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Malcolm Bull's Calderdale Companion : Streets in Calderdale : H

Streets in Calderdale



Hadassah Street, Siddal
Hadassah was the original Hebrew name of the Biblical woman known as Esther

Haddon Avenue, Halifax

Hag Lane, Boothtown

Haigh's Buildings, Halifax
Recorded in 1874 off New Bank

Haigh Lane, Siddal

Haigh Street, Brighouse
Formerly Larkhill Terrace. Off Churchfields Road, Brighouse.

The houses here look onto the car park by St Martin's Church.

The car park and the grassy area beyond were created when the rows of back-to-back houses there – including Barton Street - were demolished in the 1970s

Haigh Street, Greetland

Haigh Street, Halifax

Haigh's Yard, Halifax
Recorded in 1874 off Woolshops

Hainsworth's Court, Halifax
Dungeon Street. Area of Pellon Lane

Hainsworth Row, Mount Tabor

Hal Lane, Illingworth
Recorded in 1905.

Areas called Lower Hal and Upper Hal are here in the late 19th century.

See Far View House

Haley Court, Halifax
With Range Court and Akroyd Court, this is one of 3 blocks of flats at the bottom of Haley Hill.

The flats were built when old mine shafts prevented new housing being built when the nearby New Bank area was cleared

Haley Hill, Boothtown
Road leading from North Bridge to Boothtown and on to Bradford.

It was built in the 1700s as a part of the growing turnpike construction, replacing the earlier road to Bradford which went up Range Bank and over Swalesmoor.

All Souls' Church and Bankfield House are to be found here.

A Plug Riot took place as a mob passed through here in 1842, when one man was shot dead and several others were injured

Beerhouses & Pubs in Haley Hill, Halifax

See Pubs in Boothtown

Half House Lane, Brighouse
Ganson Mineral Water Company moved here in the 1930s. The site was subsequently used by Broadoak Garage, the Corona Soft Drinks Company, and Flow Technology

Halfpenny Can Lane, Southowram

See Cross Platts Quarry, Southowram and Halfpenny Can, Southowram

Halifax & Huddersfield Turnpike Road

See Elland & Obelisk Turnpike

Halifax & Keighley Turnpike
Turnpike built around 1785.

See Hebden Bridge to Lees Turnpike and Lee Bridge Toll Bar, Halifax

Halifax, Burnley & Littleborough Turnpike
Turnpike built around 1759

Halifax Lane, Luddenden
Part of the old packhorse route from Halifax » Luddenden » Midgley

Halifax Old Road, Shibden
18th century road built by Blind Jack of Knaresborough. Aka Shibden Hall Road, this was part of Wakefield Gate until the Wakefield & Halifax Turnpike was built between Hipperholme and Stump Cross

Halifax Road, Brighouse
The part nearest Brighouse was formerly known as John King Lane.

Some early 18th century cottages – numbers 108-112, 190, 192, and 194 - are listed.

A part of the road is said to be haunted by a phantom hitchhiker.

See Miles Sharp, Smith Art Gallery & Library and Rydings, Brighouse

Halifax Road, Elland

Halifax Road, Hipperholme
Number 1 is the shop on the north-east corner of Hipperholme Crossroads.

Owners and tenants of the property have included

  • Lewis Lee
  • a Chinese restaurant
  • an Italian restaurant [2012]

Halifax Road, Ripponden

Halifax Road, Shelf

Halifax Road, Sowerby Bridge

Halifax Road, Todmorden
Some of the buildings here are listed

Halifax to Blackstone Edge Turnpike
Turnpike built in 1635. The trust was one of the oldest in the kingdom.

In 1815, the Mytholmroyd Bridge & Blackstone Edge Turnpike was built to link Mytholmroyd.

See Parker Swinglehurst Holt

Halifax to Hebden Bridge Turnpike
Turnpike built in 17??. Before new roads were built, it passed through Hebden Bridge by way of Commercial Street, the White Lion, and Bridge Gate.

See Commercial Street Bar, Hebden Bridge and King Street Bar, Hebden Bridge

Hall Bank Lane, Mytholmroyd

See New House, Mytholmroyd

Hall End, Halifax
Part of Halifax at the top of Crown Street and Silver Street.

A cloth hall for selling linen – known as Halifax Blackwell Hall – is mentioned in 1572, earlier than those in neighbouring towns. The lord of the manor imposed a levy of 1d per piece of cloth.

The hall was rebuilt here as the Linen Hall around 1700.

