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Streets in Calderdale



Labour Street, Halifax
Recorded in 1850

Laburnum Grove, Lightcliffe
Stands on the site of Lower Crow Nest Farm, Lightcliffe

Laburnum Terrace, Halifax

Lacy Avenue, Todmorden

Ladstone Park, Sowerby Bridge

Ladyship Terrace, Ovenden
Old Lane.

Recorded in 1911

Ladywood Terrace, Halifax

Laithe Field, Barkisland

Lake View, Boothtown

Lambert Close, West Vale

See Lambert House

Lambert Street, West Vale

Land End Road, Warley
An early name for Newlands Road, Warley

Landmere Syke, Northowram
In old documents, the place is often referred to as Landimer.

See William Moore

Lands Head Lane, Northowram
The name comes from Lands Head, the earlier name of Marsh Hall

Lane Bottom, Hebden Bridge

Lane Bottom, Sowerby Bridge

Lane Court Number 1, Brighouse
Off Bonegate. Numbers 1 to 7 were recorded in 1911

An unadopted road

Lane Court Number 2, Brighouse
Off Bonegate. Numbers 1 to 11 were recorded in 1911.

The name was changed to Bonegate Court [2013].

An unadopted road

Lane Ends Green, Hipperholme

Lane Ends, Hipperholme
A terrace of houses on the main road out of Hipperholme, towards Halifax

Lane Ends, Luddendenfoot

Lane Ends, Norland

Lane Ends, Shibden

Lane Ends, Sowerby

Lane Ends Terrace, Hipperholme

Lane Ends, Wadsworth

Lane Ends, Warley

Lane Ends, Wheatley

Lane Head, Causeway Foot

Lane Head, Hebden Bridge

Lane Head Lane, Causeway Foot

Lane Head Lane, Northowram

See Marsh Hall, Northowram

Lane Head Road, Soyland

See Barrit Hill, Ripponden and Lane Head Farm, Ripponden

Lane Head, Sowerby Bridge

Lane House Grove, Luddendenfoot

Lane Square, Todmorden

Lane Top, Brighouse

A route over which men and animals – but not carts and other wheeled vehicles – had a right of passage, as distinct from a highway.

Until 1800, most roads were called lanes

Lanes, Hebden Bridge
The Lanes was an old road which ran from Mytholm to Hebble End. This was a part of the Wakefield Gate route. Around 1771, the name was changed to Bridge Lanes

Laneside, Stainland

Laneside Street, Todmorden

Langdale Crescent, Halifax

Langdale Street, Elland
Named for the Langdale family.

See Elland Post Office

Langlea Terrace, Hipperholme

Langton Street, Sowerby Bridge

Lark Hill, Brighouse
Recorded in 1874

Larkfield Court, Brighouse
Stands on the site of Leach Colour Works

Larkhill Terrace, Brighouse
The property was demolished and the car park by St Martin's Church now occupies the site.

May be named for Larkhill Academy.

It was renamed Haigh Street.

Launceston Street, Halifax
Recorded in 1874 off Hanson Lane

Laura Street, Halifax

Laura Street, Rastrick

Laurel Bank Close, Illingworth

Laurel Bank, Holmfield

Laurel Bank, Luddendenfoot

Laurel Bank, Sowerby Bridge

Laurel Close, Elland

Laurel Crescent, Ovenden

Laurel Mount, Halifax

Laurel Mount, Sowerby Bridge

Laurel Mount, Stainland

Laurel Terrace, Stainland

Laverock Crescent, Brighouse
See Laverock

Laverock Hall, Causeway Foot

See Laverock

Laverock Lane, Brighouse

See Laverock and Smith House Lane

Laverock Place, Brighouse

See Laverock

Law Lane, Hebden Bridge

Law Lane, Southowram
Runs from the junction with Pinnar Lane at Bank Top, to the southern junction with Pinnar Lane and Cain Lane.

There is a guide post – dated 1760 – at the northern junction.

See Ernest Westwood and Withinfields

Law Street, Todmorden

Lawler Close, Ovenden

Lawrence Road, Skircoat Green

See Green Royd, Halifax

Lawrence Street, Lee Mount

Lawson Road, Brighouse
Formerly known as Police Street

The road is named for Alderman Gilbert Lawson.

See St Paul's Wesleyan Methodist Sunday School, Brighouse

Lawson Street, Lee Mount

Lea Avenue, Halifax

Lea Close, Brighouse

Leadenhall Street, Halifax
Other streets with names like those in the City of London were nearby, including Lombard Street and Threadneedle Street.

