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Streets in Calderdale



Padan Street, Siddal

Paddock Lane, Norton Tower

Paddock, Northowram

Paddock Road, Shibden

Paddy Road, Mytholmroyd

Page Hill Lane, Ovenden

Page Hill, Ovenden

Painter's Court, Halifax
Recorded in 1837, 1850, 1874 and 1905 off Black Ledge

Painter's Court, Halifax
Gibbet Street / Pellon Lane. Recorded in 1905 off Hoyland's Passage

Palace House Road, Hebden Bridge

Pall Mall, Todmorden
Later renamed Water Street

Palm Street, Boothtown
Recorded in 1895. This was one of a number of streets which ran parallel to Boothtown Road, between Grantham Road and Rawson Street North. The property was demolished in the 1970s. Rawson Junior, Infants' & Nursery School was built on the site

The street is still there

Palma Street, Todmorden

Paper Mill, Halifax
Area of Foundry Street.

Recorded in 1850 as North Bridge Lane.

See North Bridge Mill, Halifax

Paradise Lane, Warley

Paradise, Luddendenfoot

Paradise, Midgley
Recorded in 1901

Paradise Place, Halifax
Area of King Cross

Paradise Row, Halifax
Recorded in the 1841 census near Paradise Row and Savile Hall

Paradise Street, Halifax
Area of Delph Street. Recorded in 1851

Paris Gates, Halifax
Road near Shaw Lane and Boys Lane.

See Paris Gates Bridge

Park Avenue, Elland

Park Avenue, Lee Mount

Park Close, Highroad Well

Park Close, Lightcliffe

Park Crescent, Lee Mount

Park Crescent, Sowerby Bridge

Park Dene, Halifax

Park Drive, Halifax

Park Field, Halifax
Recorded in 1874 off Charlestown Road

Park Fields, Highroad Well

Park Fold, Mytholmroyd
A small community on Park Lane

Park Gardens, Halifax

Park Gate West, Siddal

Park Grove, Halifax

Park Lane Ends, Causeway Foot

Park Lane Ends, Holmfield

Park Lane, Illingworth

Park Lane, Mytholmroyd

Park Lane, Outlane

Park Lane, Siddal

Park Lane, Stainland

Park Nook, Halifax

See Park Nook, Exley

Park Place East, Lightcliffe

Park Place, Halifax
Off Parkinson Lane

Park Place West, Lightcliffe

Park Road, Elland
A part of the Elland & Obelisk Turnpike Road which passes through Brighouse

Park Road, Halifax
A terrace of 12 Italianate houses – 3 blocks of 4 houses – on the east side of Park Road and opposite People's Park. The houses were designed by John Hogg for the Crossley family between 1858 and 1865 as homes for wealthy citizens of the town.

The houses are listed.

See Park Road Baths and Park Villas

Park Road, Sowerby Bridge

Park Road, Todmorden

Park Row, Brighouse
Runs off Park Street.

See Brighouse British Restaurant, Commercial Iron & Brass Foundry, Brighouse and Echo Printing Works Recorded in 1905

The Park, Southowram
This was originally the drive to Hall Ing House with the Lodge at the northern end. The gates are still there but the gates have been moved to the other side of the Lodge

Park Square, Northowram

Park Stone Rise, Shelf

Park Street, Brighouse
Brighouse Park was in the area. The park was lost as the town grew in the 18th century.

The houses on the west side of the street were demolished around 1930.

See Brighouse Post Office and Echo Printing Works, Brighouse

Park Street, Halifax
A short street just north of Grove Street which ran east from Northgate. It then turned south to join Foundry Street.

It was built on the site of a plot of land known as The Park which had been divided into gardens and was sold at auction in 1808

Park Street, Sowerby Bridge

Park Terrace, Halifax

Owners and tenants have included

Park Terrace, Hipperholme

Park Terrace, Stump Cross
The first stone-built terrace in the row – numbers 1 to 13 – was built in 1911. The remaining 7 blocks were built in 1928 by Clarence Smith. They were known as Clarence Smith's

Park View Avenue, Halifax

Park View, Halifax

Park View, Hebden Bridge

Park View, Lightcliffe

Park View, Ovenden

Park View, Sowerby Bridge

Park View, Stainland

Park Villas, Sowerby Bridge
Owners and tenants have included

Parkdale Drive, Sowerby Bridge

Parker's Square, Halifax
York Street.

Recorded in 1874 off King Cross Street

Parker Street, Claremount
Recorded in 1874 and 1936.

