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Blackley Baptist Church : Graveyard

There are 2 parts to the graveyard for Blackley Particular Baptist Church:

Both burial grounds are now closed.

The following people, and/or members of their family, were buried and/or have memorials here:

Johnny Atkinson

Josiah Bailey
Arthur Bintcliffe
Clarence Bintcliffe
James Bintcliffe
Thomas Henry Bintcliffe
Walter Bintcliffe
Rev Roger Briggs

Charles Cartledge
Dr Joseph Cartledge
James Cartledge
James Cartledge
John Cartledge
James Clay
Joseph Cocker
Samuel Cocker
Harriet, wife of Saville Crowther

James Dyson

Thomas Gill

Ely Hanson
Isaac Hanson
William Hanson
Percy Heppenstall
Friend Henry Holroyd

Benjamin Mellor
Rev Leslie J. Moon

Isaac Peel
Robert Smith Peel
Thomas Peel
James Pitchforth
James Pitchforth

Rev John Rigby
Norman Riley

William Thornton Shackleton

Sarah Walker
John Woodhead


Some of the monumental inscriptions in the graveyard are shown in the CD entitled Halifax Monumental Inscriptions #1

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