BAPTISMS 1620 - 1628

BAPTISMS 1620 - 1628


Source: The Parish Register for Camborne 1538 - 1837 LDS Film No. 236535


These are full transcriptions and all parts of the entry has been transcribed.

The early years have many blank spaces but I wish to make this a complete and accurate transcription so have included every entry no matter how small.

Please note that where there are blank spaces this indicates entry unreadable.

1620 Bayliffe Ann dau of Stephen Apr  
    Francis son of Vins[ent]    
  Williams Amos son of Phillipp May  
Page 15   James son of May  
  Coc[k] Stephen son of John    
  Triskillard Christen dau of [H]umf[rie] June  
  Cock John son of Francis July  
  Glanfield Christian dau of Oliver July  
  Arundell ......n dau of John Aug  
  Michell   son of John 12 Sept  
  Eva [R]ichard son of Thomas 25 Sept  
  James John son of Benedict 28 Sept  
  Thomas John son of John 28 Sept  
  Rowe John son of John - Rector 18 Oct  
  Menegidge [M]ichaell son of Alexander 28 Oct  
  Evah Catherine dau of John 26 Nov  
  Keeve [?] Elizabeth dau of Robert 10 Dec  
  Gilbert Ellan dau of Henry 17 Jan  
  Dunkine Elizabeth dau of John 11 Feb  
  Jobe Margarett dau of Henry 15 Mar  
1621 Tolvearne Sampson son of Ralph 8 Apr  
  Vincent Elizabeth dau of Nicholas 8 June  
  Arundell   dau of William 24 June  
  Meane John son of Pascowe 27 June  
  Thomas Richard son of James 14 July  
  Farmer Grace dau of William 18 July  
  Vincent Arthur son of Henry 5 Aug  
  Pryyr Elzabeth dau of John 28 Oct  
  Bryant George son of Robert 17 Nov  
  Eva Elizabeth dau of John 7 Dec  
  Job John son of Henry 8 Dec  
  Williams Alice dau of Christopher 14 Dec  
  Andrew Jane dau of Thomas 15 Jan  
  Verrant Alce dau of John 16 Jan  
  Ellis   son of John Feb  
    John son of Richard Feb  
    Alexaunder son of    
    Christian dau of E.........   Illegitimate
  Glanville Amos son of Oliver Mar  
  Chalway Cullan son of Sampson Mar  
Page 16          
1622 Rosewarne Jane dau of George Apr  
  Humfrey Richard son of Henry 3 Apr  
  Menegidge Vinsent son of Richard 4 June  
  Eva Elizabeth dau of thomas 9 June  
  Baylie Isabell dau of Stephen 25 June  
  Dun Grace dau of Ellin 1 July Illegitimate
  Hodge Mary dau of George 28 July  
  Rowe Katherine dau of John - Rector 24 Aug  
  Arundell John son of John - gent 3 Sept  
  Dunkine Dorcas dau of John 7 Sept  
  Stephen Elzabeth dau of Francis 15 Feb  
  Jandower Thomas son of Elizabeth 17 Feb Illegitimate
  Barnes John son of Alexander 28 Feb  
  Gilbert Christopher son of Bauden 28 Feb  
  Verrant Thamsen dau of Elzabeth 4 Mar  
  Jenkinge John son of Susan 17 Mar Illegitimate
1623 Menegidge Blanch dau of Alexander Apr  
  Humfrey Mark son of Alexander    
  Gilbert Agnes dau of Henry    
    Thomas son of Benet    
      dau of J.....    
    [M]argery dau of John 27 July  
  Coke   son of John 17 Aug  
  Vincent   son of Edward 31 Aug  
  Eva   dau of John Jnr 5 Sept  
  Rosewarne   dau of George 29 Sept  
  Carter   child of Elzabeth 16 Oct Illegitimate
  Shawen Florence dau of Milsen 12 Nov Illegitimate
  Arundell James son of William Esq 16 Nov  
  Chalway Sampson son of Sampson 5 Dec  
  Dunkine William son of John 16 Feb  
  Treskillard Margery dau of Humfrey 22 Feb  
1624 Andrews Margrett dau of Thomas 4 Apr  
  Badge James son of Richard 10 Apr  
  Bealie Sampson son of Stephen 11 Apr  
  Vinsent John son of Nicholas 14 Apr  
Page 17 Farmer Marteen son of William 28 Apr  
  Rule James son of James 2 May  
  Rowe John son of John - Rector 4 May  
  Eva Christopher son of Thomas 23 May  
