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Streets in Calderdale



The Nab, Elland
An early name for Hullen Edge Road.

See Nab End Lane, West Vale and Nab End, Elland

Nab End, Halifax
Recorded in 1874 off Boothtown Road

Nab End Lane, West Vale

Nang Nail Lane, Holmfield
In 19??, the residents persuaded the Council to change the name to Highlands Lane

Napier Road, Elland

Napier Street, Halifax
Recorded in 1874, 1905 and 1936 off Charlestown Road

Nathan Lane, Sowerby Bridge

Nathans Folly, Sowerby Bridge

Natty Fields Close, Illingworth

Natty Lane, Illingworth
The prefabs on the housing estate here were inaugurated in 1946/1947

Navigation Place, Todmorden

Navigation Road, Halifax
Recorded in 1874 and 1905 off Church Street / Bailey Hall / Berry Lane. It is now on the Nestlé site.

See Wharf Street, Halifax

Naylor's Buildings, Halifax
Recorded in 1861 and 1874 off Church Street.

In 1861, when Francis Wood, John Binns and their families lived there, it comprised 3 dwellings, numbered 1 to 3

Naylor Lane, Luddendenfoot
See John Naylor Lane, Luddendenfoot

Naylor Street, Halifax
Hanson Lane

Naylor's Walk, Warley
Named for John Naylor who used the route to walk to his Albion Brewery

Naze Road, Todmorden
A cobbled packhorse route which goes over Inchfield Moor to Ragby Bridge and then on to Wardle and Rochdale

Naze View, Todmorden

Neale Street, Hebden Bridge

Near Cockhill, Holmfield

Near Royd, Ovenden

Neath Hall, Norland

Ned Hill Road, Holmfield
Recorded in 1905 at Cow Hill Gate Lane / Syke Lane.

The name may be linked to Needle Row.

See Ned Hill, Bradshaw

Needle Row, Bradshaw
Recorded in 1905 off Green Lane, Holmfield / Illingworth Road.

The name may be linked to Ned Hill Road

Needless, Halifax
The original name given to North Parade, since the new road was considered unnecessary when it was built in the early 19th century at considerable expense.

See Needless and Salem Chapel

Nelson Place, Sowerby Bridge

Nelson Street, Halifax
Recorded in 1837, 1871 and 1874. Ran from Upper Kirkgate to King Street. The Moot Hall stood at the end of the Street.

The Street is named for Rev Edward Nelson.

The Street was demolished in June 1957, when the area was redeveloped.

See Jackson's Court, Halifax

Nelson Street, Sowerby Bridge

Nelson Street, Todmorden

Nest Estate East, Mytholmroyd

Nest Estate, Mytholmroyd

Nest Lane, Mytholmroyd

See Throstle Nest, Mytholmroyd

Nether End, Sowerby Bridge

Netherton, Holmfield
Recorded in 1905 at Holdsworth Road

Nettle Grove, Halifax

Nettleton's Court, Halifax
Recorded in 1837 and 1874. It was an area of Wade Street / Wade Lane

Nettleton's Yard, Brighouse
Commercial Street.

Named for Edward Nettleton.

Businesses here included Edward Nettleton [1855], Mark Morrell [1883], Thomas Clayton [1880s], and The Brighouse News [1891].

The yard no longer exists

Nettleton's Yard, Salterhebble
Recorded in 1901

Neville Street, Claremount
Recorded in 1874 and 1936.

Ran north-east between St Thomas Street, Claremount and Parsonage Street, Claremount. The street and its houses were lost when Claremount Road and New Bank were redeveloped in the 1960s

New Bank, Halifax
Hill to the north of North Bridge now superseded by Burdock Way. It was built in the 1760s as a part of the growing turnpike construction and the creation of Godley Cutting, and superseded Old Bank in 1837.

In 1903, the gradient of the incline was reported to be 1 in 10. This was significant for the growing tramway system.

The area had dense back-to-back housing and cobbled streets, including one street which was never named, but which was said to be the steepest street in Halifax.

In the 1960s, the area was cleared for redevelopment, but in 1964, old mineral workings were discovered here and plans to build multi-storey flats had to be abandoned.

For a long time, only Prospect Street remained

Beerhouses & Pubs in New Bank

Beerhouses & Pubs in New Bank, Halifax

Several beerhouses and public houses have been recorded in and around New Bank, Halifax, including

New Bank Street, Halifax
Recorded in 1841

New Barton, Sowerby Bridge

New Biggin, Mytholmroyd

New Bond Street, Halifax

New Brunswick Street, Halifax

New Clough Road, Norland

New Crown Street, Halifax
The western extension of Crown Street between Commercial Street and Swine Market

New Delight, Mytholmroyd

New Delight, Pecket Well

New Delight, Sowerby
Recorded in 1841 between Shaw(s) Lane and Shaw Lane Top

New Grange, Holmfield

New Grange View, Illingworth

New Hey Road, Rastrick
Aka New Road.

This road was a part of the turnpike which was constructed in 1860 linking Huddersfield with the town of New Hey, near Rochdale.