All the old buildings of Hall End and Copper Street were demolished in 1865 for the construction of the Halifax Commercial Banking Company Limited building which is now occupied by Lloyds Bank.

This is discussed in the book the collection of Prints by J. R. Smith.

See James Lister

Hall Gate, Mytholmroyd

Hall Green Lane, Mytholmroyd

Hall Houses, Shibden
Recorded in 1905

Hall Lane, Northowram
The wall between Hall Lane and Upper Lane was built about 1780, and consists of 224 ashlar stone slabs – each 3 ft tall – linked by cast-iron plates and bolts, and is about 600 ft in length. This is the only example that survives intact. It is a scheduled monument.

Hall Stone Court, Shelf

Hall Street, Boothtown
There was timber-framed house with an aisled hall here. It was cased in stone in the 17th century.

Later it was divided into several houses: Number 2 Hall Street and Numbers 3, 4 & 5 Sladden Street.

The Street is named for Jonathan Hall.

Some of the buildings here are listed

  • Boothtown House
  • Late 18th / early 19th century houses – Numbers 21, 23 & 25

Hall Street, Brighouse
Small street behind the Civic Hall

Hall Street, Halifax

See Halifax Corporation Cleansing Department and Hall Street Livery Stables, Halifax

Hall Street North

See Trough Street, Boothtown

Hall Street North, Boothtown
See Jeremiah Hall and Hall Street Almshouses, Boothtown

Hall Street, Todmorden

See Todmorden Hall

Hallroyd Crescent, Todmorden

Hallroyd Place, Todmorden

Hallroyd Road, Todmorden

Hallroyd, Todmorden

Halstead Green, Hebden Bridge

Halton's Yard, Halifax
Recorded in 1874 off Gibbet Street

Hambleton Bank, Ovenden

Hambleton Crescent, Mixenden

Hambleton Drive, Mixenden

The Hame, Stainland

Hamerton Close, Elland
Named for nearby Hamerton House and the Hamerton family of Elland

Hamerton Yard, Brighouse
Named for Joseph Hamerton

Hammerstone Leach Lane, Elland
Named for Hammerstone Leach

Hammerstones Leach Lane, Elland

Hammerstones Road, Elland

Hammerton Terrace, Todmorden

Hammond Street, Halifax
Hopwood Lane

Hampden Place, Halifax
Part of West Hill Park. Named for John Hampden.

See William Illingworth and West End Tailoring Establishment, Halifax

Hampton Street, Halifax

Hand Carr Lane, Luddendenfoot

Hand Street, Halifax
Recorded in 1841

Handel Street, Halifax
Recorded in 1874 off Hopwood Lane

Hanging Ditch, Todmorden
Aka t' Ditch. Popular name for the Longfield Road area

Hanging Lee, Sowerby Bridge

Hanging Royd Lane, Hebden Bridge

Hanging Stones Lane, Ripponden

See Hanging Stones Farm, Ripponden

Hangingroyd Close, Hebden Bridge
Built on the site of Hangingroyd House

Hangingroyd Lane, Hebden Bridge

See Jack Taylor's Garden, Hebden Bridge

Hangingroyd Road, Hebden Bridge

Hangram Street, Brighouse
Street which lead east-west from Bradford Road to Dale Street, parallel to King Street.

The street and its houses were lost when the area was redeveloped in the 1970s when the Lüdenscheid Link was constructed . A trace of the street still remains behind the former Brighouse Co-operative Stores and other shops in King Street.

See Barton's Yard, Brighouse and Royal Engineers, Brighouse

Hanover Street, Halifax
Area of King Cross Street

Hanover Street, Sowerby Bridge

Hanson's Court, Halifax

Hanson Lane, Halifax

See Hanson Lane bomb

Hanson Lane, Mill Bank

Hanson's Passage, Halifax
Recorded in 1874 off Cow Green.

See Garrick's Head, Halifax

Hanson Road, Rastrick

Hanson's Square, Halifax
Recorded in 1874 off Fleet Street in The City

Hard Platts Lane, Stainland

Hardcastle Buildings, Siddal
Recorded in 1871

Hardcastle Terrace, Halifax
Recorded in 1905 off Old Bank

Hardcastle's Yard, Halifax
Old Bank. Recorded in 1861

Hardy Place, Brighouse

Hardy Street, Brighouse

Hare Park Lane, Hartshead

Hare Street, Halifax
Off Hopwood Lane

Harehill Avenue, Todmorden

Harehill Street, Todmorden

Harelock Street, Halifax
Horley Green.