See Kingdom Hall of Jehovah's Witnesses, Halifax, Leadenhall Street United Methodist Church, Halifax and Thorn Tree Street, Halifax

Leafland Street, Halifax
Recorded in 1865, 1874 and 1905 off 265 Gibbet Street

Lee Bank, Halifax
Road which leads from Dean Clough up to Lee Mount

Lee Bottom Road, Todmorden

Some of the buildings here are listed

Lee Bridge, Halifax
Dean Clough

Lee's Buildings, Hipperholme
Small group of back-to-back houses built around 1867 by James Lee for the workers at his Tannery.

The Lee family bought the land from the Crow Nest estate.

See Alfred Lee, James Lee and Oscar Lee

Lee Clough Drive, Mytholmroyd

Lee Green, Stainland

Lee Lane, Shibden
/ Boothtown.

The lane climbs to Swales Moor, a distance of 1970 yards and rises 180 yards, an average gradient of 9.1%, and a maximum of 25%

The hill is said to be in the list of the Top 100 Climbs for cyclists.

See Lee House, Shibden

Lee Lane, Todmorden

Lee Mill Road, Hebden Bridge

Lee Mount Gardens, Lee Mount

Lee Mount Road

See Shroggs Park

Lee Royd, Hebden Bridge

Lee Street, Brighouse

Lee View, Hebden Bridge

Lee Wood Road, Heptonstall

Lee's Yard, Hebden Bridge
Built in the garden of the house which became the White Horse when it was occupied by a Mr Lees

Leeds & Whitehall Road

Leeds & Whitehall Turnpike
Takes its name from the Whitehall Hotel, Hipperholme.

The Leeds & Whitehall Road – with a length of 14 miles 1,622 yards from the White Swan Hotel, Halifax to the Exchange in Briggate, Leeds – was completed on 1st October 1833.

Tolls and toll bars were discontinued in 1871.

It is now a part of the A58.

See Hipperholme Toll Bar and Hipperholme crossroads

Leeds-Elland Turnpike
Turnpike road along Lower Edge, Tofts Grove, Rastrick Common, Bethel Street, Police Street, and Clifton Common and on to Cleckheaton and Leeds.

Built in 1740/1741.

The tolls were abolished in 1868

Leeds Road, Halifax
The A58 from Rochdale to Leeds.

See Whitehall Road, Hipperholme

Leeds to Halifax Turnpike

See Albert Memorial, Queensbury

Lees Road, Hebden Bridge

Some of the buildings here are listed

Leicester Terrace, Halifax
Off Manor Drive

Leigh Street, Sowerby Bridge
Willow Hall. Recorded in 1916

Lemington Avenue, Halifax

Lemon Street, Halifax
Recorded in 1911

Lennox Road, Todmorden

Lentil Field Street, Ovenden
Recorded in 1881

Lentilfield Grove, Lee Mount
Recorded in 1915

Lentilfield Street, Ovenden

Lewis Street, Halifax
Recorded in 1874 and 1916 off St James's Road / below Pellon Mills.

The manse for North Parade Baptist Church was here

Lewis Street, Halifax
Recorded in 1874 off Gibbet Street

Leyburn Avenue, Hipperholme

Leyland Street, Boothtown

See Boothtown House

Leywood Bottom, Todmorden

Lightcliffe Road, Brighouse
Runs from Waterloo Road the junction of Smith House Lane and Laverock Lane.

See Crown, Brighouse, Garden House, Brighouse, High Field Place, Brighouse and Oak Place, Brighouse

Lightcliffe Royd, Barkisland

Lighthazels Road, Soyland

See Clay House, Soyland, Great House, Soyland and Thirst House, Soyland

Lightowler Buildings, Southowram Bank
Recorded in 1891 at the junction with Blaithroyd Lane. Possibly named for Titus and Joseph Lightowler who kept the New Road Inn and had a grocery business nearby

Lightowler Close, Halifax
Lightowler Road and Lightowler Close are named for Mrs Miriam Lightowler

Lightowler Road, Halifax
This cuts across the site of the former Halifax Union Workhouse, Gibbet Street.

Lightowler Road and Lightowler Close are named for Mrs Miriam Lightowler

Lilac Close, Brighouse

Lilac Street, Lee Mount
Was known as Bottom Church Street [1950s]

Lillands Lane, Rastrick

Lillands Terrace, Rastrick

Lilly Fold, Halifax
Area of Lilly Lane. Recorded in 1837 and 1841

Lilly Lane, Halifax
Aka Lily Lane. Recorded in 1837. Area of Halifax to the east of Church Street, and once the site of Lilly Mill and Lilly Lane Baths. Bath Street is just to the north.

