BAPTISMS 1608 -1619

BAPTISMS 1608 - 1619


Source: The Parish Register for Camborne 1538 - 1837 LDS Film No. 236535


These are full transcriptions and all parts of the entry has been transcribed.

The early years have many blank spaces but I wish to make this a complete and accurate transcription so have included every entry no matter how small.

Please note that where there are blank spaces this indicates entry unreadable.

[? 1608]          
Page 10 Farmer Elizabeth dau of Michel 27 Mar  
  Holman Alexander son of Richard 28 Mar  
  Vivian Christiana dau of Richard 2 May  
  Davye Elizabeth dau of James 3 May  
  Farmer Margareta dau of Henry 18 May  
  Hockin George son of Ralph 9 June  
  Saundry Martha dau of Richard 17 July  
  Wade Jane dau of Willm 24 July  
  Trempost John son of James 24 July  
  Walter Milsona dau of Christopher 30 July  
  Hodge Elizabeth dau of George 13 Aug  
  Gere Margeria dau of James 23 Aug  
  Anhay William son of Willm 28 Aug  
  Humfry Allexander son of Allexander 5 Sept  
  Careceeg Christiana dau of Oliver 3 Sept  
  Glanfilde Jane dau of Oliver 24 Sept  
  Holman Anna dau of Simon 7 Oct  
  Eva Richard son of Richard 2 Nov  
  Knight John son of John 12 Feb  
  Harry David son of Henry 19 Feb  
  Treskillerd Blanche dau of Humfrey 12 Mar  
[? 1609]   Jo......      
    Elinor   9 May  
    Elizabeth dau of Robert 9 July  
    Blench dau of 26 July  
Page 11 Dennys Raphe son of John 19 Oct  
    Jane dau of Thomas 10 Nov  
  [G]lazon John son of Christopher 11 Jan  
    Haughton son of Johnson 25 Feb  
  Wade Marye dau of William 5 Mar  
  Richard Ursula dau of John 11 Mar  
    Elizabeth dau of John 18 Mar  
1610 Arundell Ezechiell son of William 28 Mar  
  Hoc[kin] Jane dau of Vincent 30 Mar  
    George son of John 4 Apr  
[1]         [1] The following entries in Italics are from Bishop's Transcripts
  ......lar Phillip son of William 17 June  
  Harry William son of John 17 June  
  Eva Christopher son of John 5 Aug  
  Hockin Elzabeth dau of Ralfe 5 Aug  
  Hodge Dority dau of George 5 Aug  
  Farmer Christian dau of Henry 1 Nov  
  Donkine Robart son of John 13 Jan  
  William Alce dau of Rafe 1 Feb  
  Gloine Mary dau of Oliver 15 Feb  
  Poleaw Jane dau of William 16 Feb  
  Roba[r]t Elizabeth dau of William 20 Feb  
  William Richard son of Boden 24 Feb  
  Humphry Henry son of Alexander 24 Mar  
[? 1611]   Jane dau of Ferdinando 19  
    Richard son of Christopher 2 June  
    Robert son of Robert 9 June  
  Gea[re] William son of James 29 June  
    William son of Richard 30 June  
  [Eva ?] Elizabeth dau of richard 7 July  
  ....k..... Jane dau of John 11 Aug  
  .....var John son of Richard 18 Aug  
Page 12   Chesten dau of Richard 18 Aug  
  Hockin James son of James 1 Sept  
    Marye dau of John 8 Sept  
  William Thomas son of Raphe 15 Sept  
  O...... Florence dau of John Oct  
  Denys Barbara dau of John Oct  
  Davye Anne dau of Thomas 27 Oct  
  Treskellart Alice dau of Humphrye 1 Nov  
  Davye Alice dau of John 18 Nov  
  Paskow Marye dau of Millesen 2 Feb Illegitimare
  Harrye John son of John 10 Feb  
    [Eli]zabeth dau of Margerye 26 Feb Illegitimare
  William Jone dau of Alexander 22 Mar  
1612 Bellman Catherine dau of Richard 27 Mar  