Recorded in 1911

Harewood Avenue, Halifax

Harewood Place, Halifax

Harger's Yard, Halifax
Recorded in 1887 and 1905 opposite 16 Albion Street

Hargreaves Terrace, Norland
See Kirby family

Harley Place, Rastrick
Formerly Bottomley's Yard

Harley Street, Rastrick
Formerly Francis Street

Harley Street, Todmorden

Harley Villas, Todmorden

Harley Wood, Todmorden

Harley Wood View, Todmorden

Harper Royd Lane, Sowerby Bridge
In the the 1970s a freak storm hit the area and water rushed through houses here, carrying the furniture and other belongings downstream to Sowerby Bridge

Harper Royd, Sowerby Bridge

Harriet Street, Brighouse

In October 1894, the Brighouse District Industrial Society Limited invited tenders for the construction of 21 dwelling houses.

The houses were built on land bought from the trustees of Mark Blackburn.

The houses cost around £240 each to build, and were sold to members at cost price.

See Rayner Road

Harriet Street, Halifax
Recorded in 1874 off Rawson Street

Harrison Lane, Bradshaw

Harrison Lane, Halifax
Earlier name of Harrison Road

Harrison Road, Halifax
Road west of Halifax town centre, and location of several public buildings.

Question: Does anyone know the identity of the Harrison who gave his/her name to the road?


Question: Can anyone tell me anything?


See Barum Top and Blackwall, Halifax

Harrow Street, Halifax
Off Gibbet Street. West of Eton Street.

Recorded in 1908

Hartley Bank Lane, Hipperholme
The boundary between Hipperholme and Shelf is marked here. The boundary stone is listed

Hartley Square, Causeway Foot

Hartley Street, Halifax
Pellon Lane

Harvelin Park, Todmorden

Hathershelf Lane, Boulderclough

Hatter's Close, Halifax
Recorded in 1874 off Church Street.

A close of this name is mentioned in 1850 on a memorial to Nathaniel Waterhouse in Halifax Parish Church.

The Halifax Dispensary originally opened here in 1808

Hatter's Fold, Halifax
Recorded in 1841 and 1874 off Square Road / Causeway, adjacent to the north gate of the Piece Hall

Hatter's Lane, Halifax

Hatter's Yard, Halifax
Recorded in 1874 at Spicecake Lane

Haugh End Lane, Sowerby

Some buildings here are listed

Haugh Road, Todmorden

Some of the buildings here are listed

Haugh Shaw Croft, Halifax

Haugh Shaw Lane, Halifax
Area of Savile Road.

On early maps, the name Bull Close is used.

The name Haugh Shaw Lane appears on Rawson's maps of 1842.

By 1933, the section west of Savile Hall is named Savile Park Road

See Field House, Halifax

Haugh Shaw Road, Halifax

Haugh Shaw Road West, Halifax

Haven Lane, Mytholmroyd

Haven Street, Todmorden

Hawksclough, Mytholmroyd
Group of 18th/19th century houses on Burnley Road

Haworth Old Road, Old Town

Haworth Road, Hebden Bridge

Hawthorn Close, Brighouse

Hawthorn Place, Todmorden

Hawthorn Street, Halifax
Recorded in 1905

Hawthorn Street, Hipperholme

Hawthorn Terrace, Halifax

Haydn Street, Halifax
Akroydon. Recorded in 1905

Hayes Lane, Mixenden

See Mixenden Riot

Hays Lane, Mixenden

Hazel Grove, Lightcliffe

Hazelwood Street, Todmorden

Heald Lane, Southowram
Recorded in 1910. It was later known as Milking Hill, then Ashday Lane.

See Milking Hill Quarries, Southowram

Heald Terrace, Barkisland

Healey Wood Bottom, Brighouse

Healey Wood Crescent, Rastrick

Healey Wood Gardens, Rastrick

Healey Wood Grove, Rastrick

Healey Wood Road, Rastrick

Health Street, Halifax
Area of Mount Pleasant / Commercial Road.

Built before 1854 by the Union Building Society

Heap Street, Halifax

Heath Avenue, Halifax

Heath Crescent, Halifax
Terrace of houses comprising Numbers 24 to 62, Free School Lane

Owners and tenants have included

Heath Gardens, Halifax

Heath Hill Road, Mount Tabor

Heath Lane, Halifax
The school tuck shop was the first house on the right when I was at Heath in the 1950s

Heath Lea, Halifax

Heath Mount, Halifax

Heath Mount Road, Rastrick

Heath Park Avenue, Halifax

Heath Road, Halifax

Heath Road, Halifax

Heath Royd, Halifax

Heath Street, Halifax

Heath View, Halifax

Heath View Street, Halifax
Off South Parade

Heath Villas, Halifax
Free School Lane, Halifax.