The mill gave its name to the lane.

In the 19th century, a house here was used as a Catholic chapel by Father Dubois and Father Letellier.

In 1885, when the railway station was extended, the lane was blocked and an iron foot-bridge built.

There is a bridge across the Hebble here

This is discussed in the book Sketches of Old Halifax

Lily Court, Claremount
New Bank. Recorded in 1876

Lily Street, Claremount
Recorded in 1874

Lily Street, Todmorden

Lime Avenue, Hebden Bridge

Lime Avenue, Todmorden

Lime Street, Ovenden
Recorded in 1905 off Concrete Street

Lime Street, Todmorden

Lime Tree Avenue, Elland

Limes Avenue, Halifax
Off Huddersfield Road

Lincoln Place, Siddal
Recorded in 1911, when it was off Moore Street, Siddal

Lincoln Street, Halifax
Pellon Lane. Houses here were built by the West Mount Building Society in 1870

Lincoln Street, Todmorden

Lincoln Way, Halifax

Linden Avenue, Todmorden

Linden Close, Brighouse

Linden Place, Hebden Bridge

Linden Place, Sowerby Bridge

Linden Road, Elland

Linden Road, Hebden Bridge

Linden Road, Mytholmroyd

Linden Road, Savile Park

Linden Terrace, Hipperholme

See Dr Lawson

Lindley Moor Road, Ainley Top

Lindley Road, Elland

Lindrick Grove, Illingworth

Lindrick Walk, Illingworth

Lindrick Way, Illingworth

Lindwell Avenue, West Vale

Lindwell, Greetland

Lindwell Grove, West Vale

Lindwell Lane, West Vale

Lindwell Place, West Vale

Lineholme Avenue, Todmorden
See The Glen, Todmorden

Lineholme Estate, Lydgate

Ling Bob Close, Halifax

Ling Bob Croft, Halifax

Ling Bob, Halifax

Ling Royd Avenue, Halifax

Linton Grove, Rastrick

Lion Street, Todmorden

Lister Court, Halifax

Lister Lane, Halifax
The lane is named for Thomas Lister who owned land in the area

Lister's Road, Halifax
A continuation of Shibden Hall Road as it passes over Godley Bridge and into Godley Road and New Bank.

On some 19th century maps, this is shown as Miss Lister's Road – for Anne Lister.

See Bloody Field and Mytholme Bridge, Shibden

Lister Street, Brighouse

Brighouse Fire Station is here

Lister Street, Halifax
Recorded in 1874 off Winding Road.

See Good Shepherd Mission Church, Halifax and Park Mill, Halifax

Lister's Yard, Halifax
Recorded in 1837 and 1874 at 10 King Street

Little Baines Street, Halifax

Little Bradley, West Vale
Stainland Road

Little Green, Halifax
Recorded in 1761 running into Bull Green near Barum Top

Little Hollin Hey, Mytholmroyd

Little Lane, Halifax
Recorded in 1837 and 1874. The lane ran west from Barum Top between Bull Close Lane and Bull Green. It was lost when Bull Green was redeveloped in the 1930s.

This is discussed in the book Sketches of Old Halifax

Little London, Northowram

Little Woodhouse, Rastrick

Littleholme Street, Todmorden
Row of terraced houses off the A6033 Rochdale Road at Shade

Littlemoor Gardens, Illingworth

Littlemoor Road, Illingworth

Littlethorpe, Hartshead

Littlewood, Mytholmroyd

Liverpool Row, Warley
Recorded in 1881.

The houses here were owned by Thomas Milne and were built by workers who came from Liverpool

Livingstone Street, Lee Mount

Livingstone Street North, Illingworth

Lloyd Street, Todmorden

Lob Quarry, Todmorden

Lock Street, Halifax
Recorded in 1874 at Caddy Field

See St Barnabas's Mission Church, Halifax

Lock Street, Todmorden

See Physic Street, Todmorden

Locksley Road, Brighouse

Lodge Avenue, Elland

Lodge Drive, Elland

Lodge Lane, Halifax

Lodge Place, Elland

Lombard Street, Halifax
Other streets with names like those in the City of London were nearby, including Leadenhall Street and Threadneedle Street

London Road
This name may indicate that the road linked a local community to a network of major highways.

See London Road, Erringden and London Road, Norland

London Road, Erringden
Runs from Stoodley Pike to Mankinholes.

During the Cotton Famine, John Fielden had his men employed in building this road so that he could ride to the Monument in his carriage.

