Malcolm Bull's Calderdale Companion : Foldout

Colin Newbitt

Colin Newbitt has kindly contributed information about

John Wilson Anderson

Bath Hotel, Halifax
Bath Street Tavern, Halifax
Boston Hill, Wadsworth

Calder Bank House, Todmorden
Alfred Crossley
Francis Henry Crossley
Joseph Crossley
Crown Tavern, Halifax

Fred Firth

Grey Stones, Mixenden

House that Jack Built, Stansfield

Jack's House, Todmorden

Lee Bridge Tavern, Halifax
Locomotive Inn, Halifax

Middle Stoodley House, Todmorden
Old Town Cricket Club
Old Town Reservoir, Wadsworth

Peeping Tom, Cornholme

Royal George, Todmorden
Royal George, Todmorden
Arthur Russell

Shepherds' Inn, Todmorden
Shoulder of Mutton, Todmorden
Springfield, Halifax
Staff of Life, Cornholme
Stoodley Hall, Langfield

Town Hall Tavern, Halifax

Samuel Varley

Wagon & Horses, Ovenden
Westgate, Halifax

York Inn, Halifax

and for identifying some of the mystery photographs

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