Houses here include

Heather Bank, Todmorden

Heather Drive, Halifax

Heatherstones, Skircoat

Heathfield Avenue, Elland

Heathfield Drive, Rishworth

Heathfield Grove, Halifax

Heathfield Place, Halifax

Owners and tenants have included

Heathfield Rise, Sowerby Bridge

Heathfield Street, Elland

Heathfield Terrace, Halifax

Owners and tenants have included

Heathmoor Close, Illingworth

Heathmoor Estate, Illingworth

Heathmoor Mount, Illingworth

Heathmoor Park Road, Illingworth

Heathmoor Way, Illingworth

Heathy Avenue, Illingworth

Heathy Lane, Holmfield

Heaton Street, Brighouse
Named for Isaac Heaton.

The street no longer exists

Hebble Brook Close, Mixenden

Hebble Court, Mixenden
One of 6 blocks of high-rise flats built at Mixenden in 1965: Cragg Court, Mixenden, Dodge Holme Court, Halifax, Hebble Court, Mixenden, Jumples Court, Mixenden and Wheatley Court, Mixenden

Hebble Gardens, Wheatley

Hebble Lane, Wheatley

Hebble Mill Yard, Wheatley

Hebble Terrace, Wheatley

Hebble Vale Drive, Ovenden

Hebble View, Wheatley

Hebden Bridge to Lees Turnpike
This linked to Halifax to Keighley Turnpike with the Halifax to Todmorden Turnpike. Collection of tolls ceased in 1875.

See Pecket Bar, Pecket Well

Hebden Grove, Hebden Bridge

Hebden Terrace, Hebden Bridge

Hebden View, Hebden Bridge

Hedge Top Lane, Northowram

Heginbottom's Fold, Ovenden
Also Higginbottom's Fold.

Recorded in 1871 and 1905 off Friendly Fold Road

Heigh Top Cottages, Hebden Bridge

Height Green, Sowerby Bridge

Height Road, Hebden Bridge

Height, Sowerby Bridge

Heights Road, Midgley

Helen Terrace, Brighouse

Helliwell Syke Lane, Lightcliffe
Became Syke Lane, Lightcliffe

Helm Lane, Mill Bank

Helm Street, Halifax
Recorded in 1871 and 1905 off Haugh Shaw Road

Helm's Yard, Sowerby Bridge

Hemingway's Buildings, Halifax
Recorded in 1874 off New Bank

Hemingway's Row, Halifax
Recorded in 1905 off Godley Road / New Bank The street and its houses were lost when Claremount Road and New Bank were redeveloped in the 1960s

Henry Court, Claremount

Henry Street, Brighouse
See Miss Hannah Amelia Hartley

Henry Street, Claremount
Recorded in 1874

Henry Street, Halifax
Recorded in 1874 off Paradise Street

Henry Street, Halifax
Recorded in 1874 off Rawson Street

Henshaw Road, Todmorden

Hepton Drive, Heptonstall

Hepton Edge, Hebden Bridge

Heptonstall Road, Hebden Bridge
Mytholm Turning Circle is provided to allow traffic travelling from Hebden Bridge to negotiate what would otherwise be the sharp turn to ascend Heptonstall Road.

See Windybank

Herbert Street, Halifax

Heritage Mews, Halifax

Hermon Avenue, Halifax
Off Parkinson Lane

Hermon Grove, Halifax

Heseltine Lane, Cragg Vale

Hesketh Place, Bailiff Bridge

Hesketh Place, Halifax

Hey Head Lane, Stansfield

Hey Lane, Rishworth

Hey Street, Brighouse

Hey Street, Todmorden

Hey's Terrace, Ovenden
Recorded in 1871

Heys Lane, Wainstalls

Heywood Close, Halifax

Heywood Close, Northowram
A housing development on the site of Quarry House School

Heywood Court, Northowram

Heywood Place, Halifax
Recorded in 1874 off Hanson Lane. It was a part of West Hill Park. Named after Oliver Heywood

Heywood Street, Halifax
Part of West Hill Park. Named after Oliver Heywood

Heywood Terrace, Greetland
Saddleworth Road. Situated below Grove House, Greetland.

This is similar in design to Melrose Terrace, Greetland

Higgin Farm, Luddendenfoot

Higgin Lane, Southowram
Bank Top.

