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Malcolm Bull's Calderdale Companion : Streets in Calderdale : F

Streets in Calderdale



Fair Mount, Todmorden

Fair View, Barkisland

Fair View, Hebden Bridge

Fair View Street, Todmorden

Fairburn Court, Southowram

Fairclough Grove, Ovenden

Fairfax Crescent, Southowram
During World War II, an anti-aircraft site was moved from Halifax and relocated to the Southowram site now occupied by Fairfax Crescent

Fairfield, Hebden Bridge

Fairfield Terrace, Lee Mount
Recorded in 1881

Fairless Avenue, Bailiff Bridge
Named for Fairless Barber

Fairview Terrace, Lee Mount

The Fairway, Illingworth

Falcon Square, Dudwell

Falcon Street, Dudwell

Fall Lane, Hartshead

Fall Lane, Sowerby Bridge
The route between Norland and Skircoat via Washer Lane. Mearclough Bridge, Sowerby Bridge carries the lane over the Calder

Fall Spring Gardens, Stainland

See Providence Congregational Church, Stainland

Fall Spring Green, Stainland

Falling Royd, Hebden Bridge

Falls Road, Sowerby Bridge

Far Cotton Stones, Sowerby Bridge

Far Fold, Holmfield

Far Royd, Ovenden

Far Sowood, Stainland

Far View, Illingworth

Farnboro Street, Todmorden

Farnborough Street, Todmorden

Farrar's Buildings, Halifax
Recorded in 1852 on Park Street, Northgate

Farrar Mill Lane, Siddal
See Farrar Mill Lane Aqueduct

Farrar Street, Halifax
Recorded in 1874 off William Street

Faugh Lane, Heptonstall

See Learings, Heptonstall

Fawcett's Row, Halifax
Area of Jail Lane. Recorded in 1850

Fearnley Cottages, Hebden Bridge

Feather Bed Lane, West Vale

Featherbed Close, West Vale

Fell Side, Todmorden

Fenny Royd, Hipperholme
A stretch of the Halifax-Hipperholme section of the A58 near Fenny Royd House, Hipperholme

Fenton's Court, Halifax
Russell Street.

Recorded in 1851

Fenton Road, Halifax

Ferguson Street, Halifax
and Back Ferguson Street were named after the man who owned the land.

Numbers 9 and 11 are listed

Fern Bank, Mytholmroyd

Fern Bank, Sowerby Bridge

Fern Hill Lane, Warley
Recorded in 1905 at Cote Hill

Fern Hill, Warley
Recorded in 1905

Fern Lea, Sowerby Bridge

Fern Street, Boothtown

Fern Villas, Hebden Bridge
Built about 1910

Ferney Lee Road, Todmorden

Ferney Street, Todmorden

Fernfield Terrace, Akroydon

Fiddle Lane, Ripponden

Field Close, Wheatley

Field Head, Causeway Foot

Field Head Lane, Cragg Vale

Field Head Lane, Illingworth

Field Head Way, Illingworth

Field Hurst, Barkisland

Field Lane, Rastrick
The former Lodge to Rastrick House, at the junction with Holly Bank Road, Rastrick is listed.

See Cheetham Estate, Rastrick and Field Lane housing estate

Field Side, Halifax

Field Top, Brighouse

Field Top Lane, Rastrick

Field Top Road, Rastrick

Field View, Illingworth
6 houses (built? and) owned by Calvert's (Illingworth) Limited

Fielden Square, Todmorden

Fielden Street, Todmorden

Fielden Terrace, Todmorden
Some of the buildings here are listed

  • Numbers 1, 3, 5 & 7

Fielding Street, Hebden Bridge

Fife Street, Lee Mount

Fig Street, Todmorden

Filey Street, Claremount
Recorded in 1881, 1895 and 1936.

Ran north-east between St Thomas Street, Claremount and Parsonage Street, Claremount. The street and its houses were lost when Claremount Road and New Bank were redeveloped in the 1960s

Finkel Street
There are many roads in the district – and elsewhere in the Danelaw part of Britain – called Fink Hill, Finkle Street, and Finkil Street including Fink Hill, Brighouse, Finkhill, Brighouse, Finkil Street, Hove Edge, Finkle Street, Luddendenfoot, Finkle Street, Sowerby Bridge and Lower Finkil Street, Hove Edge.

