Malcolm Bull's Calderdale Companion : Foldout

In And About Our Old Homes

Between April and October 1920, Arthur Comfort produced a series of drawings which were published in the The Halifax Weekly Courier.

Each drawing was accompanied by a short article.

It seems that the series was not published in book form.

The subjects were

  1. An Oak Bedstead at Shibden Hall
  2. An Old Diving Bath at the Hollins
  3. The Hall at Howroyde
  4. The Hall in Langley House, Hipperholme
  5. Haigh House in Warley
  6. In New Hall, Elland
  7. Roydlands Farm Kitchen, Hipperholme
  8. The Crane at Field House, Triangle
  9. Broadbottom
  10. Scout Hall's Curious History
  11. Brearley Hall
  12. John Almighty, Sowerby
  13. Walterclough Hall, Southowram
  14. Kitchen at Birks Hall, Halifax
  15. Kitchen at Walt Royd, Upper Wheatley Valley
  16. A Fireplace at Little Burlees
  17. Hathershelf Farm
  18. Upper Saltonstall
  19. Somerset House, Halifax
  20. A Mistal at Bradley Hall

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