See Old Close Farm, Southowram

Higgin's Place, Halifax
Recorded in 1874 off Garden Street

High Bentley, Northowram

High Court, Heptonstall

High Croft, Halifax

High Cross Lane, Shelf

High Field Place, Brighouse
Block of houses on Lightcliffe Road

High Fields, Sowerby Bridge

High Grove Lane, Halifax

High Grove Place, Southowram

High House Lane, Wainstalls

High Lane, Cragg Lane

High Lane, Norton Tower

High Lee Green Luddendenfoot
On the Sowerby hillside

High Lee, Luddendenfoot

High Lees, Mixenden

High Lees Road, Mixenden

High Level Way, Halifax

High Meadows, Greetland

High Royd, Halifax
Recorded in 1905 off Range Bank

High Street, Brighouse
Runs from Church Lane down to Bradford Road.

In the mid-1800s, this was a fashionable area and many local dignitaries and worthies lived here

High Street Court, Luddendenfoot

High Street, Halifax
An early name for Crown Street, Halifax

High Street Fold, Luddenden
A group of houses on High Street, Luddenden

High Street, Halifax

High Street, Heptonstall
7 early 19th century cottages here are listed

High Street, Luddenden

Some of the buildings here are listed

There is a horse trough at the junction with Stocks Lane.

See High Street Fold, Luddenden

High Street, Stainland

High Street, Todmorden

High Street, West Vale

High Sunderland Lane, Claremount
Named after High Sunderland which stood nearby

High Town, Halifax

High Trees Lane, Greetland

See Lower High Trees, Greetland and Upper High Trees, Greetland

Higham & Dob Lane, Sowerby
See Dob Cottage and Lower Snape Farm

Higham, Sowerby Bridge

Highbury Place, Rastrick

Highbury, Rastrick

Highcliffe Drive, Halifax

Highcroft Road, Todmorden

Higher Ashenhurst Close, Todmorden

Higher Ashenhurst, Todmorden

Higher Brockwell, Sowerby Bridge

Higher Crimsworth, Hebden Bridge

Higher Fold, Heptonstall

See Everhill Shaw, Heptonstall

Higher Needless, Hebden Bridge

See Needless

Higher Park, Mill Bank

Higher Park Royd Drive, Sowerby Bridge

Highfield Avenue, Bailiff Bridge
Aka Garden City

Highfield Avenue, Greetland

Highfield Avenue, Shelf

Highfield Bungalows, Sowerby Bridge

Highfield Crescent, Hebden Bridge
Houses built on land next to the site of the – now demolished – Foster Lane Chapel, Hebden Bridge. The houses were designed by John Thomas Cockcroft

Highfield Drive, Luddenden

Highfield Grove, Elland

Highfield Lane, Mill Bank

Highfield Park, Holmfield

Highfield Place, Halifax

Highfield Place, Sowerby Bridge

Highfield Road, Elland

Highfield Road, Luddendenfoot

Highfield Road, Rastrick

Highfield, Southowram

Highfield Terrace, Halifax

Highfield Terrace, Mill Bank

Highfield Terrace, Sowerby Bridge

Highgate Gardens, Halifax

Highgate Lane, Blackshawhead

Highland, Illingworth

Highland, Northowram

Highland Park, Holmfield

Highland Ville, Hipperholme

Highlands Lane, Illingworth
In 19??, the residents persuaded the Council to change the name of Nang Nail Lane to Highlands Lane

Highlands Park, Illingworth

Highlandville, Hipperholme
Street between Leeds Road and Wakefield Road. Recorded in 1933

Highley Hall Croft, Brighouse

Highley Park, Brighouse

Highmoor Crescent, Clifton

Highmoor Lane, Clifton

See Aeroplane Field, Clifton, Doles Lane Pit, Clifton, Highmoor Lane Methodist Chapel, Clifton, Highmoor Lane School, Clifton, New Pack Horse, Clifton and Rev John Ryley

Highroad Well Court, Halifax

Highroad Well, Halifax

Highroad Well Lane, Halifax

Highroyd, Hebden Bridge

Highstones Road, Cragg Vale

A route over which all traffic had a right of passage, as distinct from a lane.

The Highways Act [1555] required each householder some responsibility for the highway, and the Highways Act [1691] imposed a tax for the maintenance of the roads.