There have been several suggestions about the origin of the name – some more plausible than others – including

  • A street with a bend – from the Norse word for angle, corner, elbow
  • A street linking the market place with the high street
  • An open drain in the gutter of a street
  • A red-light district
  • A place where fennel grows
  • A stream
  • Finch hill = a hill where finches are to be found

Finkil Street, Hove Edge
See the note on Finkel Street

See Finkhill

Finkle Street, Luddendenfoot
Fincle-street is recorded in 1863., when he married

See the note on Finkel Street

See Finkle Street Reservoir, Luddendenfoot

Finkle Street, Sowerby Bridge
See the note on Finkel Street

Fir Street, Todmorden

Fir Wood Close, Todmorden

First Avenue, Halifax

Firth Avenue, Brighouse
Recorded in 1905 as Firth Street

Firth's Buildings, Holmfield
Recorded in 1917

Firth House Lane, Rastrick

A row of 3 early 19th century cottages are listed

See Firth House, Rastrick

Firth House Lane, Stainland

Firth Street, Brighouse
Recorded in 1905. From around 1911, this was shown as Firth Avenue

Firth Street, Rastrick

Firth's Terrace, Lee Mount

Fish Pond, Holmfield

Fitzwilliam Street, Halifax
Area of Mount Pleasant / Commercial Road

Fixby Avenue, Pye Nest

Fixby Fold, Elland

Fleece Court, Halifax
Recorded in 1905 off Dungeon Street

Fleece Lane, Halifax
Recorded in 1850 at Gibbet Street

Fleet Court, Halifax
Recorded in 1865. Was a part of The City.

See Fleet Street, Halifax

Fleet Square, Halifax
Was a part of The City

Fleet Street, Halifax
Was a part of The City

See Crossley Court, Fleet Court and Hanson's Square

Fletcher Crescent, Rastrick

Flight House Road, Ripponden
Links Blue Ball Road and Coal Gate Road

Florence Close, Halifax

Florence Street, Halifax
Named after Florence Crossley

Flower Acre, Elland

Flower Bank, Sowerby Bridge

Flower Scar Road, Todmorden

See Flower Scar Farm

Flowerlands, Halifax

Fluence Street
Recorded in 1874 off Francis Street

Foddle Lane, Brighouse
An early name for Alegar Street

Fold, Bradshaw

Fold, Mixenden

Folly Hall Lane, Cragg Vale

Folly Hall Road, Cragg Vale

Fool's Penny Row, Rastrick
Lords Lane, Lower Newlands.

Recorded in the 19th century, when a number of the residents – workers at Calder Dye Works – set the local co-operative movement in motion

Footkiln, Hebden Bridge

Fore Lane Avenue, Sowerby Bridge

See White Windows, Sowerby

Fore Lane, Sowerby Bridge

Forest Avenue, Ovenden

Forest Cottages, Ovenden

Forest Crescent, Ovenden

Forest Green, Ovenden

Forest Grove, Ovenden

Forest Hill Road, Stainland

Forest Row, Ovenden

Forest View, Ovenden

Forest Villas, Lee Mount

Forester's Row, Stainland
Recorded in 1911, when Edward Lumb was a fried fish dealer here

Forresters Terrace, Stainland
Recorded in 1918, when Edward Lumb died here

Foss'n Lane, Soyland
Or Foxon Lane. Recorded in 1863, when he married

Foster Clough, Mytholmroyd

Foster's Court, Halifax
Recorded in 1861 and 1905 off Westgate

Foster Lane, Hebden Bridge
A house here was used for Methodist services from 1839. It was superseded by the Tin Mission.

Some of the buildings here are listed

  • Numbers 1, 5, 7 & 9
  • Numbers 14 to 24

Foster's Yard, Halifax
Recorded in 1905 off Gaol Lane / Woolshops.

