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King Cross Methodist New Connexion Chapel : Graveyard

The graveyard of King Cross Methodist New Connexion Chapel, Skircoat Moor Road.

The Chapel closed in January 2007.

The graveyard is still there.

The following people, and/or members of their family, were buried and/or have memorials here:

Harry Aves

Rev John Renshaw Bailey
James Edward Baume
Frank Broadbent
Martha Fowler & child

Alfred Clark

Robert Henry Darrell
Edward Drury
Jeremiah Dyson
Lily Dyson
Sophia Dyson

James Leslie Mazzini Eccles

Thomas Furness

George Gale
Clement William Greaves
William Henry Greenwood

Bernard Hardy
Dean Hargreaves
Tom Harrison
George Henry Hogg
William Holmes
William Holmes
John Edward Hoyle

Stephen McQuinn
Jack Mitchell
George Murgatroyd

Harry Howard Place

Henry Radcliffe
Fred Roebuck

Harold Steele
Leonard Steele
Thomas Steele
Leonard James Stott
Mercy, wife of Zaccheus Sugden
Kenneth Sutton

Graham Howard Uttley

William Wade
Mitchell Walton
Richard Dearden Ward
Henry Watson
Jeremiah Whitaker
David Womersley
Hector William Charles Wood


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