Ran north-east between St Thomas Street, Claremount and Parsonage Street, Claremount. The street and its houses were lost when Claremount Road and New Bank were redeveloped in the 1960s

Parkfield Avenue, Elland

Parkfield Drive, Sowerby Bridge

Parkhill Grove, Todmorden

Parkin Hall Lane, Cottonstones

See Parkin Hall

Parkin Lane, Todmorden
Some of the buildings here are listed

Parkinson Lane, Halifax
See Goldsmith's Grave

Parklands Drive, Sowerby Bridge

Parkside Close, Todmorden

Parkside, Halifax

Parkside Road, Todmorden

Parliament Row, Ovenden
Recorded in 1861

Parliament Street, Brighouse
In 1868, Mill Lane was renamed, but local people protested and tore down the street sign. It reverted to Mill Lane in 1869

Parliament Street, Halifax
Recorded in 1874 and 1905 off Chatham Square / Pellon Lane

Parr's Buildings, Elland with Greetland
Cross Hills.

Recorded in 1881

Parrock Lane, Chiserly

Parsil Beds, Ovenden
Recorded in 1861

Parsley Beds, Mixenden

Parsonage Lane, Brighouse
The lane lead from Market Street to the parsonage of St Martin's Church.

Shown as Parsonage Street [1889].

A subway replaces the section which was lost when the Lüdenscheid Link was built

Parsonage Street, Claremount
Named for the Vicarage of St Thomas's Church which was here.

See St Thomas Street, Claremount

Parsons Lane, Walsden

There are a great many properties with names like Bairstow's Buildings, Clough's Court, Hanson's Passage, Richardson's Row Walker's Square and Nichol's Yard.

Many of these were slums and poorer housing from the 19th century, possibly built by a mill-owner for his workers. Later offices and administrative buildings were given similar names, such as Princess Buildings.

The Foldout collects some of these names.

Paul's Yard, Halifax
Recorded in 1850

Pavement Lane, Illingworth

Peabody Street, Lee Mount

Peacock's Yard, Halifax
Recorded in 1850 and 1874 off Union Street

Pear Street, Cornholme

Pear Street, Halifax
Hopwood Lane

Pearson Brow, Hove Edge
Around 1840, Joseph Brooke Limited had their first offices here

Pearson's Buildings, Halifax
Recorded in 1874 off Range Bank

Pearson's Fold, Hipperholme

Pearson Street, Halifax
Recorded in 1874, 1905 and 1936 off Charlestown Road.

There were a number of courts off the main street: Spring Terrace, Lower Court, Ebenezer Court, and Priestley's Court

Peat Pitts, Bradshaw

Pecket Bar, Hebden Bridge

Peel Cottage Road, Todmorden

Peel Cottage Street, Todmorden

Peel's Court, Halifax
Upper Brunswick Street. Recorded in 1916

Peel Street, Halifax
Area of Mount Pleasant / Commercial Road. Built before 1854 by the Union Building Society

Peel Street, Sowerby Bridge

Pellon Lane, Halifax
Runs westwards from Cow Green to Pellon

Pellon New Road, Halifax

Pellon Place, Halifax
Recorded in 1881

Pellon Street, Todmorden

Penn Street, Halifax
Houses here were built by the West Mount Building Society in 1870

Pennine Grove, Todmorden

Pennine View, Hebden Bridge

Penny Hill, Krumlin

See Firth House Mills, Stainland

Penrose Buildings, Northowram
Recorded in 1905 off Towngate

Penrose Place, Halifax

Penrose Place, Northowram
Recorded in 1905 off Towngate

Penuel Place, Siddal
Penuel is a Hebrew word meaning place of God

Pepper Hill, Luddenden

See Thomas Emmett

Pepper Hill, Northowram

See Pepper Hill, Shelf

Per Lane, Illingworth
In the early 20th century, the sign for Upper Lane was damaged and read PER LANE. The damaged sign vanished, but the name Per Lane persisted locally and on Ordnance Survey maps

Permanent Buildings, Halifax
The Victory [No 3922] Masonic Lodge met here [1937].

See Halifax Building Society, Halifax Building Society Memorial and York Buildings, Halifax

Persecution Passage, Elland
An alley off Elizabeth Street

Perseverance Road, Bradshaw
In 19??, the residents of Mucky Lane banded together to repair the road and renamed it Perseverance Road

Perseverance Street, Sowerby Bridge

Perseverance Terrace, Halifax

Peter Hill, Stainland

Peter Lane, Warley

Peter Row, Cragg

Peter Row, Mytholmroyd

Pether Hill, Stainland

Petticoat Lane, Halifax
Aka Pettycoat Lane, Petticote Lane. A 16th/17th century ginnel which ran from Woolshops round to the junction of Back Lane and Southgate, passing between buildings which stood on the site of the Old Arcade.