James Parrish was here

Foul Clough Road, Todmorden
Built in the late 18th century to provide access to Foul Clough Coal Pit

Foundry Street, Halifax
A short street which ran east from Northgate.

See Back Foundry Street, Halifax, Park Street, Halifax and Whitaker's Buildings, Halifax

Foundry Street North, Ovenden

Foundry Street, Rastrick
Off Birds Royd Lane. Recorded in 1881

Foundry Street, Sowerby Bridge
Off Sowerby Street

Foundry Street, Todmorden

Fountain Court, Halifax

Fountain Place, Halifax
Recorded in 1842 as the home address of (possibly) Thomas Collinson

Fountain Street, Halifax
Formerly known as Doctor Lane.

The street originally led from Barum Top to the Prescott Fountain and Ward's End.

Beerhouses & Pubs in Fountain Street, Halifax

See Grove House Estate

Fountain Street, Hebden Bridge

Fountain Street, Sowerby Bridge

See Upper Fountain Street, Sowerby Bridge

Fountain Street, Todmorden
Castle Street

Fountains, Illingworth

Four Gates End, Mytholmroyd

Four Lane Ends, Sowerby Bridge

Fox Bank, Todmorden

Fox Buildings, West Vale
Green Lane. A terrace of 5 houses – Numbers 82, 80, 78, 64 & 62.

The property was demolished in the 1960s.

A boys' remand home was built on the site

Fox Court, West Vale

Fox Ginnel, Halifax
Aka Fox Passage.

Recorded in 1845 and 1874 off Cheapside / Silver Street [?]

Fox Passage, Halifax
Aka Fox Ginnel

Foxcroft Drive, Rastrick

Foxen Lane, Mill Bank
/ Soyland.

See Ann Crabtree's School, Foxen Lane Bridge, Mill Bank, Lower Soyland Mill, Soyland and The Homestead, Sowerby Bridge

Foxon Lane, Soyland
Or Foss'n Lane

Frances Street, Brighouse
Built and dated 1865. Named for Frances, wife of Sir Gillery Piggott

Frances Street, Elland
Named after a member of the Langdale family

Francis Close, Halifax
Part of West Hill Park. Named for Francis Crossley

Francis Street, Elland

Francis Street, Halifax
Land here was owned by Mr Emmett.

The street was named for Sir Francis Crossley.

Buildings here have included

Francis Street, Rastrick
In 1896, houses here and in Brook Street, Rastrick were sold to the Loyal Village Pride Lodge of Oddfellows for £675.

The street was renamed Harley Street

Frank Lane, Midgley

See Gutter Houses, Midgley

Frank Street, Halifax

Franklin Street, Halifax
Recorded in 1901 East of Eton Street

Freakfield Lane, Hartshead
The name comes from the Anglian Freaca's feld and means the field of Freaca, the settler

Free School Lane, Halifax
Takes its name from Heath Grammar School, the Free School of Queen Elizabeth which was built there

See Heath Crescent, Halifax

Freedom Place, Halifax
Recorded in 1858 at Mount Pleasant

Freedom Street, Halifax
Area of Mount Pleasant / Commercial Road.

Built before 1854 by the Union Building Society

Recorded in 1901

Freeman Road, Southowram

Frieldhurst Road, Todmorden

Frieldhurst Terrace, Todmorden
Aka Long Row The houses were demolished in the 1970s

Friendly Avenue, Sowerby Bridge

Friendly Fold, Ovenden

Friendly Fold Road, Lee Mount

Friendly, Sowerby Bridge

Friendly Street, Lee Mount

Front View, Halifax

Frost Hole Lane, Cragg Vale

Frost Holme, Todmorden

Fuller Street, Skircoat
Named for Ingram Fuller Godfrey.

The street was lost when Fuller sold the land to the Poor Law Guardians and the Halifax General Hospital was extended towards the west

Furness Avenue, Illingworth

Furness Crescent, Illingworth

Furness Drive, Ovenden

Furness Gardens, Illingworth

Furness Grove, Illingworth

Furness Park, Illingworth

Furness Place, Ovenden

Fustian Place, Gauxholme
The name of Tub Street, Gauxholme after 1910


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