The 18th century cottages here are listed.

See New Road Sunday School, Rastrick

New Holme, Hipperholme

New House, Mytholmroyd

New Inn Place, Skircoat Green
The New Inn was here

New Laithe, Barkisland

New Laithe, Holywell Green

New Laithe, Illingworth

New Laithe, Ovenden

New Lane, Boulderclough

New Lane, Colden

New Lane, Copley

New Lane, Halifax
Popularly known as 14 Corners – leads to Birdcage Lane

New Lane, Siddal

New Lane, Skircoat Green

New Longley Lane, Norland

New Longley, Sowerby Bridge

New Market Street, Halifax
Area of Woolshops

New Marsh, Sowerby Bridge

New Moor, Sowerby Bridge

New Moss, Causeway Foot

New Road, Blackshawhead

See Field Head Farm, Blackshawhead

New Road Bottom, Hebden Bridge
Recorded in the 1820s

New Road, Erringden

See Weasel Hall Cottage

New Road, Halifax
Recorded in the 18th century

New Road, Hebden Bridge
Built in 1806.

Some of the buildings here are listed

See Commercial Street, Hebden Bridge

New Road, Jagger Green

New Road, Luddendenfoot

See Carr Well, Luddenden

New Road, Mytholmroyd
Originally called Brook Street. Built in 1806 to bypass the town centre and accommodate increased traffic supporting the newly-opened Rochdale Canal. There was a toll-booth at each end of the new road.

See Dawson City and Mytholmroyd Co-operative Society

New Road, Outlane

New Road, Rastrick
Another name for New Hey Road

New Road Square, Rastrick

New Road, Todmorden

See Upper Shaw Farm, Todmorden and Weasel Hall Cottage, Erringden

New Row, Stainland

New Shaw Lane, Blackshaw Head

See Sycamore House, Blackshawhead

New South Street, Halifax
See Commercial Street

New Street, Brighouse
Waring Green. Property here was demolished and it became St Martin's View

New Street, Clifton

New Street, Elland
Built between 1790 and 1803. The first post-mediæval street in Elland. The houses here were demolished in 1967. The datestones have been preserved in a wall off Victoria Road.

Beerhouses & Pubs in New Street, Elland

New Street, Halifax

New Street Place, Brighouse
Waring Green

New Street, Southowram

New Street, Stainland

See Little Dublin, Stainland

New Street, Stainland

New Town, Boothtown

New Town, Halifax
Recorded in 1837. It was an area of Haley Hill

Newall Street, Todmorden

Newbury Road, Rastrick

Newcombe Street, Elland

Newell's Buildings, Todmorden
Rochdale Road. A row of shops.

In 1911, one of the shops was Todmorden's first Labour Exchange.

In 1923, it was the headquarters of the local branch of the British Legion.

Demolished in 1980

Newlands Avenue, Northowram

Newlands Avenue, Sowerby Bridge

Newlands, Causeway Foot

Newlands Close, Rastrick

Newlands Crescent, Northowram

Newlands Drive, Halifax

Newlands Gate, Halifax

Newlands Grove, Northowram

Newlands Road, Warley
An earlier name was Land End Road

The Newlands, Sowerby Bridge

Newlands View, Northowram

Newstead Avenue, Halifax

Newstead Gardens, Halifax

Newstead Grove, Halifax

Newstead Heath, Halifax

Newstead Place, Halifax

Newstead Terrace, Halifax

Newton Green, Todmorden
See Rutchley

Newton Grove, Todmorden

Newton Park, Hove Edge
Named for Newton Brooke.

Aka Well Green Avenue and Jerry Lane

Newton Street, Sowerby Bridge

Newton Terrace, Sowerby Bridge

Nichol Street, Halifax
Recorded in 1905 off Haugh Shaw Road

Nichol's Yard, Halifax
Recorded in 1871 when William Conway was listed at
Conway's House, Carlton Street/Nichol's Yard

Nichol's Yard, Sowerby Bridge

Nicholl Street, Halifax
Recorded in 1874 at King Cross

Nicholl's Terrace Sowerby Bridge
Samuel Wilkinson was involved in fitting of baths and hot water for 6 houses in the terrace [1904]

Nicholson's Court, Halifax
Recorded in 1874 off Grove Street

Nile Street, Skircoat
Recorded in 1905 off China Street

Ninn Street, Halifax
(possibly) in the Claremount or Charlestown area of Halifax. Recorded in 1898 but not shown in the 1936 directory

Nip Square, Walsden
The first houses – present numbers 30, 32, 34, 36 – were built here about 1790 by William Ingham.

His and wife Betty's initials can be seen over the door of Number 34: WIB 1795. He built stables and gardens to the side of Number 36 and a stone water trough to the front.

About 1830, Abraham Fielden, also a corn miller, took over 2 cottages here and converted them into a beer house, the Dusty Miller.

Abraham Law opened up another beer house next door, the Cloggers' Arms.

It was known as Square [1800s].