  Paskow Jane dau of James 4 Apr  
  Edward Golbert son of John 10 May  
  [H]umfreys Chesten dau of allexander 23 June  
  Glant[vill] Christian dau of Oliver 26 June  
  Farmer George son of Michael 12 July  
  Boyde Ursula dau of James 12 July  
  Hockin George son of John 2 Aug  
  Hodge Grace dau of George 9 Aug  
  Arundell Margery dau of William 14 Aug  
  Harvye Henrye son of Oates 23 Sept  
  Spurwaye Philip son of Elizabeth 28 Oct Illegitimate
    William son of 3  
    Junifera dau of Christopher 21 Mar  
    Nicholas son of John 24 Mar  
[ ? 1613] .....irrine     18 Apr  
  Hocking     26 Apr  
  Pelleow [Eloz]abeth   2 Sept  
  Farmer   dau of Henry 5 Sept  
Page 13 Homphrie   dau of Henry 20 Sept  
  Henry   dau of John 3 Oct  
  William [Eliz]abeth dau of Alex 24 Oct  
  Glandfill   son of Oliver 8 Nov  
  Cole   child of Margaret 20 Dec Illegitimate
  Cocke ....rine dau of John 8 Jan  
  Hockine .....gret dau of John 9 Jan  
  Dunkin Grace dau of John 2 Feb  
  Baylie Richard son of Stephen 6 Feb  
  Walter Alce dau of Christopher 6 Feb  
  Saundry Rebecca dau of Richard 6 Feb  
  Hodge Anne dau of George 6 Mar  
    William son of    
1614 Treskillard Henry son of Humphrye 27 Mar  
  Luke Hercules son of Maude 31 Mar Illegitimate
  Jobe [Dor]othie dau of Anthony 27 Apr  
  Hockin[g] Maude dau of Ralfe 14 May  
  Verrant Oliver son of Henry 14 May  
  William John son of Raulf 22 May  
  [Rosewarne]   son of [John] [20] July  
  Crane [Thomas] son of Richard [12] Sept  
  Buswa[ll]ac Anne [Agnes] dau of Johane 8 Jan Illegitimate
  Hocking Nicholas son of John 28 Jan  
  Edward [Anne dau of John] 29 Jan  
  Williams [Jane] dau of William [4] Feb  
  Evah [Maria] dau of John 11 Feb  
  Arundell [John] son of William [20] Feb  
  Guithan [Katherin] dau of Ralph 5 Mar  
  Schollar   dau of William 21 Apr  
  Glanville   dau of Oliver 2 June  
  Humphry   son of John 2 June  
  Rosewarne   of Richard 2 July  
  Harry   dau of John 3 July  
  Glason   dau of Christofer 29 July  
  Thomas   of John 30 July  
  Wickett   of Alexander - of Menegidge 2 Aug  
Page 14 Rosewarne   of Walter 8 Aug  
1617         The following entries in Italics are from the Bishop's Transcripts
  Bryan Johnson son of Robert 26 Mar  
  Dunkin Mary dau of John 13 May  
  Walter John son of Christopher 22 June  
  Arundell Robert son of Will 3 Aug  
  Verran Katherine dau of Henr 24 Aug  
  James Will son of Bennet 24 Sept  
  Treweek Francis son of Hugh 27 Oct  
  Rose John son of John 2 Nov  
  Harry Annie dau of Margery 2 Nov Illegitimate
  Williams Christopher son of John 11 Nov  
  Johndower Anne dau of Elizabeth 22 Nov Illegitimate
  Hocking Vinsent son of John 18 Jan  
  Thomas Blanch dau of John 1 Mar  
[1618] John son of      
1619 Hockin Jacquet dau of John 7 Apr  
  Menegidge   son of Richard 13 Apr  
  Humfreye Elizabeth dau of Mr. John Apr  
  Morishe Mary dau of Thomas July  
  Dunkine Gilbert son of John    
  Radd   son of Thomas    
  Scuis Peterness dau of    
  Humfry Richard son of J......    
    John son of    
  Hocking Ann dau of Edw[ar]d    
  Humfry John son of Henry   Interpolated
    Lewis son of    
  Hodge Ann dau of George Feb  
  Gilbert John son of Bawden Mar This entry also appears folio 20