dec  
  Menegidge Alce dau of Jo. 7 Dec  
  Call Edward son of Laurence - gent 6 Jan  
  Murland Willmet dau of Johane 11 Jan Illegitimate
  Coswine Jyllian dau of Jo. - gent 14 Mar