Other owners and tenants have included

Nancy, wife of Samuel Law, inherited 4 cottages at Square from her grandfather William Ingham who built them, and various of their children occupied these cottages.

Around 1900, the name was changed to Square Road.

See Nip Square Lock, Todmorden

Nook Lane, Chiserly

Norcliffe Lane, Hipperholme
/ Southowram?

Number 16 & 18 were listed as a part of the Shibden Estate in a sale catalogue of October 1925.

See Lower Place Farm, Southowram and Norcliffe Farm, Southowram

Norfolk Place, Halifax

See Trinity Cricket Ground, Halifax

Norfolk Street, Hebden Bridge

Norland Road, Greetland

Norland Town, Norland

Norland Town Road, Norland

Norland View, Halifax

Norland View, Sowerby Bridge

Norman Avenue, Elland

Norman Street, Elland

Norman Street, Halifax

Norman Terrace, Elland

Normanton's Buildings, Soyland

Recorded in 1881, when Francis Hartley lived here

Question: Could the property be connect to Jeremiah Normanton who married Hartley's daughter?


North Bolton, Illingworth

North Bridge, Halifax

North Bridge Street, Halifax
A short street which ran east from the junction of North Bridge and Northgate

North Byland, Illingworth

North Castle Street, Halifax
Recorded in 1861, 1874 and 1911 off Stannary Road

North Clough Head, Halifax

North Darley Street, Northowram
Recorded in 1851

See Darley Street, Halifax and South Darley Street, Halifax

North Dean Road, Greetland

See Copley Bridge and Tinker Hey Farm, Greetland

North Lea, Sowerby Bridge

North Parade, Halifax
Leads from Northgate.

Constructed in the early 19th century, the street was originally called Needless

North Royd, Barkisland

North Royd Estate, Barkisland

North Royd, Hipperholme

North Selby, Illingworth

North Street, Halifax
Recorded in 1874 off Crib Lane

North Street, Halifax
Recorded in 1874 off Haley Hill

North Street, Holywell Green

North Street, West Vale

North Thomas Street, Halifax
Recorded in 1874 off Horton Street

North View, Barkisland

North View, Hebden Bridge

North View, Hipperholme

North View, Holywell Green

North Well Lane, Heptonstall

Northcliffe, Sowerby Bridge

Northedge, Hipperholme

Northedge Lane, Hipperholme

Northedge Park, Hipperholme
A model development of 44 houses designed by Walsh & Maddock was completed in 1934. The promoters of the scheme included Enoch Hill, and Algernon Denham. Each Class A house cost £335 to build, each Class B house cost £326 10/- and each block of 4 Class C houses cost £280. The original rent was 10/- per week

Northfield, Barkisland

Northfield Close, Elland

Northfield, Heptonstall

Listed buildings in Northfield a row of early 19th century back-to-back cottages (Numbers 7 to 12) 

Northfield Terrace, Hebden Bridge

Northgate, Elland
Aka Well Hill. The street runs north from Elland Cross

Northgate End, Halifax
Part of Northgate.

Northgate End Chapel stood here

Northgate, Halifax
Leads from Old Market, in Halifax town centre, northwards towards North Bridge.

See Halifax Bus Station

Northgate, Hebden Bridge

Northgate, Heptonstall

Listed buildings in Northgate

  • The Cross Inn, Heptonstall and New House
  • A group of late 17th century cottages (Numbers 2, 4 and 6) also known as Litherstone
  • A house dated 1736 (Numbers 5 and 7) 
  • An early 19th century gateway attached to Number 7
  • A group of early 17th century cottages (Numbers 13 to 15) 
  • A group of mid 18th century cottages (Numbers 28, 30, 32), one with a lintel inscribed DBB, and another dated 1769
  • 2 mid 18th century cottages (Numbers 40 and 42) 
  • The Octagonal Methodist Chapel
  • Whitehall

Northgate, Stainland

Northowram Green, Northowram

See James Brig, Joseph Hall and Northowram Free School

Northowram Hospital Drive, Northowram

Northwell Lane, Heptonstall

See Northwell Cottage, Heptonstall

Norton Close, Elland
Houses built on the site of Norton Mills

Norton Close, Norton Tower

Norton Drive, Norton Tower

See Camp End Farm, Norton Tower

Norton Street, Elland

Norton Tower, Norton Tower

Norwood Green Hill, Norwood Green

Norwood Terrace, Halifax

Nunlea Royd, Lightcliffe

Nunnery Lane, Rastrick
Named for Nunnery Farm

Nursery Avenue, Ovenden

Nursery Close, Ovenden

Nursery Grove, Ovenden

Nursery Lane, Ovenden

Nursery Lane, Sowerby Bridge

Nursery Nook, Hebden Bridge

Nutclough, Hebden Bridge

Some of the buildings here are listed

See Nutclough Fustian Manufacturing Society, Hebden Bridge, Nutclough Estate, Hebden Bridge and Nutclough Woods, Hebden Bridge

Nutfield Street, Todmorden


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