See Petticoat Lane Academy, Halifax and Russell Street, Halifax

Pexwood Place, Todmorden

Pexwood Road, Todmorden
See Dobroyd Castle and Pighill, Walsden

Pharaoh Lane, Illingworth
Runs westwards off Keighley Road.

See Mutton Hall, Illingworth

Pharoah Lane, Illingworth

Phoebe Lane, Halifax

See New Road, Siddal

Phoenix Court, Todmorden

Phoenix Street, Brighouse
Joins Wakefield Road and Mill Lane.

See Phoenix Bridge

Phoenix Street, Todmorden

Physic Street, Todmorden
An old name for the area around Lock Street and Shade Street. Dr Thomas built houses here using stone from the Old Mason's Arms at Gauxholme

Pickles's Court, Todmorden

Pickles Fold, Halifax
Recorded in 1874. Area of Jail Lane

Pickles Row, Midgley
Early Methodist New Connexion meetings were held here [1817]. They moved to Lassey Hey [April 1819]

Pickles's Yard, Halifax
Area of Gaol Lane. Recorded in 1874 and 1936

(Possibly) named for the family of Paul Pickles

Pickthall Terrace, Todmorden

Pickwood Lane, Norland

Pickwood Scar, Sowerby Bridge

See Hollin Well Farm, Norland, Hollin Well Cottages, Norland and Owl Hall, Norland

Piggott Street, Brighouse
Lane Head. Named for the Piggott family

Pike End Road, Sowerby Bridge

See Rishworth Lodge

Pilling's Buildings, Greetland
Dean Street. Recorded in 1891

Pilling Lane, Sowerby
Possibly an early name for Steep Lane, Sowerby.

Recorded in 1851 and 1903

Pin Hall Lane, Todmorden
An earlier name for Wellington Road, Todmorden

Pin Hill Lane, Midgley

Pine Road, Todmorden

Pine Street, Halifax

Pineberry Hill Court, Halifax
Recorded in 1905 off Southowram Bank

Pineberry Hill, Halifax

Pinewood Gardens, Stainland

Pinfold Close, Barkisland

Pinfold Green, Sowerby
There was a pinfold and a gaol here in the 18th century.

See Providence Primitive Methodist Chapel, Sowerby

Pinfold Lane, Sowerby

Pinfold Lane, Upper Edge
Rastrick. Aka Bull Lane and Tommy Lane

Pinfold, Sowerby Bridge

Pinnacle Lane, Erringden

See Beaumont Clough Bridge, Erringden

Pinnar Close, Southowram

Pinnar Croft, Southowram

Pinnar Lane, Southowram
This was the boundary between Halifax & Brighouse [1940s].

See Highfield Farm, Southowram, Highfield, Southowram, Law Lane, Southowram and Southowram War Memorial

Pioneer Street, Walsden

Pismire Hill, Mytholmroyd
/ Midgley.

In 1881, Pismire Hill, Mytholmroyd is recorded as being

next door to the Royal Oak, Midgley

See Pismire

Pit Hill, Halifax

Pitt Street, Halifax
Recorded in 1874. Area of Greater Albion Street on the corner of Albion Square. This was a part of The City

Pitt Street, Pellon
The street ran between Hanson Lane and Battinson Road

Pitt Street, Todmorden

Plainfield, Sowerby Bridge

Plains Lane, Elland
Houses here were built for workers at Valley Mills, Elland

Plane Street, Todmorden

Plane Tree Nest, Halifax

Plane Tree Nest Lane, Halifax

Plane Tree Road, Sowerby Bridge

Plane Trees, Pellon

Plane Trees, Wainstalls

Pleasant Place, Halifax
Recorded in 1874 off Pineberry Hill / Southowram Bank

Pleasant Row, Ripponden
Oldham Road. Aka Co-op Row because a house owned by Ellis Whiteley here became the first store of the Ripponden Co-operative Society Limited. The entire row of houses was later bought by the Society.