See Turnpike, Causey, Roads and Street

Hill Crescent, Southowram

Hill Crest Avenue, Sowerby Bridge

Hill Crest, Hebden Bridge

Hill Crest, Sowerby Bridge

Hill Croft, Sowerby Bridge

Hill End Close, Halifax

Hill House Lane Top, Mytholmroyd

Hill Park Avenue, Wheatley

Hill Park Mount, Sowerby Bridge

Hill Place, Todmorden

Hill Road, Todmorden

Hill Street, Halifax

Hill Street, Todmorden

Hill Top, Halifax

Hill Top Lane, Cragg Vale

Hill Top, Sowerby Bridge

Hill View Gardens, Northowram

Hill View, Illingworth

Hill View, Mytholmroyd

Hill's Yard, Southowram
Recorded in 1881 and 1905 off Pineberry Hill, Southowram Bank

Hillcrest, Sowerby Bridge

Hillside Avenue, Luddendenfoot

Hillside Avenue, Sowerby Bridge

Hillside View, Sowerby Bridge

Hilton Street, Hebden Bridge

Hions Close, Rastrick
Named for Emma Hions

Hippings End, Hawksclough

Hirst Grove, Hebden Bridge

Hirst Road, Hebden Bridge

Hirst Street, Todmorden

Hob Cote, Hebden Bridge

Hob Houses, Halifax

Hob Lane, Luddendenfoot
A group of 17th/18th century cottages here are listed

Hob Lane, Norland

Hob Lane, Ripponden

Hobart Buildings, Hebden Bridge

Hobby Place, Halifax
Recorded in 1874 off Range Lane

Hobson's Court, Halifax
Recorded in 1874 off Scott's Row

Hodgson's Fold, Halifax
Aka Hodgson's Yard, Mr Hodgson's Yard [1787], Samuel Hodgson's Yard [1787]. This was in the part of Halifax, around 14 King Street, north of the Parish Church.

The area was built in the early 19th century, covered 1816 square yards, and housed 21 children and 96 adults, paying rents of 3/- to 7/- per week. The houses were built by John Hodgson and the Hodgson family.

In 1934, Halifax Corporation decided that it would compulsorily purchase properties in this densely populated part of Halifax, as part of a clearance programme.

A public inquiry was held and the owners of the properties fiercely resisted the move, but the demolition went ahead, and Halifax Corporation said that the area was so diseased and unhealthy that the bug-infested timbers and other materials were to be burned and not reused.

See Mulcture Hall, Halifax and Smyth's Charity School

Hodgson's Square, Halifax
Recorded in 1874 off Lister Street

Hoey's Yard, Sowerby Bridge
Wharf Street.

Richard Hoey was here [1891].

It stood on the land next to the Roxy Cinema

Hoggart Lane, Hipperholme
Recorded in 1933

Holden Street, Halifax
Off Stannary Street. In 1853, John Boddy built houses here

Holderness Street, Todmorden

Holdsworth Road, Illingworth

Some of the buildings here are listed

Holdsworth Road, Ovenden

Holdsworth Street, Halifax
Recorded in 1874 off Shaw Hill

Holdsworth Terrace, Halifax

Hole Bottom Road, Todmorden

Some of the buildings here are listed

Hollas Lane, Norland
Named for Hollas Farm.

See Hollas Bridge, Sowerby Bridge and Hollas Lane Bridge, Sowerby Bridge

Hollin Greaves Lane, Claremount
/ Horley Green

Hollin Lane, Norland

Hollin Lane, Wainstalls

Hollin's Row, Greetland
In 1861, Clay House is listed at Hollings Row, Elland-cum-Greetland.

Recorded in 1918

Hollin Street, Northowram
Recorded in 1874

Hollings Buildings, Mixenden
Clough Lane.

Recorded in 1911, when

Hollings Grove, Sowerby Bridge

Hollings Place, Hebden Bridge

Hollingworth Lane, Todmorden

Hollins Bank, Sowerby Bridge

Hollins Bungalows, Sowerby Bridge

Hollins Crescent, Hebden Bridge

Hollins Gate, Luddendenfoot

Hollins, Hebden Bridge

Hollins Lane, Mixenden

Hollins Lane, Ripponden

Hollins Lane, Sowerby Bridge
Sterne Bridge carries the lane over the Calder

Hollins, Luddendenfoot

Hollins Meadow, Todmorden

Hollins Mill Lane, Sowerby Bridge

See Hollins Mill Lane Bridge, Sowerby Bridge, Sowerby Bridge Library and Town Hall, Sowerby Bridge

Hollins Place, Hebden Bridge

See White Lion Fisheries and White Lion Hotel & Posting House, Hebden Bridge

Hollins Place, Todmorden

Hollins Road, Todmorden

Some of the buildings here are listed

The Hollins, Sowerby Bridge

Hollins Street, Sowerby Bridge

Hollins Street, Todmorden

Hollins Terrace, Sowerby Bridge

The Hollins, Todmorden

Holly Bank Court, Halifax

Holly Bank Drive, Brighouse

Holly Bank Drive, Halifax

Holly Bank Park, Rastrick

Holly Bank Road, Rastrick
Houses here are listed.