See London Road

London Road, Norland

See London Road and Upper Wat Ing, Norland

Long Back-side, Halifax
Former name for Argyle Street

Long Backside, Halifax
Recorded in 1874 off Waterhouse Street

Long Bottom Avenue, Sowerby Bridge

Long Causeway, Boulderclough
A part of the Long Causeway

Long Causeway, Causeway Foot
A part of the Long Causeway

Long Causeway, Mankinholes
A part of the Long Causeway

Long Causeway, Mytholmroyd
A part of the Long Causeway

Long Causeway, Rishworth Moor
A part of the Long Causeway

Long Chimney, Sowerby Bridge
Popular name for the stretch of the Rochdale Road between Brockwell Lane Chimney, Sowerby Bridge and Sowerby Bridge

Long Fallas Crescent, Rastrick

Long Hey Lane, Todmorden

Long Hey Top, Hebden Bridge

Long Heys, West Vale

Long House Road, Mixenden

Long Lane, Norland

Long Lane, Southowram
Leads from Marsh Lane to Beacon Hill.

See Beacon Lodge Quarry, Southowram, The Crescent, Southowram and Judd wall

Long Lane, Todmorden

Long Lane, Wheatley

Long Lover, Halifax
Area of Pellon Lane. Recorded in 1837 and 1891

Long Lover Lane, Halifax

Long Range Terrace, Halifax
Off Range Bank.

See Lower Range Terrace, Halifax

Long Ridge, Rastrick

Long Row, Illingworth
or Mount Tabor [?]

Longback Yard, Halifax

Longbottom Buildings, Southowram
Recorded in 1891

Longbottom Terrace, Siddal

Longfield Avenue, Northowram

Longfield Close, Todmorden

Longfield Grove, Todmorden

Longfield, Hebden Bridge

Longfield Rise, Todmorden

Longfield Road, Todmorden
Earlier known as Hanging Ditch Road.

See Middle Longfield House, Todmorden

Longfield Terrace, Northowram

Longfield Terrace, Todmorden

Longfield Way, Todmorden

Longhouse Road, Halifax

Longlands, Lightcliffe

Longley Lane, Norland

Longmeadow, Barkisland

Longridge, Rastrick

Longroyde Close, Rastrick

Longroyde Grove, Rastrick

Longroyde Road, Rastrick

Longwall, Elland

Lord's Lane, Rastrick

Lord Street, Halifax
Street planned by Thomas Lister around 1797. He and his daughters lived at houses on the east side of the street.

Lister reckoned that each house in the street was

fit for a lord

and named the street to remind others of this

Lord Street, Sowerby Bridge

Lord Street, Walsden
There are some double-decker houses here

Lorne Street, Halifax
Off Gibbet Street. Recorded in 1901

Louise Street, Halifax
Recorded in 1943

Love Lane, Skircoat

Love Lase Lane, Halifax
Recorded in 1761 as the name for Back Lane

Loveless Lane, Halifax
Early name for Back Lane

Low Bentley, Northowram

Low Fold, Halifax
Recorded in 1837 and 1874 at 26 Bull Green

Low Moor Terrace, Halifax

Low Road, Halifax
Recorded in 1874 off King Cross

Lowe's Court, Halifax
Recorded in 1837 and 1874. It was an area of Cabbage Lane – in The City

Lower Back Lord Street, Halifax

Lower Bank Houses, Stainland

Lower Bentley Royd, Sowerby Bridge

See Bentley Royd, Sowerby Bridge

Lower Bradley Terrace, West Vale

Lower Brockholes, Causeway Foot

Lower Brockwell, Sowerby Bridge

Lower Brown Hurst, Pellon

See Brown Hurst, Pellon

Lower Chiserley, Hebden Bridge

Lower Clay Pits, Halifax

Lower Clifton Street, Sowerby Bridge
Known locally as T' Delph and Spion Cop.

In identifying the photograph, Gary McDanielson says

Lower Clifton Street, leading on to Bolton Brow, Sowerby Bridge, is a 1 in 3·7 gradient. The chimney in the background is the Clough Mills chimney, which has since been demolished. I've walked [climbed] up and down this hill many a time. There used to be a series of steps beyond the railing. Few cars ever ventured up or down!

See Clifton Street, Sowerby Bridge

Lower Clyde Street, Sowerby Bridge

Lower Cote, Rastrick

Lower Court, Halifax
Recorded in 1874, 1905 and 1936 off Pearson Street

Lower Cross Street, Halifax

Lower Crow Nest Drive, Bailiff Bridge

Lower Edge, Elland

Lower Ellistones, Greetland

Lower Emmott's Court, Halifax
Aka Emmet's Lower Court, Halifax. Off Gaol Lane.