When the store became too small, the Society moved into larger premises next to the Waggon & Horses, Ripponden. When this proved too small, the Society built the Central Stores Ripponden Co-operative Society Limited next door

Pleasant Street, Sowerby Bridge

Pleasant View, Hebden Bridge
The row of houses was demolished in the 1960s

Pleasant View, Holmfield

Pleasant View, Hove Edge

Pleasant View, Luddendenfoot

Pleasant View, Todmorden

Some of the buildings here are listed

  • Number 13 – a mid 18th century house

Ploughcroft Lane, Boothtown

Plum Street, Halifax
Parkinson Lane

Plymouth Grove, Halifax
Recorded in 1901

Pohlman Street, Halifax
King Cross

Question: Does anyone know how this is connected to the Pohlmann family of piano manufacturers?


Police Street, Brighouse
It was known as Brighouse Lane [1855], and as Police Street [1881].

The name was changed to Lawson Road when the Police Station, the court house and other buildings there were demolished in 1966.

See Five Lane Ends, Brighouse, J. W. Lister Limited and St Paul's Wesleyan Methodist Sunday School

Pollard's Court, Halifax
Recorded in 1874. Area of Foundry Street

Pollard Street, Brighouse
The street no longer exists

Pollard Street, Halifax
Runs between St James's Road and Pellon Lane. Recorded in 1874

Pollard Street North, Halifax
Or Pollard's Street or Pollard Street. Recorded in 1874, 1905 and 1936 off Charlestown Road.

When the surrounding area was cleared in the 1940s/1950s, a new street was created with the same name

Pollard Street, Todmorden

Pollit Avenue, Sowerby Bridge

Pond Farm Drive, Brighouse

The Pond, Sowerby Bridge

Poplar Avenue, Sowerby Bridge

Poplar Avenue, Todmorden

Poplar Court, Elland

Poplar Crescent, Illingworth

Poplar Street, Halifax

Poplar View, Lightcliffe
Stands on the site of Little Smith House, Brighouse

The Poplars, Norwood Green

Popples Drive, Illingworth

Popples, Hebden Bridge

Popples, Holmfield

Popples, Illingworth

Popples Side, Heptonstall

Portland Place, Halifax
This is part of the main road from Halifax to Huddersfield, which comprises Ward's End, Commercial Street, Portland Place, Prescott Street, Skircoat Road, Spring Hall,, Huddersfield Road, Salterhebble Hill, Huddersfield Road, Elland Wood Bottom, Halifax Road and Calderdale Way.

The street was constructed in the late 19th century.

It was widened in 1936.

See Commercial Street, Halifax

Portland Road, Claremount
Ran off Range Bank, and parallel to New Bank.

Recorded in 1875.

The street and its houses were lost when Claremount Road and New Bank were redeveloped in the 1960s

Portland Street, Elland

Portland Street, Halifax
The Co-operative Society stables were here.

Most of the street was lost when the Broad Street area was redeveloped and the Broad Street Car Park was constructed on the site.

In 2008, this was replaced by the Broad Street Plaza

Post Office Buildings, Barkisland

Pot Ovens, Causeway Foot

Potters Villa, Stainland

Poverty Lane, Cottonstones

Powell Street, Halifax
Runs between Fountain Street and Rawson Street.

It lies on land which was once the gardens of Royds' House and the Grove House Estate

Pratt Street, Halifax
Recorded in 1861 and 1874 off North Parade

Premises, Halifax
A small group of houses in Bailey Hall Bank recorded in 1911

Prescott Place, Stainland

Prescott Street, Halifax

Some of the occupants of some of the properties here are listed in the Foldout

Preston Place, Halifax
Francis Street

Pretoria Terrace, Halifax

Priest Lane, Ripponden
Aka the Tanyard.

See Lower Brig Royd, Ripponden, Old Bridge Inn, Ripponden, Ripponden Vicarage and Royd Lane, Ripponden

Priestley's Court, Halifax
Recorded in 1936 off Pearson Street, Halifax

Priestley's Court, Halifax
West of Stead Street

Priestley Green, Halifax

Priestley Hill, Ambler Thorn

In 1903, the gradient of the hill was reported to be 1 in 11.76. This was significant for the growing tramway system.

Priestley Place, Sowerby Bridge

Priestwell Street, Todmorden

Primrose Alley, Halifax
Recorded in 1874. Area of Cripplegate

Primrose Street, Claremount
Recorded in 1881 and 1887

Ran eastwards off Webb's Terrace, Claremount The street and its houses were lost when Claremount Road and New Bank were redeveloped in the 1960s

See Alma Road, Claremount

Primrose Terrace, Hebden Bridge

Primrose Terrace, Mytholmroyd

Primrose Way, Shelf

Prince's Arcade, Halifax

Prince Arthur's Buildings, Ripponden
Named for Arthur William Patrick Albert [1850-1942], Duke of Connaught & Strathearn, son of Queen Victoria.