See Field Lane, Rastrick

Holly Crescent, Ripponden
Oldham Road.

A development of red-brick houses built by Ripponden Carriers for their employees

Holly Grove, Halifax

Holly Grove, Luddendenfoot

Holly Mount, Halifax

Holly Royd, Halifax

Holly Royd, Sowerby Bridge

Holly View, Sowerby Bridge

Hollyns Terrace, West Vale

Holme Drive, Warley

Holme House Lane, Booth

Holme House Lane, Elland

Holme House Road, Todmorden

Holme Place, Hebden Bridge

Holme Road, Warley

Holme Street, Halifax

Holme Street, Hebden Bridge

Holme Street, Hipperholme

Holme Street, Todmorden

Holme Terrace, Mytholmroyd

Holmes Road, Sowerby Bridge
In September 2009, there were proposals to extend the road as part of a redevelopment of the Copley Valley

Holmes Terrace, Halifax

Holmfield Gardens, Illingworth

Holmfield Terrace, Holmfield

Holroyd's Buildings, Brighouse
Triangular plan 3-storey block of 6 shops and a house built by William Holroyd and designed by W. S. Barber in 18??.

The building housed several business including Brighouse Conservative Club, Brighouse Labour Exchange, a Zona beer shop, S. Wilkinson, and Hopkinson's Confectioners.

In 1909, on the death of W. S. Barber, who owned the buildings, the property was sold. It fetched £2,525 at auction.

Because of disruption to the flow of traffic along Union Street, the property was demolished in 1914 to make way for Artillery Square

Holroyd Square, Stainland
4 cottages built about 1800

Holroyd Street, Halifax
Recorded in 1874 at Angel Road/Commercial Road, Mount Pleasant

Holroyd's Yard, Halifax
Recorded in 1874. Yard which lies within the block bounded by Westgate, Union Street, Albion Street and Carrier Street

Holt's Lane, Greetland

Holt Street, Halifax
Recorded in 1874 off Haugh Shaw Road

Holtby Grove, Lightcliffe

Holts Terrace, Siddal
(Possibly) named for Joseph Holt

Holyoake Street, Todmorden

Holywell Brook, Elland

Holywell Hall, Stainland

Honey Hole Close, Todmorden

Honey Hole Court, Todmorden

Honey Hole Road, Todmorden

See Unitarian Lodge, Todmorden

Honey Hole, Todmorden

Honey Land, Luddenden

Honeymoon Square, Holywell Green
Popular name for housing built by the Shaw family for newly-married couples who worked at their nearby Brookroyd Mill

Hoo Hole Lane, Mytholmroyd

The Hoods, Rastrick

Hope Buildings, Todmorden

Hope Hall Street, Halifax

Hope Hall Terrace, Halifax

Hope Street, Halifax

Hope Street, Hebden Bridge

Hope Street, Shelf

Hope Street, Sowerby Bridge
Samuel Wilkinson was involved in houses built in the street [1901]

Hope Street, Todmorden

Hopkinson's Buildings, Ovenden

Hopkinson Street, Ovenden

Hops Lane, Halifax

Hopwood Lane, Halifax
Runs westwards from Hopwood Hall to Mile Cross.

See Craven Place, Halifax, Hopwood Hall, Hopwood House and Hopwood Lane Triangle

Horley Green Lane, Claremount

See Spa House, Shibden

Horley Green Road, Claremount

See Alma Road, Claremount

Hornby Street, Halifax

Hornby Terrace, Halifax

Horne Street, Halifax

Horner's Buildings, Illingworth
Shay Lane.

See Fred Horner

Horsehold Lane, Hebden Bridge
Some of the buildings here are listed

Horsehold Road, Hebden Bridge

Horsewood, Todmorden

Horsfall Buildings, Southowram
Recorded in 1881 at Wiscombe Bank

Horsfall Street, Halifax

Horsfall Street, Todmorden
Some of the buildings here are listed

Horsfall Villas, Todmorden

Horsfall's Yard, Halifax
Recorded in 1874 and 1905 off Range Bank

Horsfield's Buildings, Halifax
Recorded in 1895, 1905 and 1930 off Wiscombe Bank, Southowram

Horsley Fold, Brighouse

Horton Place, Bradshaw
Built in 1857

Horton Place, Holmfield
In the 19th century, a house here was built and opened as a beerhouse. However, the conduct of the clients led the magistrates to take away the license

Horton Street, Halifax
1 in 5 incline road leading from Halifax railway station up to the former Albert Works at Ward's End.