Recorded in 1901

Lower Exley, Exley

Lower Ferney Lee, Todmorden

Lower Finkil Street, Hove Edge
See the note on Finkel Street

Lower Fold, Barkisland

Lower Fold, Halifax

Lower Fold, Rastrick

Lower Gaukrodger, Sowerby Bridge

Lower George Street, Halifax

Lower George Street, Todmorden
16 houses built around 1841 for the workers of Firth & Howarth

Lower George Yard, Halifax
The yard of the Lower George, Woolshops, Halifax. This was an important commercial centre for coaches and travellers in the district.

John Crossley lived at Lower George Yard after his marriage to Martha Turner in 1800.

The inn and the yard were demolished in the early 1970s.

The Yard is discussed in the book Halifax Pubs.

See J. Pollard & Company

Lower Gilbert Fields, Barkisland

Lower Hathershelf, Boulderclough

Lower Hollins, Sowerby Bridge

Lower Ings Lane, Mixenden

Lower Kirkgate, Halifax
The street which runs along the eastern edge of the graveyard at Halifax Parish Church.

Property here included:

Old houses here – taken down in 1825 – are illustrated in John Horner's book Buildings in the Town & Parish of Halifax

Lower Laith Avenue, Todmorden

Lower Mill Bank Road, Mill Bank

Some of the buildings here are listed

Lower Moor, Sowerby Bridge

Lower Newlands, Rastrick

Lower Oak, Sowerby Bridge

Lower Ox Heys, Norwood Green

Lower Oxford Street, Brighouse
Recorded in 1905.

The street and its houses were lost when the area was redeveloped in the 1970s when the Lüdenscheid Link was constructed

Lower Park Royd Drive, Sowerby Bridge

Lower Range, Halifax

Lower Range Terrace, Halifax
Off Range Bank.

See Long Range Terrace, Halifax

Lower Saltonstall, Halifax

Lower Scholes Croft, Bradshaw

Lower Skircoat Green, Halifax

Lower Slack, Halifax

Lower Smithy, Hebden Bridge

Lower Stubbins, Sowerby Bridge

Lower Swift Place, Sowerby Bridge
/ Soyland.

Owners and tenants have included

Lower Swineshead, Todmorden
See Middle Swineshead, Todmorden and Swineshead, Lumbutts

Lower Top Of Hill, Barkisland

Lower Wellgate, Greetland

Lower Woodhead, Barkisland

Lower Woolshops, Halifax
The lower part of Woolshops where the Marks & Spencer store and the shopping parade now stand. This was very narrow until redeveloped in 1931

Lowfold, Halifax
Area of Bull Green

Loyal Peace Terrace, Brighouse
A terrace of houses on Oddfellows Street, Brighouse. Dated 1888

Lucy Street, Claremount

Lucy Street, Elland
Former name of Timber Street, Elland.

It was named for a resident of the street.

Some sources quote the name Lily Street

Lud Hill Top, Southowram
Recorded in 1881, when the Taylor family lived here.

See Luddell Top, Southowram and Ludhill Lane

Luddell Top, Southowram
(Probably) a form of Lud Hill Top

See Ludhill Lane

Luddenden Lane, Luddendenfoot

Lüdenscheid Link, Brighouse

Ludford Terrace, Halifax
Recorded in 1905 off Warley Road

Ludhill Lane Southowram
Later became School Lane.

Could this be anything to do with Luddell Top?

Lumb's Buildings, Elland
Quebec Street. Built in 1872

Lumb Lane, Boothtown

Lumb Lane, Mill Bank

Lumb Lane, Mixenden

Lumb Lane, Wainstalls

Lumb Terrace, Halifax

Lumb Terrace, Wainstalls
Stands opposite Lumb Mill, Wainstalls

Lumbrook, Northowram

Lumbutts Road, Todmorden
Some of the buildings here are listed

Luther Street, Boothtown
Recorded in 1891 and 1895. This was one of a number of streets which ran parallel to Boothtown Road, between Grantham Road and Rawson Street North. The property was demolished in the 1970s. Rawson Junior, Infants' & Nursery School was built on the site

Martin Street is the next street to the east

Luton Street, Halifax

Lydbrook Park, Copley

Lydgate, Northowram

Lydgate Park, Halifax

Lyndhurst Avenue, Rastrick

Lyndhurst Grove Road, Rastrick

Lyndhurst Road, Rastrick

Lynton Grove, Illingworth

Lynwood Crescent, Halifax

Lytham Street, Halifax

Lytton Street, Halifax


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