There was a branch of Lloyds Bank here. It later became retail premises

Prince Street, Halifax
Recorded in 1874 off Francis Street

Prince Street, Todmorden

Princes Gate, Halifax

See Heatherstone, Halifax

Princess Buildings, Halifax
Princess Street.

Built by Lockwood & Mawson in 1858 for the Halifax Joint Stock Banking Company.

The building was extended in 1887.

It became council offices in 19??.

See Star Yard, Halifax

Princess Street, Halifax
The area around the present Town Hall, including Princess Street, Crossley Street, Halifax Mechanics' Institute, the White Swan Hotel were constructed during considerable town redevelopment which took place in 1851

See Princess Buildings, Halifax and White Swan Hotel

Princess Street, Hebden Bridge

Princess Street, Rastrick
Ran off Birds Royd Lane

Princess Street, Sowerby Bridge

Princess Street, West Vale
There was a murder here about 1960.

Question: Does anyone know anything about the murder?


Property here was demolished in the 1970s

Priors Terrace, Stainland

Priory View, Todmorden

Prospect Avenue, Pye Nest

Prospect Close, Halifax

Prospect Court, Norton Tower

Prospect Place, Brighouse
Small cul-de-sac at the bottom of Halifax Road.

See Fryer's School, Brighouse and Prospect Place Academy, Brighouse

Prospect Place, Halifax

Prospect Place, Mount Tabor

Prospect Place, Norwood Green

Prospect Place, Ovenden

Prospect Place, Sowerby Bridge

Prospect Row, Halifax

Prospect Row, Ovenden

Prospect Street, Claremount
Off New Bank.

Recorded in 1871.

The street offers a good view over Halifax.

In 1962, the area was cleared for redevelopment, with only the Prospect Inn remaining.

In 2001, a large number of new houses were built to create another Legoland development. The existence of coal and other resources beneath these properties is mentioned in the deeds for the new housing, as these might be required in the event of a national emergency

Prospect Terrace, Barkisland

Prospect Terrace, Bradshaw

Prospect Terrace, Hebden Bridge

Prospect Terrace, Luddendenfoot

Prospect Terrace, Southowram
Bank Top. A row of back-to-back houses between the top of Trooper Lane and Blaithroyd Lane. Demolished in the 1960s

Prospect Terrace, Sowerby Bridge

Prospect View, Blackley
19th century houses here are listed

Providence Buildings, Southowram

Owners and tenants have included

See Southowram Economic Stores

Providence Hill, Stainland

Providence Place, Sowerby Bridge

Providence Row, Ovenden

Providence Street, Todmorden

Pudding Lane, Cornholme
This was the main road from Cornholme to Shore until 1921 when Shore New Road was constructed. The old road was so steep that coffins were often carried by bearers to the Shore graveyard because motor vehicles were unable to negotiate the hill.

See West Bar, Todmorden

Pudsey Road, Todmorden

Pule Green Lane, Boothtown

Pule Hill, Boothtown

See Pule Hill

Pullman's Buildings, Halifax
Haugh Shaw Road.

Recorded in 1851

Pulman's Yard, Halifax
Lister Lane / Hopwood Lane. Recorded in 1841 and 1851

Pulman's Yard, Halifax
Skircoat Green. Recorded in 2010

Pulmans Place, Halifax
Skircoat Green. Recorded in 1936 as Pullman's Place

Pump Lane, Southowram
The Pump farm was here

Pump Street, Halifax
Haley Hill.

Recorded in 1884 and 1905 off Mill Street

Pundles, Illingworth
/ Holmfield. Recorded in 1936

Pye Nest Avenue, Halifax

Pye Nest Drive, Halifax

Pye Nest Gardens, Halifax

Pye Nest Gate, King Cross
Recorded in 1905

Pye Nest Grove, Halifax

Pye Nest, Halifax

Pye Nest Rise, Halifax

Pye Nest Road, Halifax

Pye Nest Road, Sowerby Bridge
The road was built in 1902 for the new tram service to Sowerby Bridge.

The Pye Nest Tram Disaster occurred here in 1907

Pyghill Street, Sowerby Bridge
Aka Pighill Street. An early name for Sowerby Street, Sowerby Bridge


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