  Vivian Honor dau of Roger 30 May  
  Thomas Thomas son of John [6] June  
  Buswine Alexander son of Alexander [Dawna] 20 June  
  Wade Nicholas of James 7 Aug  
  Bryant Walter son of John Senr 15 Aug  
  [Arundell Henry son of John] - gent 28 Nov  
  Glandfield [Johnson] son of Oliver [1 Jan]  
  Hockin [.....un dau of Nicholas 20 Feb]  
  Holman John son of Mary [4] Mar Illegitimate
1625 Braye Elizabeth dau of Henry - gent 31 Mar  
  Ba[i]lye Phillippe dau of Stephen 4 Apr  
  Griebber als[1] Williams John son of Pascowe 3 July [1] Added by a later hand
  Barnes Katherine dau of Alexander 20 July  
  Ellis James son of John 26 July  
  Eva John son of John 4 Aug  
  Bryant Alexander son of John Jnr 1 Sept  
  Cole John son of Henry 1 Sept  
  Bryant Johane dau of Robert 25 Sept  
  Rule Francis son of James [9] Oct  
  Stephen Johane dau of Francis [28] Oct  
  Thomas Jane dau of James 28 Oct  
  Cole Elizabeth dau of John 30 Oct  
  John George son of Anthony 31 Oct  
  Verrant Christian dau of John Jnr 24 Dec  
  Bryant John son of John Senr 1 Feb  
  Williams James son of Christopher 19 Feb  
  Wade Margery dau of James 19 Feb  
  Glason Jophn son of John 5 Mar  
  Hockine Katherine dau of John 12 Mar  
  James Ezechiell son of Benedict 19 Mar  
1626 Dunkine Edward son of John 4 Apr  
  Vinsent Elzabeth dau of Edward 10 Apr  
Page 18 Call Elzabeth dau of Lawrence May  
  Arundell Elizabeth dau of John - gent 20 May  
  Poulden John son of Barbara 11 June Illegitimate
  Menegidge Christian dau of Alexander Aug  
  Vivian John son of Roger 10 Sept  
  Edwards Thomas son of John 15 Oct  
  White Jane dau of John 22 Oct  
  Cole Alce dau of Henry 7 Nov  
  Eva John son of Thomas 11 Nov  
  Michell Alce dau of John 26 Nov  
  Menegidge Robert son of Richard 30 Dec  
  Rowe Elizabeth dau of John - Rector 24 Jan  
  John Robert son of Anthony 4 Feb  
  Chalwill John son of Sampson 6 Feb  
  Bryant Elizabeth dau of John Jnr 20 Feb  
1627 Bealye George son of Stephen 8 Apr  
  Gribber Amye dau of Chesten 27 Apr Illegitimate
  Arundell Christopher son of William - gent 17 June  
  Braye Penelopie dau of Henry - gent 24 June  
  Glanville Katherine dau of Oliver 8 July  
  Wade Blanch dau of James 8 July  
  Tillem John son of Francis 3 Aug  
  Rosewarne Richard son of George 10 Aug  
  Kestell Christian dau of Richard 2 Sept  
  Barnes Johnson son of Alexander 16 Sept  
  Gilbert William son of Bawden 28 Sept  
  Rule Johane dau of Christopher 21 Oct  
  Cole Margret dau of Lawrence 9 Nov  
  Gribber Margery dau of Pascowe 9 Nov  
  Verrant John son of John 19 Dec  
  Dawaye [1] John son of Alexander 23 Dec Probably meant for Dawnaye
  Newham Blanch dau of Mary - wid. 26 Dec Illegitimate
  Eva Alce dau of John Jnr 16 Jan  
  Hockine Nicholas son of Nicholas 10 Feb  
1628 Ellis Katherine dau of John 30 Mar  
    Christopher son of    
      dau of    
  ...hard[?] Katherine dau of Edward 4 May  
  ...danis William son of William May  
    Peter son of Margret June Illegitimate
  Williams Charles son of Christopher Aug  
  Hockine Alexander son of Jo. Jnr Sept  
  Badge Michaell son of Richard 19 Oct  
  [blank] George son of 25 Oct  
  Call Ann dau of Lawrence 22 Nov  
  John Nicholas son of Mathewe 10 Dec  
  Menegidge Alexander son of Alexander 11 Dec  
  Rowe Ann dau of John - Rector 16 Dec  
  Boswathacke John son of John 29 Dec  
  James Ellinor dau of Charles 11 Jan  
  Bryant Alce dau of John Jnr Feb  
  Vivean Margery dau of Roger 8 Feb  
  Cole Thomas son of Henry 11 Mar  
  Blanke or Blauke George son of Ann 15 Mar Illegitimate