See Cross Street, Halifax

Horton Terrace, Hipperholme
A terrace of houses on the main road out of Hipperholme, towards Halifax

Hough, Halifax

The Hough, Stump Cross
The road rises towards Northowram from the Stump Cross road junction, behind the modern turnpike, and becomes Towngate at the northern end.

See Cat Steps, Northowram

Houghton Street, Brighouse

Hoults Lane, Greetland
Aka Hoult's / Holt's / Holts Lane.

See The Carriage Drive, Greetland, Clough Terrace, Greetland and Oatland Field Terrace, Greetland

Howard Street, Halifax
In January 2011, with an average house price of £46,700, the street was sixth in the list of the most affordable (cheapest) places in Yorkshire.

See Alfred Street, Halifax and Conway Street, Halifax

Howarth's Buildings, Halifax
,1911 is recorded in 1881 off Southowram Bank / Pineberry Hill.

Group of 7 houses

Howcans Lane, Boothtown

Howcans Lane, Holmfield

See Hollin Hall, Ovenden

Howdenbrook, Shelf

Howes Lane, Northowram

Howgate Hill, Southowram
17th century cottages. at Bank Top.

Numbers 1 to 4 – now 2 dwellings – are a part of Sunway

Howorth Street, Todmorden

Howroyd Lane, Barkisland

Howson's Yard, Halifax
Garden Street, New Bank. Recorded in 1856 and 1861

Hoyland's Passage, Halifax
Gibbet Street / Chapeltown / Dungeon Street.

In 1841, 101-year-old Nancy Bramham died in a cellar dwelling here.

In 1851,

There was a Common Lodging House here [1904].

See Diving Bell, Halifax and Painter's Court, Halifax

Hoyle's Buildings, Halifax
off Bailey Hall Bank.

Recorded in 1911

Hubberton Green, Sowerby Bridge

Hubert Street, Halifax
Highroad Well

Hud Hill, Shelf

Huddersfield Road, Brighouse
The main road to Huddersfield. It is a continuation of Bradford Road southwards.

The Calder Bridge was built for the new Bradford to Huddersfield turnpike and opened in 1825.

See Brighouse river crossing and Five Lane Ends, Brighouse

Huddersfield Road, Elland
Part of the road was formerly known as Ainley Road.

The graveyard at Elland Parish Church was reduced when the road was constructed

Huddersfield Road, Halifax
This is part of the main road from Halifax to Huddersfield, which comprises Ward's End, Commercial Street, Portland Place, Prescott Street, Skircoat Road, Spring Hall,, Huddersfield Road, Salterhebble Hill, Huddersfield Road, Elland Wood Bottom, Halifax Road and Calderdale Way.

See Stafford Hall, Halifax

Hudson Croft, Barkisland

Hudson Mill Road, Heptonstall

Hudson Street, Todmorden

Hullen Edge Gardens, Elland

Hullen Edge Lane, Elland

Hullen Edge Lane, West Vale

Hullen Edge Road, Elland
Formerly known as The Nab, and Overgate

Hullen Edge, Sowerby Bridge

Hullen Road, Elland

Hullett Close, Mytholmroyd

Hullett Drive, Mytholmroyd

Hulme Street, Sowerby Bridge

Hume Street, Halifax
Recorded in 1874 off Gibbet Street

Hunger Hill, Halifax
Hunger Hill Lane was also known as Calico Hall Lane.

See Hope Hall

Hunter Hill Road, Mixenden
There is a council housing estate here.

See Hunter Hill, Mixenden

Hunters Lane, Todmorden

Huntingdon Road, Brighouse
See Blakeborough's Bridge

Huntock Place, Brighouse

Hurst Road, Hebden Bridge

Hurst Royd, Hebden Bridge

Hutchinson Lane, Brighouse
A street – now truncated – which runs into Commercial Street, and continues into Market Street.

Clayton's Central Mart stood here

Hutchinson Street, Lee Mount

Hyde Park, Halifax

See Edward Richardson

Hyde Park Road, Halifax

Hyde Park Street, Halifax


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